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Sorry not to make it. Not been feeling too well today.

I love these cars. Nice to be using the H-shifter and clutch again on a Tuesday season. Sorry for the tap Wally, it's exactly what I did to Mael. I think I take a different line through T1 or something and it caught me out twice. The 90% restrictor made it quite different when I was back in the pack. There was no way I was getting past anyone so all I could do is defend which I did with AJ for quite a number of laps but eventually I stuffed up the final corner and he got me through T1.

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Track / Car Testing
« on: July 17, 2017, 06:48:06 PM »
Oooh Caterham  8)

Just got back from holdiays today so may not make it. Will see how I go.

In please

General question...is it still fun racing with the restrictor ?

Yep always fun

Good fun. Sorry to Seanus for the second race. Poor line on the last turn around lap 3 and got a wheel on the curb and it spun me around into him. Some good racing with Bruce after that and I only got by once he made a mistake.

I found the restrictor interesting; I could still put in pretty good lap times if I had free track as I noticed I took most corners quicker than some people, but once I was in traffic I had no chance to pass unless somebody made a mistake. I'd get a good exit onto one of the straights and pull alongside someone only for them to pull away half way down the straight. I guess part of that is the track so will be interesting to see how it goes on other tracks.

as I caught him he overtook Joe (i think). Unfortunately Joe's car made a sharp jerking move as I was about to overtake him and in my shock I overreacted in avoiding him spinning miles off track.

Nope not me.

Qualified 4th then remembered on the line I suck at starting in these cars and lost 2 places right off the bat. I think I made one of them back before lap 3 where Phil and Kero had their incident on the last corner. I was sure I was going to make it through but clipped one of them and destroyed my front wing. I stayed out for a couple of laps but the car was really struggling. Bacculum got past me, and then Simone got on my tail which was a clear indication something was very wrong  ;D I pitted after lap 5 and fixed the wing plus tyres. After the stop I came out around 6th with a lot of clear track so was able to put in good laps. Phil came out of the pits behind me just before I caught up and passed Russ but Phil got through too had a few laps with Phil on my tail. The tyres eventually started to go off after such a long stint and I made a mistake and Phil made his move. After that I couldn't keep up due to the tyres so I just kept on eye on the gap to Kero behind me. He got close by the end but managed to take 4th.

Race 2 I got a better start and was fortunate to miss a couple of offs in front of me. I was quickly in 2nd behind Bacculum and got by him on at the end of lap 3 once the DRS kicked in. Matthew was soon behind me and I thought it was only a matter of time before he went by but I started to slowly increase the gap and keep in clean. Assuming Matthew wasn't pushing 100% as he already had the championship in the bag as usually he's a lot quicker than me but I'll take my first Tuesday night win  8)

Real Life Motorsport / Re: Formula 1
« on: June 29, 2017, 09:37:06 AM »
I didn't think he braked, he just didn't accelerate and Vettel was probably focused more on Perez. Apparently nothing int he telemetry showed he braked.

I don't think Vettel meant to drive into him though, but he did loose his cool and should he not have driven up beside him to wave his fist none of it would have happened.

Also they're all cocky assholes; that's what makes them so good at what they do  ;D

many mistakes from there on culminating with a destroyed front wing lap 3(ish).

I believe you destroyed it on the back of my car  ;D

Not sure whom I hit, but that person was having a slow spin which cause me to hit them. If it was you Joe then you responsible for my broken nose cone, will be sending the bill.  ;D

No spin. I took you down the straight on about lap 3 and you tapped me from behind going into T1  :P

I'll miss next week due to school holidays so looks like a wally and phil battle for 2nd in the team standings.

Scrap that. Holiday delayed till the following week so will be there.

many mistakes from there on culminating with a destroyed front wing lap 3(ish).

I believe you destroyed it on the back of my car  ;D

Race 1 was going quite well. Early battling with kcender then a chase on shayne. In lapping djb he said I pushed him off track; I did squeeze more than intended but thought there was still a car width there. Sorry if not the case.

After pit stop I came out to see cars appear on the track map so tried to hug the insidr of t1 but went wider than intended on cold tyres. At the same time i saw a car go off track on helicorsa and assumed i caused it so i slowed to redress. Turned out shayne wrnt off on his own and i just let kcender and Jeremy by. A lap later i spun and damaged front wing allowing shayne by then had a good chase with him catching quite quickly due to his damage but ran out of laps.

Race 2 probably should have been my first tuesday night win but was not to be. I'd jumped on the practise sever bu accident and set fuel for the 10 laps that was set for then didn't change it after getting in to the race server. I realised early on and set up a pitstop for a quick splash n dash. I could see wally was holding up matthew so i tried to make as big of a gap as i could before pitting. As soon as matthew got past him i went in. I was 5.5 second ahead at that point with 6 laps to go so a bit annoying as could have won it.

I'll miss next week due to school holidays so looks like a wally and phil battle for 2nd in the team standings.

This is going to be a busy race, on a narrow, bumpy track that always seems to rush by fast.
I fear it's going to be a mess... so bumpy and so slippery even at 100%. Should be a fun challenge, though

I had my first turn of the wheels here last night, thinking how bumpy can it be, then in the first lap I bounced off the track into the barrier in the first sector I knew what you meant

I did a handful of laps last night for first time too. Gonna be a tough race. The curbs here are really nasty.

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