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Awesome setup, GB, as usual.

Very much likes to turn and goes where you point it.  Still very stable.  I don't know how you do it, but keep doing it, mate!
I was chasing a 29 the other day and I could not get near it.  Now, on the second lap out I've gone and broken my record by a second.

One question; do you plan to keep to this shorter gearing in the race?  I was thinking to be able to benefit from slipstreaming, the longest top might be needed...

Edit: except I'm going to be 30kgs heavier, maybe I should stick to the shorter :D

I have decided to leave this series Wally, I just end up too tired trying to do two nights a week :'( :'( :'(. I will be closely watching how it plays out :).

That's a shame.  But I agree it's a bit late to keep sharp all through. 

I've put a setup for the Ferrari on ptracker.

Thanks mate, I'll give it a go tonight.
Is it much different from last week's?   I was using it and finding it pretty useful (different gearing is all)

And sTracker only counts timed laps.
My 20 is closer to 40 with in/outlaps and incomplete laps. ;)

Yeah, my laps are at least double that amount, too ;)

well, this is one deadly track that I've never driven before...fair warning; it's not a half an hour to learn this one in :)
From my experiences at this track, the high speeds often bite you!

Well, that's good because there are barely any low speed sections :D

But to illustrate it; my first full lap was a 4:30.  Then slowly I've worked myself down to the current 3:30.8 (which did not register in ptracker!), still some 4s off kcender, and he had friggen 4 laps!!! Mate you must be driving with your right pedal glued to the floor.  Incredible.

It's a really great track when you get it right.   I'd call it a mini Nordschleife. 
But those houses and stuff right next to the track...geezusss...these guys had balls of kryptonium to drive these cars at 300+ speeds here, back in the day.

Brad, it may have been a hairy pass (I don't think it was, but let's say) - but after the pass you've been on the inside.  Then you made a mistake.  Nobody said you deliberately knocked the other car off track.
But the car in front did nothing wrong, went straight towards the corner & started braking.  That could not be accounted as a fault in any way or form IMO.  But happy to hear your argument; how is this a racing mistake at all?

well, this is one deadly track that I've never driven before...fair warning; it's not a half an hour to learn this one in :)

You have to enable free camera in one of the settings ini's in the AC folder I believe.
Yeah, it's a bit obscure. Some spherical coords setting has to be 0 in a system camera cfg file (I can't remember the exact details now, but I'm sure you can find it).

I've found the free cam setting easily enough in the assetto_corsa.ini.  This allows the F5 cam.   Maybe you can extend its range by some other obscure config?

Btw I've found another handy thing:  a quick-change to any car (python app)!

Wally, how do you get  into the top-down view?  I didn't seem to have that camera angle.
F5, then use your mouse to swing the camera around.
Awesome, thanks!

Wally, how do you get  into the top-down view?  I didn't seem to have that camera angle.

I think it's important to remember that at the of the day what we do is really just a game based around a common interest. For me it's something to enjoy in my downtime to relax a bit and take me away from busy real life shit. The level of aggression and attitudes on the forum and voice chat do sometimes really make it a much less enjoyable environment and experience. We're all human and make mistakes, we're doing the best we can, as is Wally who has to manage this large group of people. Sure I want to understand racing and race etiquette and become better at it, so discussion is always good, but let's just be nice about it  8)
Thanks for that; I agree, things can get a bit too heated here occasionally.

Phil, Joe, I'm glad I could educationally rear-end each of you at some point :D

I've checked it (I wish I could save the replay video, I've nfi how).

In my opinion this is not something GzeroD could have done better, bar completely pulling out before attempting the overtake.   He was on the absolute edge of the track, braking in a straight line, and he was ahead with near-no overlap; no mistake there.
Brad could have avoided it, had he taken a line that's nearer to the track's middle.  He was sticking to his line, not conceding (sideways) space even after being fully overtaken.

(The one contentious bit IMO is that small bump before the accident.   It looked like Brad wasn't aware that GzeroD was already there.  But it did not lead to any tears, thankfully.)

So all in all:  It was a racing incident, indeed; too close racing in these cars, but I'd say no fault of GzeroD in any way. 

.. if you cut in front of someone and start braking right away...

A few people with smelly fingers as you've all got the wrong end of the stick. I didn't cut in front of anyone. I was on the outside going in to the turn FFS. The other party chose to share that line despite the fact that braking was imminent.
Again on any other lap this falls under 'shit happens'. And the mistakes that caused the problem are promptly forgiven, but this was a first lap incident FFS. That's what I'm pissed about.

My bad, I did not get a clear description of the situation from above.  What I said sticks; it just does not apply to you here, instead applies to Brad. :)

I understand your frustration.

Edit: what lead me astray is the description:  "Tricky one: Seanus just passed Brad,... "
Starting out on that I've assumed you cut in front of him.   

I think, I'd like to see a replay, too, this is interesting.  (and I should have one for R1)

Seanus, there's no need to be that upset; if you cut in front of someone and start braking right away, there is a good chance there'll be tears.
It's in your best interest to avoid that, don't you agree?  (as well in everyone's best interest)

That's why I always keep my line as much as I can after a late overtake, until we're past the apex and sorted the order out.  It helps heaps to avoid this, and is only a tiny drawback - if you're truly faster.   
Plus on the inside line you're likely to be able to take the correct, full-exit of the corner; so you'll be ahead with minimal loss on entry.

Well, it was great racing until I got disconnected.  Really annoying as I was having a great night.  But this is autosport; shit happens. ;)

R1 wasn't too eventful, there was some shuffle in the first coners, picked up a couple of spots, then stayed there between Wally and AGK the whole race.


In R2 I've tapped the rear of AGK going into the hairpin - apologies - and as I've re-dressed, dropped a few spots nicely.   Then I got hit from the rear myself a few corners later, luckily not too badly - but the car felt a bit funny. 
Then as I've worked hard to catch up - it was a fantastic racing experience!
The last few laps of R2 were absolutely bonkers, overtaking, capitalising mistakes, it was all there. 
Loved it.

Many tanks for the setup GB, as I got more used to it, I was able to make it work very nicely!

Thanks for all the racing, gents!

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