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Wally, I've done a few laps on the server and noticed the validity of them is unknown. You know what may be the reason for that? Grat's the same.
I assume it's a ptracker/stracker thing. Do you run the ptracker app?
It used to be linked to ptracker---I used it, but when I took it off (was messing up with other stuff) the server lost track of tyres, fuel etc and saying unknown. But why it does the same now with people who are running it, I don't know.

I am with the pit-penalty guys, Wally. It makes no sense to give a restrictor to make the C9 lose 20 seconds each stint (2 seconds per lap?) and then regain it in the pits. Much more sensible to equalize the pit stops and let the race be among cars that go at similar-ish speed.

If not possible, then let's leave it as it is.

Maybe we can add a new rule; if you're being lapped by a C9 (especially kcender), you're allowed to try and take that car out?  ;D
That'd work. But a 20 seconds penalty in the pits after the end of refuelling seems easier. They do this in many series: minimum pit stop time. Of course, it requires gentlemen agreement: you stop, you end refuelling, then look at the counter on top of your monitor and count to 20 before you go.

but who cares. It's for fun.

Are you the same Grat?  ;D ;D

I love to argue, Joe. But in the end I just like to have a good race. I don't like when it all becomes a matter of luck or messy crashes (and often it does) and I do not like when we make so many artificaial rules that ruin the driving experience (like huge ballasts on single seaters). But as long as I can feel like I am racing, I am ok. So Tuesday night it was fun: I felt I knew what I was doing, I knew consistency and rhythm was the key, and had a pair of close and tough exchanges with Jeremy, but without consequences. It was fun to think "hell, I am going to pit early and do 3 hotlaps, so I get him". That's the important part. The fact it did not work because the C9 runs on plutonium... well, I could not predict that, so it was fun.

Sure: next race it may be less fun, as if I am fighting with a C9 I am not going to try to undercut/overcut/pass it. I'll just hope it crashes ;)

I will experiment a bit and see if a little bit of restrictor on the C9 can compensate for the quicker refuelling time. But man, it's a delicate balancing act. Who's fool idea was it to have a multi-make season?
Ahahahaha!!! To be honest, Wally, I am pretty much in favour of simple, single make series, if you ask me. But I also don't care: it was fun like it was and we can keep going exactly like this for a season.

Race recap:
After a little messy start (see penalty) I went for a long run on my hard tires. All good, with Seanus gifting me a place when he went long on T1 towards minute 50.
Towards the 35 minutes mark I was following Jeremy and Matthew on same machine, but who were on worn out soft and medium tires. Could not pass, so I pit to undercut them on fresh tires. It worked very well. At the 15 minutes mark I was following Keith on a C9. I was marginally faster on the lap (it seemed, since I gained a few seconds in the past few laps) but had no chance to attack a C9. So, again, I went for the undercut. Put on some mediums (which were the option for me, so to speak) and did 3 laps pushing the turbo to 100% in the straights and 90% on some other bits of the circuit. I was so sure of my strategy. I thought: he has no chance, the poor man.... I never saw Keith anymore ;) I was sure: he's goign to pit at some point. He'll have to. Little I knew he had pitted already. It was confusing, but who cares. It's for fun.

I just watched again, and in my judgement, the penalty stands. You came from a fair way back behind Keith, who was on the racing line past the apex by that stage (and not zig-zagging by any stretch of the imagination!), and you put the power down from the apex and ran into the back corner of Keith. The side by side rule for the opening corners is primarily to stop people from moving sideways across the track into the unsighted car next to them. You had plenty of visibility of where Keith was and what he was doing, and you could also argue that where you hit was turn 4, not 2 ;)

Also, notice that I'm going to do opening lap penalties as a 15 second post-race time penalty for the next round instead of ballast. It's just too hard to find a fair amount of ballast for each of the 4 cars that fairly penalises them all.
:) (or grid penalties, F1 style ;))

Grat ran into the back of Keith on the opening lap, causing him to leave the track, and gets a 15 second post-race penalty in the next round.
Wally: I take your judgement. But if the rule is stay on your side for 1st 2 corners, then I am the only one who did that and the only one who got cut out and.... penalized(!?!?!)
Since it is not the first time it happens to me, I'll make sure I'll stop respecting this rule from now on and zig-zag right and left like those I crashed with ;)

I am half-joking, but not completely: I kept wide the whole first corner and tight the whole second corner. When we touch I am there, on the inside curb. Keith and Jeremy go long and wide and then cut back to the inside without looking if there is somebody there. What was I supposed to do?

I did not mean to say that fuel is not enough. I meant: I do not know how much fuel to put in and schedule for the pit stops ;)

oops... I'll have to figure out fuel consumptions somehow...

Hi Wally: LONG tail for me. Thank you,

This track seems very demanding for my rig... I'm basically at 75/80fps. I hope it won't create issues at the start, with many cars around. For the rest, it is annoying but drivable.

As for the cars: I think I'll go with the long tail. It does not seem to have front wheels (maybe a small one? Like a plane?) and drives very ugly, but at least it goes when it's straight. I really wish I knew how to set it up. Short tail is magnificent, but too slow and I am scared of being in traffic after a pit stop.

Will confirm on other thread tonight.

Also I wont be here for weeks 2 and 3 if there is a sub / reserve who wants a drive :) hopefully sebring and road atlanta are rubbish for the merc anyway :P
I should give my availability as well: I am surely out for R3, R5, R7, R8 :( :( :( and "maybe" for R6. Damn.

Good news is I should be around almost all the time from Feb to August :)

What time are we starting tonight?
1st qually is at 9:15pm Eastern DST.

I might make the races 7 laps with 10 min quallys so the night doesn't go too long.
Now you're confusing me... is DST daylight savings and so it's going to be at 9:15pm in Sydney?

Sure. Makes sense. I'll try to test long tail and mazda in the coming days.

Do we have a fun race this Tuesday?

As of now I have only tested the short tail one---with which I am a bit familiar, so 16 laps may be more representative of like 25 laps.

On mediums and half thank, I can do low 2:14 and sometime 2:13. Low fuel and softs was in 2:12, but rears were staring to let go after 4 or 5 laps.

The problem is that it is so ridiculously slow in the straights and so much better in corners (have a look at the graph. I had a brief race with Seanus and it was hard not to crash given the huge differences in speed at different parts of the track. Have a look at the lap graph comparing mine with Kcender's one in the long tail.

Considering that Kcender's lap was on mediums, right now my impression is that the short tail has too much restrictor. Hell, I could take Eau Rouge and Blanchimont flat out! That should not be ;)

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