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In before the Aliens  ;D

Geez at this race I'm never going to be able to afford that M1  :'(  Only made $100 from the previous race.

And congratulations to Mael - the only driver who didn't rack up a damage fee  8)

Lol I am going to have that comment framed.  ;D

A lot of it was due to the people I was racing, could have taken AB out but he was aware enough to do an undercut when I misjudged my braking distance. Ablearcher also made two very good overtakes while the Bird did not land on me  ;D

PS I assume Joe would only be able to afford a pushbike for the next race after those wins?

Welcome to the BMW brotherhood Phil  ;D I expect nothing less than a win from you!

These cars could be a season contender, I reckon. They take a little getting used to, but then they're a heap of fun.
I feel I should take my ball and go home. This mod is 99.99% Simdream scam.

Might need to educate us ignorant folk, whats the story behind simdream?

ok I'll start the conjecture on how any passing would occur on this go-cart track. Dive-bomb into T1?  :P

Fun racing even though I did not have the pace to compete with the top half of the field. I would like to blame the car but suspect a more talented driver would have been up there with the BMW.

The rear of the field was though, some hard battles were fought and fun was had  ;D

Sorry Mael for the tap in Stowe thought you would  have drifted a bit wider after passing on the inside as I was cutting back.

All good Able, contact is allowed in tin top racing as long as you do not bump the other driver off the track  8)

I am out tonight, have a good race guys.

Unfortunate AB, we had some good battles recently!

Looking quick for this one as well Wally!

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: S17 R4 - Snetterton - 07/03/2019
« on: March 08, 2019, 03:39:29 PM »
Enjoyed the racing.

The track is a bit unusual in that there are few of the normal type corners, the late braking, turn and stomp on the accelerator type. Instead the braking may be as low as 50% in an attempt to keep the car stable and on track while changing direction within the braking zones. And without a stable car under braking you screwed as Wally found out  ;D 

And if was fun putting a pass on Bacchulum, does not happen often!

Very enjoyable racing, did not expect the cars to be so close in terms of race pace. Had some great battle with too many drivers to mention. The only time I felt a bit aggrieved was when AB blasted past me during the last race, he found a way to put that mustang's power down better than the other Mustang drivers! At least I got my own back on my team mate during race 3  ;D

Congrads to Wally, that was one of the most dominating performances in a while.

Old age must be catching up to you guys .   ;D

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: S17 R4 - Knockhill2017 - 28/02/2019
« on: March 03, 2019, 06:35:33 PM »
Did no one use my setups this round? :'(
I found out I'd lost 5% throttle (again), now I red line 3/4 the way up the straight with it fixed.
I thought someone would've mentioned this. :-\

Used your old man version version as a base for my setup and had no problems, but can't remember if I clanged any gearing   ???

Laptimes looks fairly close so far.

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: S17 R4 - Knockhill2017 - 28/02/2019
« on: February 27, 2019, 11:40:58 PM »
Even Bacchulum's Grandpa's setup is undrivable for me  :-[

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