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No probs Wally, take your time. I can always practice off-line.

Hi Wally, could I have the Merc AMG please.

Thanks for that Wally. I only have a G25 so no Dpad. I'll just find the keyboard shortcut and I should be good to go.

Finally got my pc back together but did not have the chance to work out any pit strategy stuff.

I got rear aero damage on the first lap and at about the 30 minute mark drifted wide into the wall at the sharp left hander and the end of the in-field section and ended up with front aero, engine and suspension damage. And a badly cracked windscreen.

I have no idea how to change pit strategy on the fly so at the halfway mark I just pitted and filled the tank and put on a new set of softs, and went back out with a cracked windscreen, front and rear aero damage, a damaged engine, damaged suspension and about enough fuel to circumnavigate the planet . Needless to say it was a long night for me, but I am pleased that I and my pc was there at the finished.

My next task is to figure out how this pit stop stuff works. lol.

Wally, could you put me down as a reserve please. If I can make it I will keep Bruce company in the Vette.

Lol, you're just Mr Glass Half Full aren't you.

But it just means new pedals and 3 monitors are even further away now. But they will look good with the new pc when I get them. 😜

Hi Wally, can't make tonight, and maybe even doubtful for the start of the season as it looks like the universe has conspired against me and now my pc has died. I am about to start troubleshooting but at present it shuts down before it even loads windows.

Probably make me a reserve for the season.

I'm in. GT3 please Wally.

Hey Wally, my pedals are apart again so I will miss this round. My spot up for grabs to a reserve.

I thought I had found a fix but unfortunately they will need more in-depth troubleshooting.

Have fun guys.

Likewise Phil. Re-downloaded all track and cars from first post and got a similar checksum error as Dave.

Assetto Corsa / Re: AC News
« on: September 21, 2017, 09:04:19 PM »
Hey Guy, in my clumsy hands the 312/67 Fezza is a tad slower than the 49. Which historically is the way it should be.

The other standout is the 330P4. Awesome.

Sounds like time for a pedal upgrade Rob!  8)

Ha, I wish Joe, but that is pretty much out of the question right now. Still hopeful that I can get it sorted by Thursday.

Lol, wouldn't help much Wally, they are Fanatec CSP's, which don't have pots but work by magnet sensors. I think the term is "Hall effect". For once I wish they had pots, much easier to fix.

Assetto Corsa / Re: Best wishes to Flattop
« on: September 19, 2017, 10:16:37 AM »
Looking forward to seeing you back on the virtual track again Bruce, and pulling off another inspired drive, like the one that got you your last win in the Alfa. If you could do that in the Corvette  even Phil could not catch you!! I am missing the teamspeak anecdotes  like what "Lotus" actually stands for, luckily I never had enough money to buy one , I always thought they were super reliable :-[

Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious

Good one Dennis. Haven't heard that one before.

FIAT = Fix It Again Tony. ;)

I'm out too Wally, my clutch pedal has been progressively losing calibration on a regular basis and is now completely unreliable.

I've tried short calibration but it is way more serious than that. I have the pedals out of my cockpit and will pull them apart and see what's up.

Good racing to all tonight.

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