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Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S29R5: Barbagallo
« on: August 21, 2019, 08:58:58 PM »
Possibly my best night of results in a very long time. Had the races only been 10 laps long each, then I know I would have had a night filled with top 4 finishes. Never the less, as the laps progressed, so to did the faster guys recovering from their early lap dramas. Whilst I didn't move over and wave the white flags as they all caught up to me, I knew that I was taking a knife to a gun fight! Sure it was fun, but in reality my nights results reflected that the fast guys are still fast in very slow cars and snails like me are still snails even when riding in rocketships!

I didn't race last week because I was too sick to get out of bed, which was annoying because I could have finally afforded the Merc, but when I checked the dealer tonight the ole bank account will only allow the bottom two cars....again! Whilst I understand you don't want people to save money wouldn't missing a round be enough of penalty without feeling the need to raid their piggy bank as well...?

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S29R3: Anglesey
« on: August 01, 2019, 08:25:11 PM »
dumb question, but do you know where we can d/l this track?
The page where you choose cars, has links to all the tracks under Schedule. ;)

 I’d never even noticed that part of the dealer section,
Many thanks  8)

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S29R3: Anglesey
« on: July 31, 2019, 05:17:28 PM »
dumb question, but do you know where we can d/l this track?

Just remember to turn off the abs as the vibrations through force feedback wheels under braking are horrendous

Brad, it may have been a hairy pass (I don't think it was, but let's say) - but after the pass you've been on the inside.  Then you made a mistake.  Nobody said you deliberately knocked the other car off track.
But the car in front did nothing wrong, went straight towards the corner & started braking.  That could not be accounted as a fault in any way or form IMO.  But happy to hear your argument; how is this a racing mistake at all?

I know it's a waste of my breath, but I'll type it anyway.....

In my opinion I felt it was reckless move by Seanus. At the time,  it felt like there was side to side contact during the pass and from my mirrors it looked like he was passing on the grass. The next I know he's braking in front of me and I honestly thought he was brake testing me! I felt like I had not time to avoid the contact because Seanus was braking a lot earlier than expected.

As these are split second decisions, it is why I had believed that Wally was right in calling it a racing incident as we both contributed to the accident. I never portrayed myself as totally innocent, but I certainly find it hard to accept I was totally responsible for this either, as is now the case after being issued a penalty. For me, it doesn't matter I'll still drive the same way be it lap 1, lap 9 or lap 100.

Regardless, I now know if I get bumped off the track on lap one and a penalty isn't applied that I need to follow Seanus lead and just write abusive posts until the decision is reversed....lesson learned.

Well, the consensus seems to be that Brad was in the wrong here, so I will issue Brad a penalty for next round. Because he already had a penalty, he'll have penalty ballast in both race 1 and 2.

Having read the abuse in this thread over the past 48 hours it seems that if you don't agree with Wally you just abuse the forum until you get your own way, which is simply appalling!

We've been all been on the wrong end of something and I don't think anyone I've raced here does this things deliberately, heck I know I certainly don't. At the time of the said incident I thought it was 50/50 as I thought it was a silly place for a passing car to put themselves knowing the speed being traveled with an extremely short time to react before the corner, plus these cars are hard enough to keep control of as it is. 

From some of posts here it seems people think this was a cold, calculated act, performed deliberately to ruins Seanus' day and that he's been hard done by. It most certainly was not. We all make mistakes but it's how we conduct ourselves which makes the difference. Seeing the kangaroo court has spoken, I'll just park it for next week's racing because if this is how people want to conduct themselves then, quite frankly, I have better things I can do with my spare time.....

...Tricky one: Seanus just passed Brad, but then braked when very close to Brad who did move a little towards Seanus. Wheels touched and Seanus went off, but I’ll judge that to be a racing incident because Brad probably didn’t have time to react when Seanus braked so soon after passing....

I relied on you last night Wally to keep my cool, as that incident happened I was fit to burst, but told myself that someone was getting a penalty, and now I've been let down.
Came out of Spoon, Bradc was slowish and I gained fast, chose the right side which was almost a mistake as the gap closed, I think I may have taken some grass. Now I need to negotiate 130R possibly two abreast. Brake at some point only to see in 'car radar' that it seemed like Bradc was tucking in for the slipstream and that was never going to work.

The incident itself is trivial, similar stuff happens all the time, but I feel somewhat aggrieved by the following decision.

And it's all good bradc,  :) ;) :D We ended up in one or two battles through the rest of the night.

Seems I feel I need to reply. Trying to pass two wide on the approach of 130R is never going to work...yep we've had a lot of good clean battles in the past but on this instance from where I was sitting you just put yourself in a dangerous position and left me no racing room. I'm sure in most other mods the contact would never have happened, but these old cars move a lot and we just need to give them room. Heck I was caught up in a similar instance (and penalised) in race 2 because I didn't give racing room which resulted in contact because on corner entry there was a bloody wide gap which then disappeared because the car in front of me took a line I wasn't expecting them to take coming into the end of the spoon curve.

