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I must stop drinking vino during dinner and through practice and qual....at the moment its out of hand....
See you at Sebring....Sebring,Daytona,all Iracing tracks   ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Hey Istvan how r you?  All good? 

Mercedes Benz please!!!

Hello!!  i am trying to get the daytona track but i get a 404 error?   thx

Sorry wally i made a mistake, ....sorry mate!!!!  ye ,,,the only thing that makes me feel better is that i have been lately faster that Wally and thats a good thing  so wally,,,,,suck it!!!

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH  vaffanculo wally!!!!!

Not to play down Kcender's appearance at the pointy end of the standings, but extra well done to Joe and Freezer for such a strong result.
Another pretty shitty race for me. The 1st lap and a half were entertaining, dicing around with Bacchulum, Simone and Russ, changing a few positions already. I had managed to pass the ballasted Simone on one of the long sections, but then he moved a little off line and clipped the rear corner of my car at probably over 250 kph, sending us both airborne down the hillside. It did look kind of funny in the replay, seeing the two of us suddenly disappear, airborme, off the side of the track. My steering wheel ended up at 90 degrees, which was the worst broken but driveable suspension damage I'd ever seen. It meant a lengthy stop to repair the car, but then I saw virtually no one for the rest of the race. I was hoping to be lapped so at least I'd see another car  ::)
I enjoyed the car, but didn't have good pace and had lots of rubbish races, so overall not a great season for me, racing wise.

Hey wally!!  Any chances for you to make a 10 sec movie of the mess??

Put me  in thx

Het wally are you sure that "I" move a bit on your side?  Beside when i saw you were about to pass me i said to myself...shit!! hes crazy,he cant do it here no way,,,,,BANG!!!!!     VAFFANCULO wally!!!!!!!    :-* :-* :-*   

Race 1  !!!!    One of the best race in a long time in terms of concentration and tactics,i really had fun and i have to say thats what happen when i put some practice into the game.Even if the  wet race at Goodwood was a fake real time weather is going to be a real challenge and a key player in any sim.

Race 2 >:( >:( >:(  well i really want to apology to joe,after the big mess i did look if anyone was coming but i honestly thought you were just recovering from the mess and i thought you were much slower than that,,,,sorry mate big mistake from me!!

Good fun!!! 

I'm trying to figure out why I'm so slow. Can someone who can do 1:22ish please upload their telemetry after some good laps. I think the .act file is in the Documents..... telemetry folder. Thanks.

Hahahahahahahaaaa   passing you has been the highlight of the season for me   MMMMuuhahahaahahaaaaaa    :-* :-* :-* 8) 8) 8) 8)

A good night gaming online!!  Nice races!!!   Huge battle with Wally and then in the 2nd race with Rob,,,,very good guys!!!!  Its a shame that i am becoming an old fart though!!!!   57 years old last week....still rolling!!!  rolling????????

Embarassing race!  :o :o :o :( :(

With daylight savings upon us again, I will revert to starting qually 15 mins later at 8:45pm AEST, as we've done in previous years.

Thx wally for those crucial 15 minutes for us queenslanders,,,,, :-* :-* :-*

It's pretty easy to understeer into a barrier here and wreck your car.

Yes, but it's a really good track particularly compared to what it has become.

The two heavy braking areas after fast corners are really hard to get right.

Definately mate!!

Race 1:   Wheres mac87 ???

Race 2:  lost it and hit the wall...race over!!

I am really enjoying this car hopefully at Imola i can born again driver!!

good fun guys thx!!

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