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Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: S7 R3 - Hockenheimring - 26-01-2017
« on: January 23, 2017, 08:44:51 PM »
Fun track  8) 

But I'll have to give the next race unopposed to Phil, the light flickering through the trees at speed is a bit too much for me.

I agree, on a 27" monitor its like someone turning on/off a flashlight each side of you constantly. Even my eyes don't appreciate it.  Great circuit otherwise.

Racing general / The Greatest Innovations In Formula One/Racing
« on: January 19, 2017, 09:54:26 PM »
Interesting video on evolution in racing.


Hey Des, don't give up because of me mate. I know you are struggling with chronic back issues and pain killers. I have raced with you long enough that to know that you don't "dive bomb" on purpose. You were just having a bad night.

Nah, it's not because of you. Just a lot going on in my personal life that is interfering with everything offline and online and being drugged up has just made it worse.  Last night felt like a withdrawal because I hadn't taken any pain killers for 2 nights. 

Phil, racing is frustrating at the best of times, only have to watch the v8 supercars to see how bad some drivers get dealt in racing.

This car is foreign to me as I'm used to racing GT3/2 and road cars. I'm not the only one finding it difficult/tricky to come to terms with. With this there is bound to be stuff ups more than cars we've raced before.

I'm divided when it comes to Lap 1. If I play it safe and hang back a little, everyone pushes and shoves their way in. If I keep it tighter I'm more prone to be in or cause an incident.  Hopefully now with ballast across both races people carrying it will have more consistency and less incidents.

I think next race I should just play "All By Myself" on repeat.... 
Race 1: Loneliest: Shameless (avg total gap in front and behind 27.82 secs)
Race 2: Loneliest: Shameless (avg total gap in front and behind 18.85 secs)

Race Videos / Re: Current Status of Race Videos.
« on: January 18, 2017, 01:18:37 AM »
Why would you pay for software?


Failing that I'm sure you could plunder some from the internet, argh!

Tried open source ones before and didn't like them much and couldn't get the right format to do 1080p on youtube that wasn't massive GB filesizes.  I'm downloading adobe premiere elements 15 trial to see how that compares, to buy that is A$142.99 I think, that's at least reasonable and affordable for me and useable for years to come without having to pay more.  And couldn't find what I wanted off the internetz I'm afraid.

Race Videos / Current Status of Race Videos.
« on: January 17, 2017, 11:39:22 PM »
 You're probably wondering why there have been no race videos from me for a while.  I was originally using Sony Vegas Pro but it has started crashing constantly and I'm lucky if 1 out of 8 times trying to render a video (2hrs each) it might work without crashing and finish rendering for me to upload.

So I trialed Adobe Premiere Pro through Adobe cloud. This trial ended 2 weeks ago and I simply cannot afford $22-23 per month on a disability pension just to make 4-8 videos per month.  I did think about asking for donations of $6-10 per person as a once off per year to help with the subscription fee and If I got enough to pay half of the total 12 months cost then I would happily pay the other half.  But I don't do this for money. I make videos because I enjoy doing it and I want others who race in them and those who don't to enjoy them, and in hope that it advertises XGN because it's a great place to be a part of.

I'm currently looking around on ebay to see if I can find an older version of Adobe premiere pro that's affordable.  But if anyone has any suggestions I'm open anything.

This season has definitely not been working for me at all.  I'm struggling with heavy pain killers for the past 2 weeks which is leaving me with random shakes and dizziness.  I have been able to race a little off pace but things that happen in qualifying and race have been throwing me and have affected my race and concentration levels badly.  I didn't take any medication in the past 2 nights but I think it's still working its way out of my system.

Race 1 Lap times were 2:10s with a 100kg penalty I expected to be last and I figured it was probably best if I couldn't maintain a good pace. I ended up going from 24th to 17th in the first lap due to all the cars going off and nicely letting me through. But I soon came off myself with a dizzy spell and lost them all again back to last where I stayed. I struggle with this car, moreso with the 100kg,

Race 2 Lap times were 2:06s. It was like someone let go of the bungi cable....  I had trouble pulling the car up. I was so close to vipergod through every braking zone on the first lap. I pulled over to the left before the tight chicane without any intention to pass, just to not ram him up the arse and cause a major accident. Vipergod ended up braking later than I had anticipated and of course my car just wouldn't pull up and I locked it up only to punt off Rob :(  really sorry mate. I ended up lapping monotonously to the end as I couldn't catch AJ after my pit stop. 

