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What do you think about if Wally sets a spot during warm-up lap, maybe 3/4 or 2/3 where we have to shift down to gear 1 (which probably goes up to 90-100km/h with the GT3's anyway) and get into start formation and strictly adhere to it for the rest of the warm-up lap?
That may give everyone the time to catch up. Then accelerating & up-shifting after crossing start-finish line...and that for each car individually.
Just an idea...

The rule is simple and it's not being followed, doing that will only complicate things further..

I think nominating a top speed rather than 2nd gear would be more specific as to what needs to happen!
And keeping that speed down say 80Km/h should reduce the lag front front to rear of the field.
I think it's easier to stay in 2nd gear. It acts as a natural speed limiter, and you don't have to watch your speed at all. You can just do it by ear and keep your eyes on the cars around you. Experience shows it's not so easy to stick to a nominated speed on a formation lap.

Problem is no one is doing that Wally. I was in 5th trying to catch the gt3s in front on the straight after coming out of the chicane.. 

After having to miss 2 races I struggled with motivation to practice much and didn't really have the gearing or the setup tuned properly for the track.  I kept pressure on Aaron Thomas in the opening laps and tried to get up his inside into the chicane but he kept applying the pressure back.. after about 4 tries I finally got far enough ahead and it almost ended in disaster as he tried to out brake me again on the outside but couldnt pull it up so he spun off and I took the position. I had Joe all over me in the corners, I was determined to be defensive for a few laps at least. His tap didn't unsettle me at all but spun himself off.

I made it to 19th but had a brain fade in the pits to back to 23rd. Made it back up to 20th after passing rob in the closing laps. 

Good race by the LMPs, good to see some patience in the chicanes guys.

Not my best track but looking forward to the next 2 races.. congrats to the winners of both classes :)


cannot join the server again.

grrr out of this one too.. have fun guys and goodluck.

here's hoping for next week ..

I was really looking forward to this race. But won't be up for it unfortunately.  good luck everyone.

Awesome Rob :)

Is it just me or does this track seem a little small when it comes to width? doesn't seem to have a lot of room down the straights unless it's my FOV %.  Some of the corners kinda creep up on you and there's no brake distance markers on them, the dark ripple strips make them hard to see in the shadows.  Going to be interesting.

Well an IP change on ts during the race didn't help things.. so dead silent and couldn't tell anyone to come through.

I should have just gone and watched tv and not raced.. I was 3 seconds slower than my original time during the week, with the same setup. I hit hotdog up the arse a little under brakes on the rolling start lap because once again no one can even sit in 2nd gear. 

I then touched Dave0 on the back side panel as I came around his inside a lot faster at turn 1 on the 2nd lap, spun him and redressed, put myself last, passed him after trying to find a way through, but car was loose so only just managed it, thanks Dave0. I was doing well catching Rob, passed him and lapped hotdog, but soon as i entered the pits my pit strategy was blank (even though I'd saved one with the setup multiple times over) And in the disgust I did not change the soft tyres.. (insert every swearword known to man) went out hoping they'd last.... nope,, 8 mins later back to pits and had to mess with the pit strategy all over again,, didnt repair damage either.. and just lapped by myself for the remainder trying to give the LMPs room.. I allowed buellersdayoff up my inside under brakes, not sure what happened but he went wide, touched a ripple strip and darted into the wall through the corner.

A few questionable passes in corners by a few LMPs but overall vastly improved from the previous race.

Congrats to the winners.

Hmmmm, Kcender87 has done a 1:58 in the Audi beating my 2:02, and his top speed is 306 compared to my 326. It seems to me that some people must be running quite high aero here.

Even with the GT3s the top speed down the straight isn't enough.. cornering speed is going to win at spa.


Of course. but if the request is no to pass in braking zones because otherwise the GT3 car has to go off-line... then there's no racing, I guess. A pass is a pass. It should be safe, it should be deliberate and clear, and should leave racing space. But if you are being passed and need to get off the line, you do it. ;)

Not the braking zone, more into the corners, I was forced offline in a chicane/bus stop which caused me to slam into a wall, only due to the fact of the immense speed difference between LMP and GT3, if it was another GT3 car pulling the same move it's a lot more predictable. So making a dangerous move in an LMP against a GT3 car in that situation is impatient and foolish if it's at the expense of someone else's race.

I have no issues with an LMP pulling up on the inside in a braking zone before the corner and a GT3 giving them the corner and to follow through after them..

Yeah it was just unfortunate.. I was testing a very light and loose setup so the slightest upset and boom.. hello wall.  I can be unpredictable most of the time, but have no issue communicating to a driver who I see is coming in my rear view, but can't see them from the Eau Rouge, only track map, if they are close  enough.


Just a comment.

GT3 drivers would need to be positive about which side of the track they going to go after Eau Rouge. The LMP will be doing around 315 on the exit on Eau Rouge and trying to pass GT3's safely will be impossible if we  need to guess which side to go. So pick a side, left or right, it does not matter. But do it immediately.    8)

As an LMP driver coming out of Eau Rouge you will have to be cautious. All GT3 cars will be on the right, but will merge back to the left for the straight, this is what I was doing when you side swiped me and put me into a wall, you came out lightning fast and I had no time to avoid.  So all LMP drivers will have to show caution coming out at the top and it makes sense that they should all stick to the right and show some patience.  I really don't want to see LMP drivers diving under brakes into a corner and forcing GT3 cars out wide and off the racing line for a second race either.  In the few areas where the racing line crosses from one side to the other of the circuit to line up for the next corner LMP drivers will just have to wait for a clear path rather than make one.  Both sets of drivers will have to check the track map more to see what is happening around them,

Well I wish  in never picked the Ferrari, suss out that first sector difference,  its only 20 kph slower up kemmel straight :(  gain a littler in the slower middle sector then lose again in the last, will be a 2.17 at least in the Nismo, Probably .16 even,  already peaked in the Ferrari .

Phil.8            ks_nissan_gtr_gt3        02:18.913     00:39.693    01:02.720    00:36.500   2 laps
Shameless_1    ks_mercedes_amg_gt3 02:19.820    00:39.995    01:03.156    00:36.669
Phil.8    ks_ferrari_488_gt3               02:21.345    00:41.246    01:02.929    00:37.170  6 laps completed  100 smashed

The ferrari for me has always been a twitchy car, and really fussy on setup.  I know it can go faster than a 2:21 at spa.

try this Phil.. 2:15   copy the setup from this youtube vid https://youtu.be/S6Vl7FTYJx8?t=149

on the server now..

thanks Wally.

I just uploaded a new version, as the UI folder still had a "spa_osrw113" in it.


I now have the content for the server but I still get the same error on entry.. PROBLEMS DURING CHECKSUM.  Game is 100% validated and I've added nothing since to the game since the last race other than setups for the amg.

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