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Thanks guys. If I could race all the nights, I would!

I've started doing ACC 90 min enduros at ROOZ on Monday nights. My racing time budget only allows 2 nights a week, so sadly I'm going to give Thursday's a miss for a while. I'll miss the good racing and the friendly banter. I might still turn up occasionally if time allows.

The Bend's not a bad motorsport facility. It has a big welcome centre with a range of modern and historic racing cars on display, a hotel and a restaurant that looks out on pit straight. There are good viewing positions on the level 2 outdoor balcony and a few grandstands. The circuit actually has a bit of elevation change, enough to make the corners a little blind.

The GT3s had a very small field, only 10 cars, 2 of which were GT4 KTM's, with Whincup and Van Gisbergen in two separate teams. The cars sounded great. Interestingly, in the Australian GT3 series, the cars have a set handicapped pitstop time, based on qualifying position and driver rating.

The TCR racing was entertaining, with 19 starters and the usual touring car bump and grind. Ingall, Tander, Bright, D'Alberto, Moffat and Heimgartner were among the drivers. The cars sound a lot more dynamic than on TV, with a lot of backfire and snap, crackle and pop. In our next season, the Seat Leon has got the raspy, poppy sound down pretty accurately.

I'm about to head off to this... it's very cold, and raining. Horrible conditions to race in.

@Wally. Shadows for the RX3 are good at my end and in the latest upload. Perhaps you have an older version?
It was no biggie. It just looked amusing and a little cool really, to see the shadow of the driver in the car.

After a few shaky starts in race 1, the racing got better and better as we got used to the cars. Still, the easiest way to pass someone was if they spun in front of you.

Server's up (just using the practice server).

OK.  Should 1st place also get $2800 then as this is the entry fee?
Oh and Guybrush, the money ranking goes not by finishing position but by fastest race lap times. We learnt this before - someone who is really fast in a car but bombs out of a race for whatever reason and finishes near the back shouldn't win a heap of money which makes them even faster.

Racing general / Re: AB156 does the UK, 2019 version
« on: July 09, 2019, 07:11:25 AM »
I hope you took enough rolls of film with you  ;D

Racing general / Re: KartKraft
« on: July 08, 2019, 05:36:48 PM »
Does it have MP?

OK.  Should 1st place also get $2800 then as this is the entry fee?
No, 1st place is actually penalised a little bit to force you into a slower car. You'll always be able to afford the base car. The aim is to mix up the winners a bit.

How much money do you get per place?
Its all listed in the Car Dealer under Season _ Earnings.

Ah, good-o, thanks.

So, just to clarify as I haven't raced with the car dealer before, you get the winnings from each round + the trade in value of your car at the end of each round and you lose your winnings each round if you don't use them?
That's right. Thus time it's a little different to last time we used it. Before, you could save up your money, but it meant people could buy a really fast car after a few rounds and win too easily. This time, your money is just what you won on the last round + the base car.

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