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... especially in the Mazda which is pretty twitchy in the slow corners itself.
I've decided on that basis that the Mazda is too hard for me, and I'll be swapping to the wimpy Short Tail. I don't have the fine throttle control to get the power down smoothly.
Wimpy . . . !  I'm so offended.  :)

and I suppose you will be removing all restrictions now :) :)
Yep, just for me  8)

Fair enough...I'd do the same if I could  ;)
My qualy was pretty good. I managed to do a lap just a tenth off my PB. So my PB would have got me on P 15...really excited.
The race was uneventful...pretty much me hotlapping by myself. I think I haven't done a single overtaking in this whole series so far.
In the end consistency got me coming in 10th. I still enjoyed the race. I really love this track and the Mazda the way I've set it up felt great too.

Yeah, I'm a bit on the verge of changing over to the shorty too. Jumped into my rig last night and beat my Riverside Mazda PB by 3/10 on mediums with a bit more fuel compensating for the 10kg ballast. My Mazda PB was done on soft's. I've done a lot more laps in the Mazda so the difference between these cars will be more than that for me.
However, then you've got the bloody slow pitting...not sure what to do.
These 10kg on the shorty don't really matter anyway...could be easily dropped as well and I doubt it would change the outcome of this series.
Guess I'll give the Merc another go and see if I can do something on my driving style and the setup in order to keep this bloody thing on the track.

The following drivers have a 15 second post-race time penalty:
Hahah - all Short Tail drivers.
Won't matter at this track anyway as I think we will be lapped twice again  :o  ::)
But with the same penalty we can keep alive the battle of the Shorties  ;D ;D ;D

I've made the ballast for the Short Tails a paltry 10kg (practice server updated).
So let me get this right. The Shorties keep on crashing into people so you give them a reward?  :P
Preventative measure mate. The car in front of you won't shoot you off the track  ;)

You're right Killa, you were visible peripherally, and I'd conceded the place but didn't want to lose more.
I was focused on the car directly in front of me (used to the the "stay your side" rule) and was surprised when you started to fill the gap.
That's all, didn't mean it. :-[ :-[
The penalty can stand, I don't care about that, I'm about a minute away from anyone else so it's a spit in the ocean. :-X
Wally posted an aerial view from another incident a while ago. I don't have it when toggling through the views available, but I think that's the best perspective to judge incidents.
So, I think that's been used and led to the decision. I started way back and for me it wasn't turn 2  ;) By then I must admit I forgot about this rule and my crew chief has given me a "clear left".
Anyway looking at the new server top speeds it seems the times where the Mazda was faster than the shorty on the straights are over. I've got my rear wing on 13, may be able to do 12, but that's it...any lower and I can't control the rear end anymore.

Bacchulum collided with the rear of killagorilla, sending him off track – penalty.
Yeah, sorry Killa. :'(
I wasn't even trying to pass, just focusing on the car in front.
I didn't even see you until you turned in, tried to back out but it was just too late. :(

I also take from this ruling that the "stay on your side for turns 1 & 2" rule is now obsolete?

It's ok. Just watched the replay...hmm, it's a tricky one. Dunno whether it counts as turn 2 or 3 - but that's just on the side.
I watched it from multiple perspectives, your cockpit view as well. I would definitely say it was very easy for you to see me on whatever FOV you're using - I saw myself from your cockpit quite some time before the contact. You had that moment behind Simone, lost quite some ground and I was a full car length in front. At that moment I just thought I would be save to move left. It looks like you've braked a tad later. All that happening at the same time lead to the collision. It was unfortunate. Maybe I could/should have left this line for you, maybe you could have braked a tiny bit more/earlier to avoid contact...to be honest I struggle to figure out whose fault it is.
I think you can say you could have easily avoided it.
However, Wally, might be worth having another look at it and see if the penalty is justified.

I got on early in the practice session and tried to make a setup. Turned out to do well for me.

Never expected to get a podium here, not really a track I ever do well at.

For those that are interested, I will share what I did to the Mazda.
I ended up changing gearing, aero and tyre pressures. Everything else I left alone, I probably could of got something better working but that would of cost too much time as I tend to go round in circles when making setups so I tried to keep it simple.

I took my Daytona setup and made the changes from that, not sure what the gearing is in the default but from my daytona setup I ended up going down one click in the 3rd, 4th and 5th gear. Which was giving me about 290km/h top speed. I added plenty of wing, I think it was on 12 but not sure, could of been 13. Front was on 1 I think. With the shorter gearing and extra wing I was able to get on the power earlier and reach top speed faster (I was just reaching max speed at the final corner). Tyre pressures I just followed that tyre app. I think the fronts were 28 and the rears 25 on mediums which had them average at 33 fronts and 30 rears.

