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Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S26R4: Magione
« on: February 12, 2019, 07:10:19 PM »
Sorry. It I’m a non starter tonight, I’ve just got home and forgot to visit the dealer before they shut...happy racing guys

Sorry that I’ve not raced many of these as I’ve had a bit going on with work. My 2cents is that I like the concept but I think there needs to be some reward for showing up and finishing races. As to th sort of car, my preference is for something with big horsepower and bigger all grip compared to high grip, low power cars

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S26R2: Zandvoort
« on: January 30, 2019, 05:14:02 PM »
That was a lot of fun last night. Originally I was not too impressed with the 911 as it had far too much understeer and not enough power for my liking, but as the night progressed I managed to get my head around how to get the best out of myself in this car. Whilst I had nothing like the pace of Wally and some of the other 911 drivers, I found the understeer rather predictable. Having no use of the clutch made the starts interesting but in the end I just dumped it into gear with a heap of revs when the lights went out and the car seemed to hook up well. Sadly in all races I was able to get strong starts and profit from others mistakes but as the faster guys recovered I was unable to keep pace with them once them found a way around me...

I really like this racing for cash idea, but it’s a shame there isn’t some motivation to keep people racing the whole night as it felt like after each race last night we lost a couple more people.

dumb question....but what is a GUID and where would I find one?

Toughest race of the season, bar none!
Having very little idea of how to set up a car it was really difficult. I struggled to get the car to turn and the shocks seemed to bounce like a bronco. In the end I raised the ride height,  stiffened the shocks and softened the roll bars and if I drove the car by turning in stupidly early. I was able to ride the curbs like a nascar and whilst it wasn’t a quali car, it was a rather stable race car where I was able to lap around the 32 mark on the hard tyres all race long.

The start was very safe, bacchulum ran wide about a 1/3 into the lap and I managed to miss his awkward rejoin and spin. I managed to miss most of the other people’s mistakes and cruised up to about 5th when a fast catching Russ caught up to me. His shorty was so much faster off the corners, but my longtail had the legs. What unfolded was a titanic struggle where I was trying to drive as straight and clean as I could, but I made sure I stayed on the racing line. Russ was all over me into the final hairpin and a couple of times I left the door open as I thought he was next to me, but I was able to out accelerate him off the corner. Once I realised this, I basically ignored my mirror and continued on my way. Yep, Russ was a lot faster in terms of a clear laptime, but the difference in the two cars would allow him to catch, but by the time he did, he didn’t have enough track to pass and I couldn’t be bothered moving over so early into the race. Eventually Russ got a good run into the hairpin and I left racing room, but he then slid into the side of me on exit pushing me into the wall. This got my back up so the following lap when he tried this again, I held my ground and unfortunately Russ turned me around.  After his readdress I think he had a moment as he disappeared from my mirror and I didn’t see him until the dying moments of the race.

I think I started too light. By starting with 2/3’s of a tank I had to take on about the same I lost four spots when I pitted around the half distance mark. As has been the case for most of this season, I came out about 10s behind killagorrilla. This week I managed to catch and pass him but with 8mins to race end I made a driving error and fell off on the hump at the inner loop. Sadly I lost my spot and two laps later I did the same mistake again. I think my wheels were not straight when I hit the brakes causing me to fall off. Never the less Killa was able to hold off my every attempt and I finished for an extreamly hard fort 8th place.

For me, it’s season over as I’m away next week, but it’s been a thoroughly enjoyable season and thanks to all involved for their efforts. It’s been great fun

This is the Shorty's time to shine!

If in clean air out in front I agree, they will be unbeatable. But with the tight nature of this track a short tail could be rather frustrating if then end up behind a long tail or Sauber.

Can’t seem to find the link either....that would be rather helpful as I did drive down the wrong side by accident a couple of times, only saving grace was that I didn’t get booted out of the practice session. Also if anyone knows how to get the suspension of a longtail to settle down (default is like a bucking bronco) I’d love some hints.

