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Im in sirs

Am I correct that the 2015 Porsche runs a different KERS capacity at (i think) 8 megajoules where the Audi etc are in the 4 megajoule category so the Porsche can deploy more Thor power for longer per lap? #continues to dig for more excuses ahead of Tuesday....*

To my mind its just a question of predictability when passing. LMP1 are so much more capable than the GT3s and can place the care basically where ever they want on a corner and not lose too much time - the GT3s (especially in fast corners) bog down and fall off the pace massively if they arent on line. From the cockpit of the LMP1, if I am coming up on a GT3, I am expecting them to be running their own race and I do not expect them to dive off line into the woods until I roll through on my line. I expect they will stay on line which allows me to plan a safe pass with the confidence that they will brake where they normally brake and place the car at certain points of the track so that when I shoot the LMP1 through that point of the track, a GT3 wont suddenly appear :P

I think the problems arise (maybe largely owing to the amount of discussion and concern around the topic) when a GT3 driver already caught up in running his own race catches a glimpse of a swarm of LMP1 cars approaching at a million miles an hour, doesnt want to be the cause of complaints / cause of a ruined LMP1 race and tries desperately to dive out of the way for them. From the LMP1 car we see an unpredictable big chunk of car doing strange things so we all start making poor decisions as a result then explosions happen and everyone dies / jumps on forums :P

Both classes are running their own races and both cannot reasonably be expected to give up 3 seconds slowing to a crawl then casually overtaking / allowing an overtake - especially 7 times per car per race. Secondly, the overtaking car is always in a better position to 'drive both cars' and determine when the overtake occurs and it should be their sole responsibility to execute this safely. This system begins to fail where LMP1 are unable to predict when the slower car is going to dive off line in a well intentioned attempt to allow the pass (which is appreciated). The overtaking car cannot then in any way predict when someone will dive off line and cannot safely plan an overtake resulting in split second decision making.

If GT3 drives its own race and stays on line, drives as fast as it can braking as per normal and turning in as per normal (unless a chuck of car is on the apex...you know...as you normally would), LMP1 can more easily determine safe passing moments that will not impact their race or require them to get off line - everyone wins...what could go wrong :P

Wondering why it went quiet, good racing with you all. Couple of times I'd passed a GT3 thinking they'd stay on the race line, however I took the wrong side and ended up squeezing past with tyres on the grass, hope I didn't cause any problems with you guys when that happened. There was also one other time when I did exactly that but when coming back onto the racing line I ended up with an LMP1 on my bonnet, not sure how or why, I think it was kcender, I don't recall seeing anything on my radar it happened so fast, but very sorry that happened. Nearing the end I could grat gaining and didn't want to get lapped so switched over to high preserve and it was just enough to stay on the lead lap and take a place off drdinkum.
Thanks to all for great race

Lol - if the other LMP1 car went spinning up the kemmel straight and almost took off that was me :P I arrived on you and the GT3 at fair rate of knots and went left at raidillon then I think oyu must have gone right and we both arrived at the same tarmac at the kink - was the lightest of touches but 300kph adds some fun to those :P all good but i broke my right window :(

I turned my first laps in anger with the Audi in the half hour leading up to the race. Was just interested in getting a good race setup and making the car pretty forgiving to drive. I felt by the end of practice I'd achieved that and was looking forward to the race. I did enjoy the rolling start but the first lap incident was a little frustrating but that's racing. I thought the 5 min penalty was a bit rough but it's a game thing and can't be changed. I made myself a drink, re-grouped and just set out to understand the car better. I was pretty happy with the race pace of the car and there was definitely more in it. I think I did my best lap in the last few laps of the race but still some tuning to do yet.

Just a note to the GT cars, stay on line so it's more predictable and when we pass coming into a slow corner and please dont try and stick it back up the inside again, happened twice into the slow chicane and I went off track to avoid the collision since I was a few laps down anyway.

All things considered, it was a fun night and bring on next week.

Condolences to Kcender for being paired up with me......I think you'll be getting the bulk of the points for us

nah ---- ill flick you some Team Rollin' Coal setups and we shall blitz the field!

On that - what is the sign I should be getting and where would it be in VR (I have to look around even for flags :P) to tell me im cutting?

I also run with VR, and I have the warning thing sitting kinda of on the bonnet, so it's very clear when that red dot pops up I know I need to slow down before re-entering.

I see now the issue is that i didnt have any apps open....next time - of course just staying on track would help too but chasing the 919 means my diesel needs all the help it can get :P

Enjoyed that - once everyone gets used to the speed differentials it should be great - stress of battling after an hour on old tyres while trying not to lose Grat who has a billion hp on the straights while overcoming traffic takes some focus but is damn good fun - if only I had have read my own abbreviations correctly I would have added 15 L(aps) of fuel not 15 L(itres) and would have overcome all those PLP penalties :P Surely its still track until its wall and/or grandstand right.....? :P

On that - what is the sign I should be getting and where would it be in VR (I have to look around even for flags :P) to tell me im cutting?

AUDI E-tron LMP1 for me thanks - should balance out the car selection for the class :)

sign me up to LMP1 class - still undecided between the Audi and the 'yota

Finish of race 2.  Well done Kcender, great fun.

Great race man - good times - knew that would be a drag race at the end and just bet on hopefully having more grip on the outside :P

Thanks everyone for the season and Wally for admining!

Sorry guys - thought the wheel would be back and operational but the relay we are waiting on to repair the servo drive is still didnt arrive today - enjoy!

Unfortunately cannot complete :( Argon in the OSW has decided to start sending 300v to the earth cable and not the wheel motor ... which makes for .... 'shocking' force feedback....

Ill see myself out :P

I just couldn't keep up, I would get past people in corners and then get passed on the straights or was held up in corners and lost it down the straights losing even more time, half way through race 1 I knew it was going to be a dropped round and just did laps

I know I was one of those drivers where you had that scenario.

If anyone has Race 2 replay files would be greatly appreciated. I've got the settings sorted out now so should be right in the future. Had some great close racing with KCender87; finished with a 0.07s margin (he trumped me). snagged this out of the 2 minutes of replay footage I saved locally.

That was a rather stressful sprint to the line - I knew I had noting up the straight - my only hope was to make you weave a little more than I did :P good race sir


escort ftw!

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