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I wish I could of joined in for this practice, my internet ran out of data a few days ago and resets at midnight tonight so one more night to go before I can actually internet at home. I guess I'm going to watch the state of origin tonight then... I'm still voting for the escort, it's always fun.

Yep, I'm in.

Assetto Corsa / Re: Racer Introductions
« on: July 08, 2017, 11:49:22 AM »
Welcome Skillet, hope to see you on track soon!

+1 for Escort

I haven't looked at the replays of last night as I was quite drained at the end. Quite an intense race I had in Race 1. I had a battle with Simone which I'm pretty sure lasted the entire race. I was just holding Simone off for the first half of the race, we pitted around the middle of the race. I pitted a lap after Simone but he jumped me in the pit stop, maybe you had a flying outlap? Maybe my in lap was a bit slow? I can't remember.
After the pit stops, our two way battle turned into a 3way with ab which was good fun. We were all very close to each other's lap times but in different areas. Simone seemed to have more downforce or maybe just bigger balls as he was flying through them couple of fast right turns around the middle of the lap but I was faster down the straight.
I came undone when I wasn't thinking straight and openned DRS down the straight on one of the laps earlier in the race and copped a penalty, so any extra time I could get was needed. I don't know if you guys were struggling with tyres but you both seemed a little bit easier to keep up with and I managed to make moves on both of you down the start/finish straight. You still both beat me because of the penalty but I think if I didn't get them moves done on you guys then Wally would of beaten me on time too and that's just not on :D
I was hoping that Race 2 would of scored me some good points as I was starting 3rd and was hoping that I would be able to get a gap early to most of the field and just bring it home in one piece. This wasn't to be as from what Wally's analyst of the replay states, is that Jeremy got loose and has taken me out before the first chicane. I had to let the field go and drove around with a red front wing, it was quite sketchy drivng that so I pitted and got the nose replaced. I pushed on and tried to make some spots back, I was making good time around midrace but had a couple cars get tangled in front of me and just didn't have enough time to pull up. I hit them front on and received another red front wing and I think it was Wally that got caught out in this and rear ended me. So I pitted again, this time with both my front and rear wing's red.
There must of been some costly mistakes throughout the race as I still came home in 10th? after pitting twice.

Inter-League Challenges / A.R.S.E Friday Night Fun Enduro
« on: June 15, 2017, 09:22:28 AM »
I've been asked by the guys over at arse to mention this enduro series to you guys. They are looking to fill some more spots.

They are trying to keep the field spread out in all the cars so they put a limit on how many people can select a car. But it has also been stated in the thread that if you really want a certain car that's already been selected too many times, then just make a post in the thread and they will look into getting you in your preferred car.


Round One - Spa - 23/6/17
Round Two - Silverstone - 4/8/17
Round Three - Nurburgring - 15/9/17
Round Four - Monza - 13/10/17

Cars - 3 each of the LMP1's and 2 each of the GT3's
LMP1 - Audi R18 e-tron quattro 2014 & Toyota TS040 hybrid 2014
GT3 - BMW Z4, Ferrari 488, Lamborghini Huracan, Mclaren 650S, Mercedes-Benz AMG, Nissan GT-R, Porsche 911 GT3 R 2016

Qualifying 20 Minutes - Starts at 8pm AEST
Race 90 Minutes - Starts at 8:30pm AEST

Drivers do not need to move out of the way on blue flags, it's up to the faster car to make a clean pass
setups are free
no allocated skins
Damage 100%
Fuel and tires 100%

Last night was the first time I had used Oculus Rift in AC, actually just got it delivered last Friday and had used it in iracing on the weekend for the 24hr lemans. It was quite an experience to have VR running last night in the close battles that I was involved in. Really exciting stuff!
Cool! You mind me asking what GPU you are using and how it goes with Oculus? I have a 980 and I fear it would not be enough...

From my understanding you'd be ok. You'd probably have to turn a few settings down to get the 90fps, but AC isn't really that demanding on GPU.

Yep - I second that - Rift here too but running on gtx970 - whack most of the setting down as I find it less important to read signs and count blades of grass than having silky 90fps - 980 will be fine sir

I don't really know, I have a 1080 but these guys seem to say you'll be ok so I'd say go with their opinion :)

Last night was quite an enjoyable round. Lots of passing with and without DRS. I had a good battle with ab in race 1 and also had a good battle with Freezer in race 1 as well. I was fortunate to have made a gap to Freezer after the pitstop otherwise that could of been a race long battle.
Race 2 I had pole position but that didn't last long at all, kcender was on a mission and flew passed me on kemmel straight on lap 1. I was being swamped at the start of this race, faster guys just trying to make an early move. Phil actually overtook me a couple times and they were very brave but also very good overtakes. Unfortunely grat and I touched but it didn't really effect my race at all, his mistake cost him a lot though. I had a good long battle with Mael in the second race, that was really good fun! You got away from me in the end though, good racing mate.

I don't mind about that incident with you Wally, just like to call you out on things because you know, your the boss and all :D

I didn't get much practice for this round, I had to make quite a few changes to the shared team setup that had gone around. I don't know how you drive that Bacc!

Last night was the first time I had used Oculus Rift in AC, actually just got it delivered last Friday and had used it in iracing on the weekend for the 24hr lemans. It was quite an experience to have VR running last night in the close battles that I was involved in. Really exciting stuff!

Disappointing night for me. Still battled on throughout both races anyway but both races were decided at T1.

Race 1: I looked at the replay on this one because I wasn't exactly sure what happened behind me. I was rear ended which broke my rear wing, but the guy behind me was also rear-ended and looking at the positioning of most cars following, it was a very tight bunch of cars trying to navigate that rubbish corner together. I tried to keep going but that rear wing didn't help me and the following lap I spun at T1, so I pitted and continued on to see how many spots I could get back.

Race 2: That big crash happened ahead of me, I had plenty of time to choose where I wanted to go. I went to the right side of the track but there was one car that was still spinning across the track when I was going through the wreckage and I got a tap on my left side which broke my front left wheel and I ended up in the fence. I did the same as Phil and just pitted at this point, waited for the countdown in the pits and then went out to just do some laps by myself.

I hope next week goes better, cya's then! :D

Assetto Corsa / Re: Racer Introductions
« on: June 06, 2017, 02:53:31 PM »
Thank you all, appreciate the warm welcome!

Will take some negotiating with my wife ;D but hope I can catch you all on tonight..

Hi Kero, welcome!!
If you are going to be joining us for the current Tuesday night comp, just remember to get the mandatory DRS app from here https://xgn.com.au/index.php?topic=1910.0

Other then that, hope to see you on track :D

Infinity plus one:

Seanus     616 is the number of the Beast

Shayne     919 is Prime

Wow! Dude that's awesome, thanks.

Do I have to pick a skin or can I be assigned the same skin as my teammate?
That would be a derivation of mine. Any requests?

No, it's cool how it is. I just haven't looked at it in depth, wasn't sure if you had placed your name on it or something.

Do I have to pick a skin or can I be assigned the same skin as my teammate?

No!!!! The exos is winning again.

Been watching it this arvo, the 98T was winning but someone has gone and changed their vote. What a pussy!

Come on guys, give that 98T a couple more votes ;)

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