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last minute something has popped up so tonight ill be away, love austria too lol

Nearly forgot lol me + jeremy

I think it works for making people more cautious, kinda lol but it was annoying at times when you were minding your own business and got caught up in someones moment and then received a huge restrictor making your car useless down the straight in race 3 lol. What kind of got me about it all though is that from a mechanical stand point it doesnt make sense that the car loses hp from a hit, usually after a hit the structure and alignment of the car would be affected therefor the handling and feel of it so for me it would make more sense if you did a weight penalty since that would focus more on the handling of the car.

Congrats to kcender on the season, his runs in the reverse grids were awesome!

qual didnt get the lap together, was on a good one at the end but stuffed it at the 2nd last turn so finished 4th where i stayed all race 1 with mael on my tail was a good pressure battle, i decided to switch to hard tyres for the race since i saw some overheating in qual. This was a bad move couldnt get any heat in the tyres and my pressures were too low so race 1 was a struggle for pace.

Race 2: Had some good battles on the way to a surprising 3rd, avoided being in the wrong place at the wrong time which helps lol.

Race 3: Enjoyed this race as simple as it was lol, Again went hard tyres since the track temps were higher so i figured it would work also had the pressure right this time and the tyres worked well, i thought the extra heat would hurt kcender on the mediums but it didnt seem to despite the pace being pretty quick and consistent, was a good battle to the finish with the gap between 1 and 2 secs all race at qual pace lol nobody blinked so was cool :)

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Future Season Ideas
« on: February 04, 2018, 08:56:27 PM »
Bah, we were all in a similar bracket, I just had time to practice some more.

Would love to come back, and one day it will happen, but I think I'm waiting for VR to go higher res before I make the jump.  I'll have to get a new wheel/pedals + GPU.  Sim Racing is one of my favourite hobbies but it is addictive and all-consuming for me - two bad combinations.  Mrs Threepwood isn't going to be happy...

Nah doesnt have to be, just jump in on the night, adapt to it then and have some fun, its what a few of us do and its good fun like that, prac is over rated takes the surprise and challenge away lol. You look forward to driving more when you wait till the tues night, over doing it and driving it every night of course you will get over it and so will everyone else in the house haha, all about balance  ;)

Really enjoyed that track good pick :) Car worked really well around here, felt easy to get the lap together for pole.

Race 1: from pole i managed to control the race and gaps from start to finish so nice and clean.

Race 2: I was super careful letting everyone battle it out and make mistakes in front of me and slowly get to the front, i was probably too careful though as kcender managed to clear a lot more cars than me and put him in a good position for race 3 while i was 8th, had some god battles along the way though.

Race 3: Nice clean start, was behind freezer and ab having a good battle, after a few laps i managed to get by them and try and hunt down grat and kcender for the lead but they were too far up the road, but i did manage to grab grat on the last lap in a nice dice for p2 :)

Yeah that was frustrating to say the least lol, surprised I managed to find the pace here in qual and keep up with phil race 1 as I couldn't learn the track in prac properly, but race 2 and 3 were torture getting caught up in everyones spin as they pinball off the walls, impossible to avoid and then a huge restrictor to boot so the car was horrendous again in race 3 where again I get caught up in everyones spin writing off my car lol, I really think the restrictor rule has to go it just compounds the effect of a shit race to much.

Bit of a hard one for me here, managed to get the car reasonably setup but not quite on the pace of grat. Race 1 i stayed behind phil all race, managing the meds early on which helped me towards the end of the race but it was too difficult to pass especially when the pace is equal lol. Race 2 was going ok but my progress was hampered by just being in the wrong place at the wrong time lol and then got spun on the final turn so i finished 17th i think. Race 3 much of the same but then got caught out on the curb of t1 trying to get simone and clipped him as the car slid so sorry about that simone, finished 12th i think so could have been worse considering i was put to the back of the pack after the incident.

Yep I'm in walls, not sure if Jeremy is he is having wheel troubles

Thanks for the season wally once again, it all worked a lot better than i thought it would was good good fun new challenge :) its a shame grat and kcender couldnt make all the races. Grat had the porsche hooked up and deserved to win the season. In saying that i managed to get the toyota pretty good for the last couple of races especially last night, car was quick and stable and worked all race on the softs a big difference from how it started the season.

For the race well it all went to plan at the front nice and clean all race lol

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Season 20
« on: November 28, 2017, 05:25:57 PM »
gt4 or bmw for me, probably leaning towards the bmw as a more traditional tin top :)

Car was decent didn't really get a clean lap in qual. Got a good start and took the lead and managed to pull a gap to diehard until I reached traffic in all the wrong spots again lol and somehow managed to get rear ended under brakes going up the inside of a car damaging my rear wing so the car was pretty tailey after that and by then kcender was in p2 and all over me but I was able to hold him off by using my kerrs down the straight, was a good battle and was interested to see how it would work after the pit stops but as soon as I entered the pits it killed my game lol so ahh well shit happens :)

Up now

Yeah I got nothing maybe ac is doing maintenance

anyone else not able to load any servers on ac?

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