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Great race and of course great season,thx all for a fantastic tuesday night online racing.I loved the car and i loved the company i hope to compete again next season ;D ;D ;D ;D

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Season 16 Poll
« on: February 20, 2017, 08:32:29 PM »
Parsimonious explanation...........WHAT THE???!!!

....pity you don`t know my time........piss off will ya??????????

I am finding that the cuts here are over strict and not the same as what ptracker calls a cut, a few are just 2 wheels on the ripple strip and what i would call a racing line

I agree

PS: I am spinning way too often for my tastes (once per stint?). I don't know if it's something about me, the track, the tyres giving up all of a sudden, or me needing to get used to the new wheel. But I am starting to think I know how my races will end tomorrow: backward.

I am fine,car feels good,does what i said and i am getting there,so hopefully tonight will be the night :o :o :o :o.

Everyone who runs into the rear of someone on the opening lap and causes them to leave the track or lose positions is extremely likely to be penalised. It's a rule I've applied consistently.


Are you able to describe how to make a video?

you need,,,,fraps  http://www.fraps.com/  you can get it is free,but you cant make movies longer than 30 sec,,,but its fine

you need movie maker in win.

you need a youtube account to upload youe video.

If you have never tried before recording actions from your game, install fraps click on "movies"  and while you run your replay you can catch and record your favourite moment by pressing any key you choose(its like when you talk on TS,same thing,on the fraps interface.The record will be then stored in any folder you waant,in the default case   computer/programs/fraps/movie.

Open movie maker click on "add a movie" go to the fraps/movie folder and double kick the record you just stored in there,edit it if you want in movie maker,and then save it "you must save it"

Open you tube and upload the movie you just saved it with movie maker.

(you can use movie maker to upload to youtube but for me never worked)

have fun......but i think you still pushed me off road....heheehehhee    :-* russ


Hey Russ how R ya matey???!!!  lol   

Hey listen i think you r right i lift the throttle for a fraction cause i went a bit wide and  you don`t want accellerate on the green stuff there,,,,or you might go around.
So Russ is up to the steward,but i am afraid the decision is final....sorry mate....lolololololololololol

i left the pedals app on so you can see what both are doing,first clip is russ,second view is Simone...

Hey Russ..........45 kg,sorry mate...MMMUUHAHAHAHAAA

God knows for how long i had the throttle out of tune.....i am spewing :-\

Since it happened to me i keep the pedal app open. It happens every now and then and just need to replug the pedals.

yes joe now i keep the pedals app open as well

I'll reduce the ballast a bit to 15kg, 30kg and 45kg (practice server updated).

Hey Wally,
How about reducing the 60kg I have for the incident last week (which I still claim is undeserved).

Hey Russ how r you?....any chance to have a look at your undeserved incident?

God knows for how long i had the throttle out of tune.....i am spewing :-\

Ballast sucks...big time.It is a shame that the pit waiting is not working cause it would have been the ideal solution.

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