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I joined the server just as qualifying finished with no practice, no laps, no Daytona setup and I chose to use the one that worked well at Spa.......It did not here, and the race went as expected. I'm looking forward to the next race when I can get some practice.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S25 Skins
« on: November 10, 2018, 10:18:09 AM »
Short tail Porsche. I did a 7Up Jordan homage.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S25 Skins
« on: November 10, 2018, 08:51:26 AM »
Sorry for taking so long Wally,

I hope I haven't screwed this up because I'm rushing....I spent ages on this.


I've forgotten how to insert images for a preview.....BAH!!!!!!!

I give up, this is impossible on the phone

I think I might be missing this one. I'm going to Sydney for a spot of Hurling and won't be getting back into Brisbane AP until 8 EDST.
I'll see how I go.
Hurling, as in throwing trees around???
Hahahahaha Wally.

Nah, Hurling with the hurley and the sliotar and a bunch of madmen running around at 1 million miles an hour. There's a match for the Irish Festival on Sunday.

I think I might be missing this one. I'm going to Sydney for a spot of Hurling and won't be getting back into Brisbane AP until 8 EDST.
I'll see how I go.

Short Tail for me please Wally, it's the only car I can mange to drive. :)

Server should be OK now (I just jumped on briefly). The problem was the OSRW extra pits mod on the server which may have caused checksum errors if you didn't have it.

Seems all good now Wally, thanks

Yeah, i have checksum error too.

What track is it?

Great track which looks fantastic.

I had another shit race. Sorry to whoever couldn't avoid me when I was doing pirouettes in the middle, left and right of the track after tagging a wall.

Just Schei├če

That did nothing but piss me off tonight

After the first few laps in the wet I thought the same. But as I concentrated on just making it to the end of the race I found that it started being fun, especially chasing Bueller. Got lucky on the second last lap with him gifting me the position  ;D

Had a bit more hope for race 2 since I did a number of laps in practice. The leaders made a complete mess of the first lap leaving Keith and me in the podium positions. I was hoping Keith would just take it easy for a few laps since neither of us get many opportunities for podiums. But he pushed a bit too hard giving a passing opportunity and a podium as long as I stayed on the black stuff.  Freezer showed some serious pace to catch me and Keith, made for a good battle until Keith sadly disconnected? Sorry for holding you up from there Freezer!

I also feel we all have to apologize to KCender, he must have been bored stiff during race 2   ;D

I enjoyed the wet.
I didn't enjoy being part of someone else's problem several times...in both races. Rage quit so I didn't swear and whine during the races.

I got nothin'

That did nothing but piss me off tonight

Mixed night for me, but I was pretty happy with it.

Daylight savings does my head in. I arrived at practice with about 5 minutes to go, which doesn't suit me at all as I like to have at least half an hour to settle in and used most of the qualifying to get there......sort of.

Race 1: I went backwards from the start and realised my gearing wasn't good enough (mental note for race two). Determined not to lose every position that I found myself in I tried to stay on the outside of the fast left-hander at the back of the circuit, didn't stay on the track and beat my car up on the wall which smashed my windscreen. The rest of the race was difficult and I came virtually last after running out of fuel, and coasting to the finish line. (Mental note: add two litres of fuel)

Race 2: Changed gearing, added fuel and started in 15th. The start wasn't great, but it was okay and I didn't go backwards. The race looked like it was going to be a lot better than race one because I wasn't getting passed at the end of the straights which was the main problem in race one.
A few spots were gained when Wally had his unfortunate incident, and I drove really well to catch and pass Rob, bradc and eventually ab156 (whose car looked a little worse for wear) on the last lap to finish 7th. I didn't get time to savour it because I had a blue screen about 2 seconds after I crossed the line. I'm glad it held off until I'd crossed the finish line. :)

I enjoyed it, thanks blokes.

I reckon I did nearly 50 laps and I didn't do one clean timed lap in practice, qual, or race.

I had an awful race, on a really good track.

The End.

Mod Cars / Re: F1 Classic 1967 update !!!
« on: October 03, 2018, 02:30:25 PM »
Only driven the Ferrari so far, but it seems really good.

I had a stinker.

Didn't qualify as well as I should have, and just kept making a mistake on every timed lap.

Race 1
It was going well till about 8 minutes left, and then it all went the same way my pinball had earlier in the day....shithouse.
Race 2
It was going okay till I wobbled off the track by checking info at the wrong time.
Then made a mistake wobbling into a wall when I certainly shouldn't have, went into a shitty spin, totally out of control and caught Russ and Bacchulum out who had nowhere to go when confronted by the Battling Top I had become.

I had a terrible night, and sorry to anyone else I compromised.

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