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Sorry to hear about your back but works well for me. Have to work tonight.

Hope it feels better soon Wally

Had a shocker of a night, even by my standards. Turned my first lap about half an hour before qualifying and was flat out stringing 2 laps together. Sat out Qual and started from the back. a few crashes and pit stops later and finished 2 laps down, I think.

Started race 2 46 seconds late after helping our 7 year old with her drawing and just turned laps to try and get to grips with the track. was getting better but still never got below a mid 40. Had a crash mid race requiring another stop and just tried to stay out of the way. Was something different which is always appreciated but wasn't a good combo for me. Would be a great track in a radical or something with a heap of aero though.

Thansk Wally as always, had a fun night.

Can't wait to get back into racing after dealing with a customers crypto virus the last 2 weeks. Might have to drive the car before round 1 which will be a nice change.

Thought I might try my hand again for the last couple of races. Need something to stop me working :D

Going to have to miss yet another night. Got a server to get built and configured for work. Have fun guys

Track link: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/circuit-de-pau-historique-1967.15617

3 x 13 laps. Weather forecast is 17, 20 and 19 degrees, light winds.

This track has 24 pit boxes, so I'll be dropping Grat, Gratulin and JamieP.

Understandable for the missed races. Apologies but work keeps getting in the way. Looking forward to the next round

Sorry but decided to sit this round out. Besides being incredibly slow, I was getting major stuttering in multiple sections of the track. Given that I'd get lapped at least once but most of the field, I'd rather sit out and not ruin someone elses race.

Have fun guys and hopefully I can get back on track for next round.

Had a shocking run, new cars, new wheel and pedals and lots of image tearing and stuttering on VR. Sorry to those I tangled with, I tried to keep out of the way as best as I could but the Honda seemed to drift all over the track. Will have to have a play with the wheel settings and find something that has a better feel. May even go back to the G27 if I can't get the feel I am after.

See you all next week

Downloading the mod again but was getting checksum errors last night and today. Already re-downloaded the track

Made it home just in time for race 2 but at least I'd done about 12 laps before the race night. Got a good start but was stuck behind a mustang and got spun from behind. Had 2 more spins on my own it the race and left up the back......as usual. Race 3 was fun and had some good battles. Every time I thought I'd get away from the little battle, I'd have a little Abarth alongside me and comprimising my lines through the next corner. A couple of very soft spins and I was back to my usual spot at the back of the field.

I struggled to find a balance in the M1 and found it seemed to respond best to being gently flowed from corner to corner. A little too much steering or throttle would see the back stepping way out there. Was great under brakes though.

Thanks Wally and everyone for the season and bring on the next one.

Maybe a Formula Abarth or Renault 3.5 season. Whatever we run, I'm happy

I had fun and it was nice to be somewhere near the midfield pace. I made a few tweaks to the graphics to up the framerate and it seemed to work OK. It was a great battle and I could slowly reel you in bwfore making a mistake and seeing you disappear ahead again.

by far one of my better rounds

Hardware & Reviews / Re: VR recommendations in 2019
« on: April 11, 2019, 06:10:16 PM »
I've had to turn down a lot on my system but have just installed the rx580 and will see how it goes. I will test running the screen from a basic secondary card to take some more load off the main card. I have an old card floating around somewhere. the system may get a bit hot with the 380 and 580 in it

Hardware & Reviews / Re: VR recommendations in 2019
« on: April 04, 2019, 10:06:05 PM »
Was hovering around 45 fps on low to med settings so need to do something. Looking at upgrades now and that should help.

Hardware & Reviews / Re: VR recommendations in 2019
« on: March 30, 2019, 11:55:15 PM »
Just got it sorted and I f*&^ing love it. I can see the apexes and after 10 laps have met me previous best times but a lot more consistent. Being that I am only running an R9 380, it gets a little dicey on fast changes of direction so a good used rx 580 might be on the cards. Might even find a second one down the track and crossfire them.

Its just a completely new experience and I can't wait to spend more time in the rig now

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