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Good racing bud!

Very clean

Matthew and myself are in

count me in :) will have to try all the cars before I post my 3 choices

What a night it was!

Qual 1. Did a decent lap on my 4th lap to go to the top of the list but i was 8thenths up on 2nd and thought I might have gone to hard and was going to get a huge weight penalty for the 2nd race so I decided not to go back out even though the track was improving. Stan ended up getting pole by 3tenths and I stared on the front row so my plan kinda worked out.

Race 1. Got a really good start and was side by side going into t1 with stan, i braked early and gave heaps of room but it was to no avail as I was tagged (all good stan after reading the posts you too were just a victim!) Even with the contact on the first corner and after stan readdressed I found myself in 2nd, trying to chase will was almost near impossible with damage both in the front and the back. Stan quickly caught me and passed easily down the straight. I was settling in for a solid 3rd until I saw will run wide on the last corner and allowed me through with 2 laps ago i pushed hard and to my surprise I was catching stan at a rapid rate! I was right on his rear wing coming into the last corner of the last lap but knew due to my wait I was never going to out drag him and settled for 2nd.

Qual 2. Extra 30kgs wasnt Ideal but I pushed on and got 8th, on my last flyer I was 3tenths up but made a small mistake and there goes a possible top 4...

Race 2. Got another decent start and was extremely careful going into turn1 like everyone around me did which was good to see! With the extra weight I couldnt be as consistant as I would have liked and soon simone was on me I made a slight mistake out of the final turn and he flew past me. The Next chaser was wally and he was catching quick but like simone he past me down the straight with ease! I thought I would try an undercut since wally was holding me up through the slower turns and would bolt down the straight. Plan almost worked two laps later wally came out of the pits as i was in full flights coming down the front straight but it wasnt to be he held his line and I settled in behind after that I tried to pressure him but with the turbulent air plus a heavy car it was hard to keep with him. I decided to save my tyres and wait until I had a lighter car. With two laps to go I pushed hard and caught back up but still couldnt get past him came home in 5th which wasnt to bad!

Its a close championship but with almost 150kg its going to be interesting to see how I can match it with stan and bach! See you next week!

Interesting weekend

Qual1: set a new pb which got me 2nd last pretty chuffed with that as I was thinking last for sure with 174kg on the car.
RCE1: Got a really good start and made a few positions but then everyone settled in and I was a sitting duck i couldnt cover my lines or attack just had to sit tight not helping was the grainning I was getting on the rear which was a tad odd. Kept it on the road and finished 15th which isnt bad considering where I started and the extra weight.

Qual2: omg 90kg less and the car felt like a rocket compared to the previous race trying to tweak the car and find new brake markers was a challenge settled for 13th with a semi decent lap.
RCE2: got a ripper start and made a few key early moves to be well inside the top 10 chasing matthew and frezzer who were having a good scrap I decided to join in. Unfortunately got a tap from freezer which spun me around and lost valuable time to the leaders, kept my head down and chased again finding myself behind wally and freezer which ended up being a pretty good battle I passed both and headed into the pits for some fresh rubber but some how came out behind the pair of them again! Eventually after some bold passing I got them both and started to chase grat. Pushing hard the whole way on the last lap I spun and lost positions to wally and marty to finish 8th I think.

Wasn't really expecting much from this week considering the weight I had but still had some good battled in the 2nd race which was fun.

congrats joe on the little one!

This will be interesting... I just hope I don't get lapped

Got a pretty good jump from the 2nd row and was side by side with matthew going into T1 being the first corner I backed off a little and was going to settle in behind him before I knew it I was facing the wrong way. Was right at the back and had some good battles along the way, Car had a little damage but was still able to drive it with some pace ended up making my way to 7th which wasnt a bad result in the end..

