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Mod Cars / V8Supercars 2016!!!
« on: May 24, 2017, 05:24:11 PM »
Figured this mod might be of interest to a few people here  ;D

DL link

and a update patch

Here is a link to the creators thread, you need to register but its worth it there a few mods and tracks on there worth getting.


Its a very well made mod the models are great and the physics seem pretty good with the car handling the way id expect, only issue for me is the soft tyre over heats a little to easy so just use the hards and the shift animation is off lol but apart from that a very solid mod im having a blast driving these things! Around eastern creek i was doing low 29's which is on par to the real life times.

Nice consistent race for me just ran my own race for most part until the end of my stints rolz would close up, Had a nice moment with rolz on the second last lap but the exit of aremburg its apparently called I somehow clipped his bumper trying to tuck back in behind which for all money looked like he was way past but it sent me sliding down a wall to disturb my race kinda annoying at the end but it didn't do anything anyway so all good tried hunting him down on the last lap, I started closing in but unfortunately his 911 snapped on him so that was a cheap inheritance of 3rd place :)

Yeah not a fan of 72d since it was the last ow season i went 98t since its a fairly interesting car to drive and something different

ill go The green rambo lambo and id say jeremy will be a lambo too if he races

Yeah it does feel a bit much on the initial lap on cold tyres, in the porsche your easily a few seconds off the pace, seems a bit high i havent seen a driver come out of the pits in a race and look like he is in a different class car compared to everyone else on warm tyres lol. Hopefully they reduce it a bit in a update but overall its good.

Had a good pressure race with phil all race, figured track position was king so just held it on line and waited for him to pit so he would feel the cold tyres first, then resumed our positions lol, got a bit lucky with grat and marty coming together as passing them would of been super difficult here. 2 wins a row was kinda unexpected lol

haha didnt need any of that it started and runs super quick :)

Nah i got my uncle on the case now see how we go im sure it will start up thanks guys :)

Got the thing started but got a bootmgr message :( such a shame i have been so keen for this porsche season...

Dont think ill make tonight, i ended up buying all new hardware and im trying to piece it together now but i cant quiet work out what plugs in where in wiring land haha

I too have pc issues, just when i thought i fixed my gpu issues they came back with a vengeance tonight couldnt even load windows without a driver failure... so back to the drawing board may try reinstall windows. So annoying since i was using it all weekend perfectly but come the one night i need it, it crashes... 

Spent most of prac and a bit of qualy trying to get my pc working, had really bad stuttering which seemed to be caused by my anti virus so lucky i got onto that just before the rave but it was a huge distraction so didnt get much time to learn or setup everything so was happy with my results of 5th in a very close qualy and a 5th and 3rd in the races :) both races i had good pressure battles so was good fun should be a good season hopefully i get my pc running smoother for the next one.

Great job on the skins guys does add to it should be good :)

me and jeremy should be good to go

Cool thats what im playing on right now hehe :)

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