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Yep, that's it. Thanks Phil.

I can confirm that I bumped Phil off the track. I do remember the incident, but I had no idea it was Phil or that I was in the wrong at the time, hence my confusion.
I could say a lot about this incident, but I won't .... except ...
At the time I had no idea what car was near me and watching from my driving view I couldn't even see Phil's car (even with my triple screens). For some reason Phil's car also didn't show up on Helicorsa (in the replay, so I assume it was the same live) where the other cars around me did. I was trying to take particular care with the cars I could see at the time. I notice on the replay that my car showed in Helicorsa for Phil, but his car didn't show for me ???

Anyway, I had some good racing which is the main thing :)

Thanks mate  ;D

Seems like nobody is able to post the replay for Race 1???

I'm not claiming innocence here, but I cannot remember anything about the incidents that I have been penalised for. I would just like to be able to see the footage.

RussG banged into Phil’s side twice, the second time enough to send Phil off the track (ballast penalty).

Could someone upload Race 1 replay? AC is so brain dead at saving replays that I have Race 2 and 19 other older replays saved. AC has a limit of saving 20 race replays, but when you hit the limit it deletes the MOST RECENT replay. Well thought out ...
I remember bumping Phil once on the last lap I think. I'd just like to see the footage.


Well what can I say .....
I certainly wasn't expecting tonight to turn out the way it did although I was hoping for a good result after posting good practise times.

Qually went well and managed to hold out Matthew111 by a few tenths for my first pole.

R1: Got off the line OK and into T1 in the lead. Bacchulum outdragged Matthew111 and was in second. I was expecting Bacchulum to come knocking on my rear bumper, but to my surprise I was able to extend the gap by a few tenths each lap.
Was really chuffed to come away with my first race win  ;D ;D ;D ;D

R2: I expected this to be tougher ... and it was. Started from pole again and got to T1 first, but this time it was AJ hassling me all through lap 1. He passed me down the straight at the end of lap 1 only to run wide in T3. From then on it was Matthew111 applying the pressure. I was managing to keep the gap at about 1.5 secs most of the time, but couldn't extend the gap. I was really sweating trying not to put a wheel in the sand as it slows you so much. I did do it a couple of times coming onto the straight and Matthew111 closed up heaps each time. He was so consistent and I felt I was losing a bit of concentration in the second half of the race which made it really exciting to manage to hold on for the clean sweep.

Now the restrictor fairy will come along and turn my 54 into something else   ::)
Looking forward to the next race although I'm not a fan of Vallelunga ...

Hey Russ, newbie question here, but where do you paste the replays into in the game to view them?

Should be in <My Documents>\Assetto Corsa\replay

Hey lads, anybody save the replay from race 2 at Tsukuba?

Here are the replays ...
Race 1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/db63a0jfr7g5ndx/AC_150817-210508_R_ks_ford_escort_mk1_tsukuba_circuit_full_osrw.7z
Race 2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xn10vuio0huvi82/AC_150817-215627_R_ks_ford_escort_mk1_tsukuba_circuit_full_osrw.7z

I must say I was a bit disappointed in my results as I had good pace and qualified 2nd.
Race 1 was having a door to door battle with Joe, got it a tiny bit sideways while holding it tight on his inside which slowed my car a bit. Fozzy (I think) behind us was close and had a good run through the turn and bumped me. Racing incident, but put me way back in the pack. Started charging and overtaking some people until I missed the braking spot into T1 trying to pass Jeremy. I ran through the turn and just hit the grass and the car turned around. I have to apologise to Jeremy because he spun as well trying to avoid me. Facing the wrong way I couldn't rejoin the track until all cars went by. Finished last of the finishers.

Race 2 started 7th. Overtook ab156 when he made a mistake on lap 1. Lap 2 I was trying hard to get a good run onto the straight behind Joe. Got a bit of kerb and a bit of grass, had a bit of a fishtail but was OK except ab156 just caught my right rear as he was trying to avoid me fishtailing (apologies). Took us both out on the straight. Badly damaged, I rejoined in about 15th I think and fought my way back to 9th.
Really hard to pass on this track, but had some good fun racing in my comeback attempts.

I wonder if anyone knows how to save the races because when I checked my replays it only had my fastest lap saved.  I'd love to take another look at this incident as I'd like to learn from what I did wrong.

Hi Brad,
Here are the replays:
Race 1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/66v0ol1at21mc5n/AC_080817-210833_R_ks_ford_escort_mk1_riverside_spike.7z
Race 2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6khj176q5hucer6/AC_080817-215759_R_ks_ford_escort_mk1_riverside_spike.7z

I think you were badly done by in both races. Clearly in race 1 you hit a bump patch in the road which upset your car and you touched Dave.
Race 2, Phil was trying to take advantage at the incident that I was involved in and was full on the power when he hit you. I think that seeing the carnage ahead it may have been wise to hold back a bit, but hey it is racing after all :D and you always have to try to take advantage where you can.


