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Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: S14 R3 - Zolder67 - 21/06/2018
« on: June 20, 2018, 05:37:53 PM »
Zakspeed Capri for me too please Phil.

Is anybody else having trouble getting the larger cars to turn in ?

Yeah Lancia a bit like this, could be my lack of setup ability also  ::)

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: S14 R3 - Zolder67 - 21/06/2018
« on: June 19, 2018, 12:32:10 AM »
Lancia also please  ;)

Can I book a 320 g5 please Phil  ;D
As yet, I am way slower than you DaveO, are you using a lot of aero?

Default aero, did some messing with gear ratios though. Your actually quicker in sectors 1&2, I make it up in 3.

Can I book a 320 g5 please Phil  ;D

I'm partial to the BMW 2002 also Phil  :)

Have PM'd you Rob ;)  Dave O.

Dave O, can you join my server with the M1?   It's named 'G0D Testing'

Yes, joined on your server ok with M1 Seanus  :)

Did some laps today in these on server, and got checksum on the BMW M1, & Porsche 930/76 k2g5.

Was using latest links to cars & patch. Nissan,s central mirror & steering wheel not showing in cockpit for me ?

Haven't tried all the cars, but nice mod  :) :) Cheers Dave O.

Did a run on the track tried all the fences on both sides, and all was fine.  :)

Haven't tried a pitstop yet.  Great track with both the 911 rsr and F75 mod. I like  ;)

Did some pit stops today in qually and race and was fine for me.  :)

Bad night for me. Feels like something wrong with the car I just have no grip and am being lapped by people I usually race closely with. Didn't do much practice and am using default setup but I didn't expect to be that far off the pace. PLP said I had 15 cuts after just a few laps then stayed at 15 so not sure what happened there.

Much the same for me as well Joe... I had 17 cuts and stayed on 17 ???? :o

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: MotorSport Mag
« on: May 04, 2018, 05:46:53 PM »
Yeah, great insight into the man and the cars, well worth a watch.  :)

Ok sign me in Wally... I'll see if I can keep the engine in one piece  :o

I'll stick with the Parnelli vp4  Cheers Dave O.

Just swapped to the newer version of the mod and am now getting black and white striped tyres whenever I go in the sand.
UPDATE:  Only seems to be the Lotus.

Same here Freezer  :o no biggie really as hopefully not in the sand too often  ;D

Hey Wally, I've come down with the mother of all flues.  Definitely won't be there tonight.

Not good Rob  :( Take care mate, hope you get well soon  ;) Dave O.

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Thursday Fun Run
« on: April 20, 2018, 12:04:09 AM »
Had a good race with couple of guys from France and Italy tonight  :) Good fun these  ;) 

Tried out the Caterham roadster 500 at Baskerville too... was doing 1-06-818 round there, so a fair bit faster than the academy,

but good fun  :) a real throttle steerer.  ;D  Dave O.

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