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Qualified in 8th which is about normal for this season.  Managed to get two spots in the opening laps but then had AB on my tail from lap 5 . . . and he didn't leave until lap 16!  We had a great battle with numerous side by side clean moments, and in the end I hung on for 6th.
In race two I got away from 8th again but managed to find myself in 5th with Wally and Joe not far ahead so things looked promising.  However at the start of lap three entering turn 1 Wally and Joe floated away and I hit Wally spinning off.  It was then that I realised that my internet had decided to drop out. :(   I jumped out and then it restarted to I got back in . . obviously last.
I headed out and let the pack go by jumping on the rear.  From there I spent around 13 laps battling with DaveO.  I could catch him, make numerous attempts to pass, then slip back and repeat.  I don't think any paint was swapped in some very close and excellent racing.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S36R5 - Norisring
« on: February 16, 2021, 11:17:17 PM »
Qualified in 5th which was a season best for me.  Dropped one spot off the start (the Alfa effect) and spent the next 30 laps racing on my own, but was at least very consistent in my laps.
Race two I had a good getaway but at the end of lap two went in a bit hard under brakes.  Fearing I was going to clean up a few I shot through a gap and ran wide dropping back to 11th.
From there however I had a great and very clean battle with AbleArcher.  We traded the spots three times and the battle went on for about 15 laps.  I eventually slipped away and had a quiet run to the end.
Car started to feel better tonight and having been off the pace so far, so hopefully a turn around in form coming!

That's what I've done with my wheel - bolted it to the desk. But I only really use that desk for sim racing, so the wheel stays there.
Yeah, unfortunately my desk has multiple uses . . :(

Tough night for me.  Race one my wheel was coming loose on the mount so had to fight it.
Second race, about two laps in it lets go altogether with the clamp falling on the floor.  From there had to try and hold it
in place which was not easy as AB and Mael hot on my tail.  Managed to mostly keep it together but they eventually got through.

Bit of research today sees a likely clamp replacement coming from the US which will take a few weeks.  In the meantime I will
have to get a bit creative in trying to secure it :)

Bye works for me, its my daughters birthday

Good night of racing.  Got to one spot up to 5th at the start but then start but then had Joe behind for many laps putting on the pressure.  Eventually he got a run down the back straight and was through.
Race two found myself with behind Wally with about a one sec gap until lap 12 so it was tight.  Unfortunately I had that moment around lap 8 when you suddenly think, "Is he braking early, or am I braking late" either way it was an oh shit moment where pressing the brake harder only made it worse  ::)  Thankfully we both pushed on, but then it happened again a few laps later and we dropped a few spots as a result (my bad).
Definitely like these cars, the slight differences make for good racing . . . just need to find a bit more speed!

Can't say I've had warning of a gearbox issue in the BMW.

I've updated to latest version of SOL, CSL etc and it looks excellent.  I even noticed when driving on a light cloud day, that as clouds passed over
there was noticeable shadowing on track.  Also the rain looks excellent.

I had a quick practice the other night and found the aggressive setup was so much better at getting turn in and finding apexes but yes, you do have to be more sensitive with your driving.

I think it might make life interesting to mandate a car swap at the halfway point of the season.
Is this post of yours affecting us?  ;)
I think so, but I'm still umming and aahing a bit. Let me know what you think of the idea. It could spice up the chase for the championship a bit, if someone dominates the first half of the season in one particular car, but then doesn't do as well in another car.
I think its a wait and see option.  Different tracks will likely have an effect on results also.  Personal preference for me is to stay in the one car and you could also tweek the restrictor if it was leaning to far one way.

Sorry guys, but I am out also.  Had a big day of mountain biking and am stuffed!  :P :P

Which Porsche are we running on Tuesday Wally, I just have the 911 II GT3 R prior to getting any DLC.

Seems to be three packs available, which one to we need?

I may risk sounding ungrateful but i did not enjoy last night. The worst is the exterior/interior car sound imbalance which makes it near impossible to race in close packs.
I did change gears to early a couple of times due to hearing the surrounding cars and thinking it was mine!

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