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cant believe i have to spend 8 bucks to get that bloody ferrari

Very good guys,good race and congratulations to Matt for the big win!! In race one i think i did ok and in a circuit so short with 10 cars in one sec you expect a hard race.I managed to finish the race in one piece and ahead of Wally,,,thats it!!

Race number 2 it was all diffrent,i gave everything in the first race in terms of mental and physical fitness :-* so i was tired and again Wally cracked me open......noooooooooooooooooo!!

Thx Wally to have the strenght and the will to keep going on organizing tueasdays nights.....XGN Assetto Corsa Races!!!!  FasterXGN!!!!

 ;D ;D 

After all my moaning about being off the pace in practice, I managed my best result in race 2 - a 5th.

Race 1 was pretty intense, defensively. I managed to put an opening lap pass on Mael in the esses, but after that I couldn't really challenge Russ and Keith in front of me, who slowly pulled out an unassailable lead, but I had ab156 on my hammer the whole race, keeping the pressure on me. I eventually had an oversteer moment which let AB past, but a couple of laps later he made a mistake of his own and I could get my spot back. I hung on despite a couple of enthusiastic "hurry up" taps from AB that gave me more tankslapper practice ;)

Race 2 I was pretty much sandwiched between Keith in front (who was battling hard with Jeremy), and Shayne then Matthew behind me. Less than a second gap front and back, which was pretty intense, and some good tight racing, with zero contacts for me.

You have improved a lot wally!  Nice!!!

Hey camon guys,its a game and we are trying to get entertained on tuesday nights.i think i hit killagorilla and i am sorry i have ruined the fun of both sorry again!!
I had a ball in the second race thx guys!!!

ok bloody hell i got to have this mod...!!!!

With the end of daylight saving, qualifying start time will revert to 8:30 pm Eastern.

NNNOOOOOIIIIIIIIICE!!       finally!!!! its going to be a lovely racing winter!!!     :-* :-* :-* :-*

Ok Wally so you r saying that i cracked like an egg hey????????   Lets see next week if i.......crack!!!!

...BTW    I am prone to give a miss the third race and i feel sorry reason is.....shit mate i cant do it!! 8) 8) 8)

I had fun tough considering i had 0 practice before the race

........see ya ...wally >:(

I cant believe i had a call at 7 pm to go out for dinner with my wife and mother in law......i can not believe it.!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey joe!!  I love this car ..hips of fun!!!!! Especially at Croft it was real fun!! 

Hey guys i am very sorry i cant race tonight i have a family commitment i cant say no......sorry i was looking forward to it

Thank you Wally!

Ok my friends,after working with the telstra guy and showing him all the telstra pit that i know in the jungle,we came to the conclusion that indeed i need to replace the telephone cable(100mt).But before leaving we managed to put back some sort of internet with a hat trick,Yes internet is back.do not know for how long but is back and travelling to a 2.5 MB x sec....nooooooice,still some static noise but it is what it is,i should actually pressing telstra to give me a free year,,k`noth!!!
I will yes dig a trench and lay the pipe and the rope ready to connect in the near future,i got a tractor and a grader :o so is not a big deal.They wont come and do it in a hurry so they can get stuffed.!!!  i cant wait for NBN,it will take probably 2 years.100 mts of out outdoor tel cable plus a rope its around 200 dollars,,,,i can make it ,,,i have to otherwise no internet mate!!!!!!
...........but i can race next tuesday with you guys and thats a big news   
   ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

cheers internet in ozzie land sucks,,,,,,,but nor for focking bird!!!!!!   :D :D :D :D

Real Life Motorsport / Re: Formula 1
« on: March 08, 2018, 11:50:14 AM »

Bad news for us since no Australia because of Foxtel.

REALLY bad news for Simone because you would need internet access even if it were available in Australia :(

I have been using acestream bat it was not a good experience,so last year i got foxtel play digital,,,,,,,i never looked back!! i know its costing money but hey...i watch comprehensive  football and GP`s and i can watch them later if i want to. I had to watch GP`s and i had to watch some sort of sport in my life!!!  This morning my son and i watched a football match  Juventus-Tottenham using the wifi and it was really good.!!!!!

Hey Guys!!!  Any of you going to the GP this year??  My wife and i coming down and i would not mind meeting some  of you,if any of you is going that is.....ye i will be there,,,wally!!  Are you going?

Sport / Re: Juventus F.C
« on: March 05, 2018, 08:20:41 PM »

shit je!!!!!!

Yes gratulin the technician checked the connection at.both end and indeed we gained some speed but its.the connection at.my place that is crackling and noise so the fault is from my house to the pit.
But thx for your encouragment i need it.Inside the tel cable there 2 wires,one is already out of service and we,3 years ago joined to the wire number 2 only, and it has been good since.but now maybe the wire number 2 is old and malfuctioning as well....testing is indicating this theory...lol
The 13th of month the super technician will be here and maybe with someof luck......
When the modem is on i can get a speed of 130 kb/s.....before cleaning the connections it was 14 kb/s...so...cmon...cmon telstra!!!!!!  Lololololol  thing is it looks like i have some data to watch the juve- tottenham football match   

See you soon be good!!!!

Hello my friends!!
Still no joy, after 3 weeks, 1667 phone calls, 3 telstra technician and lots and lots of WTF? Momemts the modem is dropping out every 5 min.
Technician told me the problem is my telephone line from my home to the first pit(50 mt) the cable must be replaced.
Another technician is coming the 13th...WTF?  Don't know what to think or what to do anymore, we badly need to be connected at home.we must have a working tel line!!!!  For christs sake!!! We just live 40 klm north Brisbane!!!  .....cant even download the track and do a couples of laps.....i don't know.....Bah!!  Worst thing is that yesterday we pay the bill.
Sorry guys but obviously i cant race!!
Let you know what happen .....have fun and i miss you!!


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