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R2: Nov 20, Coca-Cola Classic 12 Hours of Sebring at Sebring (2 stops) [TRACK]
Again, this is a 2 stopper. The fuel multiplier should be OK at 2.3x here, according to my testing, but please let me know if you reckon the short tail can't do it.

See the race thread for a change in the fuel rate/pit stop requirements for this round.

News / New Tuesday season - 1986 IMSA GT
« on: November 09, 2018, 09:04:01 AM »
The next racing season starts November 13 - based on the IMSA GT Championship of the 80's in the US (GTP cars.
Details are here.

I'll need your car selections by next Monday night.
I'll be randomly assigning Short Tails and Mazdas for anyone who hasn't nominated a car by then.

Chris Harris talks to the designer of the Porsche 962 and then takes the car out for a spin.

<iframe width="640" height="385" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/PZxC-knQmkM?fs=1&start=" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Kcender starts the season as expected in the rocket ship at Daytona, claiming the season lead after the the first round, with a win, pole position, and fastest race lap.


Round Points
Kcender87   30
Keith   24
Grat   20
Mael   18
Matthew111   16
Phil.8   15
bradc   14
killagorilla   13
Joe   12
ab156   11
Freezer   10
AbleArcher83   9
RussG   8
Seanus   7
Wally   6
Rob   5
Doobs   4
Bacchulum   0
Bird   0
buellersdayoff   0
Jeremy   0
Mac87   0
Shayne   0
Simone   0

Congratulations to Kcender87 on taking out pole and the race win.

Grat ran into the back of Keith on the opening lap, causing him to leave the track, and gets a 15 second post-race penalty in the next round.

Season Standings
1. Kcender87, 30
2. Keith, 24
3. Grat, 20


A track for the Merc to stretch its legs!

This is (at least) a two-stopper race. Fuel multiplier is 2.3x. There is no pit window, and no restrictions on what you can do in a pitstop.

Change for Daytona: So that the Short Tails don't have to stop 3 times at this high speed track, the fuel multiplier will be 1.8x, and everybody has to pit twice (as some cars will be able to do it in 1 stop). You have to do something in the stop - add some fuel, change tyres, or both.

Qualifying is at 8:45pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

<iframe width="640" height="385" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/FlkUTyzy1dA?fs=1&start=" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Hey, if you've posted a short tail time, can you please give the long tail a go too? I've got a feeling it's got too much restrictor.

We'll have 3 x 9 lap sprints at Spa, so you can jump in and out of a few different cars just to try them out, before the season starts the following week, on the 13th.

The next season will be based on the IMSA GT Championship of the 80's in the US (GTP cars) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMSA_GT_Championship.

Race Format
Races will be 1 hour in duration (+ 1 lap).
Some races will require 2 stops, others 1 stop, enforced by fuel multiplier (2.3x for 2 stops, 1.5x for 1 stop).
There is no pit window, and no restriction on what you can do in a stop. Tyre wear is normal at 1x.

Season Schedule
R1: Nov 13, SunBank 24 at Daytona Road Course (2 stops) [TRACK]
R2: Nov 20, Coca-Cola Classic 12 Hours of Sebring at Sebring (2 stops) [TRACK]
R3: Nov 27, Atlanta Journal-Constitution Grand Prix at Road Atlanta 2017 (1 stop) [TRACK]
R4: Dec 4, Los Angeles Times/Ford Grand Prix at Riverside Long (2 stops) [TRACK]
R5: Dec 11, Monterey Triple Crown at Laguna Seca (1 stop)
R6: Dec 18, Camel Continental at Watkins Glen (Boot Classic) (1 stop) [TRACK]
Dec 25 - Merry Christmas!
Jan 1 - Happy New Year!
R7: Jan 8, Ford California Grand Prix at Sonoma Raceway Long Circuit (1 stop) [TRACK]
R8: Jan 15, Löwenbräu Classic at Road America (1 stop) [TRACK]

The cars to choose from are the two Porsche 962 C Short and Long Tails, the Mercedes-Benz C9 1989 LM, and maybe the Mazda 787B. I still have to test the Mazda to see how it compares pace, fuel and tyre wise. I have added 50% restrictor to the Short Tail, for parity.

28, 24, 20, 18, 16,15,14...1
1 bonus point for pole and 1 bonus point for fastest lap in each race.

Must complete 75% of the race laps to be classified a finisher and get any points.

Start Time
Qualifying starts at 8:45 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

Other Bits
The usual ballast penalty (TBDkg) for the next round for causing an avoidable lap 1 incident such as rear-ending someone or moving across to the other side of the track in the first 2 corners.

Sign up here (or let me know if you're on the list but not going to race this season):

1. Wally - Mazda
2. Bacchulum - Short Tail
3. Freezer - Short Tail
4. Phil.8 - Mazda
5. Mael - Long tail
6. Bird - Short tail
7. Kcender87 - Merc C9 (Black AEG)
8. Matthew111
9. Jeremy - Long Tail
10. Seanus - Merc C9
11. Russ - Short Tail
12. Keith - Merc C9
13. Rob
14. BuellersDayOff (reserve) - Mazda
15. AbleArcher - Merc C9
16. ab156 - Long Tail
17. Doobs - Short tail
18. killagorilla - Mazda
19. Joe - Mazda
20. Simone - Merc C9
21. Brad - Long Tail
22. grat - Long Tail
23. Shayne -Mazda
24. Mac87

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Season 24 Winners
« on: October 30, 2018, 10:16:31 PM »
A quick newsflash...

Well done to Joe for taking out the championship, his first Tuesday night championship victory.

1. Joe, 237
2. Kcender87, 235
3. Freezer, 229

Despite not being able to start in this round, Joe reclaims the lead from Kcender and takes the championship, after Kcender suffered an accident this round.


Round Points
Keith   60
Freezer   48
bradc   40
Mael   36
Phil.8   32
AbleArcher83   30
Rob   28
RussG   26
Wally   24
Doobs   22
ab156   20
Joe   0
Kcender87   0
Bacchulum   0
killagorilla   0
Simone   0

Congratulations to Keith on taking out pole and the race win.

Final Season Standings
1. Joe, 237
2. Kcender87, 235
3. Freezer, 229

Oct 30: Spa 1966 (Enduro) [DOWNLOAD]

Like Feldberg, this is a single single, 50 minute (plus 1 lap) race. There are no pit restrictions.

Damage will be 50%.

This is the final round of the season, with the race worth double points (1 = 56, 2 = 48,40,36,32,30,28...). Kcender is just 18 pts in front of Joe in the standings. So if Joe wins and Kcender finishes 4th or worse, it will be very close. Bonus points for pole and fastest race laps could become important.

I'm trying to figure out why I'm so slow. Can someone who can do 1:22ish please upload their telemetry after some good laps. I think the .act file is in the Documents..... telemetry folder. Thanks.

Just for the fun of it, I've listed who's doing better than average this season, and who's not doing so well.

In this table, sorted from best to worst, the number is an indication of how much better you're doing this season in terms of your finishing positions, compared to your total history across all seasons.

The more positive the number, the better you're doing.
The more negative the number, the worse you're doing.
Zero means you're tracking to your average.

I feel like I'm at the bottom :(


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