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So... seems like I might be sitting out for a little while. The whole controller not being detected the other night, well I think I have some USB issues, seems to be fixed by picking a different port. However, the smell that I was getting at the same time has occurred again today.

I thought it was a motor or something internally that was about to blow up but during tonight's iracing league race, in qualifying it finally took a whole new level and majority of the feedback now comes through the wheel as a slipping belt feeling. I might just put in a support ticket with Fanatec and see what they say. The unit is only about 6 months old (I think I bought it in July last year) They better replace it because it's not really usable in it's current state.

Anyways, better put me in the reserves list if the race server gets filled in the near future.

Hardware & Reviews / Re: Happy Birthday to meeee!
« on: January 15, 2017, 11:25:00 PM »
Which pedals do you have? The elites?


Noice. I have the v2s. As you mentioned the brf setting do you have them plugged in via the wheel? They have a higher resolution through usb.

I have all the clubsport stuff, it all plugs into the wheel base and the wheel base plugs into the computer via USB. I didn't know you could do it any other way. I can't really look at the connection on the pedals because it's screwed down and it's a pain in the arse to screw that back in so it's gunna have to stay how it is until I have a problem with it.

Hardware & Reviews / Re: Happy Birthday to meeee!
« on: January 15, 2017, 04:25:41 PM »
Ahh ok,

well I'll turn them off and see how I go next time I'm in AC. Pretty sure that's just how they start on the preset profile so I left them there.

Yeah my shoulders got a bit sore initially too, but mostly it was my legs when I hadn't softened the brake pedal. I have that set as soft as it can be now and it's fine. Initially it was so hard to push down to 100% brake that after an hour of racing my leg was aching.

Hardware & Reviews / Re: Happy Birthday to meeee!
« on: January 15, 2017, 03:44:58 PM »
What do you mean the canned effect?

I honestly haven't played with it all too much, it felt ok so I've left it as is for some time.

Hardware & Reviews / Re: Happy Birthday to meeee!
« on: January 15, 2017, 01:20:04 AM »
Wheel Config;
sen: AUF (I don't know what that stays for, but it means it lets the game control the range)
FF: 100
sho: 100
abs: 100
lin: OFF
dea: OFF
drl: OFF
for: 100
spr: OFF
dpr: OFF
brf: 100

Assetto Corsa Config;
Gain: 100%
Filter: 0%
Minimum Force: 0%
Kerb Effects: 50%
Road Effects: 30%
Slip Effects: 0%
Enhanced Understeer Effect: Unticked

Steering Settings
Gamma: 1.00, Filter 0.00, Speed Sensitivity: 0.00

Pedal Settings
Brake Gamma: 1.00

Both the steering settings and pedal settings are all the way to the left on the slider but I listed them anyway.

Hardware & Reviews / Re: Happy Birthday to meeee!
« on: January 12, 2017, 11:13:32 PM »
I'll have a look at my settings in AC if you want, but I'm pretty sure they are more or less the same as the Fanatec profile. I don't think I'll changed many settings on the wheel either, I'll have a look tomorrow when I'm using it and get back to you if you would like.

One thing you should probably do though if you haven't already, is to go through the setup config for you shifter. There's a guide somewhere showing this on their website. I didn't do this originally and found that the gears weren't being detected correctly. Example would be shaking the gear knob left and right while in 4th would be detected as going 2nd/4th/2nd/4th. I only noticed it when I was racing one time in the street season we had when I was in the skyline. I would shift into 3rd and it wouldn't go into gear because it was detected as 1st gear when I had the clutch in and shifting down into 2nd would sometimes put me into 4th. After configuring the gears, this problem went away.

Hardware & Reviews / Re: Happy Birthday to meeee!
« on: January 12, 2017, 06:31:09 PM »
Is the Formula wheel the only one you purchased?

I have both the Formula wheel and the BMW M3 one. The BMW wheel is what I use for most cars, the only time I use the formula wheel is when I'm racing F1.

Hardware & Reviews / Re: Happy Birthday to meeee!
« on: January 12, 2017, 04:27:39 PM »
I remember getting the same lot of parcels delivered to my door about 6 months ago. I wouldn't of been able to hold out, I had to unwrap them and get them setup ASAP. It was a good day :D

I forgot to post up penalties last night:

Opening lap penalties
Race 2, Shameless ran into the back of Shayne and spun him - 100 kg penalty ballast for next race.
Seanus hit Chap, but Chap was in the process of spinning on a kerb, so deemed a racing incident.

Yeah it was an unfortunate situation, the car in front of Shayne slowed and we were close and I had no room to avoid it. I offered to redress but Shayne told me to go. Accidents happen though and happy to accept the penalty.

