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Yes pls

Might post a full review later, Just wanted to jump on for two quick things.

1. Sorry to killagorilla if I messed up Race 1.  Keith was a bit slow onto the straight but I wasn't quite in a position to pass into T1 and tapped his rear and was trying to leave room for him to rejoin.  Suspect this left you nowhere to go.
2. Awesome season.  Never really got a decent result but the quality of racing was great.  Ended up really enjoying this car, sad to see it go.

I see AB156 is as well.
(I'm in but I have the OSRW mod ;) )
You might have to delete the mod as you did on the practice server, Wally.

I have a version of OSRW mod installed, I can see the files.  But yeah, no go on the main server but banging around on the practice server without issue.

Awesome nights racing, thanks to everyone around in all three races.  Never liked Laguna Seca but the racing tonight was epic. 

The first race was the hardest battle for ...... second last ...... ever.  And that was on pure pace  ::)

The second race I decided to just throw away first place with a decent gap, just because I am a nice guy.

Third race was spent waiting for Simone to get to Wally and take each other out, never happened but had a great run anyway.  Didn't really appreciate the "forceful" move from grat but no harm, not foul.

Ended up with second last, 11th (beaten to 10th by RussG by about 2 inches) and a 6th.  Slow learner...

Have had some great racing in this series, close battles encouraged by the type of car.  Hope next season is just as good.

Late update, been a busy week.

Don't remember all the details but all the guys I raced with were fair and hard.  With the way the races run you tend to get into the same'sh pack after about 1/2 of race 1.  I had some great multi corner battles with multiple people without any serious damage.  Bit bummed to give up a spot on the last lap of the last race but it wasn't worth throwing a good night away just for ego.

The video Wally put up pretty much covers my night, lots of battles, a few scars but lots of smiles.


So for me personally, that was a good, clean round with some great racing (even though I slipped down one position on the ladder, courtesy of ab156's good result).

That's what you get get for no practice.  Just realised there are double points for R1, watch out next week  :o

Wasn't really feeling up to racing last night, partially because I seemed to be really slow looking at lap times and partially because I will still looking for my dummy after last week...

Ended up having a fairly entertaining night despite the results.  Some good racing that just didn't work out for me.

Race 1 - new pedals, with clutch .. you guessed it, jumped start.  Pitted for penalty, had some good racing until I came across my old mate Russ who I punted off the track. Whoops.  I am blaming his load cell issue, he is not having a word of it. 

Race 2 was probably the highlight of the season.  Had fun racing with / holding up Joe only for our party to be ruined by Grat who capitalized on two guys giving racing room to slice past 3 cars on the ENTRY to the chicane.   AND he actually did a right, left, right when he got to the chicane, unlike some  :-X  Came out the loser in the battle but enjoyed it immensely.  Would post a video but have lost the replay. 

Can't really remember race 3 other than getting shunted off on the 2nd last lap.  Another one for my list ;)

Looking forward to next week, proper track. 

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S20R4: Road Atlanta
« on: January 10, 2018, 09:11:50 PM »
Hi Wally: my parents in law are visiting and we'll be taking a trip to NZ, so I'll miss this race and the next one. Sorry.

Hopefully my PC issues will be all solved by the Okayama race.

The lengths some people will go to to get GST back on their new GPU is amazing  ;)

Jump from a 980 to 1080ti is quiet large but a 1080ti is fairly old now and the replacement based on Volta should be coming within the next 2 months ish so hard to recommend a 1080ti now. What’s the rest of the PC spec? The 980 shouldn’t be having any major issues. Maybe download something like 3D Mark and see how your scores compare to similar systems

or ... there will be a metric shitload of 2nd hand 1080Ti'i (is that the plural?) on gumtree in March...


Hey AB,  if you watch the replay of R1 T1 you will see that I was up the inside (close but no touch) when you got a slight tail out on the ripple strip and turned into me!
R2 that will be my fault.  Having got the run alonside up the straight then quicker into the left sweeper I briefly glanced at helicorsa and thought I had just cleared you so moved right but
it was also immediately before the braking zone.  You may have been braking later than me but I did ultimately give you the bare minimum to work with, sry!!
Re the disrespectful, not caring blah blah . . . that's not me!  I always do my best to race hard and clean.  Race 2 was just a misjudgment!

On to next week ;)


Looking at the damage report it appears the car receiving contact often gets more damage points than the car creating the contact.  That is interesting to me and something I will have to consider.

There's a bit of variation in the collision speeds for both cars on the server, due to multiplayer latency and so on. One car won't always be faster than the other, in particular.

