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I like the idea of no BOP as haven't driven the car all season without. I also like the idea of Mael crying  :'(

I'm more keen for sweeping corners instead of hairpins.
That's where these cars belong. ;)

Doesn't matter what I think, Phil's God in these parts. ;)
And I'm a God fearing man. :o

I had a worse night, so I guess I'm outta here too. ??? :o :'(

(until tomorrow at least :P )

Assetto Corsa / Re: Racer Introductions
« on: August 14, 2017, 06:25:01 PM »
Ot but how long till the mass verification to post goes away? Its a nightmare on a phone lol
When we stop getting mass spam posts. ;)

And welcome. 8)

David Coulthard signed up ?!? :o


I was just pointing out how awesome I am, requiring extra restriction for doing nothing. 8) ;D

I didn't even race last week and went from 83% to 93%! :'(

Congratulations DJB1974! 8)
You now know a feeling Alonso has forgotten. ;)

I assume you you guys arent referring to the clubsport shifter? I have it and its great. I think they do some smaller pastic looking shifter.
Yep, I have the plastic one.
Looks shitty, sounds shitty, but I've had zero issues since new (whenever the CSR Elite was released (my memory is shitty too)).

I'm out for last night, due to flu and a new job.
(saving my strength for work)
Sorry for the late notice. :(

Mod Tracks / Re: New Tracks
« on: August 04, 2017, 04:42:53 PM »
I already had a few of the '88 tracks, albeit earlier versions.
They were far too bumpy and hadn't been converted too well. :'(
But it seems they've fixed all that. ;D
And Solitude is a lot better than before. 8)

I think I may have been over BoPed last night.
It was good for practice but the rest of the field improved dramatically over the night.
Thanks to whoever crashed in race 1, that's what got me to 3rd. ;D
No such luck in race 2 but good fun driving my arse off to stay with Mael and Joe. ;D

I've only driven the Pantera and it definitely has a blacked out mirror. ;)

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