Looking at the Seanus and Chap incident I was a bit concerned about Seanus as I nearly slammed into him, he had already attempted a re-entry and parked himself in the middle of the racing line, I locked up trying to pull the car up to avoid him. Wouldn't that also constitute a 1st lap penalty for dangerous re-entry?

And in race 1 lap 8  on the 2nd/3rd corner chicane where Matthew punted me off to the wall under brakes and no redress is the ruling out on this?

I'll have to look at the Shayne re-entry to see if it was dangerous - I'll do that tomorrow night.
I only look at lap 1 incidents for penalties, otherwise I'd be up till 2am :)

He wasn't talking about my re-entry, it was the re-entry of my team mate Seanus on the last corner. I didn't say to go after that incident Shameless but I do remember some others on the mic talking at the time, I think there might of been another coming together around the same time. I certainly wasn't talking on the mic as I needed to say a few foul words out loud to myself and then get back to business :D

You could only wait for so long anyway, I had to turn the car around and get it going in the right direction which took some time.

Was happy to be able to make one race though probably not as many points for the team as team manager phil would have liked  ;D

Bit off the pace in qually. Started race will 18 laps of fuel and just changed tyres. We did thst last season and did it on auto pilot which made me a tad slow at the start.

First lap a few corners in nith passed me and cut straight across the front of me and jammed on the brakes. Nothing I could do and had front wing damage from there so that didnt help pace much either.

Held up a few people, nith spun off a few times, managed to jump shayne as he came out of the pits some how. Held him and nith up for a bit until lap 14 where i just touched the curb on the final turn and had a tank slapper.  Was sure I'd hit the wall but dropped a gear and it straightened out.

Shayne went by, nith up along side then cut me off again. Half expected it this time so no contact. Not a cool move dude. Helicorsa may show you are just past me you should prob still stick to your side of the track unless you're well past.

Finished 7th i think.

That's right, it was you and nith that I was battling with, not just nith. Sorry for leaving you out of the original post. My memory comes and goes it would appear :(

You didn't jump me in the pits tho. I had a little off on the outside of that fast right turn and both of you overtook me then before the pitstops. I was only slowly catching you two and was going to pit the same lap as you but when I seen you go into the pits I thought I would try for a couple laps alone and see if I could jump both of you after my pitstop. I think you both were about two seconds in front of me before your stop and after my stop all three of us went into T1 together, that would of been a good fight lasting for the rest of the race I would assume but you had that offtrack and only after that was when I was watching nith on the relative making sure I was keeping my pace up.

All in all it wasn't too bad of a start to the season for me.

In the final few minutes of qualifying I managed to find another whole second on my PB so I was happy with that.

Race 1: I had a couple little moments losing out to Diehard early on, it was bound to happen tho, so it was good to have the pressure off early on and just try to keep with him. Not much to say about that race really, I was just watching nith on the relative making sure to keep the pace to stay out of his reach. I think he had a spin or something later on, after that it was just a cruise.

Race 2: Starting with S, I was quite a way back in the pack. I knew it was going to be a bit crazy early on having everyone mixed up so I just tried to keep a clean line and not tag anyone. I wasn't so lucky coming around that left turn before the last chicane corner I was rear ended by Shameless on Lap 1 and I ended up near the back. I slowly caught back up and had to fight for each position which was all good fun. I had a couple more spins in this race aswell, mostly from getting right up behind someone and having to brake harder then I normally would, I had the backend come around on me a couple times because of this. Each time losing positions and having to fight for them again. I was worn out by the end of the race, me and my poor tyres.

Both races I opted to just stay with medium tyres and pitted around the middle of the race each time.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Season 15 Skins
« on: January 09, 2017, 11:27:15 PM »
Wally, can Aleph Null have the 12_endurance_2015_01 in-game skin please? ;D
Dibs on Built in skin 12_endurance_2015_01

Sorry Bacchulum, beat you to it.

The thing is, there are more drivers than unique skins, so there is already some doubling up. I reckon Bacchulum and Chap will also be able to have the endurance skin as well as GzeroD.

Wait... Did I get sacked from the team?

If you dont mind what you will drive then vote all 3 and if you would prefer one over the others just that. So far it seems of 30 signups most would like to drive the praga. This may make the campaign for the f138 a bit trickier later in the year but at some point I think we will have to do an f1 season.

With quite a few new people sogned upnfor thisnseason Idont think the praga is a bad choice. It is an easier car to drive and setup so will stick the large field into closer racing before going for something like LMP or f1 cars that will need some good race craft by everyone in auch a large field.

This is pretty much what changed my vote. I had been voting for the F138 only previously. Having looked at the current line up of drivers and realized that I don't know many of the drivers or their racecraft, I changed my vote to the Praga. I would prefer to find out who's who in something a little more manageable.

RaceEssentials also shows it down to a 10th of a percent.

I'm also using RaceEssentials. Pretty sure Wally has said previously that it's ceased development but it's still a sweet app

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