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Im in for this - but waiting on the rift to arrive back form replacement in Hong Kong - heres hoping Fedex doesn't go all Castaway and its back in tome for the enduro!

yep im in I reckon GT field on VLN or endurance layout?


No worries, mate. It happens. I watched the replay and it went exactly like that. All good.
You actually did not manage to redress, as I was facing the track and so could not rejoin until the whole pack passes and found myself in 20th position :(

Shit! my mistake again - I saw you facing the track next to me parked on the outside of the corner then saw you drive toward the track - when I flicked around I saw a red car drive off and not being able to read plates in the Rift, assumed it was you and hopped in behind and somehow missed your actual car completely :S Punt me into the scenery next week and we'll call it even - I think i deserve it :P

Great race one with Matt - side by side into maggots is ... fun :P

Second race I owe Grat a massive apology - my talent / judgement ran out on second to last corner of lap one when i thought i had left enough space to have grat cut across my line and not connect - i was wrong and didnt leave enough room, stopped and redressed but fear i ruined both our races - sorry man


^ circuit now (from turn 2 hairpin onwards) how anyone raced anything there is beyond me :S

on it now

in yall


Good times guys - was lucky this week - these old sheds seem to sit well with me for some reason - great to have them moving around underneath you. How the hell any mortal drove these in period (especially the 917/30) is beyond me - was ballast provided by ball size? :P

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