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Nice screenshot Wally - It was quite unpleasant seated in the GT40 going through that experience in VR!

Unfortunately after a few bumps, the pitting system is what really let me down. I spent almost 3 minutes trying to work out what was going on in the pits before I managed to refuel.

F1 im in :)

Big thank you for organizing the racing and servers :) Had a blast and honestly didn't think I'd be up the top. Had a bad night tonight which took a toll, but congrats to Bacchulum for the win and Mael for finishing 3rd!

Looking forward to next season :)

I would love to see a season for hill climb tracks. Whether they're time-trials or actual racing, it would definitely be action packed. The fact that most, if not all of us won't remember every corner gives us all a good challenge of pushing the car and being conservative throughout the track.

I know some tracks like Akagi Mountain Pass, Ebnit, Lake louise (very long circuit), Transfagarasan Downhill and Trento-Bondone are good Point to Point tracks.

Format A - We can do time-trials, best of 3 runs is your time for the round.
Format B - Setup a Qualifying stage and then a race.

I know there will be crashes, I know there will be misjudged corners and most likely will send your car back to pits to try again but it will be hell fun for a grid of 15 cars going through Transfagarasan :D:D:D:D

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Poll: Season 15 Cars
« on: December 10, 2016, 10:08:58 PM »
Lotus 49 all the way :) Unforgiving, hard and no down force to hide your mistakes :D

Had a good time, Race 1 was ok from what I can remember of it. Finished 5th.

Second race was really fun. AJ, Phill, Mael and myself keeping it tight until Mael clipped Phill and gave me a free pass :) Finished 3rd.

Last fun race with no ballast was good. Obviously the car was a bit quicker and felt more agile given all I did was up the ratio and keep the same setup. Had a really good start off the grid and held out till the end. Finished 1st.

Race Videos / Re: Highlights Video of Cadwell Park
« on: November 28, 2016, 08:34:24 PM »
well done Shameless, the playback is much smoother

What can I say - what an ending!
Apologies to Joe for the early contact, unfortunately I got caught up and had to get on the grass. Luckily I was able to push on. For the most part of the race, I was chasing Bac and Seanus. The 150kg Ballast held me back accelerating out of corners and was a little too heavy to even draft behind the car ahead when I managed to catch up, so I had to rely on my faster sectors to keep pace. lap time was was tight!

Bad luck to Seanus who lost control on lap 16 (I think) heading down the straightway. Bac and myself took the advantage and it was extremely tight for the next 2 laps till the end.

Well done and looking forward to next race :D

Grey Black for me please!

Thanks for clearing that up Phill, I didn't know it was a league.

If the faster drivers need to do a compulsory pit stop, wouldn't the next slowest driver eventually be winning as much?
As discussed on TS Thursday night, a Ballast system would probably be better (despite the initial setup before the race).

Otherwise, to find a 2nd car that is harder to control or almost 1 second off average pace would be the go. Make a cut-off average time around the given circuit and anyone faster than that time must use the 2nd car. How to monitor it? You could rely on honesty and previous race placings, maybe even the top 8 of last race? Up to you guys but there's my suggestions.

Thanks for the races, I am enjoying it.

However, if it's just a fun night setup for casual racing and non-league rules, then why have a point system and compulsory pit-stops for the faster drivers? IMO - Either keep the rules the same as league or drop them all together, otherwise you might as well call thursday nights a "Thursday Night League".

Either way - Looking forward to the next race. Hopefully more drivers can stay on the track :)

I don't think the cars and "first race of the season" has anything to do with it. It's called common sense and giving enough room to brake and make the first bloody corner of a race! Twice last night at the first corner, both races I got rammed up the ass. It's not hard to give a bit of head room when you have the remaining 7.9 laps to overtake, more so when everybody is so bunched up together.

I get the difference between a racing accident and plain ignorance. A solution? You could try quadrupling the penalty points for the first lap, then default penalty points for the remainder of the race.

As said above, we all have enough race sim experience to know when it's going to get hairy. Use that knowledge and save some of us the drama while keeping the racing clean.

Im in - p1

Need to do this race in a severe thunderstorm at night like in PCars :) That will test your knowledge of the track and car handling  :D

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