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As the suggestions kept flooding in all the way to the deadline the first choice is the winner.  :o

Tuesday will be Thomson road in the Maserati f1 cars, I will put up a server with the combo if anyone wants a run. I think 2 x20 min races with a forced pit stop to test out the pit window option. Pit window will be pretty open from 2nd to 17th minutes, reverse grids dont really need to be tested I have seen how they work and with 2 races people can switch between the 6 and 12 cylinder cars if they want with a 10 min qualy before each race.

May I suggest Thomson Road in the Maserati 250F (both the six and twelve cylinder).

How about the Australian GP?
Lotus 25's @ Longford, 150kms

MAZDA 787B!!!!!  ;D

In the showroom? I dont see a track suggestion.  :P

Barbagallo    I've done lots of laps with the old Mod Mazda there and it suits the car well. The Mazda needs a smooth track surface, really disliked bumpy tracks.  Plus a lap is only like 40 seconds  ;D

3 suggestions so far, with nobody else suggesting either a second time or any other suggestions its looking like The 250F's at Thompson unless there comes a flurry in votes tonight.

With the pit app I just tried it, I thought it was controlled by the wheel dpad but it was rendered on the far edge of the right screen and I didnt even notice it. I had to use the ini file to move it to somewhere I can see it.

Quite easy to control it in car using the dpads much better then pitconfig trying to get the mouse the make changes, the pressures you will want to set in pit as they start at the default rate and so incar you have no idea what this relates to compared to what your currently using. Would prefer an option to have +- psi rather then full numbers and this would be up or down from current pressures not default values.

You just move dpad up or down to get other options then left or right to make selections and this works quite well in car, you also have the 3 presets you can set in pit so can just choose one of these rather then have to make adjustments on the fly.

MAZDA 787B!!!!!  ;D

In the showroom? I dont see a track suggestion.  :P

I only had a quick look at the updates very late last night, in game now has a pit config option. I didnt see any app that you can adjust on the fly in car like pitconfig. I also didnt try a pit stop but its nice to see pressure changes for stops. Really may still need pit config app where you can change these while on track and make changes on the stop, you dont want to be fiddling with buttons pre stop simply wasting time but maybe there is an app I missed at 2am lol. Was running some races at Bathurst and had no idea it got so late then logged out and saw the update droped so had to fire it up.

With the fun run whatever the combo which Gzero is still winning, no suggestions of any of the new cars  ??? but I wont be making any combo suggestions leave that to others. I think format wise however its a good time to test forced pit stops and reverse grid so these I will put up no matter what the final choice is. I will leave combo choices up and close it off Sunday night so keep those suggestions rolling in if there is anything youd like to race.

How about the Australian GP?
Lotus 25's @ Longford, 150kms
May I suggest Thomson Road in the Maserati 250F (both the six and twelve cylinder).

So far its a tie  ;) I will go with whatever is suggested by the most so if anyone wants what someone else suggested quote that or make another choice. If its a tie I will go with whichever was suggested first. If everyone suggests something different then it will be GzeroD's suggestion, people can suggest more then one thing but they cant suggest the same thing more then once. They can but it will still only count the one time.  ;D

I will be in Melbourne too but as I live here its not an issue.  ;D Not sure if I will go to the GP Sunday but may check it out Saturday then just watch the race on TV as you actually see more of whats going on.

Regarding next week I can host anything, people can suggest whatever and anything that more agree with I can put up or if anyone else wants to host then they can go ahead.

All in all, I'm buggered. That was exciting all race long especially when knowing I had a close competitor chasing me all race long. I couldn't have asked for more really, it turned out to be a fun and exciting return to XGN. Thanks to everyone for what seemed like a very clean race from my perspective.

Looking at race results considering a tricky car on cold tyres and an hour long race there wasn't much in the contact stats, quite likely many of those were also just minor rubs. This is a track that is very much follow the leader though with not many passing opportunities if the guy ahead keeps it clean but good effort overall still.

Monza may be interesting as I suspect the draft will be pretty big there with lots of side by side into all brake points, also possibly a very big and close pack all round but all here seem to be fairly good in traffic.

The guys being lapped maybe can run their own lines more and not need to back off as much to let leaders past, I saw a few go completely off track or panic and have a spin. If they simply hold their normal line and not try to defend or block those lapping them is really all that's needed and let the faster guy still find a way past. They should make it fairly clear which side they are taking and so the guy ahead watching mirrors should be able to let them past with minimal negative impact to their own race.

It can be tricky if the guys coming through are a pack of 2 or more but part of the fun of racing in a bigger field is to deal with traffic, they don't need to go off track to let leaders past. The quicker guys should be able to find a clean way past, if they get held up for 1 corner because they caught you in the wrong spot that's just bad luck for them. The only thing blue flag guys shouldn't do is block or hold someone up for multiple corners, slowing too much also makes it hard for those behind to predict what you will do so its easy if people mostly hold their race line IMHO.

Good race even if not much actual passing action up front, qualifying was close so after scraping in to pole I just tried to make sure I got the lead to t1. From there went as hard as I could without big errors but really couldn't shake Phil off my tail. I couldn't see anywhere he could really make a pass unless I made a big mistake and so just focused on the apexes and especially the critical last chicane exit. We were within 2 seconds for most of the race and pit stop wise I was planning to go a bit longer then anyone following and when I would come out in clear track.