Got another good launch and came into T1 third, forgot who was 2nd but the spun right in front and i managed to dodge them. The chase for p1 was on skaife had a pretty nice lead by the first lap, the ballast killed my straight line speed so it felt like i was making no in roads into the gap. We caught back markers a few laps before we pitted but he still held onto the lead when he went into the pits. I took a gamble and stayed out another lap, It almost paid off as he just snuck past me with the extra speed down the straight as I was exiting pit lane. I pushed hard trying to force a mistake and on lap 17 it happened going through the first "S" he got a little to eager on the gas and was able to pass him, being slightly slower he hounded me the rest of the lap and I locked the front left going down the hill into 2nd to last corner. We were side by side through the last corner and he got me on exit, but with the tow I soon caught him and went around the outside into T1 made the move stick he had a big moment ontop of the hill and gave me a massive gap which i managed all the way to the flag in P1.

Great racing all see you next week!

I probably should submit my application to become an AC developer... I thought my glitch finding days were over but oh how I was wrong! I will try and keep them to a minimum but no promises. I am now going to publicly apologise in advance to anyone who runs into my name... It wasnt my fault it was given to me many moons ago and it has stuck... now that it has made its way to the sim racing world it has a mind of its own... For this I am truly sorry.   

Race 1

Started off well gaining a few positions then started to settle into a nice grove letting the people in front battle it out waiting to pounce on any mistakes. I was keeping wally in check for the most part until a late move sent me off the track and lost seconds to the leading pack which killed any chance of an attack. ( Its all good wally it we all make mistakes from time to time )

Race 2

Was cautious at the start knowing the reverse grid always throws something up on the opening lap but turns out i was a little to cautious and allowed stan to sneak up on the inside. Following the train for a few laps it was good fun! nice close pressure racing, I wasn't as confident with the car the longer the race went on and lost a place to matthew. Pit stops came around, Stan and Matthew ducked into the pits and I followed. They had a second or two lead as we all entered and that proved crucial as on exit I was overtaken by 2 cars. While those two skipped away I was deep in battle mode with marty the car got better and better and ended up doing a 46.0 which surprised me for the last few laps i was glued to marty's rear bumper but couldnt pass it was great racing even though I couldnt get the extra spot.

Finally I had a semi-decent weekend!! no weird accidents or glitches this time which has plagued my season hopefully I can end the season strong and have some sort of an impact on this championship.

ok so I tried again tonight on the xgnImola track and again I lost power, I then ran some laps on the normal Imola track and I didnt lose power.. :-\

A bit of an interesting night, started off pretty well in both races but I had a kers problem and the battery didnt want to recharge which meant down the straights I would lose power... Bit of a weird one I still managed some points but with the lack of power down the straights and the ferraris being superior I had no chance.. If anyone has an idea on why this may have happened I would like to know haha it never happened in the practice sessions or in the first qualifying session which is throwing me a little.. Traction Control was off as well..

Race 1
Perch got the jump on me and set a very good early pace, racing another quick alpha made it extremely hard to look for a passing move so i just sat behind him and pressured hard for a few laps hoping he would make a mistake and open the door. The race was very quick as we dropped third and kept pushing fast lap times, I got a really good exit out of turn 1 and the extra few k's up the hill allowed me to dive down the inside on the long left just before the top of the hill, we rubbed panels but I managed to make the move stick and pushed hard to create a gap. Car was a gem to drive and came home with the win.

Race 2
Perch again got the jump and again set a cracking pace at the start, unfortunately for him a traffic cone that was on the road sent his car sideways and killed a potential good fight. I pushed on hard and got into a nice rhythm ended up doing a 59.8 during the race which I was a little surprised with.

Race 3
Reverse grids continued to be my downfall as I was unfortunate to be caught up in the first lap shenanigans but thats racing. Dead last I worked my way through the field picking off one by one to finish a solid 10th, was very impressed by the racing I saw in front of me so good hard but fair racing I actually enjoyed sitting behind and watching it unfold before making my own move.

Well for me It was a very successful season although being in the quicker car I pushed hard every race and had some cracking battles along the way, I would like the thank wally for the time and effort he puts week in week out to make this league happen! To everyone else it was awesome racing with you guys Im looking forward to next season when we all have pretty much the same machinery and can have even closer battles.

If you guys would like my set up I would be more than happy to pass it on its a tricky car to set up initally but once you have the basic set up each round just needs a tweak.

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