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I don't know if there's someone picking the Merc who's made his decision based on the quicker refueling times, but if not and they don't have a problem with it, it may be a good thing to adjust that and make the refueling speed the same, if it's possible at all. What's happening there with filling them up is just ridiculous......

Spot on, I must admit I expected to see myself get closer to the C9 I was chasing when it came to Pitstop’s as I knew I was going to need lesss fuel but this explains why that never happened. I can’t imagine anyone knowing this prior to racing and hopefully there is somewhere where the clever people can manipulate this bug as to be fair to everyone because regardless of the consumption the cars should be fueled up at the same rate of Ltrs/sec.

...I did enjoy the racing in general although the blue flags for most of the race were a bit tedious....

I wonder if there is a setting somewhere where this can be addressed. I actually found that blue flags came on way too early (when being lapped) and it was time consuming trying to work out which car was about to lap you with a competator following right behind. However, when I was the lapping car I also found some people were bloody slow to acknowledge and know several times I lost a lot of ground to the car chasing me because I was slowed by a Sauber which would blow me away down the straights, but slow me down in the corners....

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S25 Skins
« on: November 13, 2018, 07:13:26 PM »
not a problem

Sorry, I forgot about starting the race with a full tank - doh  :o !

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S25 Skins
« on: November 13, 2018, 08:07:31 AM »
I know it’s late, but can I run this Longtail Porsche #17 Shell car instead of the generic knock off from A/C

It could be a very interesting  race if it makes 38 laps as predicted as I’ve found tonight the long tail is going to only make 34 laps with 2 stops and that’s using 70% boost

Can I have a long tail please, pref the #17 shell one thanks

bugger, I use winrar 64bit so I'm not sure what is going on here, good thing there is time to sort it out.

is anyone having issues downloading Road America?
I've downloaded it 3 times now and every time I try to unzip the file has an error message

what a nasty night that was....I was very late getting into practice meaning I was stick in the dunce's Sauber. What a horrible race car! It really should be named the widow maker as it only seemed to be happy when you were going backwards into a fence! In race one, I got punted off on the exit of turn 1, lap 1 by a Mazda. Race two, spun myself off on the carpet before the entrance of Pouhon on lap 1. Race 3, I seemed to snare a spare Mazda and it was a lot nicer. Had some little duels until another mistake took myself off...

Thank you

What time are we starting tonight?

I tried all the cars last night and I love the noise of the C9, however it's lap times just don't seem to reflect the vehicle. The Short Porsche under breaking was sensational, but I don't like beetles so I guess I need some more Mazda practice as I found it was a lot faster than the Merc, but had a lot of understeer. That said i literally ran bog stock setups and simply drove the cars as hard as I could....more homework is required

What an interesting race.....I was happy with a top 10 in quali as prior to this session I'd not completed two clean laps in a row and this streak continued in quali. tried to be conservative and get a banker, but binned it and then in my only timed lap, it was riddled with errors. Unsure of what to run as a fuel load I dialed up jsut under 80ltrs expecting to complete 15 laps in the race if i didn't destroy the car...

The race started very well getting a couple of spots off the line, managing to miss the spinner at the top of Eau Rouge. I was shocked to be third early into the race but on lap two or three Les Combes struck. This was one of my two my bogie corners of teh night. I tended to either brake too early or too late and made the mistake of braking too late and sliding off into the railing, surprising there was little to no damage and I slipped into a mammoth battle with Freezer. It was clear from his practice and quali laps that I was close to 5 seconds slower than him, but it was a really great battle. Freeze and better acceleration out of the corners and I had better top speed to it made for a great duel. I can't recall how many laps we swapped places but it seemed like each lap we did so a couple of times, which was very respectful and a lot of fun! Eventually I lost my pace at my second bogie corner, Blanchimont. For some reason if I went faster than 168kph around this corner I would understeer off into the weeds and when following Freezer, I noticed I was doing 170kph and sure enough I went flying out of 4th place and into the middle of the track. Apologies to anyone who's lap I ruined in my mess as I seem to recall coming out of the forest backwards across the track. I know it's instinct, but it really is useless trying to brake when you are airborne.... :-[

The spin as lost me about 5kph of my top speed but it seemed enough to engage Mael into a very long battle for 7th. As the laps passed our battle eventually moved up to being for 3rd and I think it was only after Mael ran wide at Masta on the last lap that I was able to breath knowing that my first event Tuesday night podium had been secured. After this race, I am really disappointed I couldn't make the first two rounds and would love to had a couple more before leaving the old beetles as it was really only in last weeks wet race that I got some idea of how soft to set this bugs up! so I could drive them constantly semi-fast.

Yes please!

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