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Hi Wally,
There are 2 DJB's in the standings ....
DJB    74
DJB    28

Hi Dave,
Is it easy to make a video?
That looks really bad for me from your position.
Let me say, I'm not trying to justify myself here, but it's amazing how it looks so much different from the other car ..... I'd like to make a video from my car :)
I don't want to make a big deal of this. My opinion is it was a racing incident, but I always like to check out any incidents I am involved in and try to see if I could stop it happening again as often incidents will take out me or both cars.

If you have the pedal app, and watch the replay from my car you will see that I lifted completely before the impact - 0% throttle. I guess my lift was just a little too late.
Anyway, like I said before, I was enjoying the battle with you and I wasn't happy that it didn't continue either ....

I'm not normally free on Thursday nights. That's why I joined at the last minute with no practise, but if you are in Tuesday nights I will see you there :D

Had heaps of fun driving that car for the 1st time ever, manged to get a lap under 2mins, but lap 10 wasnt fun, got a nudge from RussG after i made a nice clean pass into turn 1, and that was race over, all by myself lapping, shame he didnt wait to address like the rules state, we had a couple of good laps before that of me behind him putting heaps of pressure on, but not hitting him


Bruce: edited your post.   No facebook links sorry, maybe we need to add the function?

Hi djb1974,
I'm sorry you feel that way, but I think a video starting from the straight would be better than a picture. I just don't know how to do it.
Let me say, I thought it was great fun racing with you.
I have checked the replay and when you made the pass, you got it waaaay sideways into turn 1 (which obviously slows you down) and when you got it back under control you cut across the front of me as I was cruising around the turn when there was at least a cars width on the outside and there was the lightest touch which was bad for you because you were on the limit I guess.
I'm happy for any third party to look at the replay and give an opinion, but that is how I saw it at the time and how I still see it in the replay. It is the reason I didn't redress the incident as I didn't see myself at fault.

I hope there are no hard feelings and we can have some good racing in the future.


What a great night!!
I was really chuffed with 4th in qually. Pulled that one from somewhere unknown :D

Race 1 I had a great battle with Bacchulum after he got past me but I closed up on the last lap and stuck it up the inside at the final turn for 5th  8)

Race 2 While it was a bit depressing getting mobbed down the straights with the restrictor, it made for some really enjoyable racing. Great battles with Wally, SkilletKid, Rob, Shayne and a nice side by side around the fastest turn with ab156. A little bit of "Rubbin Racin" at times, but I believe that it was all above board ....
Happy with a 9th finish except that I was behind Wally :P

Note to Wally: I am listed as team "KNR Racing" where it should be myself and ab156 as team "Team SNRL". Thanks :) We hope that Keith will be able to join again at some time.

Lovin' this car. Can we extend the season  ;D ;D

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Race 2 REPLAY @ gentrack required...
« on: July 17, 2017, 09:29:47 PM »
Here's the Race 2 replay file if you don't already have it ....
Mine didn't save Race 1 for some unknown reason.


Sign me up.

I had to lift to avoid a crash when I was gaining too fast on Russ through those fast esses, which put Simone off behind me making him spin off track.
Sorry Wally, I backed off a little because I was gaining on Mael and didn't wan't to hit the back of him and it wasn't a place to attempt a pass.

Race 1: Was cruising along nicely in a good position. Pitted at half distance for the tyre change. Came out on cold tyres and Jeremy caught up with me while I was warming them. I was protecting the line to make it hard for him to pass when he tapped me in the rear spinning me off. Had trouble turning around so lost a bundle of time. Pretty happy to recover to 10th.

Race 2: DISASTER!! Started OK. Had a slight tangle with grat. Then on lap 2 I was following Phil into the fast right hander when he went off. That was OK, but as I went around the turn Kcender was on the left of the track recovering from an off. I tried to hold it in tighter so I wouldn't hit him, but lost the rear and speared into the fence. It was a big enough hit to kill the engine. Then I made the mistake of escaping and EXITING instead of Back to Pits. Lost a lap, but rejoined. Forgot to load my setup so it was slow and a dog to drive for the rest of the race, but kept on and finished :)

Looking forward to the next one.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S17R3: Spa
« on: June 08, 2017, 08:39:32 PM »
Very unfortunately I will miss this race, but will be back for the next one.

