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final round already,  just starting to tolerate the Porsche and its over


Yes Wally that was great fun!!  i was exiting in 2nd gear,(back straight)i noticed from the replay you were using the 1st gear and i think thats was your night there lol.
My wing was a 10,maybe it gave me  a bit of understeer and thats was my night there lol   EPIC race mate!!!!

WD Cursed!!!!    >:(   This morning i woke up with a seized right shoulder due to the intense battle on the track last night,...me thinking of hanging the steering wheel on the wall ::)
Great racing!!! This time i was determined to fight all through and it paid.Huge chase Wally ,thx to you and your common sense the battle was fun but tough.After i re-enter the track after pitting i saw wally behind me at about 5 sec but my tyres were cold and i had to take it easy,unfortunately all my advantage was lost when i went briefly on the grass....bugger here he(wally) comes again.Tyres became warmer and i could defend my position for the rest of the race,,,,nice finishing ahead of you Mr Masterson   :-*

A complete shame my 10 sec penalty for too many cuts...cuts?  where???  anyway i accept the rules.During the back straight i saw wally a couples of sec behind so with my left hand   i grabbed  a paper towel to wipe some sweat from my face...yes... almost lost it and found myself on the grass for 100 mt and wally again on my ass   ;D ;D ;D

Fun tuesday evening,thx all!!!

Hey guys!!   What about  drinking a six pack while listening to rock and roll and relax instead of racing!!!!???
My 2 cents🤒🤒🤒

OK only this morning i had the time to look at the replay(thx Marty)  so.....first corner race 2,freezer hit wally,freezer loses control hitting ninth,ninth loses control  hitting Simone......Simone looses control.........i lose
All good guys!!!   lol

Real Life Motorsport / Re: Formula 1
« on: April 19, 2017, 08:47:34 PM »

Congratulations for your podium Mael!!!

Not bad race at all the first one,i was feeling part of the car,and i was in control  :P :P  Tried hard to destroy Wally but he was too good,well done Wally!!! Another positive thing is that i touched the 2.05s and i am happy  eheheee

Second race...DUNNO....hahahaaa at the first corner i saw this car in front of me...BANG!!!  You know how demoralizing is watching those car passing by in front you i mean a more serious racer would have fought back. but not me and after fighting a bit with AJ i retired,the r too many fast ppl  not easy to make up  8) 8)

All good  a fun night   

Please can someone post the first 20 sec of race 2???   thx 

Tested a couple runs in the server, first 2 laps still you learn nothing but pressures start higher with some temp so muppets will be able to get around t1. Takes about 4 laps to get tyres settled down so doing less then that will teach you nothing, no rear graining with blankets but fronts dont get to temp so just grain more and car gets more and more pushy as the stint goes on. Without blankets it will still grain more at front but early will get some rear grain so balance will likely stay more neutral a bit longer but less grip overall due to grain. Rear tyres will get to operating temp and start to scrub graining front right will never get there as even with blankets its cold half way around the outlap and will stay there. Front left is nearly in the temp window and a bit more speed so likely laptimes will be a bit quicker at these temps though I was .1 slower without putting in a great lap.

The tyre blankets will make races less crappy with randoms but many here dont actually seem to like practice racing in mp and mostly just hotlap, racing others you will learn much more then lapping solo. See other peoples lines and if your a bit off the pace just following someone a bit quicker can easily gain you a few tenths. Also this track spotting reference points when following someone close is very hard so the more racing you do the better you will be in racing. Points are given out after the races too with only 1 point for pole and 1 for fastest lap, using solo hotlap reference points I think will put anyone in trouble in tight traffic here.

You are incredible Marty!!!!! :-* :-*  Are you a racing engineer ???   you must LLLLove your online racing :( :( :(  lololol    thx for the infos mate ;D

General Discussion / Re: Foxtel Play free month
« on: April 14, 2017, 06:27:24 PM »
F1 practice tonight starting at 21.00,it will be intresting.... ;D

General Discussion / hey guys,,,happy easter!!!
« on: April 14, 2017, 10:36:24 AM »
I cant believe this morning i spent 3 hours glued to my pc monitor,i think i am going to start drinking my jack daniels soon,,,,,,maybe a beer or 2 as an entree.
I will spend the long weekend at home (maybe working a bit) there is always something to do on the farm.I even prepared a nice set for my porsche for next race at Silverstone and done few laps to get a nice feed back,,,,, :o
Tomorrow night i got friends over for a devastating bbq with vino and sambuca and grappa as a dessert!!!    hahahahahahahahahahaaaa

what about you guys???   anything special??

General Discussion / Re: Foxtel Play free month
« on: April 14, 2017, 10:27:38 AM »
I got the 2 weeks trial and i have to say that is not that bad(some pixel here and there but then again my net speed is real crap) I got it last week cause the 2 close GP,the china one and the bahrain,2 races  that channel 10 was not showing.I really enjoyed,PLus i can cancel anytime and i decided  i will pay until the end of the season,,,,,,i LLLLove Martin Brundle commenting as well :-* :-* :-*
So guys if you love F1 just get it,is a decent service.

Great start and i had fun burning Wally and putting him behind me by the first corner,big shame my neck and elbows(i suffer from tennis elbow i was a tennis player almost all my life,and now i lift fruit boxes every day :o) were hurting me,First 10 laps i had wally on my tail chasing me hard but he was very relaxed and he did noting silly.Unfortunately i could not handle the steering wheel anymore and first i made a mistake and then trying to change tyres to get a little rest .............nah.......it was too much,i was in pain and again i went to bed....not funny cause i love  racing online but it looks like my arms and neck and probably brain cant keep up at this stage.old age is catching up with me........solutions??     VIAGRA????    maybe ,we see when i finish picking my crop and i am a bit more relaxed on the farm but definately see you next week..... xgn racing online is tough but also very funny,thx guys!!!!

VIR is a tough place,one of the more difficult track out there,and of course....i will be out of breath after 10 laps :-X :-X :-X :-X

Great great fun race 1,I had a ball with close racing(not easy but when done with experienced ppl is a blast) and the final position was really sweet,Good to discover myself a bit competitive in this gorgeous online racing!!

Race 2 :  Well i was still very happy about the fun i had in race 1 that i was sort  appeased.Try the start which was again very good but at the second of lesmo corner i put the left rear in the wrong spot and i lost it,,,well,,,,i let everybody go through and then.........i went to bed!!  sorry but i was really tired

Great FUN!!!!   thx guys!!!!

VIVA XGN!!!!! :-* :-* :-*

Race 1 will be Simone's 100th Tuesday league race.

I can`t miss it  :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

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