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My version of the McLaren has fixes in it and I suggest we use it rather than the version inside the Legends pack.


M1b is in, see above, the 312 is from the wrong decade which in of itself is no problem it's just the McLaren and Lola come from exactly the same year and ran against each other competitively. Also I think the Ferrari is going to be in the upcoming DLC???

I'll be a no show again tonight. Sim rig is still in a million pieces.

Use the short version, it has a jump!


.... See you next Tuesday....

I see what you did there. :P

An incomplete list of all the Touring cars, be they grand or not, available: 1960 to 1975

Abarth 1000
Alfa Romeo GTA & GTA-SA
AMC Javelin
Camaro '68 '69 '70
Corvette '67 '69
DeTomaso Pantera
Ferrari 365GTB
Ford Capri RS3100
Ford Escort RS1600
Ford Escort Mark II
Ford Boss Mustang '69
The 'General Lee'
Honda R800 RSC
Lancia Fulvia 1.6HF & Special
Nissan GT-R 2000 (1971)
Porsche RSR 74
Porsche Carrera RSR 3.0
Shelby Daytona
Lotus Cortina MkI
Mercury Cougar '68
Opel Commodore
Plymouth Cuda '71
Pontiac Firebird '70
Nissan Fairlady Z
R8 Gordini

Some of those are in the 'AC Legends' pack so I could repackage those with fixes and slowly add extra cars when ready. We can just suck it and see how many candidates make it to Novembers Season. ???
I'll derive the physics from the said mod, hoping that no car 'sticks out'. So that they all become fun to run together.

@Phil.8 @Bruce
I'm had a thought that if I made every car weigh 100kg less than it should then the server could be set so all cars start with 100kg of ballast, that way if a car proves simply too slow it can have some weight taken off it. ???

Pantera mirror fixed. :)
Capri screen fixed, I hope as the effect was so subtle. :D
Corvette is OK for me, needs more troubleshooting? ???   Turn ABS off. (ctrl+a)

Replace the corresponding files with those linked above, should be mismatch free. :o

Really recommend Content Manager as well as an alternative launcher for AC... gives you more options to tweak graphics and a tone of other goodies.


You are a champion Seanus, and I like your version of the McLaren  ;D
Except the mirrors are backwards. :-X

Well, bugger me. You know I noticed the mirrors were 3.3mm out of alignment but didn't notice they were reversed :o :o :o

....Be nice if the couple of bugs in the mod could be resolved though.....

List any and all bugs you find in any car and I'll see what I can do.

Balance of Performance.

Hold your horses, check out my version of the McLaren This beta is BOP with the current T70 mkII.

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Fun Run 27-07-2017
« on: July 22, 2017, 11:26:03 AM »

To load on my system I needed to lower replay size and quality to minimum.

One of the road textures had odd values making it look like water.
The track mesh has a ton of loose vertices, and this my be the cause of the memory issues.
Lacks a separate physics mesh.

I tried fixing it but the funk runs too deep and I can't export a working version.

And me.

Here is a version of the Fulvia with proper physics. This one is called GT but it represents one of the higher tuned versions used by the Lancia works team.

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