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I seem to be incapable of driving, and smashed into the same building about five times. Sorry to anyone that couldn't avoid my incompetence.
I reckon I did about three hours practice and only completed about 5 timed laps. Woeful.

Blame the car/ setup Doobs  ;D

However this race show why old tracks like these are not used anymore. It does not generally produce good close racing and leaves half the drivers in hospital/morgue. Was fun driving it though!

Skippy gone to version 1.2 now... do we go the latest?  ::)
I say leave as is, there will probably be an update every day, this modder is very keen to get it spoton :) .
The only problem is if someone downloads the mod late, like say on Thursday, they will get a version later than the server.

And the update is said to improve PC performance, an issue for me!  :-[

Bahaha I did exactly the same thing to bird on my first ever xgn race

Well you would expect Bird just to fly over wouldn't you?   :P

Really good night of racing, helped a lot by a lot of luck at the start of every race as I had no real contact and made several position from other drivers misfortunes. Also found it helpful that the Suzuka track is a very difficult place to pass, any pass take either a mistake from the leading car or a lot of bravery. Seeing drivers four wheel drifting around the outside making the pass was spectacular.

Race 3 joined Wally on the "Unforced Errors" list as the busy races started to take a toll on my concentration  ;D

Shyte, you're not wrong, it's technical all right - and bumpy!  Flying in the last corner at those speeds...farkennel.
There'll be lots of tears here I think.

No truer words has been spoken  ;D

After some practice I managed a half decent lap. Hitting apexes, smooth out of corners thinking "This is a great lap"......only to see I'm 5 seconds off the pace  :o

Disaster round, one of those where trouble seemed to follow me  :(

There was too many incidents to mention, mostly my own mistakes but the rear shunt by Russ race one  was memorable. I wanted to be upset by it but since I missed my braking marker by at least 10m with the added speed of a massive tow there was no way I was ever going to make the corner into the stadium sector,  Russ just provided some company for a picnic on the grass.  ;D

Race three probably got a bit late at night for me, ran out of concentration and after bumping AbleArcher I though it best to watch from the sidelines.

Race 3
DaveO and Mael had a wheel to wheel contact that ended in tears; racing incident.

Hey Wally I did an unsafe track re-entry with this one, was hoping Davo would see me and give a bit of space but he was under no obligation to do so.

Is slip streaming turned on, on the server? I couldn't catch a draft all day. Probably just placebo. But thought I'd check.

Can confirm slipstreaming works, got to 318 at one stage. Much faster than the wheezy Honda can push the car along on its own.

Can you also put down the speeds of each corner?  :o

What is your car's top speed?

I really wanted to drive the car that the hero in my teen years drove , which was Jim Clark, the Lotus 49, but it is just too hard for me too control :'(.

I have now opted for the Eagle.

How will the cars be allocated Wally? I think there may be a shortage of Ferrari_312 s.

Maybe we should ban the quicker drivers from using the quicker cars? Only the Mclaren, Honda or Cooper for aliens  ;D

Naa i'm stumped. 

It's not actually setup, it's something else.
But keep guessing.
Here's a clue 'Z'.

I will disagree with Killa on this one.

The goal of the seasons are not to determine who the fastest driver is. We know who that is from past experience. Without any ballast/restrictor  or any other artificial manipulations of the races it would become quite repetitive after a few seasons. (It is already season 28!! )

But with adjustments to the individual drivers we all get to battle different drivers each season and work around the rules to achieve the best results we can. For example I had some very good battles with Jamie this past season, probably for the first season ever.

I would say we go like the Thursday season. Start with a set of rules and then to keep things spicy, change them mid-race or just after qualification.  ;D

I did like the 3 short races of the past season, helps avoid the total disaster nights.

Quite satisfied with the round.

All three races followed the same pattern,  Bacchulum's alfa speed of the line gave a bit of an unwelcome surprise with him leading after turn one followed by 9 qualifying laps to try and keep up with him. Somehow the Alfa appeared to handle the cold tires better on the first lap, Bacchulun used it well to create a gap which he beautifully managed for the rest of the races. Of course the races was made easier by Joe's capitulation in race 1  ;D

Phil's boat seemed to run out of puff the last few laps of each race which left me with three second places, not bad for the Datsun.  :P

There's a dark horse in a BMW 1M...

I suspect more like a hobbled horse  :(

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