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Title: Some Final League Stats
Post by: Wally on June 03, 2014, 11:34:19 PM
Now that our time with netKar draws to a close (best $16 I ever spent), here are some overall statistics.

1st championship race was April 28, 2011.
We had 36 different entrants over the years, with a total of 2,651 race starts for everyone combined, in over 290 races.
Drivers with over 200 races: Dave O'Shea, David Gibson, Dion, Rob and Wally.

Championship Tally:
Wally, 7
David G, 5
Istvan, 3

Biggest Alien Award goes to Justin Alderton (35 races).

Best average finish: Justin Alderton, 2.9
Best win percentage: Justin Alderton, 42.9%
Best podium percentage: Justin Alderton, 77.1%
Best pole percentage: Justin Alderton, 20%
Least contacts per race: Justin Alderton, 0.31
Best Fastest Lap percentage: Justin Alderton, 25.7%
Most Times Consistent: Justin Alderton, 37.1%

If you look at those of us with over 100 races under our belts, it goes like this:

Best average finish: David G and Wally, 3.8
Best win percentage: David G, 21.1%
Best podium percentage: David G, 55.8%
Best pole percentage: Tim, 14.95%
Least contacts per race: Bruce, 0.33
Best Fastest Lap percentage: Tim, 18.7%
Most Times Consistent: David G, 27.5%

Title: Re: Some Final League Stats
Post by: Bird on June 03, 2014, 11:53:56 PM

Nkp has been a great fun game.    I'm wondering if you want to bring the Pat Phillips Cup name over to AC?   
I think it'd be fitting.  We just need to turn it 90 degrees and start engraving another side of it...