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It's time to take the Porsches to the high speeds and long straights of Monza. World record lap times are in the 1:50's.
Note this race is on APRIL 4.

2 x 16 lap sprints (no pit stops).
You will need the OSRW PIT MOD installed in the track.

Weather Forecast (long range outlook is 27 and clear)

Jimmy and Slow As will have 40 kg penalty ballast (since they didn't race last round where the ballast applied from).

<iframe width="640" height="385" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/CS3Vp8gA4p4?fs=1&start=" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Assetto Corsa / Porsche 911 RSR 2017
« on: March 26, 2017, 09:21:23 AM »
Some interesting insights from Aristotelis:

You're not imagining things. It is a tricky car to drive and even more tricky to setup.
Because of the rear engine placement, the rear diffuser is very limited and shallow. That means that the car creates downforce, mainly from the front splitter and rear wing.
Obviously to go fast, you need good downforce with low drag, and while on all the other cars you can lower the rear wing and have the rear diffuser balancing the car, in the 911 GT3 R, you can't (not enough downforce from the rear diffuser), but you're forced to... and the car becomes unstable.

There's more problems. The car has more weight at the rear, than the other cars. To have a balanced car, you need the tyres to be similar size proportionally to your weight balance. Most cars in GT3 class are around 50 to 47% weight balance at the front. The 911 GT3 R has only 40% weight the front, but it is forced by the regulations to use the fat front tyres. This makes the car unbalanced in mecchanical grip. It might give good turn in, but the car will always stay twitchy and nervous when you go over the limit

Finally, the car has a front fuel tank. This means the weight balance shifts a lot during the race, depending on the fuel level, making the car even more difficult to setup and find the correct compromise. Almost all the other cars have their fuel tank close to the CoG.

Yes, it's a hard car to drive and setup and now you understand why Porsche decided to make the 911 RSR (GTLM class) a mid engine car...

I will be away in Melbourne next Tuesday, and there will be a bye in the season races. Would someone like to organise a fun run while I'm away?


Round Points
Marty   65
Phil.8   64
Kcender87   60
Diehard   58
Mael   56
Shayne   54
nith   52
Jeremy   50
Seanus   48
Keith   46
Freezer   44
Wally   42
Joe   40
Doobs   38
AJ   36
Rob   34
Shameless   32
RussG   30
Bacchulum   0
Bafs17   0
Simone   0

(Remember that you have to finish 75% of the race distance to be classified as a finisher and get any points)

Congratulations to Marty on the clean sweep of pole position, race win, and the overall round win.

Lap 1 Penalties

Season Leaders
1. Marty, 65
2. Phil.8, 64
3. Kcender87, 60

Struggle Street Racing Crew remain 1 point clear of Krahl Racing, with Infinity + 1 moving up to third.

Now that I have your attention, can you guys get the latest PLP app. You're missing out on the change that cuts aren't penalised in the first lap of the race.

This is an enduro round - one race of 32 laps. You will need the OSRW PIT MOD installed in the track.

All enduros have 1 compulsory pit stop, where you must change tyres. Refuelling is not allowed.

Weather Forecast (outlook is 22 and mid clear)

Jimmy and Slow As will have 40 kg penalty ballast.


Round Points
Marty    65
Phil.8    64
Diehard    58
Matthew111    58
Jeremy    54
Mael    54
nith    54
Simone    49
Joe    47
Freezer    45
Seanus    43
Wally    40
Slow_As    39
Cursed    36
Rob    36
Jimmy    33
AJ    32
Kcender87    32
RussG    26
Shameless    23
ab156    18
Bird    18
Doobs    13
Grat    11

Congratulations to Phil on pole position, Phil and Marty on the race wins, and to Marty for the overall round win.

Lap 1 Penalties
Race 1: Jimmy ran into the back of Bird - penalty of 40 kg for next race.
Race 2: Seanus had a spin, just a racing incident, between T2 and T3 on cold tyres, which caused a bit of a pileup.
Slow As ran into the back of Wally - penalty of 40 kg for next race.
Bird, Joe and Grat were 3 wide, with Grat almost completely off the track to the right. Joe moved across to avoid Bird, and hit Grat into the fence. Grat was to the rear and side of Joe and not visible, so racing incident.

Season Leaders
1. Marty, 65
2. Phil.8, 64
3. Diehard & Matthew111, 58

Struggle Street Racing Crew had a good start to the season, just 1 point clear of Krahl Racing, with Maki Racing coming third.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Teams
« on: March 10, 2017, 06:18:25 PM »
These are the teams I have at this point. Teams is just accumulated points for two team members, and maybe a little more incentive not to hit your teammate ;)

Let me know if you want to form/join/dissolve a team.

Chap111   Continuum Racing
Doobs   Continuum Racing

Grat   DA Racing
Wally   DA Racing

Shayne Infinity+1
Seanus   Infinity+1

Keith   KNR Racing
RussG   KNR Racing

Joe   Krahl Racing
Phil.8   Krahl Racing

Freezer   Maki Engineering
Mael   Maki Engineering

Jeremy   Struggle Street Racing Crew
Matthew111   Struggle Street Racing Crew

Bacchulum Aleph Null Ltd
MG Aleph Null Ltd

Shameless, Fast & Furious Racing
Unfknbelievabl, Fast & Furious Racing

AJ & nith, Team Spacefrock

2 x 20 laps at Paul Ricard WTCC [DOWNLOAD]

No compulsory pit stop; no refuelling allowed.

Weather forecast - long range outlook is 20 degrees and partly cloudy.

The following people are running an old version of PLP. The latest version has changes that benefit you, like no cuts on the first lap.


PLP thread: http://xgn.com.au/index.php?topic=758.0


Congratulations to Marty for all 3 wins. No one could get close to him no matter what car they drove, with KCender giving it the best shake in the 911 GT3 RS, finishing 2.5 seconds behind Marty.


UPDATE: Seanus has put together this
COMPLETE SKIN PACK. It contains all skins.

Download the skin pack to see the skins, not the individual skins.

Extract into steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ks_porsche_911_gt3_cup_2017\skins

Original Post


24 Skins from the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup 2016

Installation: Extract the contents of the "AC 911 GT3 Super Cup Skins V1.3.zip\AC 911 GT3 Super Cup Skins V1.3\2k" folder into steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ks_porsche_911_gt3_cup_2017\skins.

You should end up with folders like:

Because the Kunos liveries are pretty bland, I will be assigning all skins from this skin pack. If you don't want to see just default skins, the same on each car, you will have to download this skin pack (choosing from the 2K or 4K skins inside the download). If you have a favourite that you want to run, let me know. If you have a custom skin, post it here.

Shameless: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/porsche-991-gt3-cup-2017-enkeydesign.13630/
Freezer & Mael: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j7ruuc03jor8pao/Freezer-Mael.rar?dl=0
Phil: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/porsche-911-gt3-cup-parr-motorsport.13786/
Marty: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ks-porsche-911-gt3-cup-2017-martini-racing-s%C3%A9bastien-loeb-88.13828/
AJ: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zc6gfuzxfpnsqr6/XGN_AJ.7z?dl=0

There's a new version 1.19 of the PLP app to download here: http://xgn.com.au/index.php?topic=758.0

This version doesn't detect cuts on lap 1 of a race session only. This is to allow a little leeway for lap 1 shunts, or where you might have to go off track to avoid an accident. I saw that they do this in the Australian Carrera Cup with kerb hop warnings.

Average Starters Per Round for each season

You can see big dips for the open wheeler seasons. They're just not very popular, unfortunately.

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