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why not throw in the 919 hybrid 2017 :)

Love that car at Nords but if people need lower damage in basic gt cars then what hope have they got in that beast.  ;)

That and mixing a 3 minute a lap faster car into the field might be a recipe for disaster. Although it would allow us mere mortals to follow Marty for a lap or two  ;D

If the car was available I would be in it for sure, I ran a few times with Cherno and think we were doing sub 5:30 on the tourist but following anyone is a real challenge at Nords in that. Also boost only lasts half a tourist lap on the min setting. Gt cars on tourist should be about 40 seconds slower so full layout maybe just over 1 minute per lap. It would spice up the traffic situation for sure and give the gt guys a fright in some sections.  ;D

I have driven it at nords offline with optimal track settings to a 5:31.3.. it'd be awesome to race there.. even with the 50% damage you will still see people in the pits.. and it would mean traffic more often too for everyone.. even if it is from behind lol.. but im used to that lol.

why not throw in the 919 hybrid 2017 :)

I'm in

Grat are you using windows 7?

If so https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/download/details.aspx?id=36805  is said to fix the issue.. If youre not win7  then dunno.. seems to be centered around directx and whether your OS is compatible with dx 11.1


Damage I dont know 100% seems best after all an enduro is to see who can survive the best over a long race not those smashing walls every kilometer and getting away with it, I think anyone with reasonable track knowledge could complete the race clean it just means driving to your limits and ability pushing as hard as you dare and can manage, take away most of the risk of damage and it becomes less important to actually drive clean. If there is no damage, no fuel or tyre wear (not that that has been suggested) its not really much of an enduro just a long hotlap session. Full damage in recent 1 hour races have made no difference to having lower damage, higher damage will likely make people take more care early.

People will likely quite anyway as the same people quit in most sprint races, enduros or anything else. Being a long race with full damage it would mean people can go to pits for repairs and as they likely wont be the only ones needing this it means they can continue on after an issue and still gain some spots over the end of the race.

I did an hour and half race at Bathurst and with lowered damage it meant many got away with smashing lots of walls and so put better drivers that could race clean for the full distance at more of a disadvantage. Having some people choose the fastest car and be able to over drive the full distance with little care for damage makes it less likely to compete with them in a slightly slower car. Add full damage and those that do best will likely also be those that have the least amount of mistakes.

100% on a fun enduro seems a bit excessive and I'm basing my original comment about damage on people like Phil who I am sure would like to race but doesn't know the track as well as others and I'm sure he's not alone.   And by you're logic the tuesday league races should all be clean but so many people are coming off, hitting walls and causing accidents from the 1st lap onwards. People are bound to have brain fades, fatigue and accidents involving other cars. Just because you may get lucky and not hit anyone, doesn't mean someone won't hit you.. its all a risk.. I think 50% damage that Wally suggested is reasonable.

Just curious why even have the SLS and the MP4-12c when the specs appear to be exact?  just the amg and the 650s would be enough

Could the huracan st compete with the rsr at all?  from testing the huracan st looks to chew tyres and i think fuel too..

and what about damage?  should it be run a tad lower considering the track.. too high and people would most likely quit..  perhaps the same level as thurs nights?

Is the lotus Evora GTE or GC comparable to say the porsche cayman gt4?  id like to see a season of something like this but because they're not ultra ultra fast.. longer races by 5-10 laps or more.

a 919 2017 / GT3 / GT2 mixed season would be good.. but not with short sprint races.

Fastest group to slowest group of car categories are the way it's run in real life, it's also the way iracing does it with their series.. the nords 24hr i watched a bit of last night had Audi R8 LMS, then Porsche 911 GT3 R, Kia Optima, Mazda MX-5 layed out in that order on the grid

obviously sorted by qualifying times in each make for this instance.. but in ours I'm sure sit would be RSR 2017, Huracan ST, GT3, GT2  I believe?

It also might help sort the qualifying a little easier?

