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Mod Cars / Perverted Automobiles
« on: April 06, 2017, 06:29:36 PM »
Cars by G0D from Seanus.

Peugeot 905 evo   (delete any other versions) [peugeot_905evo]

Caterham Academy  fixed sound and auto.

Morgan 3 Wheeler  sound fixed small tweaks

Mclaren M23/M23-5, Brabham BT44 (Mongrels set to run with the Ferrari 312T only)

Mod Tracks / Peversed Layouts
« on: February 28, 2017, 11:56:49 PM »
Here is my first go at tweaking AC.
Some alternative layouts.
Unless noted these tracks drop into their parent's [track folder].

Gentrack1 Reversed     [gentrack1]

Spa Reversed    [spa]
Croft 2007 with working pitstops. (Stand Alone, delete other versions)  [croft_2007wp]

Catalunya pre '94.   [ks_barcelona]

Paul Ricard
extra layouts.   [paul_ricard]

Thomson extra pits and grid.   [thomson]

Bilster Berg with 40 gridspots, East and West layouts. (Stand Alone delete previous versions)   [bilsterberg]

Bathurst Mirrored, Reversed and Hillclimb layouts. (Stand Alone delete previous versions)   [bathurst_alt]

Zolder 1967  Fixed hole and 36 grid spots.  (Stand alone)  [zoder67_sp]

Highlands Motorsport Park 6 layouts 44 grid spots. (Stand alone)  [highlands_motorsport_park_sp]

Croft (rF2)  (Stand alone delete previous version)  [croft_sp]

Croft (rF2) Extra Layouts  [croft_sp]

Monza Extra Layouts  [monza]

Toban (rF2) six layouts  [toban_rf2]

Adelaide International Raceway four layouts  [air]

Give 'em a spin and let me know.

Cheers Ta Mate

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