I owe an apology to RussG, we had a very small trade paint but then I overcooked the spike slightly; tapped into Rolz (I think) who ended up spinning Russ off. Was so dirty at causing it.

Hey GH, Don't sweat it man. I'm sure we have all tagged someone sometime.  From the replay it's obviously one of those things that just catches you out. Rolz had just had a bit of an off going down the wiggly bit and I managed to sneak past him into 3rd, then approaching the hairpin he was close so I was on the defensive. This likely made me slower into the hairpin and Rolz had to slow more as well. The rest is racing :) I think I made some comment at the time, but you probably understand that was just the disappointment of having just taking 3rd, then turned around and having to sit in the middle of the track until all cars had passed and rejoin a distant last. I was pretty happy to recover to 14th (dropped to 15th with cut penalty) after that.

Qually went well. I was really chuffed to be 3rd with the 53% restrictor.
R1: Freezer had more pace off the line and I couldn't hold him out. He passed Doobs as well. I felt like Doobs was holding me back for the first couple of laps, but then he got his rhythm and we were matching times for the rest of the race. I gave it everything but couldn't close the gap.

R2: I think the top 4 start positions were identical to qually? Similar start to race 1 with Freezer getting the jump, then the incident mentioned above. After that I got involved in some nice battles as I tried to recover. A highlight was to pass both  Shameless and bradc at the hairpin when they both went a bit wide. Then I tried really hard to pass Slow_As towards the end of the race as I had picked up a 10 sec cut track penalty and bradc was 10 sec behind. Slow_As was up to the task and I din't make the pass and dropped the place to bradc after the penalty.

Disappointed with race 2, but all in all some great racing had :D
Love this car ;D

Hi Wally,
There are 2 DJB's in the standings ....
DJB    74
DJB    28

Hi Dave,
Is it easy to make a video?
That looks really bad for me from your position.
Let me say, I'm not trying to justify myself here, but it's amazing how it looks so much different from the other car ..... I'd like to make a video from my car :)
I don't want to make a big deal of this. My opinion is it was a racing incident, but I always like to check out any incidents I am involved in and try to see if I could stop it happening again as often incidents will take out me or both cars.

If you have the pedal app, and watch the replay from my car you will see that I lifted completely before the impact - 0% throttle. I guess my lift was just a little too late.
Anyway, like I said before, I was enjoying the battle with you and I wasn't happy that it didn't continue either ....

I'm not normally free on Thursday nights. That's why I joined at the last minute with no practise, but if you are in Tuesday nights I will see you there :D

Had heaps of fun driving that car for the 1st time ever, manged to get a lap under 2mins, but lap 10 wasnt fun, got a nudge from RussG after i made a nice clean pass into turn 1, and that was race over, all by myself lapping, shame he didnt wait to address like the rules state, we had a couple of good laps before that of me behind him putting heaps of pressure on, but not hitting him


Bruce: edited your post.   No facebook links sorry, maybe we need to add the function?

Hi djb1974,
I'm sorry you feel that way, but I think a video starting from the straight would be better than a picture. I just don't know how to do it.
Let me say, I thought it was great fun racing with you.
I have checked the replay and when you made the pass, you got it waaaay sideways into turn 1 (which obviously slows you down) and when you got it back under control you cut across the front of me as I was cruising around the turn when there was at least a cars width on the outside and there was the lightest touch which was bad for you because you were on the limit I guess.
I'm happy for any third party to look at the replay and give an opinion, but that is how I saw it at the time and how I still see it in the replay. It is the reason I didn't redress the incident as I didn't see myself at fault.

I hope there are no hard feelings and we can have some good racing in the future.


What a great night!!
I was really chuffed with 4th in qually. Pulled that one from somewhere unknown :D

Race 1 I had a great battle with Bacchulum after he got past me but I closed up on the last lap and stuck it up the inside at the final turn for 5th  8)

Race 2 While it was a bit depressing getting mobbed down the straights with the restrictor, it made for some really enjoyable racing. Great battles with Wally, SkilletKid, Rob, Shayne and a nice side by side around the fastest turn with ab156. A little bit of "Rubbin Racin" at times, but I believe that it was all above board ....
Happy with a 9th finish except that I was behind Wally :P

Note to Wally: I am listed as team "KNR Racing" where it should be myself and ab156 as team "Team SNRL". Thanks :) We hope that Keith will be able to join again at some time.

Lovin' this car. Can we extend the season  ;D ;D

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Race 2 REPLAY @ gentrack required...
« on: July 17, 2017, 09:29:47 PM »
Here's the Race 2 replay file if you don't already have it ....
Mine didn't save Race 1 for some unknown reason.


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