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Bit of a hard one for me here, managed to get the car reasonably setup but not quite on the pace of grat. Race 1 i stayed behind phil all race, managing the meds early on which helped me towards the end of the race but it was too difficult to pass especially when the pace is equal lol. Race 2 was going ok but my progress was hampered by just being in the wrong place at the wrong time lol and then got spun on the final turn so i finished 17th i think. Race 3 much of the same but then got caught out on the curb of t1 trying to get simone and clipped him as the car slid so sorry about that simone, finished 12th i think so could have been worse considering i was put to the back of the pack after the incident.

Yep I'm in walls, not sure if Jeremy is he is having wheel troubles

Thanks for the season wally once again, it all worked a lot better than i thought it would was good good fun new challenge :) its a shame grat and kcender couldnt make all the races. Grat had the porsche hooked up and deserved to win the season. In saying that i managed to get the toyota pretty good for the last couple of races especially last night, car was quick and stable and worked all race on the softs a big difference from how it started the season.

For the race well it all went to plan at the front nice and clean all race lol

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Season 20
« on: November 28, 2017, 05:25:57 PM »
gt4 or bmw for me, probably leaning towards the bmw as a more traditional tin top :)

Car was decent didn't really get a clean lap in qual. Got a good start and took the lead and managed to pull a gap to diehard until I reached traffic in all the wrong spots again lol and somehow managed to get rear ended under brakes going up the inside of a car damaging my rear wing so the car was pretty tailey after that and by then kcender was in p2 and all over me but I was able to hold him off by using my kerrs down the straight, was a good battle and was interested to see how it would work after the pit stops but as soon as I entered the pits it killed my game lol so ahh well shit happens :)

Up now

Yeah I got nothing maybe ac is doing maintenance

anyone else not able to load any servers on ac?

where was grat bit of a shame

Great way to celebrate my 200th i suppose lol toyota was great around here it loves the turns! Did more work on the soft tyre and the car has improved but still sketchy as the tyres got a few laps on them, decided to start on the meds since the pace was good enough on them and i knew the car was safe and flexible on the meds no need to take risks. First stint was trouble free i managed to get a gap on the field that i was happy with while negotiating the traffic allowing me not to take risks, i noticed meal start to close in on the soft tyre towards the end of my stint and thought about pitting when he did but wasnt confident enough on the softs so waited until the 20min to go mark and put the softs on and lucky i did because my cars tyres were shot towards the end of the race as it were and there wasnt much more pace to be had from it by the end, which was a bit of a worry as i kept catching the lapped cars in the worst spots making my 6 sec gap to mael disappear with a few laps to go and the the effect on the tyres going offline and slowing down was horrible it kinda made the car feel like it was on ice as the pressures would drop so there were a few challenges by the end of the race but it was all good :)

Yeah thats what i felt, it just snapped badly but in the previous races i never got that, back to the drawing board lol i did add a click of rear sway bar so that probably is the problem

This was never going to be a strong showing for the toyboatas lol with all the long straights there wasnt much we could do, so it was a matter of circulating and staying out of trouble waiting for a result. Car was a bit average all race and i was hoping once i put the softs on in the final 20mins the car would come alive but it was the exact opposite being a absolute handful lol it was probably the worst car i have driven so unpredictable, on the softs i had a couple moments, 1 on my outlap at highspeed turn in and another on the 2nd last lap again through a high speed turn, the car would just snap like it had no wing was really weird so obviously something was wrong with my set for the race which is odd as it felt okish in prac, not sure how the other toyota boys found the car especially on the softs?. Anyway 4th was ok considering so we shall look forward to some of the up coming twisty tracks :)

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: "Meet The Driver"
« on: October 25, 2017, 07:56:43 PM »
wow 200 already where did that go! will have to make nurburgring a special one, lucky its one of my fav tracks so quiet appropriate :)

I figured out why my top speed was low, i didnt realise i could control the kers myself so i was just toggling the modes before lol so i enjoyed the extra 20kph this week!

I couldnt really find space in qual to get a decent lap in until my very last lap, so i managed to just get on to the front row with an okish lap.

Got off to a good start and settled into a rhythm straight away on the med tyres, i knew i wouldnt keep up with grat in the porsche on softs but that was fine as i felt strategy may bring me back at the end. The whole first stint was going to plan until my in lap where i got caught up with a lapped car at the 2 fast left handers, i saw the z4 sticking to the race line so i waited till the exit to get a clean run on his inside but he must of lost where i was and turned hard left just clipping my rear quarter as i passed and sending me into the wall, so that cost me 20secs in repairs which was a shame as i felt with the shorter pit stop in the toyota and fresh softs i may have challenged grat in the last 20mins or at least made it a closer finish but ah well had to make do with charging back to 3rd having a nice little toyota battle with meal at the very end :)

To my Toyota bros I attached the setup Ill be running it feels pretty good I haven't done a huge amount of work to it but its something lol, you may need to pump the tyre pressures up for the track temps I found 34 hot worked nice and 7th gear may need to be longer.
Stracker shows your top speed is "only" 299kph (I can hit 325), but your aero doesn't look overly aggressive in your setup. And you got a 1:59. What's going on there?

Somehow missed this Wally lol yeah I'm not too sure seems like the other toyotas arnt as bad either, I really struggled at silverstone on the straights. Maybe it's my gearing? I haven't tested much and the few things I tried last tues didn't really do anything.
Check your PMs :)

done :)

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