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Had to change the gearing quite a bit. With default it never got out of 4th. I also find for some reason I usually use a bit more fuel than other people. Would like to hear from other Short Tail pilots.

Interesting, I've shortened the gears, too, but more for better usability of 3rd on some corners.  I did get out of 4th on the straights, although not much.   However, I do not remember my fuel usage exactly.  I think I got close to 10 laps out of a tank.

That's OK, Wally, I wasn't sure what it really is :)

Assetto Corsa Competizione / Re: Is it worth getting or not
« on: Today at 08:53:22 AM »
Phil, I've just realised this is available on Steam as "Early Access".  This means you can buy it and try it (unlimited), then get a refund, no questions asked, while it's in Early Access.  Just try it.
Then refund it.  Then if you did like it, re-purchase it at the next sale.   It's all perfectly within Steam's current policies.

Well in hindsight I think any car could do it on softs, 20 minutes on softs is not a big ask w/o the tyre wear multiplied as well IMO.

Btw, have you seen GzeroD's post in the other thread?  I think he points to the cause of the fuel fill, and the potential simple fix (and if I read it right, it's in the car file?)

Hardware & Reviews / Re: Fanatec pedal
« on: Today at 08:41:45 AM »
For sure, I’m in Sydney. Where do they have to go?
Sent you a pm

Hardware & Reviews / Re: Fanatec pedal
« on: November 15, 2018, 08:41:06 PM »
I have a set of CSRe pedals laying around if your want bits... good working order.

Drivers can be an issue in Windows 10, just reinstall a generic usb driver like Bueller explained.

I'm curious to know what the symptoms are?

Happy to donate my pedals to a good cause if that doesn't work.

Keith, if you still have it and don't need it, I'd be happy to buy it off you.   I've had another one of these "fucker just doesn't work" moments.  Lots of kicking and screaming and it worked, but something inside the pedal set isn't 100%.

I must stop drinking vino during dinner and through practice and qual....at the moment its out of hand....
See you at Sebring....Sebring,Daytona,all Iracing tracks   ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Hey Istvan how r you?  All good? 

I'm jolly fine, thanks, how about you?  I usually drink beer during the praccy period to calm my nerves; I've found it improves my driving. :)

Wally; I love the mulit-makes, I always did.  Everyone can drive something that suits their style.   But I guess in GTL the cars were set, all we had to do is select a bunch of varied tracks, then we did the rental sys, which only needed to be balanced once.  Here, the issue is a bit trickier, too many variables.   But you're doing a helluva job there.   

I'll be honest, I'd have chosen a faster car (longtail, most like), but I simply can't expect to keep it on the road as is, and I do not want to become a public menace.   I'm very rusty & struggling even with the short tail.

Btw did I give you a tap just before T1 in this race?   I kinda missed the clue that T1 is coming up and was surprised by your quick direction change & braking.  I've subsequently stomped on the brakes and not sure if I kissed your arse or not...

Assetto Corsa Competizione / Re: Is it worth getting or not
« on: November 14, 2018, 01:21:19 PM »
Is it that expensive that you can't purchase & test it?   
Or you aren't really excited/interested enough and need someone to convince you otherwise? :)

I've bought iRaping back in the day, because I was really into simracing back then, and *that* was really expensive...but I wanted to test it myself.

Just treat it as fun runs like I am, Kcender has already won the season, but will have some lonely hot lapping races, where as the rest of us will have some fun close racing as the season goes on if last night is anything to go by
I did not expect to win, nor even be near to the podium after such a long break and with minimal praccy, nevermind that :)

Well, I'd say the odds are stacked against the short tail more than one way now;  grunt, fuel consumption & refill time.   
The only thing it has is handling, which is nice, but I don't think it'll be anywhere close to competitive with all the above.  Oh well.

That would have been a boring, but ok race.   I was hotlapping pretty much the whole time.  Except when some 15 minutes to go got taken out by a UFO.  Fuck kunos, truly, for not being able to fix the netcode after years and years of this thing out on the market.

Kcender is going to lap the Short Tail's twice on this track . . .  :o :-[
Hm...can we get a temporary removal of restrictors for this track, please?

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: S16 R2 - Nemuno Žiedas - 08/11/2018
« on: November 09, 2018, 07:43:38 AM »
I'm not sure if I'll make it tonight. My nose is dripping like a tap, and if I don't blow it every 5 minutes, I'll have snot dripping off my chin.
That snot an excuse!

Short tail here, too, I can't have any chance of keeping the others on the black stuff :)

It was a fun night, and the long tail is almost there for me, but it still bites, and overall I can't get the speed out of it.  It'd take heaps of praccy.

Cars & Bikes / Re: Rust in pieces
« on: November 05, 2018, 08:59:51 AM »
That'll be the ultimate puzzle. 
I've had problems putting the '86 back together, and I've only took the front off to install the new radiator. :)

Please put me at the end of the list Wally. I think I'll be able to pick my wheel up again - and the cars & tracks look really enticing :)

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