Trying to improve driving standards is a perennial league problem. We have lap 1 penalties, and now in this season damage restrictor as well. Some people will be keen to learn and improve their racecraft; some won't care.
I think probably the best thing is still to report incidents that you think are problems to me and I will assign penalty ballast for the next round. Nobody likes ballast, and that will hopefully make people think twice.

No, I agree that trying the contact thing is a great idea, as it the PLP and lap1 review.  This is a well run series as evident by the full fields.  In the absence of anything else it is as good as we have so you have to take the good with he bad (doesn't mean you have to like the bad!).  Would be interesting to really understand how the game calculates the contact, doubtful the developers would be interested in trying to explain.

Couldn't be bothered wasting your time with protests, we all have better things to do.  Just having some fun on a Tuesday night.


Hi AB: if there is something I really admire of all here at XGN is that we all want to learn to race better and be better mates to race with. I would go as far as to say that it would make an even greater contribution if you could let us know when and how we behaved in a way that was dangerous or annoying, rather than adjust your driving accordingly. We have seen it again and again that most of us are completely unaware of the mistakes we make until we can actually see them. I, for example, have been horrible with Mael (twice! :(), but even after watching the replays I believe my race was quite clean (given the circumstances). But I am sure someone could make me notice where and how I caused troubles without noticing it, and I can only learn to do better from being told that.

Sorry, but if you rear end someone at full pace 5-10 seconds after the first signs of an incident ahead I don't think you can be oblivious to it.  Put it this way, if you are wondering then it wasn't you  :P

Been at this caper long enough to know every one has opinions, endless reviews, posts, counter-posts and "protests" don't add to the enjoyment.  I wasn't even going to bother posting last night be decided to at least acknowledge the great racing with the guys in race 3, really enjoyable.

At the end of the day the lack of any physical or financial impost for causing damage to yourself or others skews different peoples perception of what is acceptable. I like what Wally is trying to do with the restrictor thing, it is just lacking a bit in execution due to limitations of the game.  Understanding these limitations is all part of racing.

If you want sage advice it would be to cut our racing friends some slack on lap 1, is ruining someone elses race really worth that one position?  Race after race I give space or cut someone a break as I pride myself on clean racing (except for my horrid F3 at Donnington race - still have nightmares over that one!!) only to get contact or see other crashing into each other ruining someones race after 30 seconds.  If you are good enough and fast enough you can get them a lap later once the field has settled.

For some reason I didn't have any start lights come up for race one, this meant I had to watch for movement from other cars so lost 2 spots off the line. Tried to be gentlemanly and leave racing room for people but someone side-slammed me on the exit of one.  I am sure there is an excuse.

At the exit of the fast sweeper I could see heaps of smoke and cars off the track so eased off the throttle and got rewarded with full speed contact from a couple of people behind.  I am sure they couldn't see the issues ahead otherwise they would surely have taken a bit of caution..... all I will say is this is a common occurrence.  I need to adjust my driving style which is currently  to try and not create further carnage to "this is it, time to pass 10 cars, brake deeper than usual". Contact put me at the back of the field.

Had some good clean racing making my way back through the field.

Race 2 was good for the first few laps. Gave a few positions up in close racing, good fun when the cars are so close, once you get off line it is hard to get back in line.  Went side by side a few times. All came to a sudden end again at the exit of the sweeper when I was racing side by side with someone.  Strangely the person decided the braking line was 3 meters to the right so I was on the grass.  "Luckily" my high speed crash didn't take any innocent people out, pity it didn't take out the offender...

Pitted to try and repair damaged, twice, but the car was shot so finished 2 laps down, last.

Race 3 was awesome.  35% restrictor made it interesting, had to really focus on exits to try and keep with the cars ahead.  Has some great racing with several people moving up from last to 13th with one solo spin and NO CONTACT.  Clean passing, respectful racing.  Had great fun with Mael, DaveO, Rob, Keith and a few others.  Undoubtedly the quality of racing was excellent with these guys.

I don't have time to look at replays all day but I have a clearer picture in my mind of those that want to race and those who want to win at any cost - I will be adjusting my driving accordingly.  Not normally a vocal guy, just like to have a bit of fun however some of the driving is disrespectful leaving zero room for fellow racers or just plain not caring if contact is made, as long as you get the pass, be damned the consequences for the other guy.

Looking at the damage report it appears the car receiving contact often gets more damage points than the car creating the contact.  That is interesting to me and something I will have to consider.

Looking forward to next week.

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