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Just treat it as fun runs like I am, Kcender has already won the season, but will have some lonely hot lapping races, where as the rest of us will have some fun close racing as the season goes on if last night is anything to go by

Won't go that far, besides if Kcender wins by 60s again he might find a rather overweight passenger courtesy of Wally.  ;D

First 15-20 mins were okay with some position swapping with Freezer but after my first stop I was pretty much alone for the rest of the race. Time to fuel will definitely need to come into strategy for the future races. Before my last stop I was catching Phil by a second a lap and only 5 seconds behind him, but because he put in a lot less fuel than me on his final stop he finished 30+ secs ahead.
I just manually time those stops to check, but that means 38sec difference per 100L tank.  Not sure about fuel consumption differences which may or may not bring the Merc back to us.

I hope the tricky handling may bring the Merc back to us on other tracks. Daytona did not really have any difficult corners to test the handling. Even the chicane was pretty tame.

Just me or were the Merc fuel fill pipe a bit oversized?

i do hope others tracks make a difference with these cars. joining tonight knowing I have zero chance of keeping up with a c9 or long tail does seem a little pointless

And sometimes its about beating teams/cars with similar speeds, and not necessarily for the win. But saying that even in the disadvantaged cars if you stay out of trouble and finish with a live gearbox you will be at the pointy end of the field  ;D

Sorry, I forgot about starting the race with a full tank - doh  :o !
Your pitstop strategy is going to be interesting ;)

First to T1 wins the race  ;D

It could be a very interesting  race if it makes 38 laps as predicted as I’ve found tonight the long tail is going to only make 34 laps with 2 stops and that’s using 70% boost

I made 17 laps on a tank. So 1 stop should give you 34 laps, a 2 stopper adds another 17 laps to give a maximum 51 laps. Off course any Turbo use or damage may change the usage.

oops... I'll have to figure out fuel consumptions somehow...

naa we all good in the long tails Grat :)  (I hope)

1:28 is the time to beat... but you have to cheat to do it ;)

Was just about to start panic  ;D

Looooonnnngggg-tail for me Wally

Cars & Bikes / Re: Rust in pieces
« on: November 04, 2018, 11:42:33 PM »
Well things has gone a bit weird since the last post.

The weekend started with just a bit of cleaning planned.

This progressed a bit further.

Then (after some serious floor cleaning) we thought removing a few bits more can't hurt. Got a bit out of had though  ;D

Even got the left wing off, Only 5 small bolts held the wing onto the body!!!!

Got no idea how we going to get all the bits back in  :o

done :)
Thanks. It looks like maaaybe the short tail is a bit fast and needs a little restrictor. A bit more testing required.

Yeah well if Kcender did the time it will end up with 100% restrictor!


Wally blue, Simone green, from the preceding car.

Forget about that, just check out my magnificent driving!  You could actually see how early I came of the throttle to avoid the foreseeable chaos. One really had to avoid being anywhere close to the vicinity of Wally during the last season, he's car was like a big mobile magnet.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Season 24 Winners
« on: October 31, 2018, 12:27:37 AM »
And Maki Engineering take out the team championship from Krahl Racing, 381 points to 354.
Woo hoo Maki!!

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

And commiserations to DA Racing, hopefully you used all your bad luck during this season Wally!

I may have to miss this one unfortunately. Toilet training the 3 year old and need to keep an eye on him.

That's quite an original excuse for a racing driver, never heard one of the F1 drivers use it  ;D

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