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Assetto Corsa / Fanatec CSR pedals 1/2 price
« on: December 05, 2016, 05:38:03 AM »

Check out the store, good deal I think?

Assetto Corsa / [TUTORIAL] Running your own Assetto Corsa Server
« on: July 18, 2014, 11:33:47 PM »
Hi guys, made a quick (took me a while actually lol) video to explain how to setup your AC server on Amazon Web Services for free! I might be tempted to do a lunix version if there's any interest and Kunos fixes the high cpu use on it in an update.

Sorry about lack of audio, had a screaming 2yo in the background + TV so didn't want to record anything. Here is the process involved in 10 steps, and the video can be found on youtube here....

Code: [Select]
1. Go to aws.amazon.com and create an account if you don't already have one. You will need a valid credit card for any charges and a phone/mobile phone to verify you're real.

2. Once the account is created login to the Management Console with your email address and password you supplied when creating your account.

3. When logged in, change the region in the top right to Asia Pacific (Sydney), if you want to you can also change the Start Page to EC2.

4. Click on EC2 under "Compute & Networking" then under Create Instance click Launch Instance.

5. Tick Free tier only to see the corresponding AMIs and then scroll down and select Windows Server 2003 R2 Base 64-bit or a flavour of your choice. The instance type should automatically be selected as t2.micro, if this is not available make sure you have chosen a 64bit OS.

6. Leave the default settings for the instance details, if you wish you can tick Protect against accidental termination. Storage also leave it as default. Set the tags to whatever you like.

7. The Security Group is basically a firewall. Here you need to allow yourself to access the Remote Desktop of the server, choose "MyIP" under Source and your IP address will automatically be prefilled. If you have a dynamic IP address or wish to access the server remotely from other locations, add them manually. Create rules for the TCP and UDP traffic that is required for the Assetto Corsa server to function. These are TCP 8081, 8082, 9600 and UDP 9600.

8. Just before launching the instance you must create a key pair to access the server securely. Use a key you've made previously or create a new one, give it a name and save it to your computer.

9. Once the instance is launched you must wait around 5 minutes before you can access the server's Public IP username and Administrator password. Once you have these copied down you can access your server through Remote Desktop. Setup a few items on RD for ease of use.. I like to set an easy to use resolution and map some local drives that hold the Assetto Corsa files.

10. Connect to the server and copy over the server files from your local machine that you downloaded from Steam Tools. Turn off the windows firewall, configure the server and then run the acserver executable file to launch the server.

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