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Please sign me up, although I may rage quit before I start 😀

Sorry for the no show. I'm in New Zealand ATM and knew I'd forgotten to do something before I left- notify that I want going to make it. See you next week.

I had a shocker, although that's not too unusual for me, even when I have a reasonable pace I'm so inconsistent I only put a couple of good laps together.

I thought I'd try the Vive out on a race night....not so good for me. It causes some strange behaviour (dropping me into spectator mode of someone else's car everytime I went back to pits, and then performance started suffering and it had FPS drops .

Anyhooo, I changed back to 3 screens and qualified poorly, a second and a half slower than practice.

Race 1 was okay, until I spun

Race 2 was better, until I spun

Next week, wooooooooooooooooo!


But I'm ready NOW!!!! >:(


I was ready an hour ago, but now I'm not so I expect instead of challenging for pole, I"ll be fighting in the last 6....Thanks DST. :P

What time does it start tonight please Wally, now that's it's not DS?
Qually starts at 8:30PM Eastern. Now non-DST.

Thanks Wally

What time does it start tonight please Wally, now that's it's not DS?


The guys being lapped maybe can run their own lines more and not need to back off as much to let leaders past, I saw a few go completely off track or panic and have a spin. If they simply hold their normal line and not try to defend or block those lapping them is really all that's needed and let the faster guy still find a way past. They should make it fairly clear which side they are taking and so the guy ahead watching mirrors should be able to let them past with minimal negative impact to their own race.

I drove off track before your pitstop, but that was because I was in a sloppy period and completely missed a brake point. I just thought it was easier to stay off the track for a couple of seconds rather than get back on and screw us both with a spin, however if I'd guessed you were pitting I would have got back on before you went passed.  :) That was one of my little mistakes that cost me at least 15 seconds all up. I always feel confident if you or Wally are catching to pass because I know you'll do it with patience, so usually just drive my normal line unless there's opportunity to stay offline on a straight, or similar.

I enjoyed last night mostly. The only thing that took away from it being a great night was a few periods of the race where I lost concentration and lost a few seconds here and there with a couple of offs and near offs.

I pitted on lap three because I thought I might have a chance to pass Wally, AJ and one or two others later in the race who were scrapping in front of me.
It almost worked too. After AJ  took his pitstop I could pass him on my hot tyres, and when Wally took his I was on his bumper but he is far too consistent for me and I kept losing little bits of time, then matching, then losing more bits andf eventually lost sight of him completely.

Joe was the recipient of a gift after I made a few more errors which cost me a position. Most of the later mistakes were caused by poor tyres because they were not in real good shape by the end of the race, but there is a period just before halfway points in races where I just lose it. Maybe I don't blink enough or something but it gets difficult for a couple of laps and I tend to drive poorly, missing braking points, turn in points etc. It might have been an interesting last 3 laps if I hadn't screwed up ......again.

A late 10 sec penalty didn't cost me any positions so that was good. I'm glad because all the "cuts" were time losing mistakes. I wasn't happy for getting penalised twice, once for poor driving and then 10 secs for not spinning. Bwahahahaha.

Anyway, it was an enjoyable night for me although I could have done without so many errors. The good thing was that I didn't make any huge errors or spin trying too hard, and at one stage I thought I might actually get into the 1:50's with a clean lap. Didn't happen, I'm not that good.

Race 1: Meh
Race 2: Meh, bored, quit.

Unless I find a second or two I think this might be my race summary for the season.

Funny mate, great way to sum up a crap night! Just want to apologise again as my internet crashed because of the storms yesterday, still don't have any as Iam using my mobile data on my iPhone to post.
It's just frustrating me. Historically I used to be able to be mid pack and for a while it's just been rear field and lucky if I am racing anybody. That plus this never ending fecking summer. I'm still sweating just sitting.
I normally don't quit unless my car is rooted or I'm so far behind it doesn't matter and I'm causing trouble being lapped. Last night I just couldn't be arsed in the end.

Race 1: Meh
Race 2: Meh, bored, quit.

Unless I find a second or two I think this might be my race summary for the season.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Season 16 Poll
« on: March 08, 2017, 01:46:23 PM »
The Praga was not an open wheeler in any way shape or form.

Another very plausible explanation for this graph could be;

Open wheel lovers will tough it out and race the tin tops, bloating those fields,

Tin top lovers take their ball and go home when it's not a tin top series.


This is what I think too. I was happy racing NKPro (all open wheelers with ballast), and tolerate racing Ubers waiting for the next open wheel season I will actually enjoy.

Please add me, thanks Wally.  :)

I knew we shouldn't have bought the team's emission control from VW! ::)

lol   where's my compensation?

I noticed a message pop up in one race to say doobs added fuel and he says he didn't so does sound like something funky is going on.

I definitely didn't add fuel knowingly. Like I said earlier, and same as Bafs, pit config set to 0 on fuel and I didn't see fuel indicated on the pit countdown on either stop in race two. I did make two stops. The first one I changed selection on the fly to fix body damage and suspension. I only saw the spanner countdown. Tyres were already set to 0 change..
And second stop I had tyres only (Medium) with 0 Fuel. I set that on the fly to change tyres (medium). 0 Fuel was already set.

I don't know if changing on the fly could cause false reporting of fuel. Shrug.

I didn't add fuel Wally, I started both races with 37 litres which was 3 or 4 more than I needed if I completed the races on the same lap as the leader.

Tyres only first race.

and in the second race I did a damage stop, and then tyres in the second stop. Pit config had no fuel and the pitstop countdown graphic only showed what I selected in pit config.

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