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Yep count me in on this one as well. I haven't decided on the car yet either.

I was in that race on the weekend. Not the top split that was being broadcasted but one of the lower splits. I ended up doing 5x full fuel stints which was about 5 1/2 hours and in that time I only got 1 incident point because I barely touched the grass on the inside of the chicane on the GP track. Other then that I had a clean race.
Can't say the same for my team mates though, between them our car had quite a few crashes. I'm not sure how long our car was in the pits getting repairs done over the course of the 24hr race. Around 2hrs would be a decent guess. It was still good fun, I will be doing it again next year. Next 24hr race at iracing will be Le Mans in June.

Yeah I'd be interested.

Nords is all about mixed class racing. So why don't add the MX5 into the mix.... OK I'll find my way out now :D

Racing general / Re: Reaction time
« on: April 05, 2017, 04:53:48 PM »
With a mouse click, I'm a 40yr old.
Using the spacebar, I was initially 22yrs, then 18yrs then apprently not even human which was 281ms.

Last night's race was a great return to sim racing for me, being out of action for quite a while I wasn't sure what to expect so I was going to be happy with any result I felt. I made most of the long practice session beforehand and got a good feel to the car and track. With plenty of practice I never actually did a long stint to see if I was going to have any issues with tyre deg. A few people were saying they last forever and I was happy to accept their word.

Qualifying could of been better, I did a decent lap early on just as the tyres came on but I knew I could get more so I tried a few more laps but every attempt to better my time was ruined by little slips and slides.

So I started in 8th and quickly lost a position to Jeremy off the line. I'm not sure who was behind me for these first couple of laps but there were a few cars close to me and I have to say that it was all very professional, I didn't receive even the slightest tap by anyone which I kind of expected a couple times considering how close we all were to each other.
I lost another position to Nith on lap 2 I think while I was still feeling very unsure with my tyres and we were very close to each other but I just couldn't get a good enough run to make an attempt at an overtake. Luckily for me, a few laps later Nith went too deep into that chicane (Not the last chicane but the other one) and I was able to pass him there. I was lapping around .5 faster then Nith for most laps once I got in front so i was slowly making a gap and those ahead of me were doing a similar increase on me, so it started to spread out a bit. I seen Nith pit at the half way point of the race when he was about 4 second behind me I think. I continued on and tried to just hotlap by myself but my times weren't really that great and my tyres were really starting to show their age. I should of pitted a few laps earlier but ended up coming in on lap 22. Which left me 10 laps to do on a new set.
I came out of the pits just behind Mael and Jeremy and maybe Joe? I can't really remember, but I wasn't able to hold on to them with my new tyres so they managed to take off and leave me trailing behind. When I came out of the pits, Nith was about 8 seconds behind me and after that outlap was complete he was about 3 seconds behind me and I knew this battle with Nith was not over yet. I managed to just hang onto the position in the end and we gained another position late in the race when Jeremy had a couple big mistakes.
All in all, I'm buggered. That was exciting all race long especially when knowing I had a close competitor chasing me all race long. I couldn't have asked for more really, it turned out to be a fun and exciting return to XGN. Thanks to everyone for what seemed like a very clean race from my perspective.

Well, I won't be attending tonight. My wheel hasn't made its way back to me yet. Good luck everyone for Round 1! I wish I could be there.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Teams
« on: March 10, 2017, 07:01:14 PM »
I'm actually not sure yet, I've had a tracking number since last Friday when the parcel was picked up but haven't received my wheel back yet. No updates on the tracking since Tuesday...

* Pickup Parcel picked up 03 Mar 11:24am
* In Transit In transit between locations 06 Mar 8:08am
* In Transit Arrived at the depot for processing 07 Mar 5:22am
* In Transit In transit between locations 07 Mar 3:53pm

I will probably miss out on round 1 at this rate. Hopefully it arrives soon.

Didn't I hear a rumor ARSE and XGN may combine?

I did hear this a while back, it would be nice and raise the grids considerably. I dont know how many regulars they have but with us getting around 24 including a couple of their guys already with them joining we should be getting closer to 32 starters most weeks which would make for some fun big pack racing.  ;D

There was about 6-8 that I would extend the offer too initially, that were always showing up each week.

I've been a lazy bastard and haven't put out the word yet. I should do that tho, I was only going to whisper it to those that attended our seasons over there often. We had the same issues where the entry list would fill up but only half of those ever showed up.

I will hopefully be able to join in. I was a bit slack with sending the wheel back and only just sent it off the other day. auspost shows the package was delivered this afternoon so they are only just looking at it now. Still, being two weeks away, I'm hoping I'll have a working setup by then.

I don't know what is going to happen with my wheel base, whether it will be repaired or replaced. Whatever they do, I just hope they do it fast so I can get a full season in.

So... seems like I might be sitting out for a little while. The whole controller not being detected the other night, well I think I have some USB issues, seems to be fixed by picking a different port. However, the smell that I was getting at the same time has occurred again today.

I thought it was a motor or something internally that was about to blow up but during tonight's iracing league race, in qualifying it finally took a whole new level and majority of the feedback now comes through the wheel as a slipping belt feeling. I might just put in a support ticket with Fanatec and see what they say. The unit is only about 6 months old (I think I bought it in July last year) They better replace it because it's not really usable in it's current state.

Anyways, better put me in the reserves list if the race server gets filled in the near future.

Hardware & Reviews / Re: Happy Birthday to meeee!
« on: January 15, 2017, 11:25:00 PM »
Which pedals do you have? The elites?


Noice. I have the v2s. As you mentioned the brf setting do you have them plugged in via the wheel? They have a higher resolution through usb.

I have all the clubsport stuff, it all plugs into the wheel base and the wheel base plugs into the computer via USB. I didn't know you could do it any other way. I can't really look at the connection on the pedals because it's screwed down and it's a pain in the arse to screw that back in so it's gunna have to stay how it is until I have a problem with it.

Hardware & Reviews / Re: Happy Birthday to meeee!
« on: January 15, 2017, 04:25:41 PM »
Ahh ok,

well I'll turn them off and see how I go next time I'm in AC. Pretty sure that's just how they start on the preset profile so I left them there.

Yeah my shoulders got a bit sore initially too, but mostly it was my legs when I hadn't softened the brake pedal. I have that set as soft as it can be now and it's fine. Initially it was so hard to push down to 100% brake that after an hour of racing my leg was aching.

Hardware & Reviews / Re: Happy Birthday to meeee!
« on: January 15, 2017, 03:44:58 PM »
What do you mean the canned effect?

I honestly haven't played with it all too much, it felt ok so I've left it as is for some time.

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