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Racing general / Mario Kart Live Home Circut
« on: September 04, 2020, 12:40:29 PM »
Not quite sim racing, but I need this sooooo bad! haha


Hardware & Reviews / CSW V2 Angle Adapter
« on: June 26, 2020, 11:10:01 AM »
Don't suppose anyone has one of these they don't need and could part with? I've asked Fanatec but thought I'd check here too

Hardware & Reviews / New Monitor
« on: November 06, 2019, 03:27:18 PM »
Just picked up my new monitor for non sim racing gaming. Box ended up being a bit bigger than anticipated  ;D If I knew I'd have had it redelivered instead of picking it up.

Hardware & Reviews / New fanatec licensed F1 rim
« on: November 23, 2018, 03:13:24 PM »
oh my.... was leaked briefly on the UK website. due to be revealed tomorrow.

General Discussion / Fortnite Battle Royale
« on: January 29, 2018, 07:51:16 PM »
Been playing this game the last few days and it's a lot of fun. 100 player battle royale a bit like PUBG but with a more cartoon arcade feel and you build forts to protect yourself.

It's FREEEEEEE which is the best part!



Hardware & Reviews / New case and cooling
« on: December 06, 2017, 11:44:11 AM »
I built my PC on a budget with a mini tower and in the summer months it does get pretty toasty when gaming. Decided to get a bigger case with better airflow as an xmas present to myself, but unfortunately I'm a sucker for gimmicks and the more I looked into it the more dollars I spent haha.

This is my old case as I started pulling its guts out:

Ended up buying all this. Oops...

And some pictures of it all together:

Totally unnecessary but awesome. You can change all the colours and effects on the lighting. This video is 'Spectrum Wave' which looks pretty cool. The photos/video don't do the colours justice though.

General Discussion / Ebay 18th Birthday Sale
« on: September 21, 2017, 06:47:46 PM »
Ebay have 18% off everything but only until 10PM tonight using the code PARTY18

Decent saving if you need some new sim gear or maybe a beasty new graphics card!

Mod Tracks / Longford '67
« on: August 30, 2017, 09:57:47 PM »
Hadn't seen this historic track before until I saw it on a video today. Just did a few laps in the Cobra and was a lot of fun.


Racing general / Project Cars 2
« on: June 19, 2017, 11:36:53 AM »
I wasn't holding my breath for PC2, but ISRTV put out this video yesterday on their first impressions:

Quick summary: The reviewer didn't think much at all of the PC1 physics which seems a view shared with a lot of XGNers, but he says PC2 is totally different and feels very much improved, and that if all the cars are as good as the two he drove then it's going to be a popular sim. Fingers crossed....

Hardware & Reviews / Poor man's VR
« on: June 11, 2017, 08:02:19 PM »
So I had a quick go on a Vive the other day in Harvey Norman which was my first time trying a VR headset, then that afternoon spent some time looking up VR related stuff on the interwebs.

I came across this app called vridge by riftcat (https://riftcat.com/vridge) which promised to bring PC quality VR to your smartphone. There are plenty of headsets that allow you to use your smartphone in them, but I found Samsung have just released the 2017 model Gear VR which comes with a controller. These are being given away with new S8 phones at the moment so I hopped on Gumtree and plenty of people selling them, so I went and got one today for $100 (RRP is $199).

My expectations were low, it's cheap, it's a phone... well... I have no idea what AC is like to play on a Rift or Vive, but I got Riftcat set up, launched AC, chose open VR and I'm seriously impressed. I was sat in the Lotus and did some laps of Spa. The immersion was awesome and it looked far better than I expected it to.

I've only had a quick play with it so far, so not sure how it would go using it in an actual race and have read the phone can get hot and start to throttle when using it for longer sessions. I wanted to experience what AC could be like in VR though and it's definitely given me that and it's pretty awesome.

Gear VR has some pros and cons. It has it's own sensors for head position that are more accurate than ones in your phone but that means you can't USB teather so the stream for Riftcat is over WIFI. I put it up to the very high preset on my 5ghz WIFI and didn't notice any problems but without 5ghz there could be. Any other headset is going to allow you to teather but you'll use phones sensors. The other plus was that the Gear VR is powered by Oculus technology and has its own Oculus app with a store full of apps and games.

Assetto Corsa / F1 2017 Server
« on: April 07, 2017, 09:16:49 PM »
As Marty is hosting the practice server again I thought I'd turn my server into an F1 server and run the tracks along with the season. You'll find it searching XGN.

stracker is found at http://ac.yeahyou.com

The cars are the two kunos Ferraris along with three from VRC Modding Team:

(1988) McLaren Honda MP4/4 (http://www.vrc-modding-team.net/download/9)
(2009) Williams FW31 (http://www.vrc-modding-team.net/download/7)
(2015) Williams FW37 (http://www.vrc-modding-team.net/download/12)

It's currently up running Shanghai International from here: http://assettocorsa.club/mods/tracks/shanghai-international-circuit.html

General Discussion / Foxtel Play free month
« on: April 06, 2017, 05:55:12 PM »
Just found this code on ozbargain to get a month of free Foxtel Play, so that will get you a couple of F1 races!


Make sure you click on the go to deal button to go to the page where you enter the code to get a month rather than the regular two weeks. I initially just went to the Foxtel play website and signed up directly expecting the discount code to be at the end  :o

As soon as you sign in you can deactivate the account so you don't have to remember to do it at the end of the free month; it will stay active until for the month.

Mod Cars / Ariel Atom
« on: April 01, 2017, 05:59:19 PM »
Haven't tried this yet but looks fun!



Mod Tracks / Assetto Flight Simulator
« on: March 11, 2017, 01:25:13 PM »
I found out about this as a dude on facebook posted a video on him flying above Paul Ricard, but basically this guy wanted to test if the AC physics were capable of having a flying airplane, and yes, they were  ;D


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