I do think the 100kg penalty is a little harsh with this particular car. And the difference between race 1 and race 2 are at two ends of the scale with no time to settle in.. 2 laps and no qualifying so it was an accident waiting to happen. I would have preferred 50kg for each race or 100kg for both race to keep consistency. I don't want to have to practise 2 setups for 1 car.

At this point I don't know whether to keep going with this season or to quit as I don't want to ruin other players racing.


I do have an ASUS OC edition GTX980 for sale with box if you're interested. It's in as new condition and one awesome card.  I averaged 70-80 fps with everything up full in Assetto.
Buy it Viper!

Def buy it!

Id say the definate buy would depend on Price unless your all getting a cut from the sale lol. 980 would be a good card but if the price is close to say a 1070 then its not exactly a great deal.  :-\

1070s are worth 650-700+  I'm only asking $300.  It's the Asus GTX980 Strix Direct CU II OC edition 4gb GDDR5


And Dez, now I've watched my first lap last corner spin and reentry I consider it, 'no harm no foul'. As I suspect Wally did also.
So, sorry for the scare there.

You and Seanus I think collided there?  it was Seanus I got the scare from lol.  You were further up the track.  These are hard cars to correct once you spin and take time to get back on track.

And Hi Simone :)


You must be getting a slower exit from the hairpin then as i had to lift very slightly.

I'm flat in 4th and changing into 5th just coming to the exit and I'm not lifting off.. but as I'll be carrying 100kg lol I'm sure that will change :)

What i find on our server when full is a massive stutter and slow down or jerkiness mainly in corners, its like it cannot redraw the new view (is that the right word ''redraw'' ?)
when there is 3 or 4 on server no issues at all and yes offline big field unplayable
Processor   Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz, 3601 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
Nvidea GeForce GTX 550TI (yes old i know)
8gig ram
ingame 1920 x 1080 and maybe some other stuff maxed out (kids playing offline)

I do have an ASUS OC edition GTX980 for sale with box if you're interested. It's in as new condition and one awesome card.  I averaged 70-80 fps with everything up full in Assetto.


I'll have to look at the Shayne re-entry to see if it was dangerous - I'll do that tomorrow night.
I only look at lap 1 incidents for penalties, otherwise I'd be up till 2am :)

It was Seanus not Shayne, and it's all good. I don't expect you to go through the entire race.  I only notice most of the incidents when I go through to record for the videos.. which are sadly currently delayed due to software issues.

You didn't tell me to go Shayne? That is strange then, maybe it was someone else.  I pulled over and said over teamspeak to you that I was redressing and got a reply of "no no its ok just go", sounded like your voice so I slowly took off to be sure.

Did a few practice laps and found it a LOT easier than Zandvoort. Bit wider, less bumpy and spinning does not  leave you in the middle of the track.

Hopefully Phil can knock up a setup for us in which would allow the Schumacher-S to be taken flat out!

I can take it flat out in 4th and changed to 5th through it :)

hard to redress when im no longer in the race lol ;)

you did? lol thought you quit a little later.

I forgot to post up penalties last night:

Opening lap penalties
Race 2, Shameless ran into the back of Shayne and spun him - 100 kg penalty ballast for next race.
Seanus hit Chap, but Chap was in the process of spinning on a kerb, so deemed a racing incident.

Yeah it was an unfortunate situation, the car in front of Shayne slowed and we were close and I had no room to avoid it. I offered to redress but Shayne told me to go. Accidents happen though and happy to accept the penalty.

Looking at the Seanus and Chap incident I was a bit concerned about Seanus as I nearly slammed into him, he had already attempted a re-entry and parked himself in the middle of the racing line, I locked up trying to pull the car up to avoid him. Wouldn't that also constitute a 1st lap penalty for dangerous re-entry?

And in race 1 lap 8  on the 2nd/3rd corner chicane where Matthew punted me off to the wall under brakes and no redress is the ruling out on this?

just wondering why i started 3rd last in second race after getting 2nd in first race and kcender started way up the grid from that after winning

due to an issue Wally was having, the grid was put in alphabetical order if I'm not mistaken

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