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Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: S15 R4 - SlovakiaRing - 12/09/2018
« on: September 06, 2018, 10:42:30 PM »
Hey Phil, the link (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YDXRQD06-yJ3QWPDmEk8Fhbw6Tek-9C4/view) is to the wrong track and I am getting a mismatch on join when trying to use this version https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/slovakia-ring.8945/

FYI, the Porsche is the greatest car of all TIME. Just so you know.

Wally - fixed your quote....  8)

Is arrive and drive accepted in here?  Don't have car, guess I just pick a "free" one?

Another "what if night" probably best summerised by the results / penalties post but I still had a great time.  Had some awesome racing, especially with AbleArcher who withstood pressure very well requiring many laps of close racing to achieve a clean pass in both race 1 and 2.  In race 3 I got taken out by my nemesis, myself....

Was a bad night...got more and more angry at myself about these stupid mistakes. Reg r2, sorry to the guys whose race I f'd up there at the sharp left hand turn in the middle...got confused about the braking marker...sh*
All good, we all make mistakes.  I was pretty sure I hadn't braked 20 meter too early so it was a surprised to see you coming up the inside, unfortunately it was too late for me to try and avoid.

All to play for next week.

I've had some great close racing with lots of side by side action...enjoyed it.
ab156, I think you were running into me in r2 again, hmm.  If your comment reg r3 refers to our collision it might be worth watching the replay. I've done it.
However, all in all it was great racing...I think we were once going through 3 or 4 turns side by side.

I've watched the replay also. Agree we had some great side by side racing earlier. It's all good, different styles and approaches is what makes it fun.

Car is having it's instant cloaking device tested to ensure we don't have the same issue again  8)

Some really good racing tonight, unfortunatly it took 2 races for me to work out I had to turn down shadows to stop the slowdowns - sorry to those behind me at the starts and on the last lap in R2.

Best not comment on R3 - on to next week.

ahhhhh... crap, that many already  :o

I guess I will have to sheepishly accept my first win as you all pull out of the way on the last lap.

Thanks in advance!

Short version... excellent racing in all 3 races.  Notably with Jeremy, Mael, Phil and others I will have forgotten.

Had some great slipstream battles down the back straightaway and much respect shown at the chicane. This resulted in many passes for position with really tight racing but no material contact.  I think I may have inadvertently balked Jeremy at T1 on a few occasions,  not deliberate.

A bit dirty at myself for throwing away positions in the last 2 laps of the 3rd race.  The first time I was alone and I go and throw it off the track. Cost 3 positions in the only error of the night. 

Oh, and need to work on my bloody starts.  Guaranteed 3 position loss every time.

When I first tried the car I had reservations,  I was definitely in the Porsche camp but if last night is an indicator for this season it is going to be a crackerjack series. Will be interesting to see how the car performs on different types of tracks.

Back from a great weekend at Silverstone.  Did my best to uphold Aussie pride but it was a tough crowd....

Sign me up for another season in the mid-pack.

Yes pls

Might post a full review later, Just wanted to jump on for two quick things.

1. Sorry to killagorilla if I messed up Race 1.  Keith was a bit slow onto the straight but I wasn't quite in a position to pass into T1 and tapped his rear and was trying to leave room for him to rejoin.  Suspect this left you nowhere to go.
2. Awesome season.  Never really got a decent result but the quality of racing was great.  Ended up really enjoying this car, sad to see it go.

I see AB156 is as well.
(I'm in but I have the OSRW mod ;) )
You might have to delete the mod as you did on the practice server, Wally.

I have a version of OSRW mod installed, I can see the files.  But yeah, no go on the main server but banging around on the practice server without issue.

Awesome nights racing, thanks to everyone around in all three races.  Never liked Laguna Seca but the racing tonight was epic. 

The first race was the hardest battle for ...... second last ...... ever.  And that was on pure pace  ::)

The second race I decided to just throw away first place with a decent gap, just because I am a nice guy.

Third race was spent waiting for Simone to get to Wally and take each other out, never happened but had a great run anyway.  Didn't really appreciate the "forceful" move from grat but no harm, not foul.

Ended up with second last, 11th (beaten to 10th by RussG by about 2 inches) and a 6th.  Slow learner...

Have had some great racing in this series, close battles encouraged by the type of car.  Hope next season is just as good.

Late update, been a busy week.

Don't remember all the details but all the guys I raced with were fair and hard.  With the way the races run you tend to get into the same'sh pack after about 1/2 of race 1.  I had some great multi corner battles with multiple people without any serious damage.  Bit bummed to give up a spot on the last lap of the last race but it wasn't worth throwing a good night away just for ego.

The video Wally put up pretty much covers my night, lots of battles, a few scars but lots of smiles.

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