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yep I'll be in this one thanks.

I'm actually with Mael on this the bmw is fun and different from what we've been racing.. slower cars for a change will be good. 

The escort season on thurs nights a while back was fun. I'd be up for the slower cars over the lmps, but they'd be good for mixed season next up.

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Season 10 PROPOSAL WIP
« on: May 31, 2017, 09:19:20 PM »
you had me interested until i read 6 laps..  I know these cars aren't superfast.. but cmon.. 10 laps is a short enough race.

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: 25-5-2017 - Round and Round
« on: May 22, 2017, 07:43:47 PM »
LOL 4250 bhp but 0-100mph in 7.7 seconds.. 


I think with multiclass for one off events best to let people choose the class they want to race, no need to force people to choose a car they arent comfortable with. Numbers wise not much you can do, some simply arent into endurance races and just like in a regular season if 30 enter your lucky to get 24 start a race due to  people unable to make it for whatever reason.

GT4 vs GTE is considerably slower as gt4 is more production car based with much less aero probably about 10 seconds per lap around an f1 circuit like Barcelona. The LMP1 cars would be about 10-15 seconds faster then gte there too so its 3 classes with similar gaps.

Changing between 2 classes in a season race to race would mix it up a bit, I wouldn't think people would not like a car in each class, as we've raced most of them here.  No one seems to have an issue on thurs night when a car type swap happens. Can't please everyone all of the time .. If people really want to race they'll do it..   Multiclass racing is fun but in a season to me would need more people in each class.. and more variety to choose from in each class, not just 1-2 cars per class.

if we race the 98T can i have a 787b lol :D

I think more non season events would be good, but advertising would be needed to get in more numbers.  But a season of lmp1 and gt3 would be good.. on medium to large tracks.. maybe do a class swap each race..

how fast is GTE compared to GT4?

I find Le mans the most boring track around personally, there is a mod track around but I would much prefer a race at Spa or amy of the other WEC circuits that arent Le Mans lol.

919's will get some competition as Kunos will release Audi and Toyota LMP1 cars at some point. I would probably hold off on a wec season until those come as its not likely we will get multipke wec seasons. There will also be more gte cars coming but no real news of what or when has been announced other then whats been announced but yet unreleased. A WEC enduro as a mixed class test after this season would work and I think Spa would be a good track for it.

The Zonda R is a trackday special hypercar kind of competing with the 599xx, laferrari fxxk,p1 gtr, 918 etc ts not close to an lmp1 car.

could always put in the 599xx the the fxxxk and the zonda r as a class if they are comparable. And another class type as well for a mixed race

is there a decent lemans track we can race on for an enduro? mixed class on that would surely bring the numbers as well as spa.

And if we're racing cars like the 919s would the Pagani Zonda R have a place on the grid perhaps?

Now we need to have one at lemans with the 919 and gt3 for 2 hrs :) could even put the zonda R  in :)

Qual ended up being 10th. struggled with getting the setup right all week.. finally got one i was stable with a low aero...but when tyre blankets were off I had to up pressures by 1 all round and raise aero to 4.  Wasn't bad unless i really pushed hard then the rears got too hot.. had a few light taps in the wall so barely a scratch.. few times i lost the rear but managed to keep it off the wall.. Held off Jeremy for a lap and a half,, but he had more grunt and speed up the hill than me in his Huracan so I pulled to the left and 3 laps or so later he pulled out of sight but later must have crashed and quit.  I Passed Mael under slipstream and managed to hold 6th for half the race, Mael pitted one lap before me but I stuffed my pit up next lap and lost time.. he passed me and I couldn't reel him back in. I tried but everytime i pushed I would lose the rear.  Settled for 8th overall so pretty happy,, fastest I could push for was an 8:30.3., crashed when those who had finished starting chatting to each other on ts.. thankfully only near medium damage so car was ok after it spun and tapped the wall twice..

thanks marty and wally for organising it.. was an enjoyable race

I wonder if mixing in a slow easy to drive car would help the guys struggling with the pace of the gt cars, I dont have any idea of what maybe bmw m235i, mx5 cup or something similar. If there is anyone that would like to race but finds the gt cars a bit much at Nords it could be an option even though its late notice.

Having spent a bit of time in the server there are a few guys struggling to get around 2 consecutive laps so maybe a slow easier car may work and also add some mixed class traffic. Numbers overall arent huge yet but I think theres a few rooz guys like cherno possibly a couple more that may join still.

this is why the GT4 class would be good. I'd happily race the porsche cayman gt4 if there were other gt4 cars in the race, with a stock setup is very easy to drive around nords..  only setup ive managed to get stable for me due to joystick is in the RSR,

I'll take the McLaren 650S GT3... seeing as i lost all my setups for the other cars.

lol well it was either this or Morphine.. though I've had 2 of those tablets and gamed fine for 6hrs straight.

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