Merry Christmas to all, thanks to everyone who does the stuff which makes this possible. All your hard work is certainly appreciated. I for one am looking forward to 2019 during which I'm hoping I'll have no physical or technical issues and be able to race a full year for the first time since 2015  8)
Drive safe everyone

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Christmas Cobra Fun Runs
« on: December 22, 2018, 01:42:22 PM »
I’m just reading this and am rather sad to see that we’d lost our old mate. I must admit I was wondering where he was recently as I was not aware of his passing. I often raced against Bruce for several years during the rfactor days but when we moved over to A/C and I was having issues with calibrating my old Hyperstimulator to the game I tended to always end up on the track somewhere near him. Whilst he was never the fastest you’d always hear a polite, happy person who was just out there for the love of the race.

What a great track. I haven't driven the boot layout since the days of N2003, but it's just like I remembered. I know there is a little more time in there and with race fuel and tyres there might be a little more speed but there is only 24 hours in a day....hopefully this race delivers all that I'm hoping for as this is an awesome track!

Wow, what a long hour that was....

I don't know what it is about this place, but I always find it easy to catch the car in front, but then struggle to be quick enough to make a pass! My race started off well, and I was 3rd in the line behind Jermery and Bird for the first 15 mintues, which was a lot of fun. There was a really great battle going on and it was very intense. I felt there was potential to get into an overtaking position on Bird on the run to the corkscrew, however there simply wasn't any room to throw down a safe pass. After a few laps I considered a dive, because it seemed we were both being slowed, however there wasn't enough trackwidth where such a move could be made where I wasn't going to destroy both our races. So for a little while there I backed off the boost to conserve fuel as whist neither of us could pass. In real terms, I didn't feel I was losing that much time as at that stage of the race I think I was within a second of my max race pace so we really were not losing that much time, plus the 3 of us were moving forward from those behind us. Of course frustration and impatience set in and not long after I watched Bird spin off in front of me and I did something similar. I'm going to handball blame to my aging medium's and not my heavy footedness (is that even a word?) on the throttle. Fortunately there was no damaged but the 15 seconds I lost rejoining the track pushed my back into Freezer territory....

Freezer was all over the back of my Long tail. At the time my rear tyres were in the red area of life and I simple had bugger all left in them as I was simply burning fuel to get me to my stop so that I could push on home. I'm not sure how Freezer had his Longtail tuned, but it was A LOT faster in a straight line (than mine) which was putting me under a lot of pressure at the end of the front curve and up the hill. On the exit of the corkscrew I mucked up and Freezer was able to pass. Fortunately not long after this (could of even been the next lap) he was off track and I passed him back and the battle continued, until I understeered off the track at the penultimate corner. Seeing it was only a lap earlier than i'd planed I decided I'd just pit and managed to over take Keith in the stops. Not long after that I was battling Keith's C9 and that thing was might hard to keep behind me. I made another moment on the last corner and he easily passed me down the front curve. It was really interesting following Keith's C9 as doing so improved the turn in of my Longtail! All night long I'd struggled in getting the front of the Longtail to turn in. At time it felt like I was steering a fishing trawler but with the tow of the C9, suddenly, I had a finely balanced car!

About 10 minutes from the end of the race Keith made a mistake and I was able to get past him and Killagorrilla was 11 seconds down the road to me. I decided to roll the dice and see if I could catch him. Over the next 10 minutes it felt like I was doing qualifying lap after qualifying lap and I managed to get to the rear his Mazda on the last lap. Sadly (for me) I was a lap too late in getting there as there was no time left to try a move. The performance difference between the two was enough where he held onto 7th at the line. In all honestly, I used up the so much of the tyre life in just getting to killa, that there was properly nothing left to make a pass but it was still a lot of fun!


and I suppose you will be removing all restrictions now :) :)

should be double restrictions for those jumping ship  :P

Not the best night for me, got cleaned up twice in quali and struggled to actually get a time set. Sadly when I did it wasn't the cleanest lap and so 10th was the best i could do. I'm not sure how many people use their lights but in quali but perhaps if people have them on when they're actually going for a time (& off when they are not), then it's a lot easier for cars on an out or in lap to know this and get out of the way. Thanks bird for putting your hand up for cleaning my up in the esses but I still can't understand why you felt the need to make that pass on your out lap.... I know I have the live timing screen up (can't remember it's A/C name) all the time and looking at that it's easy to tell when I'm on a slow lap how far behind or ahead the next car is and thus, make allowances for it.

