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So far I'm looking at a choice between Escorts and GPL 67 historic F1s.
My vote is yes. 8)

Me too, both sound like a great idea. The Escorts could make for more challenging racing but the GPL could make for more challenging driving  8) Both wins in my book!

Race 1
There was an impact between Freezer and Brad which I think was a racing incident. A Mustang passed Freezer’s Abarth to the left; Freezer moved a little right to give the Mustang room but in doing so closed up the gap that Brad in his Nissan was making for at great speed.

Thanks for clearing that one up Wally. One minute I was passing a slower car on it's right and the next moment I was sliding sideways towards the field trying to take turn 1. I tried everything, brakes, hand brake, down shifting to try and pull the Nissan up but sadly I slid into killa who was simply an innocent victim. Other than some door damage I don't think it effected him, but certainly wasn't the way I wanted to start a race either.

I'm so glad this season is over, simply because I've not been a fan of the cars, I think because I've managed to finish in the back 1/2 of the top 10 each round meant that I didn't really earn that much money to get away from the Mustang or Nissan, but like someone said on the radio last night, I'm still glad I turned up for most of the rounds. I would have loved to have tried a different car last night but I couldn't get below the 17's in the Z4 and absolutely hated the Mustang so low 16's in the Nissan was the best I could manage with my lack of setup knowledge/abality.... 

Despite my total lack of speed this week, I still had some great battles. I think most of race 2, Rob and I we were never more than a second apart and kudos to him for such clean racing. I unfortunately can't say the same to Freezer as glancing side touch saw him spear off track (race 1 I think ) about 1/2 way around the lap. I simply didn't know he was there. Sadly even with triples I couldn't see him in the Fiat and the red arrow pointing to where he was said he was behind me as I turned in, so I didn't expect to bump into the side of him at the apex, mind you he couldn't probably say after following me that I couldn't find an apex all night.....the corner speed of the Fiats was amazing and at least when Freezer passed me in subsequent races, I was aware of his closing corner speeds.

Thanks again Wally for the league, it's been an interesting concept and hopefully you've got some good feedback about how you could run the dealer concept another time.

interesting night last night with so many people on the practice server it was hard to try a variety of cars. Eventually I'd given up and gone with the Nissan I know as no matter what I try the race isn't long enough to be quick in Z4 and I can't find my boat licence so that rules out the Mustang.

I'm not a fan for anything FWD to be honest (don't like to discriminate), but if it's got enough power to steer with your right foot, I'm all for it  :o!

Sadly, I’m an early out for this round. Found out that some of open mic issues from a couple of weeks ago were a dodgy wheel button and so it needs to be fixed. Also I found out that one of the kids may have begun to pull out the data cable from my wheel when they got their foot caught on it when climbing into my sim. Hope to be back for the next round .

Man that was a tough night!!! I had some great battles in every race and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Whilst for two races I got so sick of watching Phil’s Mustang disappear down the straights to close in at the apex. There were several times I tried to put a pass on during corner entry only to have to that dam Mustang appear on the outside and then blast away down the straight. To his credit for two long races Phil didn’t make a mistake whilst I made plenty and I’m sure the bill for hitting his right side door that many times is going to be huge!

Interesting night. I didn’t like this track when I first tried it and my opinion hasn’t changed but then neither has my inability to know how to set up a car..... The very cold temperatures really suited me as driving fast on cold tyres seem to be my strength. This meant I was fairly competitive for the greater part of the journey, my race 1 start was brilliant as I maned to move from last to 5th weaving my way around the spinning chaos of the first couple of corners until Phil passed me and I then drove a daily consistent race.

Race 2 being a little warmer, I expiremented by increasing the tyre pressures and I found myself in a duel with Wally for several laps. I noticed I could outbreak him at turn 1 using a different racing line, so I had a crack after following for a couple of laps and stuffed up. Sadly there was contact and being the passing car I have to put my hand up and wear the contact as my mistake. Wally I fully understand your frustration and sadly a couple of mid field battle pack also bashed him around whilst he was trying to recover so I think were we both 2nd to dead last by the time Wally recovered and we got motoring again. Later in the race I was turned around by killer at the 3rd last corner and then finished several seconds behind him.

Race 3 with the weather heating up I tried increasing the tyre pressures again, however this didn’t seem to make much difference. In the early stages on cold tyres I was able to keep pace moving from 14th to 9th in the opening 3 laps and then things didn’t really progress. I spent a lot of the time going side by side with Wally (again) but with the previous races events hanging in my mind I was ultra conservative in attempting any pass and was never able to make one. I was able to close under brakes but only close enough to either punt him or do a bump and run, which isn’t my style. Later in the race bulller caught up to me and whilst I tried to put up a fight I really didn’t have much to hold him off.