Great cars on a great track. I really enjoyed these cars  8)

Race 1 was epic going from 14th to 8th on the opening lap, dodging and weaving around other people's accidents and then onto having some great battles with Gratutlin and Ab in their Eagles. Whilst they had the outright speed, if I could stay in the tow I had enough under brakes to make a clean pass and then hold them off until the next straight. Great respectful racing with just enough racing room given by all  8) 

Race 2
Bradc ran into the back of AGK and spun him – 30 kg penalty ballast for next race.

Race 2. Well. Yep. I sure did!
On the opening lap as I raced towards the stadium I was in a line of 4 cars which became 2x2 side by side about 600m before the braking zone. I had a good tow behind AGK and started to brake a little earlier to avoid any potential contact and then in the braking zone AGK appeared to lock up in front of me. In my panic of fearing the 'big wreck' I stepped on the brakes too hard, locking myself up and then skidded into the back of AGK seeding him off on a John Deere exploration tour. At the time I apologised and I did wait and readdress seeing I was clearly in the wrong. Knowing it was lap 1, the evil part of me did think about not readdressing knowing I was going to be punished and push for a better race result, but that's not how I race.....

Race 3 I had another epic start going from 11th to 6th and I'll be honest and say I shat myself racing with the 'faster' guys and eventually fell off in the stadium section 4 laps later. When Joe had his 'off' I thought I was a chance of a better position, however I just couldn't quite get his tow and so the last couple of laps were spent trying everything to get closer but ultimately resulted in nothing.

Is slip streaming turned on, on the server? I couldn't catch a draft all day. Probably just placebo. But thought I'd check.

Can confirm slipstreaming works, got to 318 at one stage. Much faster than the wheezy Honda can push the car along on its own.

Yep, I found another 10kph in the Lotus if I got within a second of the leading car

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S28 Skins
« on: May 05, 2019, 08:35:58 PM »

I really enjoyed the racing last night. I tried the Lotus and found it quite loose to drive from the apex onwards which was right up my alley.  In race 1 I managed to go from 14th to 7th in a lap and then proceeded to run out of talent and go head first into the wall at the final corner about 5 laps later as the faster guys regrouped and marched back up to the front....Race two wasn't much better, but I had some good laps dueling with Mael until I caught a tow off his Honda just as I entered the braking area at the end of the back straight and went grass cutting at mak2!

Whilst I didn't manage to finish a single race without destroying the car, it concentration killing fun  :o! Knowing how brutal and fragile these cars are made me take a totally different (possibly a little more cautious) approach to my driving and I liked it....In race 3 I had a little go in the Brabham but I couldn't come to terms with it's lack of speed and handling compared to the Lotus. More testing is required I'm sure but at the moment I'm really loving the Lotus

Just got back from a week off to find it's GPL season....I can't wait  8)

So far I'm looking at a choice between Escorts and GPL 67 historic F1s.
My vote is yes. 8)

Me too, both sound like a great idea. The Escorts could make for more challenging racing but the GPL could make for more challenging driving  8) Both wins in my book!

Race 1
There was an impact between Freezer and Brad which I think was a racing incident. A Mustang passed Freezer’s Abarth to the left; Freezer moved a little right to give the Mustang room but in doing so closed up the gap that Brad in his Nissan was making for at great speed.

Thanks for clearing that one up Wally. One minute I was passing a slower car on it's right and the next moment I was sliding sideways towards the field trying to take turn 1. I tried everything, brakes, hand brake, down shifting to try and pull the Nissan up but sadly I slid into killa who was simply an innocent victim. Other than some door damage I don't think it effected him, but certainly wasn't the way I wanted to start a race either.

I'm so glad this season is over, simply because I've not been a fan of the cars, I think because I've managed to finish in the back 1/2 of the top 10 each round meant that I didn't really earn that much money to get away from the Mustang or Nissan, but like someone said on the radio last night, I'm still glad I turned up for most of the rounds. I would have loved to have tried a different car last night but I couldn't get below the 17's in the Z4 and absolutely hated the Mustang so low 16's in the Nissan was the best I could manage with my lack of setup knowledge/abality.... 

Despite my total lack of speed this week, I still had some great battles. I think most of race 2, Rob and I we were never more than a second apart and kudos to him for such clean racing. I unfortunately can't say the same to Freezer as glancing side touch saw him spear off track (race 1 I think ) about 1/2 way around the lap. I simply didn't know he was there. Sadly even with triples I couldn't see him in the Fiat and the red arrow pointing to where he was said he was behind me as I turned in, so I didn't expect to bump into the side of him at the apex, mind you he couldn't probably say after following me that I couldn't find an apex all night.....the corner speed of the Fiats was amazing and at least when Freezer passed me in subsequent races, I was aware of his closing corner speeds.

Thanks again Wally for the league, it's been an interesting concept and hopefully you've got some good feedback about how you could run the dealer concept another time.

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