Starting the race from 10th, I was mindful of trying to get off the line cleanly and I knew there would little passing until half way round the lap and it looked like a really clean start. I was in a gaggle of 5 or 6 cars and it was great settling into a rhythm until RussG had a spin at turn 3. Sadly I zigged when I should have zagged and tagged his stricken vehicle as it sat in the middle of the track damaging my front body work. I spent the next lap seeing how bad things were and decided after 2 laps that I was losing too much time down the back straight, plus Phil was catching me rather quickly, so I let phil by and pitted for repairs. The stop wasn't too bad and I was able to split the race into 3x 20min sections and on the medium rubber the car wasn't too bad but tyre wear was an issue last in the stint. My pace was in the 1m33's so I didn't really set the world on fire, but didn't feel like I was going backwards either. I had a had some good battles with doobs during the race but got stuffed up my race when I made nose to tail contact with seanus at the corner coming onto the back straight. 100% my fault, I simply miss judged the C9's far slower corner speed and was unable to avoid the contact. It felt like I hit seanus very late in the corner as I was expecting the C9 to take off down the straight earlier, however I was too hot too soon into the corner, sorry mate.....I waited for him to rejoin and then pitted a lap later to come out 9 seconds behind Bacchulum. Over the next 18mins I chased him down and it was great fun. Eventually I fell three 10ths of a second short but it was a lot of fun managing fuel and trying to catch at the same time. In the end I finished with 1 lap of fuel left in the car, but kudos to him, it was a lot of fun.

Whilst I'm not a fan of this particular track, it does make these cars are extremely challenging but it's was great to be on a track where you needed to use your strengths to your advantages, but also know where others were strong and defend like buggery....

gee that corner coming onto the back straight is a tricky one, think I need to change my visibility out of the cockpit as I'm finding the apex rather difficult to find....

Wow, I think that was one of the toughest nights I racing I've ever had!

With little knowledge of how to setup a car I really struggled in the Longtail. I tried raising the rear wing, but then couldn't dial out all the understeer, so I gave up on that path and kept it rather low which gave more neutral handling, but it was slow. When i qualified in 11th I was actually shocked as my times before that had me at the back of the grid. Sadly after side to side contact off the line I was. I'm not sure who was in front of my, but that had a slow start and I went for the big gap in the next row, I became piggy in the middle and was squeezed, resulting in contact and a spin. Luckily I managed to escape undamaged so my turtle didn't get any slower. I decided to adopt a long strategy and as the laps passed managed to pass a lot of cars who'd fallen off or crashed. In fact I can't recall doing a single 'real' pass all race. The medium tyres held out well, not really surprising seeing a high 1m18 was all I could manage. I ended up using all 99ltrs and then took some new mediums at around 18mins to go and then kept on trucking, but by then 9th place was nearly 1/2 a minute up the road so i just kept on doing my 18s and cruised home in 10th which I'm happy with considering it was a bad night for me.

It was a tough race, more so because I needed to know who I was racing and every lap was a struggle to stay on the blackstuff. At times when I had faster cars behind me (and lapped ones) where I just let them go as I knew holding track position was only going to lead to their frustration and a possible incident ruining both our races. One comment I will make, is that I believe those blue flags are coming out far too early! Whilst being lapped I noticed they started to appear when the leaders were about 2sec behind me and with the differences in the cars strengths/weaknesses it could mean that the leader would take a lap or two (or more) to get in a position where you could wave them by and not add 5 seconds to your lap time....

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