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First of all my sincerest apologies to Simone, Wally and AJ for the collisions. Certainly not my proudest of rounds, I guess I need to work on my depth perception when racing close.

If it weren't for those three incidents I would have called it a good round.

Carrying the penalty weights next week and dropping in for some much needed practice, I look forward to an incident free race night next Tuesday.

Are the weight penalties also added to the practice server?

No problem at all Keithrichard,you r welcomed all the time,but you were lucky my teamspeak was not working at the time........ ;D ;D ;D  see you  next week mate!!!!

Lovely night race for a change,this time i was determined to carry on does not matter what and it paid off in terms of fun,i thought whats the point to press ESC and get a cold beer on every accident,it is hard,,very hard in the first lap cause you know you will be last but hey..... ,,,,,i prefered keep racing!!

In the second race i had a ball,,,,really i had ball it was lovely to beat ppl like ,,wally.....russg.....and many others,loved it!!!!

The penalties for cuttings.i agree,the system is clear and rules are rules but hey,i mean i have never ever took any time advantages by cuttings,on the contrary...and to be honest my were not even cuttings they were just off roads that i repeat,only costed me time...plus the 10 sec penalty,but no worries cause i had fun.

Regarding the crashes and the so called appaling driving lately...really,,,???  i have been racing with you guys for the last 10 years and i thought this group is the best in terms of quality of driving.As i said i prefer loosing a couples of sec (especially...ESPECIALLY during the first few laps) that ending up on the grass........ after all is that what happens in real life?  Most races are lost in the first corner

HEY WALLY,,,,JOE,,,,,RUSSG,,,MARTY........SUUUUUUUUUUCK iTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

thx marty

Are you trying to find out how much slower than me you are Simone?  ;)


good to see you grat,you look exactly as i imagined...... ::)

thx marty

Hey guys i hate asking again but i am trying to check other ppl times lap on the server,i searched through the apps section but is kind of confusing for me can someone help please.

FFB for praga is very fine and fun,,i love AC now,,,,,a lot :-*

Yes, Shameless is the same old Dez from all those years ago.

LOL nice to see you Dez,its 9 metal here ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Quote from: RussG
Race 2 replay - ...

Thanks Russ.

And Dez, now I've watched my first lap last corner spin and reentry I consider it, 'no harm no foul'. As I suspect Wally did also.
So, sorry for the scare there.

Hey GzeroD
The Dez you r talking about is the one who used to organize the gt and gt2 races few years back?

Hey .....this is for the new guys,yes i mean new to online racing,PLease guys,if you really like racing online with AC and competing with a very tough and experienced group you are very welcomed, and  XGN is the place to learn actually,,,you are going to have a ball thats for sure.

This is a sport,adrenaline gets  high and to control an ultra pumped 2 litres 350 HP racing car for 40 minutes requires balls and lots and lots of immagination,,,immagination?...yes  Immagine for a moment to be really there,the start(i love the starts) i drive,look in the mirror,see whos around me,guessing their moves,my brain and eyes go 360 for the first 4,,5 laps,looking ahead is paramount,sometimes i am prepared to lose a position or 2 to avoid contact so i can keep having ultra fun,remembering when you are and your braking points....,,,,,,for sure like in real life when i am immerse in adrenaline i am also aggressive,but at the same time is fun,so fun that when you finished a race(does not matter the position) and after sweating and swearing you only say to yourself........this is a real online experience.

Of course i will keep fucking ppl from behind and i am expecting other ppl to fuck me from behind,but please guys,lets stay put,stay with us.....you wont regret!!!


That's precisely what I did do, at the time, only to be abused. Perhaps this is not the league for me, but I'd like to thank Wally and Marty for the opportunity anyway.

Cleaned up by moderator. Respect other members.

Great car and track,i had fun practicing with and doing some laps in the first and second race and actually i had a decent pace as well so...all good.
Not very lucky again i was really really enjoying myself in the first race chasing Joe when someone fark me from behind under braking and push me on the sand big time and soon after i hear the little silly voice,,,,,i am sorry......i mean the feeling of being pushed and hit and sent on the sand out of the blue is devastating especially in the first few laps and watching all the car passing by....MEH!!!   I pressed escape.

Race 2 was fun ,again i missed a couple of cars scattered around(do not ask me how) and while battling Wally i saw the yellow flag but i could not avoid 2 more cars....scattered....around this time so........fuck it i opened the fridge and i got myself a cold beer,see you next week guys....


Don't tell Simone, but I'm way off the pace.

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Just let you know that i will kick arses to some of you noobs!!!! 8)
Bring it on Simone. I like a bit of rivalry on the track!

If I remember correctly Simone was all talk and no action last season  :o  ;D

Mate,,,thats it,,,,!!!!  Gloves are off!!!!!!!!!!! >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

All good now  matey 8). You know how much of a noob i am with unzip here unzip there,,,,but ye......i will kick your arse regardless on the track :P :P :P :P

Hello Wally i have downloaded the pit config and i tried to pit into the pit server,but once i got the tyres changed i get no 10 sec hold ??? Do you think i am a noob? :'(

Just let you know that i will kick arses to some of you noobs!!!! 8)

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