As others have commented, this rent a racer series at times seems to have brought out the best and worst in some. Whilst I can understand people’s frustration in following lap after lap and then eventually bumping their way past, I can’t also forget to mention that there is not much of a financial penalty for making such contact. I know Wally does his best, and I don’t mean this comment as a Wally bashing expertise, but perhaps there needs to be a greater level of scrutiny over people’s actions across the entire race and not just the opening lap......

..... There are still a lot of Nissans in the entrant list, and I can't believe that nearly everyone wants to drive one :)

After trying my other two options (Mustang & BMW) I’ve got to stick with what I know even though I’m many seconds slower than a Fiat....

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S26R4: Magione
« on: February 12, 2019, 07:10:19 PM »
Sorry. It I’m a non starter tonight, I’ve just got home and forgot to visit the dealer before they shut...happy racing guys

Sorry that I’ve not raced many of these as I’ve had a bit going on with work. My 2cents is that I like the concept but I think there needs to be some reward for showing up and finishing races. As to th sort of car, my preference is for something with big horsepower and bigger all grip compared to high grip, low power cars

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S26R2: Zandvoort
« on: January 30, 2019, 05:14:02 PM »
That was a lot of fun last night. Originally I was not too impressed with the 911 as it had far too much understeer and not enough power for my liking, but as the night progressed I managed to get my head around how to get the best out of myself in this car. Whilst I had nothing like the pace of Wally and some of the other 911 drivers, I found the understeer rather predictable. Having no use of the clutch made the starts interesting but in the end I just dumped it into gear with a heap of revs when the lights went out and the car seemed to hook up well. Sadly in all races I was able to get strong starts and profit from others mistakes but as the faster guys recovered I was unable to keep pace with them once them found a way around me...

I really like this racing for cash idea, but it’s a shame there isn’t some motivation to keep people racing the whole night as it felt like after each race last night we lost a couple more people.

dumb question....but what is a GUID and where would I find one?

Toughest race of the season, bar none!
Having very little idea of how to set up a car it was really difficult. I struggled to get the car to turn and the shocks seemed to bounce like a bronco. In the end I raised the ride height,  stiffened the shocks and softened the roll bars and if I drove the car by turning in stupidly early. I was able to ride the curbs like a nascar and whilst it wasn’t a quali car, it was a rather stable race car where I was able to lap around the 32 mark on the hard tyres all race long.

The start was very safe, bacchulum ran wide about a 1/3 into the lap and I managed to miss his awkward rejoin and spin. I managed to miss most of the other people’s mistakes and cruised up to about 5th when a fast catching Russ caught up to me. His shorty was so much faster off the corners, but my longtail had the legs. What unfolded was a titanic struggle where I was trying to drive as straight and clean as I could, but I made sure I stayed on the racing line. Russ was all over me into the final hairpin and a couple of times I left the door open as I thought he was next to me, but I was able to out accelerate him off the corner. Once I realised this, I basically ignored my mirror and continued on my way. Yep, Russ was a lot faster in terms of a clear laptime, but the difference in the two cars would allow him to catch, but by the time he did, he didn’t have enough track to pass and I couldn’t be bothered moving over so early into the race. Eventually Russ got a good run into the hairpin and I left racing room, but he then slid into the side of me on exit pushing me into the wall. This got my back up so the following lap when he tried this again, I held my ground and unfortunately Russ turned me around.  After his readdress I think he had a moment as he disappeared from my mirror and I didn’t see him until the dying moments of the race.

I think I started too light. By starting with 2/3’s of a tank I had to take on about the same I lost four spots when I pitted around the half distance mark. As has been the case for most of this season, I came out about 10s behind killagorrilla. This week I managed to catch and pass him but with 8mins to race end I made a driving error and fell off on the hump at the inner loop. Sadly I lost my spot and two laps later I did the same mistake again. I think my wheels were not straight when I hit the brakes causing me to fall off. Never the less Killa was able to hold off my every attempt and I finished for an extreamly hard fort 8th place.

For me, it’s season over as I’m away next week, but it’s been a thoroughly enjoyable season and thanks to all involved for their efforts. It’s been great fun

This is the Shorty's time to shine!

If in clean air out in front I agree, they will be unbeatable. But with the tight nature of this track a short tail could be rather frustrating if then end up behind a long tail or Sauber.

Can’t seem to find the link either....that would be rather helpful as I did drive down the wrong side by accident a couple of times, only saving grace was that I didn’t get booted out of the practice session. Also if anyone knows how to get the suspension of a longtail to settle down (default is like a bucking bronco) I’d love some hints.

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