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Bueller's post from here
has a good list of Aussie tracks.

Regardless, I now know if I get bumped off the track on lap one and a penalty isn't applied that I need to follow Seanus lead and just write abusive posts until the decision is reversed....lesson learned.
I believe that is incorrect (I think Seanus' posts hardened Wally to stand his ground).
It was the views of the other members that weren't involved that swayed his mind.
I never said I wasn't going to change my judgement. I put the video up to gauge community thoughts about it, and then I'll see if I was wrong or right about my decision. Later...

Hopefully the update hasn't changed the validity of that testing, we'll find out in the morning. ;)
Running 500% fuel will at least force a full tank, and the ensuing change in feel is it burns off.
Maybe someone can pull a (Gordon) Murray and make a pit stop work. ;)

Yes, there has been an update (since yesterday :o )
We'll need to update the server.

Beer balls. ;)

x5 is max multiplier offline in CM.
Tyres wear quickly to 80% (tyre wear scale 13 in Sidekick) but then the deg. rate slows down.
Rears went quickly, giving a big imbalance, but around lap 4 the rears plateaued while the fronts kept at the higher rate, slowly bring the balance back.
Therefore, as the race wears on and balance comes back it would be better to stay out than pit for new tyres.

I say, max out fuel and tyre multiplier, and even if it doesn't force a pitstop, it will add variability.

x7 fuel will require a splash & dash to do 8 laps.
I'll test tyre wear offline with a multiplier, so I have to do less laps. :P

And sTracker only counts timed laps.
My 20 is closer to 40 with in/outlaps and incomplete laps. ;)

I did Freezer, poor old Eagle only gained 3kph. :'(

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: S17 R13 - Aintree - 09/05/2019
« on: May 17, 2019, 12:08:00 PM »
Well done Bacchulum. You always know how to get the best out of these Thursday cars.
Ssshhh, don't tell anyone, but it's practicing before the night. ;)

but making a rule or whatever to say don't go back on the racing line after passing is nonsensical at least in comparison to real world racing.
Except the FIA have a rule of leaving a car width if you go back to the outside, and no changing lines in the braking zone, because even F1 drivers have issues with it. ;)

I think the thing to be taken into consideration here is that this all happened very quickly, and the question is still "could Brad have avoided the incident?". At the time, I thought not. But, like I've done before, I can put an overhead video up and we'll take a look at it.
If Seanus is correct (I haven't seen the replay) and Brad did pull back in behind him entering a braking zone, then yes, Brad could've avoided it by maintaining his line, as Bird and myself have suggested. ;)

That's why I always keep my line as much as I can after a late overtake, until we're past the apex and sorted the order out.
That's what I do for the same reasons.
Maybe it should be a rule, as it happened to me as well, so that's twice in one evening. :-\

Something similar happened to me.
The car behind got a better run through the last corner, so I held my line and gave them the inside.
On approach to T1, maybe they were ahead maybe not quite, but they moved left (to open up the corner) and braked leaving me no where to go.
Needless to say there was contact, but I'd hooked the car left into the sand trap and only tapped them lightly, but I lost 2 spots.

Pulling in behind/in front of someone right on the brake zone is always going to end in tears.
We all need to leave room, and these cars require just a bit more.

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