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Gents, as I was saying I don't think I'll make tonight.  I'll head back from eastern creek at around 6, so I'll be home by 7-8, tired, in need of a dinner, etc...I'd be a liability on the track afterwards I think, so I won't force the issue.  Have fun!

Assetto Corsa / Re: eurogamer championship
« on: March 20, 2017, 01:58:36 PM »
Just one note, Marty; the "top split" does not refer to the driver ability to race clean, it refers to the hotlap time.  The abilities are more reflected in the licence level.  So if you look at a race at 'A' or 'Pro' level, you'll see cleaner races even in lower splits than, say, at 'C' level, or heaven forbid, the starter (E? F?) level.   The bottom licence categories are there to sort out the riff-raff, really.   C is where it starts to become cleaner IIRC.

(I think V8s were in C, but my memory is quite rusty.  iRacing is one bottomless money pit I'm trying to forget, hehe)

But hey, carnage you can get even IRL so...

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Thursdays Next season Ideas
« on: March 18, 2017, 09:24:55 AM »
Yeah LADA's for all!
I think it is pronounced "Loda"  ;D

It's pronounced Lada, as written.  With a russian accent.  But it's to A's in it.  Proper A's not the ones like in "game", nor like in "man" (stupid english language!).  It's closer to when you say 'yadi-yada' - the second part 'yada', just replace the y with an l and you're near.

The handling is something I'd rather not talk about, even when all 4 brakes are equally working...

Sorry to hear this Bird,i am sure you`ll be ok with some practice. Also Bird,it may be a touch of old age creeping along   :-[ :-[ :-[
I'm not discounting that possibility either...

Quote from: Simone
Really guys???   i don`t have the handling problems you mentioned,sure this porsche is a 500 HP  4 litres 6 pistons and the wheels...spin.
Nono, it's not that.  It's that once it starts to go, it just goes.  I can't for the life of me catch it (well, not reliably).  I did drift through a few corners yesternight, but I found I need to be able to predict what will happen, I can't react to it - it's too late by then. (like all cars in iRaping, as I mentioned)

I think it's due to the rear engine, mainly.   My 86 certainly does not do that - but the 86 is a lot more driver-friendly as a car.  It starts to go, you countersteer, ease the throttle a bit, and back you go. :)   Except in rain, that can be a lot funnier.

I've talked to a chap driving a porker at Wakefield the other week, and he said that he needs to be careful because it's very tricky to catch the rear once it goes out.  But then again, it was a 911 almost as old as me.  ;)   He said you can rent it, but I dare not to try.  I'll try the rental F430 at eastern creek before that... :D

Yeah my 1st was ok, apart from my self-inflected wound.
The 2nd...I've lost it completely it seems.  Early on I've managed to evade all the shenanigans, but that did not last long, and afterwards it was a disaster.
Apologies to everyone I've fucked the night up for.

I'm not sure I'm a porsche driver at this point, the car is very unfriendly if you make small mistakes.  And I do - due to lack of practice.   It almost feels like I'm back to playing iRaping.

Eh sorry guys but I just could not keep it together.  I was spinning so much I thought I'd rather disconnect than create more havoc.

Next week I may not be able to make it in time, I've a track day.  Funny that. :)

Guys to keep it clean.

And use English.   
Only the 3-4 of you speak Italian, and exchanging nasties in Italian isn't any better, just less moderated.   If there's no italian moderation, we'll probably have to simply delete all italian posts to keep things clean, ok?

Marty; Simone can be a nuisance we all know that.  He has managed to piss me off royally a while ago, too.  Try not to react, he'll eventually leave you alone.  It takes a while, though.  He's acting like a bully sometimes, picking on the one person he knows can't tolerate it.    Otherwise he's a good bloke.   Although....he still did not send me any strawberries!!!

somebody is a bit cranky on monday mornings...

got it, thanks!

um...so I've downloaded the skin pack "AC 911 GT3 Super Cup Skins V1.3.zip"

Where do I unpack this?  Sorry, it's been a long while...

(mine's longer, see?)

Well, this was great fun.  I'll now put my 2c next to the mixed supercar race, I think it's a lot more colourful than everyone driving a pork all the way.   
Also this way everybody can chose the car they like best.

Nice to see you back Bird. I still remember my very first XGN race where I was very green and cut you up in a 458 with you in a F40 and you we're not pleased  ;D

must be a theme, I caused him to smash my first race with xgn and pissed him of and the 2nd and 3rd and numerous others all with the same result, an annoyed Bird,  had lots of incidents with bird

Still me, just a lot crankier these days, hehe.   Well, maybe not.  I take my racing less seriously now, I hope. 

Thanks for the heads-up. I've even downloaded the latest just did not install it on the night :)

(mine's longer, see?)

Well, this was great fun.  I'll now put my 2c next to the mixed supercar race, I think it's a lot more colourful than everyone driving a pork all the way.   
Also this way everybody can chose the car they like best.

ok let me kick some xgn ARSES

I bet that's not all you want to do with them!

wrong bet mate!!
Yeah it's a fact, you can't bet on things we all know! ;)

I'll try to find some time, again.  Put me on - as reserve if you're full.

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