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on the server now..

thanks Wally.

I just uploaded a new version, as the UI folder still had a "spa_osrw113" in it.


I now have the content for the server but I still get the same error on entry.. PROBLEMS DURING CHECKSUM.  Game is 100% validated and I've added nothing since to the game since the last race other than setups for the amg.


Spa-Spa_osrw for me

I've just deleted the spa folder, I'm re-validating and downloading it again. I'll put the new osrw files in it and try again.

OK, try the updated link in the first post. I repackaged and uploaded the mod, so all folders and files are just spa_osrw instead of spa_osrw113.

You shouldn't have any folders or files called spa_osrw113 left.

ok done. now it's saying spa-spa_osrw in the track name on the server.. but tells me i dont have the content

I reckon what you have to do is extract the rar file from the download and rename tracks\spa\spa_osrw113 folder to tracks\spa\spa_osrw (replacing any existing folder called spa_osrw).

Phil's logged onto the server right now, so I'll restart it in a moment.

that kind of makes sense as all the other osrw folders also dont have a version number in them..  but you would also need to rename models_spa_osrw113.ini to models_spa_osrw.ini  in the Spa folder as well.
Will wait until the server is back online

It's all there. I haven't added or changed anything.

Problems During Checksum

Cannot join the server.. OSRW for spa installed..

Doing a validation in steam but doubt that's the issue. edit: Validated 100% still the same error on server.
Maybe make sure you download the OSRW mod from the 1st post and make sure that's in place.

Downloaded it from your link on this thread and it's installed correctly as per the compressed file.
 Even uninstalled spa, reinstalled spa and put the OSRW files back from the compressed file, same issue, regardless of car choice, I'd say its still a track issue.

Problems During Checksum

Cannot join the server.. OSRW for spa installed..

Doing a validation in steam but doubt that's the issue. edit: Validated 100% still the same error on server.

This might blow your mind, but Grat and Gratulin are two different people.

It's just a habit when I type Grat I always type out Gratulin.. I don't think I've ever called him Grat.. subconsciously do it.

I fear this season is going to be one full of polemics. The speed difference between classes is huge and I do not think I am personally good enough for that. I could handle it decently well for the first 30 minutes or so, but then it was quite chaos. Until the chaos, it was actually a really good race with kcender, though with hindsight I should have bet on him getting a lots of PLP penalties and let him go ;)

Well, good job Matthew. You were the only one of the LMP pack to keep your head cool. I guess in endurance races that's 50% of the job.

Re: shameless. As I said, I am really sorry I shouted at you. Did not mean anything personal. If you watch the reply, you can understand why on the moment I was baffled: after kcender passes you on the right, you keep moving to the left for apparently no reason until the road's margin, sending me on the grass. I perfectly understand you had no clear knowledge I was there and just wanted to create space. In any case this does not justify me shouting at you. So: sorry, really.

PS: I believe Gratulin is innocent ;)

It wasn't taken personally Gratulin, my car was damaged and wanted to go left on its own, I was struggling to give Kcender room and keep my car turning steadily, but as you were in my blind spot I thought you were following him so i kept to the left as much as I could until I saw you in my mirror. I was annoyed at you for the othe incident where I ended up in the wall in the middle of a battle for position with Rob though :P

I had a good setup tweaked for the AMG on softs for the race, a first for me as the joystick chews tyres especially fronts.  I still managed a mid 2:04 so I was happy.  I qualified around 19th but due to the cars crashing in the first lap I was up to 12th. Held on to that position to pit with 35mins to go. Had to repair damage after coming loose and hitting the wall which took longer, came out in 14th, caught up to Rob and was looking for a way past and a good battle until out of nowhere Gratulin came flying in and I had to avoid turning in which threw my line off and I took the ripple strip wrong sending me into the wall and ended up with a car wanting to turn left, a wobbling bonnet and enough damage to lose 2-3 seconds a lap. Then to be caught up between Kcender and Gratulin who were battling position, again trying to force their way through it was 3 a side through a 2nd gear near hairpin and I was stuck in the middle and had to slow right down to give Gratulin some room.. I gave inside room to Kcender thinking Gratulin would follow through, I can't give way to both sides mid corner to exit.

I'm disappointed with some of the LMP drivers forcing their way in where they shouldn't be instead of waiting for a safer place to pass especially when they were not even battling close for a position. I wasn't the only one who experienced, I want to see some penalties introduced to try an stop this from happening. For the most part the majority of the LMP drivers used a little patience and there was no issues for either them or the GT3 cars. Either ballast added or points lost.

Congrats to the winners of both classes.

Whatever became of this app for rolling starts Wally?


Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Season 19 Skins
« on: October 11, 2017, 03:30:55 AM »
If we are doing customs skins, then this one please 


I'm surprised I finished where I did considering.. my elbow was so stiff i had to try and stretch it, but misjudged the speed and how close I was to the wall and BOOM

Was nice being 5th though from 9th.

well done grat

Mercedes AMG GT3 for me please.

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