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Assetto Corsa / Re: AC News
« on: January 21, 2017, 03:49:19 PM »
All I want to know is....

Does this mean they can afford rain now?

 8) 8)

If there is an AC2 Im sure they will buy lots of rain, maybe do a full 180 and have it as a night and rain only sim. They will spend the money for the rains and extra light sources so they will want to use it everywhere lol.

Then you will see the forums spammed by the good weather simmers demanding dry sunny tracks.

But the 4th lap is still censored (if to promote XGN, that should be the case) ;)

Nice video but censoring lap 4 to promote XGN  ;D I thought it would be quite funny as you worked so hard to get the place then just handed it back nicely along with a 10 second penalty for 3 cuts it seems.  :'(

Maybe censoring is to make it look like that was the pass for the win, and to keep your sponsors paying for future repairs.

Ok, so basically you are saying the log is wrong and I did have 4 cuts. It's possible, as I had a pair of offs at some point when I lost the lead, and then I had a long at the chicane, so probably that's it. But I'll keep an eye on you ;)
Fixed the results - it now shows all cuts as well as a time penalty (previously the 4th cut didn't show up, as it only reported the penalty and not the cut).

Ahahah! Oh, man! That fourth lap was a disaster... :(
What happened there?

Thats the reason the video was only 3 laps.  ;D

At least I made you work for that spot Grat on my harder compound tyres, how did I get it back?  ;) Oh kind of the same way I gave it away race 2 lol.

Monza is getting a rebuild of the first chicane anyway, I dont mind t1 chicane there as it is a very critical part of the lap and a great passing chance where a move can be made from inside or outside on entry. 2 good drivers can take it side by side 1 poor one cant get around on their own most times.  ;D

The thing is that such corners many make it harder for themselves then they should, simply by pushing the braking too much. If you do lock a wheel on entry you will make a proper mess of the corner and likely lose 1 to 2 seconds by the next chicane. Get the braking done late but in control and nail the first and second apex you can get a big jump on most of the field there.

Lap 1 its quite awkward as anyone touching a sausage curb will come across the track and cause a pile up if overlapping with another car. More often then not there will be a lap 1 incident there but with some patience and learning how best to take such corners it can be fairly easily managed every lap by anyone.

...Some chicanes are world famous corners think Eau Rogue, Corkscrew at Laguna ...

I consider those as more of an S bend.
Chicanes where you can't go side by side without slowing to near walking pace are the ones that need bulldozing, such as Monza.
When it boils down to it these nick nack chicanes are equivalent to having a three lane wide track coming upon a concrete gateway where only one car can pass through the gap. eg Those pathetic chicanes at the Gold Coast, ffs they have a giveway rule there, is this a bloody race track or a T-intersection.

Pretty much every corner you will need to slow a bit to go side by side. It adds strategy and goves both attacking and defending driver a chance. I had a good little battle with Grat at the final chicane in race 1 and have had some good racing at probably all the corners you hate.

As for chicanes and cutting, easy, fuck that chicane right off. Anyone putting in or designing a track with a chicane has no business in track building.

This is usually what people that cant get around a chicane properly say.  ;D Some chicanes are world famous corners think Eau Rogue, Corkscrew at Laguna etc.

They are normally a very technical section of track and do expose poor driving more then many other corners.


Regarding Track Limits how about rather than 3+1 offs equals a penalty, make it three offs at the same section of the race track? Indicating that you are doing something consistently wrong rather than just a bunch of slight mistakes, half of which are often not your own fault!

Track limits has only ever been a later day problem. First in cheating in Sims and then in F1. Our league doesn't and I can't see it ever having a cheating problem and as for F1, seriously, has ANYTHING they have done ever made sense.

With track limits though if they are off then its simply open to abuse. With defined track limits then the race is to see who is fastest around the defined track not who makes their own fastest layout.  ;)

Also PLP does have a warning system if you have an off and see its still red before re entering the track you will get a cut. If you slow down a bit more before re-entering it wont count as a cut. Also trying to race with someone that cant stay on the black stuff makes it much more likely a pass will end in a crash as they arent really in control. Many track days I did 2 tyres off was a warning flag and second offence end of session, 4 tyres off at any point unless going to avoid a car stopped on track was instant black flag and end of your session. This was so people try to maintain reasonable control to not be a hazard to everyone else on the track.

I keep an eye on my cuts during a race and if for some reason I am high I will just back off to avoid getting another. This also means that you need to pick a line and take as much risk on track limits as you can consistantly pull off.

If your regularly going off track then by simply backing off and staying on the black stuff you will likely gain consistancy and overall race pace.

I think not enforcing track limits turns the racing into a bit of a joke, better drivers could easily exploit limits and gain 2 seconds per lap at most tracks with only minor cuts or simply over commiting to the entry knowing that running wide or off track will cost you no time.

Get and older style track with grass and gravel off track the linits arent as much of an issue, most modern tracks they are very open to abuse with no penalty for a mistake.

This is one reason I really like proper old school street circuits. Where the track limits are defined by solid walls, there like all tracks using as much road as possible is the fastest way around but use 1cm too much and the race is over.

Even PLP is really quite soft and you need to be pushing linits pretty hard or well off track to get called. The simple way to look at it is you wont ever get a plp inside the white lines.  :)

Wally, I definitely don't want to increase your already mammoth workload, but is there any way for AC (or an App) to automatically (repeat, automatically) generate an incident report? I know it won't be able to apportion blame but just a count of incidents during a race. We could have a best and fairest award for the season where the number of incidents during the season are taken into account.

