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I'm afraid I am going to miss this round, sorry.

That's a paddlin'. I reckon the red car moved over and caused the incident. It may have been because the rears spun up on a bump, but still moved over and mad contact with the other car.

This track is really good to drive, but not good to hit fences apparently. It's certainly more interesting than a bunch of other tracks that don't have issues.

I didn't enjoy anything about last night, and think I've lost interest in racing.  I generally can't be arsed practising and feel like I'm wasting my time when I do.
I like these cars and the only thing I'd prefer is wings on a low tech open wheeler so it's not the cars.

Blame the car/ setup Doobs  ;D

Ha, actually I probably should. I'd been practising in the Honda but forgot to change to it in car dealer so had to drive the Cooper, which felt like fighting my lane assist in the Subaru.
Still, it was a lack of talent that was the issue.

I seem to be incapable of driving, and smashed into the same building about five times. Sorry to anyone that couldn't avoid my incompetence.
I reckon I did about three hours practice and only completed about 5 timed laps. Woeful.

Regardless, I now know if I get bumped off the track on lap one and a penalty isn't applied that I need to follow Seanus lead and just write abusive posts until the decision is reversed....lesson learned.

I can pretty much guarantee if you do that you'll find the same level of assessment made and may end up with a penalty anyway if it goes to community court. I do not like abuse on the forums, particularly towards Wally, or anyone giving their time and efforts to allow us to race, and it did not please me to see it.  Seanus's reaction on the forum pissed me off to be honest and if I was a dick I would have apportioned blame to him just for being abusive.

I saw the incident in-car as it happened, and thought the inside car made a mistake because it drifted over, made contact and knocked the outside car (which was holding a straight line) off the circuit. I didn't bother to find out who was inside or outside, and couldn't remember who was in the inside car, which is why I said the inside car screwed up rather than apportion blame to a driver.
Upon watching the replay provided by Wally it seemed the same, and as far as braking is concerned, my brake marker was exactly where the outside cars was, just before the tower on the right.
Far from being a Kangaroo court I think you'll find everyone objectively looked at it and made pretty much the same assessment.
Things can look different from inside your cockpit, and in mirrors but the way I saw it was, as described.

I was following that one in the race I think.
From my car when it happened and from the replay, my thought was, and is that the car on the inside screwed up.


I'm not Wally, and it's his call.  He makes 'em and I respect them even if I think he's not quite right :) (It is very rare that I think he's not quite right)
It could be worse and we could be subject to iRacing justice. Now that would really suck.

so slowed down to let Doobs catch so we would have some one to race, but slowed too much on the straight and Doobs blasted by not to be seen again.

lol, sorry Able... If I had known...............................it probably wouldn't have made any difference, I still would have tried to blast by, I make too many mistakes not to take advantage. :)

Race 1 was awesome, and then I made a stupid mistake on the last lap and lost a handful of spots.

Race 2 was good.

Race 3 kinda sucked.

Overall it was a lot of fun driving these cars.

Put me in please Wally, I voted, I'd better race.  :)

So far I'm looking at a choice between Escorts and GPL 67 historic F1s.
My vote is yes. 8)


Low tech open wheeler with wings, or '67 mod, although I'm enjoying my sabbatical.
Maybe if I plug the rig in I'll want to race again.


I forgot it was Tuesday, sorry. After having a few weeks off I forgot what day it was.

Thanks for the season Wally and drivers.

I'm pretty sure my video card shat itself last night and needs to be RMAd. The screen locked up and went multicoloured, and when I rebooted, Windows no longer recognised the card because it reported an error. I updated drivers with a clean install, downgraded drivers, reseated the card, but it would no longer be recognised by Windows. So I've chucked my 980 back in for now.

I'll get the results up tonight.

Well the only thing to do is replace it. I suggest...........https://www.pccasegear.com/products/45097/inno3d-geforce-rtx-2080-ti-ichill-black-11gb
The dead card is a Gigabyte 2080 which is only about a month old.

So that was the likely cause of your issues Wally?

I'm MIA for this one too, on holidays in another State.
Have fun.

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