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sorry had to quit tonight, my oculus doesn't like this track!  My view kept swapping 180 degrees and its a bit of a challenge to corner backwards before re-centering.  Oh well its all about the immersion right?  Thanks for the season guys and Wally for the organising.  Cheers

Sign me up if there are still spots, however i cannot race tonight but should be OK for the rest of the season

Wally please put in a reserve for me. I slipped a disc yesterday and may be out for a few weeks.

I will go the Ferrari, cheers!

I will be away for work this round

Unfortunately im out for tonight.  Just got home from work and have found that my steering wheel support has been cracked and i will have to take the whole thing apart to replace. Not a quick job... I had a few mates around for a BBQ yesterday and of course everyone was on the rig drunken as shit.  I remember hearing a crack at one point but didnt check what it was because i was busy burning the snags at that time.  Have a good race!

Thought i should make my first post now that ive had a few races as a reserve.  I have enjoyed racing here with skilled and clean drivers on a server with low ping.  Its refreshing to be able to go into corners knowing that the driver next to you wont use you as a brake.   Hats off to Wally for running such a well organised event.

Also just want to mention that there can be an advantage depending on where your pitbox is located.  If at the start of the pits you need to stop immediately and then travel 80kph for the whole pit straight to resume, whereas if at the far end you can take a fair bit of speed into the pits before the auto brakes slow down to 80.  Its not much but could mean the difference between holding or gaining a position.  Obviously this is only an issue on fast pit entry tracks.

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