I know the first reaction from some people will be "but it wasn't my fault", but it may alert some drivers that their incident count is higher than others and more caution is required.

Just a thought.
There is a contact report, but it reports every little touch, and can't apportion who hit who. It just identifies the two cars that touch. So there's a lot of noise.

I would find a contacts per race stat interesting, even though minor rubs arent an issue most of the time I still try to avoid any contact at all times. Those having more contacts could then look at ways to try and avoid these and maybe leave a bit more room next time.

Those that can race clean most races would show up in the stats and it should show that its possible. There are many times where contact isnt your fault but the cleaner drivers will generally always show less contacts.

Near the front of the pack I really havent seen many issues around me, Ive also had a majority of contact free races. Last season I think 2 of the later races I was taken out lap 1 which did give the other guys a penalty plus that race 1 lol where I was a bit of a punching bag to a new member.  ;D

Mid pack will likely always be where more contact happens especially early. Lots of this could still be avoided with a little more caution from all drivers but its racing so accidents will still always happen. I cant recall ever seeing anyone in an xgn race appear to purposefully hit another driver so all incidents are eother a basic driving error or a lack of awareness by 1 or both drivers.

The one thing with the system is that its pretty much an honesty system with no real way of checking in the log. I know KCender wasnt skipping it on purpose but ideally there should be some way of checking if people did the required stop and get a post race penalty of say 30 seconds if they dont.

Looking at in and outlaps doesnt say much as these will depend greatly on where the box is relative to the start line. Also in laps and outlaps with errors, traffic or spent tyres will be quite different between drivers so youndont get true info out of these.

Stracker does count stationary time in pits for all running ptracker, I thought I remembered a time when the log would show stopped time also but maybe Im imagining things.

Repair wise in pitconfig the middle icon is aero and in this car most aero repair takes less time then the tyres. I had front aero damage after my attenpted pit entry through the pit wall after exiting the last turn.  :'( I got yellow front and it took hardly any tine to repair that.

The other repair icons are suspension and engine/transmission. With engine being the right and suspension the left icon. With pit stops in practice now its fairly easy to test repair times if you happen to ever crash in practice that is.

SIMONE! You were right! There is a conspiracy against you... but it's not against you in particular. It's against all Italians. Australians get no penalties for 3 cuts. Only Italians ;)

Maybe its the Italians cutting multiple times per lap like the cheaters they are.  ;D

You'd think so, but it shows if there are 2 cuts in one lap... so most likely is the Australians being... well, you know... ;)

Too funny I just noticed both you and Simone got a penalty for 3 cuts when it should be 4 and some others showed 2 cuts in a lap so its not that. It shows its again the issue of the Italians cheating but then add that to their passionate if not accurate code, the intention was to give all Italians the edge but instead just made it easier for them to get penalties.  ;D

Kcender87 - 27 seconds

Finally we might get close to Kcender  ;D

Depends if he chooses to take the penalty or not. 3 minutes is doable if you dont take the penalty  ;D

SIMONE! You were right! There is a conspiracy against you... but it's not against you in particular. It's against all Italians. Australians get no penalties for 3 cuts. Only Italians ;)

Maybe its the Italians cutting multiple times per lap like the cheaters they are.  ;D

Race 1 was good fun with some nice battles with Grat early then Kcender a bit later, I went mediums as long as I could and stopped when I saw I could still come out ahead. I then put on the softs and they were nice in pretty much a low fuel high grip qualy run.

Race 2 I went for the same strategy, I saw all others around me went for softs but I got a good start and the mediums were doing better this race with a bit more early pace. I then was pushing on to try and get as much of a gap as possibly to make up for my 9 second pit penalty. Unfortunately I made a silly error exiting the last turn and spun the car facing the wall, I needed to wait for the field to pass before getting going again. This stuffed my strategy and also did some front damage, with the pit penalty and being at the back I didnt have much hope but I pushed on stopping earlier for another set of mediums to try get out of traffic. I then passed a few cars to the line, it may have been interesting to see how the 9 second penalty would have effected the race had I not had the spin but thats racing lol.

Have fun all for the rest of the season and I will be back for season 16.

Any chance of limiting the tire choices on the F40? The poor old Porsche needs some degree of hope  for race!

is it heaps faster ?

and what tyers to allow for it the street or the street90s
Phil, I was thinking of increasing the "slipstream effect" from x1 to x2 or even x3 to allow for the slower top speed of the 908, I think it will even out the difference and even create closer racing on this unique circuit.

how do you do that
Good question, I presumed it would be in the server options, but discovered it is not in my server setup options.
In Offline mode it is under tyre wear, fuel consumption etc. I guess it must be possible to change, but beyond my knowledge.
I guess other option would be try Street 90s tyres and see what lap times are being set.

Its not possible to change this in a server, its only an offline option. This track is very much a power circuit as its full throttle maybe 95% of a lap in nearly any car. So whichever car gets the higher top speed will pretty much always be quicker there, you do have the option of limiting tyres but thats only going to effect 4 corners of the lap and I dont think it would have much effect on the cars through the banking but it will also effect tyre wear over a longer run.

You may be best off using the old simple ballast to slow down the faster cars at this track.  ;)

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