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Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: S7 R3 - Hockenheimring - 26-01-2017
« on: January 22, 2017, 01:10:43 AM »
Fun track  8) 

But I'll have to give the next race unopposed to Phil, the light flickering through the trees at speed is a bit too much for me.

What greeted me coming around the banking....

That's why we can't have nice tracks in real life ;D

Don't get many victories so thanks to Phil for his efforts in hosting the race plus adding so much ballast to his car.

The first half of the race was messy with a couple of unforced mistakes. This meant a change in strategy. I started with a LOT of fuel so only added 10 liters in the early pit-stop  with no tires.

Other drivers must have had a tougher time than me as I somehow ended up in  second place after all the pit-stops played out. This soon became first place as Phil tried a bit of farming with a F40.  With a couple of laps to go he caught and passed me. This left me with only one option..... irritate Phil and hope for a mistake. I won after a interesting last lap where I could not decide which side to pass a lapped car. By the time I decided the brake marker was a distant memory. Luckily Phil joined me in clattering into the barriers, Thanks Phil  ;D

chance. I had a good little battle with Grat at the final chicane in race 1

Brave Marty very brave.  :P

You mean the first chicane, I guess.

I will leave naming the corners to the Italians  ;D  and yes it goes without saying that the first corner is the one that cannot be bulldoze quickly enough.

As for chicanes and cutting, easy, fuck that chicane right off. Anyone putting in or designing a track with a chicane has no business in track building.

While I agree the person who designed Monza's chicane should be hung, drawn and quartered there are a place for chicanes in racing. The Nurburgring chicane is not too bad and it certainly does present a driving challenge especially with those sausage curbs.  My setup was pretty forgiving with curbs so jumping over the entry curb was great fun during the race. Could never manage to safely go over the exit sausage curb though.

[Or how about we just turn penalties off? If I want to stay between the lines I'd play Tennis]

We can only do that with F1 cars, have to keep it real  ;D

This week I will adjust ballast manually for those that deserve it :)

None for me and loads for mael please

lol I'm working on the basis that ballast will help to settle the car on the banks while having no affect on the majestic Ferrari's top speed!!

Kcender87 - 27 seconds

Finally we might get close to Kcender  ;D

Solid results tonight.

Spun at the chicane in race 1 but had the presence of mind to keep the throttle buried for a 360 spin, no time lost trying to turn the car around  ;D  Kept out of trouble until the end to finish 10th. A shout out to Keith and Diehard for some clean passing during the last few laps.

Race two kept it clean for the whole race, no contacts or spins. Chased Shayne as hard as I could for most of the race, well driven!

Any chance of limiting the tire choices on the F40? The poor old Porsche needs some degree of hope  for race!

Hardware & Reviews / Re: Happy Birthday to meeee!
« on: January 15, 2017, 10:14:54 PM »
I have that set as soft as it can be now and it's fine. Initially it was so hard to push down to 100% brake that after an hour of racing my leg was aching.

Same , got the V3 for about a week now and had to set it a bit softer  ;D

Cars & Bikes / Re: Santa was good to me!
« on: January 12, 2017, 11:48:35 PM »
That's going to be fun  ;D

Race 2 I copied Joe's example. Tried and failed to clear a fence ending back on the track only to find something catastrophic went wrong. Had no steering or brakes meaning I could not stop myself from  slewing across the track, sorry guys!

Hardware & Reviews / G27 Pedals seeks new home
« on: January 12, 2017, 11:40:24 AM »
The throttle of my G27 pedals gave a tiny spike or two which was just the excuse I needed for some new toys.

This means I have an unused set of pedals which still works perfectly most of the time and probably only needs a good service to work all of the time  8). If anybody wants the pedals or parts of the pedals please send me a message, I really do not want it gathering dust in a cupboard if its could be used by another driver.

(If the post is in the incorrect place please move it Wally)

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