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Assetto Corsa / Re: Hiatus
« on: June 02, 2020, 12:20:45 PM »
Cheers for the offer AGK, but I had already purchased one from Fanatec.
Which arrived yesterday and did exactly as advertised. ;D
Should be back on track tonight being a danger to everyone. :P
And quick already  ;D

1.    Tibalotte    lotus_exige_240_s3    02:36.834    
4.    Bacchulum    lotus_exige_240_s3    02:37.193    +00.359    


I agree Seanus, great racing, I cannot recall racing in a bunch of 5 cars for lap after lap :o :o 8).

Agree, had some great fun during the last race. Trying to pass 2 Ferrari's who kept on parking in the middle of the chicanes while keeping/overtaking other Alfa was great. The pass Rob made into T1 was a highlight.

That Alfa deserve a season on its own.

Were suppose to use Highlands Drift  :'(

Can`t believe wally is already in the 36s    bloody hell mate !!!   is this conflict of interest mate?
Just did a few laps to make sure the track is OK. I'm not trying yet  8)

Just put in a 1.36.3 to be on top . . . . at least until Wally starts trying :) :)

  Aren't you suppose to be at work?   ;D

Can we have a highlight video of you pitstop Wally, just as educational purpose on how well Audi's TC works  ;D

I'm hoping it was zandvoort that made passing hard and not the cars. You seem to be able to have good close racing but making a pass was near impossible. If you fell back a bit too seemed very hard to catch up.

I suspect qualifying is going to be important in this series, and Milli-seconds will be important at Slovakiaring. Any time lost while battling will never be made up  :)

assume you came second cause you couldnt run someone off the track? :P

Damn, Joe won again  :(

Season "S33 - Lotus X" Entrants
   Driver   Car
1   Joe   
2   Mael   
3   Wally

Not sure  ;D  Thinking of changing my name to Aardvark so I can win something at least!

Damn, Joe won again  :(

Season "S33 - Lotus X" Entrants
   Driver   Car
1   Joe   
2   Mael   
3   Wally

I'm getting the 99% CPU error for this track like we had at Sochie so I hope this isn't going to be an issue tonight. It feels like I'm driving in slow motion from the turn in to the apex of turn 1 but the rest of the lap is fine....
That's a bit odd as we have used this track before for league races without any dramas.

Usually have very low frame rates for me  :(  But such good fun track so usually live with it.

Mael, just letting you know you're a bit slow  ;)

You know how many laps it took just to match Bueller's time!

Hey Wally, found a great track yesterday on a public server,  Highlands Drift (Kunos version) would be great fun in the BMW

Would not mind owning a nice Italian villa in that area  ;D


For me this is an especially bad car for a fixed setup. The reason is a less than ideal setup with the Lotus 98T can give a good driver some trouble but an average driver a lot of extra pain, thus spreading the field out even further.   Slower easier cars like the upcoming BMW M1 shouldn't even be in the consideration as they don't really matter.

Waiting for the counter argument..  :P

I withdraw my statement about the BMW M1 being slow or the implication that it is easy to drive. Its almost more of a handful than the Lotus 98T!

But on fixed setups I will stick to my guns and say that most of us are of roughly equal driving talent (Past few season's Joe excluded). We all mostly average which limit the field spread due to inherent driver talent differences, luck of the day probably plays a bigger part. If KCender and GB participate then it is a different matter. However, they would probably win in any case whether setup changes are allowed or not.

This car is not a good car for a default setup season imo.


For me this is an especially good car for fixed setup. The reason is a decent setup with the Lotus 98T can give a driver a lot of extra speed, spreading the field out even further.  With slower easier cars like the upcoming BMW M1 changing the setup doesn't really matter, there are no real advantage to be found.

Waiting for the counter argue Killa  :P

Must say I preferred the last race with damage off, went the other way than Freezer and left it on a 100% Had a fun battle with Joe while moving through the field.

Multitasking is a bit beyond me so adjusting the turbo while driving is not the best idea  ;D

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