Race 1:
Had a little squeeze and a tap from Mael at T1. No complaints but it dropped me well back. Made up some places when some others had an off. Then I was lining Doobs up for a pass, got a bit loose coming onto the main straight which let Kcender mug me at the end of the straight. At this time, just around T1 was where Bacchulum had his off. I came around right behind Doobs and Kcender, Doobs went left, Kcender went right and I was presented with Bacchulum stopped in the middle of the track right in front of me. No time to react and smashed into him (sorry mate). My car was well damaged so I limped to the pits and repaired. Had a pretty good run after that doing pretty good times for me.

Race 2:
Good race for me. No real issues and pace was OK. Big smile when I made the pass on Simone :D But he kept in touch and I lost the position with the accidental DRS penalty ... GRRR.

All in all a good nights racing :)

Sign me up
Goodo. What happened to your partner in crime Keith.

Keith can't make it for this season due to work commitments. ab156 is our other partner in crime. Maybe ab and I could be Team SNRL for this season?

Assetto Corsa / Re: fingers and wrist problems
« on: May 05, 2017, 04:20:13 PM »
I don't have the trouble with fingers and wrists, but some other issues :)
Like Marty I have a right hand injury from my car rolling on it during a club rally. That would be about 35 years ago, but it still flares up now and then and causes severe pain in the back of the hand for a few days until it settles down again. I do hand stretches while it is causing a problem.
Like Simone I have had bilateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow in both arms) for the last 14 years - it put a stop to my ten pin bowling career (well not actually a career :) ). Also like Simone at one stage I couldn't lift a cup of coffee with one hand. for this I also do hand stretches which stretch the forearm muscles, and I do weights while watching TV. Put your arm on the armrest and dangle your hand over the edge, put a weight in your hand and slowly curl it up and down. This strengthens the forearm muscles which helps the tennis elbow issue, but it never goes away. It's a matter of 'managing' it.
Knees - I have Chondromalacia in both knees which can cause severe pain in the kneecap region. For some reason I seem to keep pressing the accelerator harder than necessary and after some races My right knee is really sore. When I notice that I'm doing it I try to correct it but I think it's like grat said about the human brain and coffee machines :D

I'm not trying to have a whinge as I am not too badly affected, but it seems like a lot of us suffer from conditions that make it more difficult to do the things we have fun doing. I would hate to have to stop Sim racing because of something like this, so I just try to 'manage' the issues. Sometimes I have to limit my already limited lapping time, but not very often.

I actually have the Obutto seat and tried to follow the ideal driving position. I took out the CSW angle support and tilted the wheel similar to what grat said -  maybe 5 degrees or so and that was all about trying to get a better wrist position as wrist also affects tennis elbow.
So after doing all all this, why am I so slow ... I think it is this thing called Skillz. I've tried to buy some but I can't find where they sell it :D

grat, I wish you luck with your current issue. Hope you get it sorted mate.

I regret to say I won't be racing tonight as I am out of town.

Sign me up - BMW M3 GT2

Solid race for me, great battle with Bacchulum but then I suspect my team boss let me through :-[ , then a real laptime tussle with RussG until he ran off but later in the race he almost got me again. We did tangle with him on cold tyres so apologies if I didn't leave enough room there Russ. As is my normal MO i waited for each lapper to light up helicorsa once or twice then seeing as this track is a real one liner I let each past on the main straight. I didn't let Phil through though, I just ran wide there Phil. ;)
Sorry Seanus, the contact wasn't your fault.
I had a plan. I was right behind you when I saw you pit, and decided if I stayed out for 2 laps then pit I should come out in front of you because of your cold tyres, then hope I had enough space to keep you behind until my tyres warmed up. The plan worked a treat and I came out with a nice little gap to you.
The trouble was that Marty hadn't pitted and was between us so I moved to let him through and that let you get right on my bumper.  Then I just tried too hard to defend on cold tyres and gave you a tap in the rear.
Apart from that and a couple of usual brain fades I was pretty happy and got some laps in the 12's.

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