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Thank you so much for the racing! Enjoyed the season and will hopefully join in the next if fatherhood lets me lol Cheers everyone and well done to Mael and Bacchulum for 2nd and 3rd place.

was a good race, enjoyed it.
Noting some times from Phill and Bach, I thought I'd have a tough race getting to 1.36's.

Race 1 - Had a good jump off the line and tried to gain as much pace as I could before the first turn. Somehow I managed to get in top place applying heavy pressure on the pack leaders as they went wide or locked up under brakes. From there, I had to play a defensive game knowing my times weren't as quick and with 3 others gaining on my tail, I had to pick my line carefully. Unfortunately Mael spun me, but I regained speed and control pretty quick so I didn't loose out that much. Joe got himself a big gap between myself and Phill so I kept on Phill's bumper until he eventually locked up and went wide again in the last few laps. Congrats Joe on the win.

Race 2 - Working my way up the pack from 3rd last (I think someone wanted to stay at the back as I gave heaps of room to overtake on the outlap). Found myself behind Wally who did a good job trying to hold me up. Thanks for the brake check btw. Dove in on the inside at one stage and got around him to carry out the remainder of the race.

Next race I may/may not make it as I am about to become a new dad next week. Hopefully I've acquired enough points to hold out, even for just one race out of two.

imagine cadwell park in the 49's, that would be harder than nords :) A real challenge

I'd rather something different than bloody silverstone AGAIN.

I'll take the 1/2 points, but in all honesty - I didn't see anywhere written it was a permanent swap.

Championship standings


UnFknBLievable is not in the running due to reverting back to the fastest car

Your own words phill. I understood it was for THAT round.
Car swap round,  swap to an open car if in a closed and visa versa
If you really love your car and don't want to swap you can keep it, its all about fun

No-one mentioned that I had to keep it for the remainder of the season.
No-one mentioned it for the entirety of the time I had logged in TS or the server from start to finish last night.

Nice to see how rules are made on the fly to suit yourselves.

16 min to just post one time. A further 8.30min for a second time assuming you haven't damaged the car. Maybe turn the damage off for the practice server?

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: S8 R1 - Mosport 2012 - 27-04-2017
« on: April 29, 2017, 06:01:45 PM »
Only had driven, practiced and raced that track and car that night of the race so I was trying to get a decent setup in a small time frame. The Lola is nice to drive but limited setup time made my brakes a little uncomfortable under hard stomping lol.

First lap of the restarted race saw me drift a little wide on cold tyres and lost steering as I drifted off the circuit into the wall. I thought my race was done when I re-entered the track in last position.
Noticeably catching up to the back of the pack, overtaking one by one and caught up to Seanus and Joe. Unfortunately for me, Seanus was extremely unpredictable when trying to pass and hit the brakes on multiple occasions to lock up the front wheels and drift off circuit. Happened at least 4 times until I caught up yet again and witnessed Seanus and Joe colliding and spinning after the last corner. Took the advantage and finally passed. Somehow I predicted that would happen with the erratic driving I saw.

Later in the race, seeing the leaders pitting and I'm putting in consistent laps, saw my position climb to top 3 and my own strategic pit stop saw me slide in to position 3 with plenty of gap between 4th place. Only needed to finish the remainder laps and complete the race.

good effort Shayne, I started at 11pm and went on to about 2:45ish as I had to be up early the next morning. Was running 5th in my server group until I just kissed the wall and spent 15min in pits. From there on, very clean laps in my Audi.

I'll be in - Put me down for the Vette for now.

49 or the 72D

then lets make it even more interesting.

scrap all the GT spec cars and lets race the SUVs. It's a fun enduro.

better to have the faster cars in front on the grid.. It's a 2/2.5 hour race, I don't want a damaged car before I even get on the tourist track..

Just because the cars are faster doesn't mean the drivers would be faster in them  ;)

Missing the point, Not talking about the duration of the race, but merely the first lap. Even a good driver in a slow car isn't going to be over taking a slow"er" driver in a fast car. Give the faster cars (not drivers) a clean run ahead of the slower cars regardless of lap times. The Qualifying sessions will sort it out anyway.

better to have the faster cars in front on the grid.. It's a 2/2.5 hour race, I don't want a damaged car before I even get on the tourist track..

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