Endurance layout.

I've just done a couple of laps in the Porsche 911 RSR 2017 (11 laps per tank @ 9:00), and Corvette C7R (9 laps per tank at 9:00) (rough times).
So the Porsche can do 1 hr 39 on one tank, and the Corvette can do 1 hr 21 on one tank.
Other cars... dunno.

Maybe a 2 hr race would be good. I'll put a duration poll up.

Is this is 1x.. maybe up the fuel usage so it forces a fuel stop at least?

VLN runs the endurance cup layout. I think this would be a better choice.. Still get a portion of nurburgring to break up nords. But I'd race either.

yes and no.. i just dont want too many of 1 car and ive seen it too often in the past. 1st in 1st serve, if they really want to race nords for 1.5 hrs it should not matter as there are plenty to choose from

Im a mix between gt3 and gt2.. for choice. I'm going to be slower in either lol.. Even if i chose the RSR i will be doing times of slower cars.

The only thing i would like to see forced is a set amount of each car. So we dont get 10 Ferraris and 3 other cars for instance.. say 3 of each car avail only if they dont get it then they have to pick something else so there's a better mixed field..

I dont like forced pit stops not for this. Let people choose when to pit.

I'd be interested in a longer enduro, like 1.5 hrs at Nords. Probably some kind of GT mix.

yeah I think GT mix would work best.. but the RSR 2017 wouldn't fit in with any of the classes? and 1.5hrs would be better.

Proper race with no forced number of pit stops.. early morning start so there is sun glare would be a good challenge :)

And yes the lotus 72d was too fast for the RSR anyway.

Marty or Wally.. is there enough cars in gte? or gtc?  i see the lotus evora has 2 different race cars, a GX and GTC and they arent exactly slow like the mx-5 so I think they have a place in the field

Please add to or edit the list.. but this is what I can see is the cars list of Assetto.. and could the porsche RSR 2017 fit at all?

Audi R8 LMS Ultra
BMW M235i
Chev Corvette C7R
Ferrari 488 GT3
Ferrari 458 GT2
Lamborghini Huracan GT3
Lamborghini Huracan ST ?
Lotus Evora GTC
Lotus Evora GX
Maserati GC GT4
Mclaren 650s GT3
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 and the SLS GT3?
Nissan GT-R GT3
Porsche 911 GT3 R
Porsche Cayman GT4
p4/5 Competzione 2011
SGC 003

I'd like to do an enduro race at the Nordschleife for 1hr or 1.5hr.  I'm in the process of testing the Porsche RSR 2017 vs the Lotus 72d.. or just a 1 make Porsche RSR race. Qualifying would have to be at least 30-40mins to allow at least 1-2 laps to qualify.

Unfkn, Kcender and myself will be testing the lotus 72d vs the RSR on a private server but so far it appears that if the faster guys are in the 72d and the slower guys the RSR its pretty even so far... will no more with further longer testing.

If Wally is ok with this maybe a poll to gather who's interested.  I'm also up for a full grid GT3 class and even multiclass GT2, GT3 and one other slower class. GTC or GTE? But I would prefer to use the RSR as I haven't raced it yet.

 Didn't put the prac in for this track, never been a fan of silverstone, even less of a fan of no tyre warmers.

Race 1 I thought would go okay, but once again impatient drivers pushing and shoving cars including mine and not giving others room.. drivers seem to have enough trouble doing this with tyre warmers on, just worse with it off.. So damaged by other cars already on the first lap. front rear  due to a small pile-up and side more than once by the same driver not giving room. Took me most of the race in the end to get back into the race, by this time my body was heating up badly (no air flow here) but managed a 2:07 PB for me. Finished where I expected.

Race 2 body was too stiff and hot and I had trouble breathing so couldn't put a decent lap together and could not concentrate so was best to quit, even though I'd prefer not to.

such a nice track with such a shit grip level. wish the author would fix it.

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