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I knew we shouldn't have bought the team's emission control from VW! ::)

lol   where's my compensation?

I noticed a message pop up in one race to say doobs added fuel and he says he didn't so does sound like something funky is going on.

I definitely didn't add fuel knowingly. Like I said earlier, and same as Bafs, pit config set to 0 on fuel and I didn't see fuel indicated on the pit countdown on either stop in race two. I did make two stops. The first one I changed selection on the fly to fix body damage and suspension. I only saw the spanner countdown. Tyres were already set to 0 change..
And second stop I had tyres only (Medium) with 0 Fuel. I set that on the fly to change tyres (medium). 0 Fuel was already set.

I don't know if changing on the fly could cause false reporting of fuel. Shrug.

I didn't add fuel Wally, I started both races with 37 litres which was 3 or 4 more than I needed if I completed the races on the same lap as the leader.

Tyres only first race.

and in the second race I did a damage stop, and then tyres in the second stop. Pit config had no fuel and the pitstop countdown graphic only showed what I selected in pit config.

#^%$#ing awesome Marty.

Wally has only ever restarted because of technical issues causing someone to miss the start or server caused havoc.
If it's a practice race.

Race 1 started well, and I did okay. Avoided the carnage.

Race 2 started better and by lap 4 I was feeling great, hitting good lines with a decent enough pace.
By Lap 4.5 I touched a ripple strip and smacked a wall, lap 5.1 I screwed Eau Rouge and did it again.

Rest of it was Meh.

The End

This was easily the best night I've had since coming back to race AC.
It makes a huge difference when you have a setup that's comfortable and only one corner that gives you grief.

Race 1.
After qualifying 13th, I got lucky after the start and made places through people driving off the track or having spins.
But I also had a decent pace to be midfield as long as I could keep it on the track and drive at a consistent pace.
About 12 laps in I pitted after chasing Rob for a while and after the pitstop managed to be in front of him. It was all going swimmingly until the last lap when I got too excited at the prospect of finishing in the top 10, and managed to get Rob into a position to pass me on the way the the finish line. Fortunately for me he ran out of straight (just) and I piped him for 7th by .061 of a second.

Race 2.
I think I started 12th in this one.

I got a reasonable start again but this time there were no gifts, so with the shuffling that goes on at the start I was 14th.
I got back to 12th and probably should have finished there-abouts (maybe 11th) but for a spin on my in lap that cost me 10-15 seconds.
Luckily I didn't hit anything but lost a heap of places. I thought it was going to be a boring disappointment after coming out of the pits in 18th. I managed to crawl up to 15th and was hoping to have a go at Shameless and Rob who I'd managed to catch on the last lap, but I ran out of time. It would have been a hard ask to pass either of them if they didn't make a mistake anyway.

Overall I was very happy.

Assetto Corsa / Re: One second game freezes - who's getting them?
« on: January 25, 2017, 10:05:15 AM »
I haven't had any issues: Win7 GTX980ti

Assetto Corsa / Re: Temporary Absence
« on: January 18, 2017, 06:05:17 PM »
I'd be looking at my temps, and if they're high, the cooling, and the bios.
and the HDD. if it's not solid state , I'd defrag and dskchk it.
I'd also try swapping the sata cables around before looking at a window reinstall

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: A short absence...
« on: January 12, 2017, 11:56:17 PM »
Awesome news Bruce

Race one was good except for losing the rear a few times which cost me. Was having a great battle with Dave O, unable to get past him.

Race 2 was ordinary till I pulled my wheel off my table trying not to t-bone someone who'd spun.
I then cracked the shits and quit. Not shitty with anyone, just because the wheel came off, plus it's a real pain in the arse not being able to use a clutch to spin the car when you're facing the wrong way.

Lack of practice will be an issue, those cars changed quite a bit from qualy to race fuel. Then add lap 1 being the first lap many have even driven a lap close to anyone its never going to happen. For normal seasons its always good for people to try jump in the prac server not necessarily to just tune the car and find lines but to get some practice in traffic even racing others. Some seem to shy away from wanting to run close to others in practice but its one of the main benefits of the practice server if after all its easy to setup offline if thats what your trying.

In the server you can do that but also see others driving the car, share setups and practice racing others or simply driving close to them. I dont think anyone is hitting anyone on purpose, I have never seen that in even a fun run yet thats reserved for the pub servers lol. Everyone is trying their best just at times with lack of practice it may mean either putting in an extra hour or so or being a bit more cautious early in the race if your not too comfortable. Thats tricky too mid pack though as if you back off too much you will get hit in the rear more often then not in the lower half of the field.

The point of fun runs is we can try some other cars and its not as serious, accidents happen in real racing all the time take the Vettel video I posted earlier and forecast an outcome for Wally much the same. :)

agree 100%  :)  It certainly didn't help me doing practice by myself thinking I was on the server; I must have been concentrating hard on trying to learn the track. I still couldn't get some of it right and didn't have time to even attempt making the setup faster. I blame HTC Vive, Micrsoft Surface Pro and my phone....all of which I broke in a three day period. It seems that trying to organise repair is really difficult over New Year.

Anyway, I"m looking forward to driving the Prada next season and this in another later.


Must say I was dissapointed!

I didnt see the mess in race 1 but like the video with Wally getting hit. That was simply caused by for some reason the 2 behind thinking they can pass Wally there 3 wide. Its just not going to happen, after he was spun everyone behind that ended up crashing at that corner.

People just need to leave room and make moves they have some hope of actually completing cleanly. I will take a look at the race 1 hairpin incident later but expect it was much the same if not worse then in race 2. If you dont think you can make the move clean back out and try again later, rather then ruin your race and those around you.  ;)

No it wasn't Marty, for me it was a lack practice and no idea where my front wing was. I wasn't trying a pass on Wally at all, just trying to stay close, and pass the guy outside me which I was in good position to do. The front end just pushed out a bit and I didn't back off enough not to spin Wally. Whoever was outside me didn't look like they were trying a pass either. Wally also had to slow mid corner for the dude in front of him which put him back into us. Racing incident, Funny Video.

This next bit isn't aimed at you Marty, it's a general comment.
Meh, it was a fun run, the first race in a car that wasn't some slow arse sedan or GT car (In comparison, hell even the pit crew were on speed). If you expected the racing to be of a normal Tuesday night standard you're dreaming. Considering it was the first time competitively in these cars I thought it was alright.

I didn't do much practice of the circuit because of the fact it was Christmas and I had better shit to do. Come the season proper I certainly would, because as slow as I am I don't like to make a dick of myself and spoil others races, when they're official.

Prada's not an open-wheeler, it's a track day car. >:(
Amen brother

Sorry, I lost track of days and only realised about 9:30 that this run was on.

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