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Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Pat Phillips Cup
« on: April 17, 2019, 08:30:53 PM »
Thanks,  I am sure I just got lucky with the big names not racing and the grid not been as full as usual
I think the 2000 practice laps might have helped also . . . :)   Well Done Phil.

Thanks for clearing that one up Wally. One minute I was passing a slower car on it's right and the next moment I was sliding sideways towards the field trying to take turn 1. I tried everything, brakes, hand brake, down shifting to try and pull the Nissan up but sadly I slid into killa who was simply an innocent victim. Other than some door damage I don't think it effected him, but certainly wasn't the way I wanted to start a race either.

I unfortunately can't say the same to Freezer as glancing side touch saw him spear off track (race 1 I think ) about 1/2 way around the lap. I simply didn't know he was there. Sadly even with triples I couldn't see him in the Fiat and the red arrow pointing to where he was said he was behind me as I turned in, so I didn't expect to bump into the side of him at the apex, mind you he couldn't probably say after following me that I couldn't find an apex all night.....the corner speed of the Fiats was amazing and at least when Freezer passed me in subsequent races, I was aware of his closing corner speeds.
Hey Brad I think the T1 incident was my fault in hindsight, I had many cars blowing past and as you came up I have moved slightly right :(  (checked the replay)  so I basically went from P1 to 2nd last!!
As for the bump . . I was desperate to get past in the bends so was throwing the Abarth into any gap that appeared :)  Yes there was a huge speed difference but just a racing incident I believe!  :)

Well I knew the Abarth would be a gamble despite its overall lap time being a fair bit faster and that kind of proved to be the case.
However, I reckon I completed the most amount of passes tonight with action on most laps!  And yes, only to be often re passed
down the straight.  But overall despite a few moments, I was able to pick my way up through the field in each race and throwing
it up in the inside, around the outside, pretty much anywhere . . . was heaps of fun! :)
With Wally's blow up in r1 I did think I was on for the third step for the season but appears we drop a round so I hadn't allowed for that :(
All up a good season!

The Abarth will definitely require a clear run around the back to make sufficient gap to hold out on the straight.  It will definitely be behind at T1 I think so
should be interesting to try and come through in 9 laps.

Strange...just tried to get on the server and got a checksum. Isn't that all Kunos stuff?
I got the same . . .  but I saw Mael was on there!!
"Error: cant compare checksum"

Strange, work perfectly for me. But it may explain why I've got the quickest time  ;D

Just did a 2.10.1 off line in the Abarth . . . :) :) :)

Nah, you're kidding...you mean 2:10 for the start-finish straight, huh? ;-)
I've done a 2:14 in the Mustang and was proud of myself...haha
I will get belted on the home straight but there are a lot of tight corners!  and yes time is legit!!

Another thing we could do was the 2004 Ferrari F1, but that may get us a smaller field and having 25+ cars on the grid would be cool.
We tried these once, but didn't have great success with them (although I liked them). Lower numbers, easy to rear end in braking zones, big spread of lap times.
Maybe historic F1, but more predictable, less hyper than current cars!

Strange...just tried to get on the server and got a checksum. Isn't that all Kunos stuff?
I got the same . . .  but I saw Mael was on there!!
"Error: cant compare checksum"

Strange, work perfectly for me. But it may explain why I've got the quickest time  ;D

Just did a 2.10.1 off line in the Abarth . . . :) :) :)

Strange...just tried to get on the server and got a checksum. Isn't that all Kunos stuff?
I got the same . . .  but I saw Mael was on there!!
"Error: cant compare checksum"

It's going to be an interesting race. If there are some Abarths around, they could clog things up, for Phil especially... but there is that long back straight. I'm a tad slower in the Nissan, but can be very consistent in it.
I've done a 1.44.3 in the Abarth.  Hugely faster in the corners than Phil, but 31km/h slow on the straights so tough to know how it would pan out in a race!

I did have a couple of different versions, but I deleted them both and downloaded the one in the first post
The download does not seem to have the international layout
The link in the Car Dealer - Schedule now has the correct one matching the server.

Hey Wally, when I use this track link or the one in the Car Dealer its shows as track missing in the server browser.
Says it looking for "oulton_park/internationalnochic" whereas this is "Oulton-park-nochic".

Racing general / Not Foxtel
« on: April 03, 2019, 09:52:21 PM »
Hi guys,
There is a new service out called https://kayosports.com.au/
Its basically Netflix for sport and is has 50 different sports from around the globe including all types of
motorsport (F1, Supercars, MotoGP, Rally etc etc ) for only $25 per month with no contracts.

It has the Fox Sport feeds so for us motor racing fans you miss nothing and its in HD. 
My experience so far is that the picture quality is excellent via the PC and Phone. 
You can also get a Chromecast and stream it via your smart TV.

It streams live and if you miss something you can watch it later (no need to record).

Half the price of foxtel and better......

Tough night!  I see I was 13th fastest overall yet finished 6th and two 7ths.  Shows the difference between outright qualifying times and racing together.
My basic plan was to use the Nissan jump to get as many places as possible then do my best to hold off the Arbath's as they came hunting.
And that is how the night went!  The Abarth's were definitely quicker but by holding the apex and not making any mistakes I was able to hold off most
challenges . . . . but it was certainly tough!

I was hovering around 6th or 7th on the practice server and combined with my continual problem with the fast right on the back straight I wasn't confident.
But then I jag a pb or some 6 tenths and found myself on the front row.
At this point I new my only hope was to user the Nissan start and go like hell before Phil tracked me down.
Race 1 went as expected with Phil catching me in the dying laps and to my surprise in race 2 if anything I was pulling away and grabbed a win!!
Race 3 was the same strong start but I took a few cuts at the chicane then mid race with Phil closing in I put a tyre off on the long right before the back straight.
It wasn't much but cost me a cut (bit silly in that it's on the outside of the corner and I was losing plenty of time).  Phil was now through and I had a 10 sec penalty
so I pushed on just trying to maximise the gap to those behind.
Nissan felt good tonight and much more suited to my driving than the Mustang which I almost went with!

I know from experience that you need to be careful at Church bend (the very fast right hander at the bottom of the hill):

The fast line there, approached at around 200 kph, is to start far left and then cut across early to the left apex, to carry that speed. There are always people who, having brought more speed through Village, try to pass on the inside there. There is not much the car in front can do to pull out of a pass like that, at that speed. So be careful!
I find it very hard to judge that corner and keep missing the apex :(:(

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