I split the race into 3 equal stints. I found that's about all the mediums could do for me anyway, each time I pitted the rears were done. I started with a full tank and each stop I put on new mediums and 22L of fuel which took basically the same amount of time to complete both. Actually dropped the final stop down to 20L as I knew I didn't need it all and that would cut out about 0.5-1.0 seconds in the stop.
Great qualy and race mate. Yeah, and cheers for sharing your setup. Amazing how you can drive this thing using pretty much default setup. You must have an extremely sensitive right foot. I'm losing this thing out of almost every corner on default...screwed driving style...no skills...dunno what it is. So I have changed pretty much everything on it :)
With that it is really fun to drive, but it's not really fast by comparison.
Seems I was doing the whole race with a little bit of damage because of this situation where I was sharing the same spot on the grid with this 7up Porsche. At the beginning of the race I was behind a Merc and so much faster through turns, but I wasn't able to overtake safely. Then on the straights he was just pulling away. So there's just no chance getting these guys on the brake.

Assetto Corsa / Re: Race start using clutch...when to engage gear etc.
« on: November 22, 2018, 02:55:48 PM »
Ok, thanks guys. I'll do that...will hopefully work a bit better.

Assetto Corsa / Race start using clutch...when to engage gear etc.
« on: November 22, 2018, 09:25:22 AM »
I find my starts are probably average at best. What I do at starts is, car in neutral, left foot on the brake, right one on throttle keeping revs up when the lights come on.
When the lights go off I engage 1st gear and take the foot off the brake...no clutch involved. Is that what everyone is doing?
Can you engage 1st gear having your foot on the clutch before the lights go off? I checked the Mazda 787 and it seems it doesn't even start rolling on a hill when having your foot off the brake but one on the clutch. So it seems you don't need the brake and it's possible having 1st gear in and one foot on the clutch and one on throttle.

I'm a bit disappointed about my performance (qualy & race), made a couple of little mistakes and I've got to learn to stop at the right spot when pitting.
However, I still enjoyed the race...was fun...cheers.

Just googled for it...nah, don't use it.

Thank you. Now I've got to figure out what that is  :)
Means, I don't know if I run it or not.

Wally, I've done a few laps on the server and noticed the validity of them is unknown. You know what may be the reason for that? Grat's the same.

Just set the fuel multiplier to one or off and have compulsory pitstops for tyres only.

Screw that, Kcender ran soft soft soft anyway so just leave pitstops out of the equation altogether.

That's actually a great idea...just take fuel out of the equation by reducing the multiplier. We just change tyres and it's all good :-)
Btw I ran all 3 stints on soft's as well. Had a very tidy race...no accidents and got lapped.

Seems like AC fails miserably as a sim in this case :-) I can't believe it reflects what's happening in the real world. Not sure if I got that right, but based on Wally's response slowing down refueling speed is not possible. The problem is, if you lose let's say 50s in the pits it will set you back a lot more just because you have to make your way through the field overtaking others in order to get back to the rear bumper of the C9 you were chasing before you went into the pits. No idea what factor you can apply there...it's very individual, but it's probably not unrealistic to say that there can be cases where the 50s increase significantly just because you get stuck in traffic.
I still think these series with multiple cars to choose from are good now and again and make things more interesting...will never be perfect.
Working out a restrictor to compensate for that must be extremely difficult, it just doesn't get to the actual problem.
Ok, this is a joke...easy fix - we just let the C9's start the race 40s...50s...60s later than all others  ;D
I'm pretty relaxed about this...will stick with the Mazda. Just think it's poor what AC has done there.

Yeah, we'll see how this turns out. It seems to be a minute especially the shorties lose per race on the C9's on a 2-stopper just because of that.
We are a little bit better off as we don't need as much fuel as the guys in the short tails...and I don't have any hopes to win this anyway  :)
I understand you've tried all the tracks (I only know a few) so you can assess this better than me.
Unfortunately I really struggled with the turbos so I'm still happy with my choice anyway.

I don't know if there's someone picking the Merc who's made his decision based on the quicker refueling times, but if not and they don't have a problem with it, it may be a good thing to adjust that and make the refueling speed the same, if it's possible at all. What's happening there with filling them up is just ridiculous.
I wouldn't be surprised if most or even all Merc drivers weren't aware of that when making their choices. I didn't check that anyway.
So in this case adjusting it in order to get at least a little bit of a level playing field would make the series a bit more interesting...whatever, I can see it as a fun run kind of thing as well, no probs.

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