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8:30 I was considering after nearly an hour on tyres they will be a bit slower but hoping for a better race pace then that.  ;D

Avoiding a silly error over the race distance will be the key and last Nords enduro we did my PC crashed half way through so I hope for no crashes by the PC or me this time.

If lap times are around 8:30 then maybe make race distance 1:52 + 1 lap but even at 2hrs without extra lap would get race time close to 2 hours. Max 2 hours 9 minutes.

2 hours plus 1 lap would make it more like 2hours 8 to 16 minutes but is running for 2 or 3 minutes longer that much of an issue to many with setting time at the basic 2 hours for a 2 hour race.  ;)

Also for server over time maybe set this to at least 10 minutes to let people finish their last laps. Nothing worse then someone hanging in for 2 hours to not be able to finish because overtime is only 2 minutes. Even normal tuesdays maybe extend this as timing is fixed beyond time as far as I have seen so letting all finish last laps isnt much of an issue I think.

In Assetto_corsa.ini there is also this setting you can experiment with

USE_TIMER_PROCESS=-1   ; -1=Automatic, no timer process for CPU with more than 2 cores, timer process for dual cores. 0=Always off. 1=Always on.
SET_THREAD_AFFINITY_MASK=0 ; 0=Windows scheduler will decide where to run the threads. 1=Main thread assigned to Core0, physics thread assigned to Core1

Maybe also try and force acs.exe as higher priority.

With windows background stuff like Cortana and Windows defender you need to dig deep into the system files to disable these, I did all that when I had the stutters. Not sure if they were any way related but once I killed a few background things its run solid since.

Have you got any AV running in the background? maybe try disable this along with any windows background stuff such as Cortana, steam overlays etc.

Also check if your audio driver isnt trying to do weird stuff in the bacground. Try disable audio, run a single screen to test if its an nv surround issue. This for me has regularly been awkward since windows 7 especially if tryimg to force a custom resolution if the pc wakes from sleep it used to lose my custom surround res with bezep correction. I now use the default res and do bezel correction in game with the triole screen app.

16 min to just post one time. A further 8.30min for a second time assuming you haven't damaged the car. Maybe turn the damage off for the practice server?

Damage is already at 50% as will be on the race which will be 2 hours, beyond just setting a qualy lap its well worth trying long runs to find which compounds you want to run and deal with them as they go away over the run.

Wally is also not going to have tyre blankets on race night so its not going to get any easier. Not much point practicing and setting qualy times on the server using different settings to how the race will be. On the normal Tuesday practice server a few complained about no tyre blankets which is why they are on here.

this should be interesting round, it is going to be a race of tyre management,  just lapping normal not over doing it lefts are at about 103 degrees, start pushing they get too warm, and one mistake forget about doing any reasonable pace for a lap or so until they drop 20 or 30 degree.   

This is not a complaint, i am looking forward to the tyre management
is it just me or does anyone else think ac does not feel right when tyres are cold or too warm,  in any car I have been in at speed , either driving or passenger I have never felt like I am driving on ice, unless I am driving on ice, one of my previous jobs gave me access to basketville and we would unload the old ute at end of the day and even crap tyres never felt like on ice in middle of tassie winter with outside temp of like 10 degree when lapping at basketball, or some of the mazdas and nissans and stuff I got a go in and drive a couple never felt like you would slide off the road cause tyrers were cold.

anyway to me ac feels realistic when tyres are normal temps and it just feels like they made it slippery to simulate cold and hot

There really is no comparing road cars on street tyres to a car on slicks, completly different experiance and road tyres are designed to work at all temps, slicks are much better when hot and tyre blankets are used in many series mostly because of this. Not saying AC does it perfectly and different compounds will vary how they work out of temp range but get in a car with slicks its amazing how the grip builds as you increase temp.

Jump back into it with cold tyres and the relative grip to hot tyres is pretty large add to that much less forgiving and snappy behavior on slicks vs street or even semi slicks. There is a good reason why slicks arent road legal as there would be low speed carnage everywhere and they would never get to ideal working temp range so have less grip then street tyre even on dry roads.

If you see an inexperianced driver being put into an f1 car for example they will pretty much always give them inter tyres. These dont need to be worked as hard to get to temp and are better when cold plus much more progressive at grip limits compared to slicks.

Saying that I had no issues here with tyre temps, its a fun tricky little track though and very easy to make an error pushing a bit too hard.

Driving Nords in the gt cars is much more about tyre managment to me, softs overheat and mediums mostly dont get to temp so trying to get eother compound to be good over a full lap is quite a challenge.

Lol - Marty has 4 of the top spots  ::)

Been a few on the server when I was yet hardly anyone else has more then 1 completed lap with a few not even registering a time when they were in for over an hour ;) it may be a lonely finish after 2 hours lol.

Yea its an option, seemed it was a bit closer in the past but I realpy hadnt driven it much. Main issue with it is even on softs it struggles to get front temps up and down on power needs a bit less aero. Probably in warmer temps it would be a bit quicker considering the m3 gt2 is similar top speed but its got plenty of grip so was only 4 seconds between the 911 rsr, 650s gt3 and m3 gt2 for me.

The temps will be a bit tricky as medium tyres are only a few seconds slower then softs but struggle for temps especially at the start of a new lap. The long straight really drops temps and on mediums your losing 1 to 2 seconds on the gp track due to cold under pressured front tyres. The softs in the cars I ran get sketchy the last few km of Nords but are generally better the rest of the lap.

Tested a few cars and seems the p 4/5 is a bit too slow so unlikely anyone will pick that, about 20 seconds off the pace just down on power quite a bit and hasnt got a great deal of grip either so not a lot going for it lol.

I'm getting a checksum error on your server Marty, any ideas?

Seems I forgot to update server but thought I did, I got the missmatch update track on server and restarted and all good now.

Maybe for Phil we can take the fenders off a 911 that would make it an open wheeler but then the Prada had fenders and was classed an open wheeler.  ;D

final round already,  just starting to tolerate the Porsche and its over

Dont worry next season you can start the cycle again.  ;D

why not throw in the 919 hybrid 2017 :)

Love that car at Nords but if people need lower damage in basic gt cars then what hope have they got in that beast.  ;)

That and mixing a 3 minute a lap faster car into the field might be a recipe for disaster. Although it would allow us mere mortals to follow Marty for a lap or two  ;D

If the car was available I would be in it for sure, I ran a few times with Cherno and think we were doing sub 5:30 on the tourist but following anyone is a real challenge at Nords in that. Also boost only lasts half a tourist lap on the min setting. Gt cars on tourist should be about 40 seconds slower so full layout maybe just over 1 minute per lap. It would spice up the traffic situation for sure and give the gt guys a fright in some sections.  ;D

why not throw in the 919 hybrid 2017 :)

Love that car at Nords but if people need lower damage in basic gt cars then what hope have they got in that beast.  ;)

A complete shame my 10 sec penalty for too many cuts...cuts?  where???  anyway i accept the rules.During the back straight i saw wally a couples of sec behind so with my left hand   i grabbed  a paper towel to wipe some sweat from my face...yes... almost lost it and found myself on the grass for 100 mt and wally again on my ass   ;D ;D ;D

Fun tuesday evening,thx all!!!

That move on the back straight was one of your cuts, maybe you thought you were on the tractor and saw a bit that needed a trim lol. I was a fair way back of you guys at the time and thought maybe wally tried to put you through the fence lol. Thats when I decided to pit before catching your little battle.

If you have plp on screen somewhere it will show when you cut and also how many cuts you have made so you can try avoid the penalty.

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