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I reckon ill be back for these things - hopefully the old flaming coffins from '67 :)

Thanks for the season again guys - annoyed to have missed two races but was fun to try and make the nazi sled competitive with the porkies - making it compete with the rotor in the corners was a lost cause :P

Matt was a beast in his second stints, especially tonight and made for a good season. Thanks again wally for running it all and everyone for rocking up each week :)

PS sorry to who i hit on my stone cold tyres coming out the pits - massive maldanado on my part there

I almost feel sorry for the Merc drivers. This one is ideal for the shorty Bird!

At least we have nice damper settings for the evil bumps here :P

THis might help any rift users too - i have had discord off for the past few weeks as i had stuttering with it on for some unknown reason - ill ditch hardware accel and see if that solves it

anyone getting a cannot retrieve server list after the ac update? :(

<iframe width="640" height="385" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/6MrYfnh6SV4?fs=1&start=" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Also im away till Riverside so will need all the help i can get second half of the season especially with Laguna Seca in there :S  see everyone then!

I'm going to enjoy seeing the Merc attempt the corkscrew  ;D

Actual footage below

I think Sebring and Atlanta should see advantage long tails if anything  -  at Daytona everything was driving away from me on the infield and I was forced to dial up 100% boost to do the overtakes on the straight then wind it back afterwards - I was on soft the whole time too as the oval didnt seem to harm them much - they were worth a good second a lap or so in testing so when the C9s have to run meds at the tighter tracks to stop cooking the rears on power we should see closer times.

Also im away till Riverside so will need all the help i can get second half of the season especially with Laguna Seca in there :S  see everyone then!

Good fun but my arms are mush from holding on through that banking :P

managed to soft soft soft the stints (just) and kept the shed straight. From the times in traffic on the road section I think the more traditional tracks later in the season should be really interesting racing :)

OK, Daytona is a tricky track to balance fuel because of it's high speed, and the cars have very different fuel economies. The other two-stop races are easier to work out as 2 stoppers.

What I'm going to have to do here is make the fuel multiplier 1.8x, and make a rule that everybody has to pit twice (as some cars will be able to do it in 1 stop). You have to do something in the stop - add some fuel, change tyres, or both.

current strategy meet trash can :P

I'm still quicker than you through the bus-stop chicane, kcender.
(just 8 seconds down everywhere else  :'( )

Lol that damn bus stop is a serious issue - firstly, the braking point arrives very quickly and I can barely see in the shadows in the rift, then the C9 has no front end downforce so you have to stop the thing turn in then go again :P then 800 horsepower comes and fixes everything - doing that for an hour will be interesting - and protecting the rear tyres....

lol - its just the straight line power of the thing and that time was on softs which i expect to cook fairly fast

in other news - is the praccy server dead? - not showing in server list

Also I wont be here for weeks 2 and 3 if there is a sub / reserve who wants a drive :) hopefully sebring and road atlanta are rubbish for the merc anyway :P

OK - ill be the idiot - can I have the black AEG Merc C9 Nazi Sled please?

should be a good combo of cars and strengths - i was in the longtail and following someone in the C9 and even though i was closing fast through Eau Rouge etc when we reached the kemmel it just f*cked off! caught it again in the mid section but even though the porsche was faster over the lap finding somewhere to put a pass on was hard - should make for an interesting season

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