With the cold tyres the undercut really doesnt work but I saw my tyres had lost a bit and had I stayed out longer Phil would have started gaining on me each lap. I pitted and had a big enough gap to get the tyres to temp and then Phil ended up at pretty much the same gap before we both pitted. From there I just tried to push on to hopefully shake him off my tail but he hung on til the last lap.

2nd last lap I put in a pretty good lap but Phil just knocked it off the same lap the bugger to claim fastest lap. I tried again last lap but couldn't quite get that last point.  ;D

Will be interesting to see how many we get this round, Ive done the last couple of rounds with ROOZ league in their Porsche cup season and they have had 30 and 28 starters. We only got 24 of 32 last round but they do have 37 signed up vs our 32. Seems 6 to 8 miss most rounds so my guess is we may max out at 26 starters this season which will equal the xgn grid record but will we maybe break that this season?

Yeah had the Vive for a few weeks actually Wally but had no end of problems trying to get it up and running when I first got it. :(
Turned out to be my PC was the the problem in the end. Passed the Steam vr test no problem, but it wouldn't run the Vive.
I upgraded PC to a i7 7700k and a 1070GTX and all is good now.  ;D Would have signed up for this season but not sure if it would
it would handle a field of 20-30 drivers. I don't think I could go back monitors after VR it really is something else, but very resource
hungry  :o Cheers Dave O.

Have you tried running with lots of AI, its still unlikely we will get much more then 26 here with only 24 starters round one but I could be wrong. If you can run 24-30 AI then theoretically in MP it should run no worse as the cpu has much less to do in MP when its not calculating all the AI drivers.

I notice the bumps from about T3 - T7.  It takes a few laps to get accustomed every time I get in there.

I'm not going to go and change settings for the camera to be locked or unlocked from the horizon.  This track is an exception and I haven't noticed this issue anywhere else.

Must be a VR specific thing then as this track to me on a standard triple screen setup is no bumpier then any other.

The bounciness of this track makes me feel a bit queasy for the first few laps while wearing my Oculus Rift.
Where is it bouncy? Maybe you notice it more in the Rift.

Maybe you can try adjust the g-force effects in the launcher settings, I think by default these make it fairly bouncy in most cars. I assume they still have an effect using a rift and reducing this should reduce extra motion effects. I dont think Barcelona is all that bumpy unless going over the sausage kerbs in the last chicane but there you want to avoid hitting them to be able to stay in control and carry more speed.

Assetto Corsa / Re: eurogamer championship
« on: March 20, 2017, 11:26:16 AM »
I know this dude hates AC and most sims it seems but he has some points

The guy is a total muppet, I go to that site rarely just for a laugh but surely nothing he says can be taken seriously. I haven't seen the races but did try to watch an Iracing V8 stream at one point over the weekend and it had less then 1fps on the main camera but 2 alternate streems, they had commentary but only on the 1fps camera so was useless. The driving was pretty poor with t1 carnage and lots of poor driving overall and this was meant to be a top split series, they tried to make it look presentable too but I got bored of it in a few minutes plus cars warping out in that too.

Main issue clearly is driver standards beyond limitations of the platform such as no replays in MP for AC, netcode etc. Get a crappy field in real racing as in formula 3 a couple years ago and it turns to a complete mess. The quality of that f3 field was still likely much better then any online race other then overall lack of respect for others in traffic, add crappy connections and poor driving everything will go bad no matter the platform used.

Its like people complain about public mp in every game/sim ever created in most cases not much you can do about poor race craft especially when many simply want to hotlap rather then practice racing, which is the only way to improve race craft. Real racing practicing racing is very hard as you can only do this in official races in games/sims it can be done easily yet many chose to simply hotlap set a qualy lap then not understand the race is won and lost well after that hotlap was made in qualy.  ;)

Joes practice server seems setup rather odd, 60 min practice, 15 min qualy and 32 lap race. Yet you dont even have time to finish a qualy lap as the session ends at 0 and from that point you seem to have less then 10 seconds to add fuel to go to the grid. A server with such long sessions to me seems fairly pointless trying to save time between the sessions by cutting this time down to the bare mimimum to the point where most wont even make the grid for a race that will last 1 hour.  ::)

Having two practice servers is probably quite confusing. If you're allowing us to use your servers again maybe I'll just switch it back.

But yeah, no wait time was not intentional.

Dont think its all that confusing, mine is setup with tyre blankets, 100% grip, short qualy plus race mostly as Id rather race people then run longer sessions. Yours has full length sessions with no tyre blankets so people that want to do long runs can go in there and also test without tyre blankets. Its the way ROOZ run their league practice servers and works pretty well I think. A few guys have complained here when we were racing in the practice server so having a second server with the longer sessions isnt a bad thing.

Joes practice server seems setup rather odd, 60 min practice, 15 min qualy and 32 lap race. Yet you dont even have time to finish a qualy lap as the session ends at 0 and from that point you seem to have less then 10 seconds to add fuel to go to the grid. A server with such long sessions to me seems fairly pointless trying to save time between the sessions by cutting this time down to the bare mimimum to the point where most wont even make the grid for a race that will last 1 hour.  ::)
who cares about the race,  one race a week is enough in these

Sorry I even mentioned anything.  ::)

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