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Yeah, me too.
The error says the track contains unavailable content

I had a bad night. I was a long way off the pace, and just couldn't get it together at all.
I still enjoyed the driving, but I can't do my best here, and my best is needed to finish around the middle of the pack.

Race one: Sorry if I balked anyone with my lap one spin.....I caught a little bit of grass and round it went and it was just dumb luck that I didn't hit anyone. I can't really remember what happened after that, except that I made a couple of pitstops because I made mistakes and hit the walls. Can't remember where I finished.

Race two: I couldn't believe my luck; a car landed on me. :) I saw it in the air and thought I might still make it underneath.....I didn't. I was a little peeved, not at the accident, but just my luck to be the one that got squashed. No biggie from my point of view Dave O, there's not much you can do about a car performing a one and a half pike, and trying to stick a landing on another car's roll bar.  :)
I pitted, drove a bit, hit a wall, pitted, drove a bit more and finished somewhere, and some good racing on the way.

Qual: I never do that well in qual.

Race 1: Got damage at the start which affected grip. It was a good drive after that, but could have used the extra grip I lost. Had fun driving around in front of Bacculum.  lol

Race 2; was doing alright until I had a spin in the last chicane...I hate slow chicanes. I also spun somewhere else and broke my wings again. I could have done with the grip I lost but really enjoyed the driving last night. Some great moves pulled on me, and wish I could have returned the favour

Good racing fellows

Is that restriction of mine for both races or just the first? ???
I thought it would be easier on you to make it for both, so you have a same handling car for both races. 25% restrictor only shaves a fraction of a second off the lap time.
That doesn't worry me Wally, I'll be working on an unrestricted setup as well for my homies. ;)

Hey Wally, Race 1 results don't show me as having a pit stop. I stopped on Lap 9 I think.

Race 1 was great, I didn't make a mistake and managed to finish 8th.

Race 2 was going okay till I slowed to avoid an accident at the first chicane, and got my rear wing damaged. The next chicane I went in too hard, went wide, lost the rear on exit and came back across the track. Sorry for whoever got hit.
I waited for the field to pass and even though the car was damaged front and back, had a cracked screen it was okay to drive.
I managed to pass Bacchulum and tried to catch RussG ans Seanus for the rest of the race. I got close enough for DRS once but wasn't close enough coming off the last corner to effectively use it.

Apart from taking someone else out in my accident it was a fun night.

I voted for the 25 and 49 and thought they might get up, the 98T would of been fun also,  But the exos should be good fun racing

I thought the 25 might, but I'm happy. They were all good options to choose from.

Isn't it usually only me and Bacchulum complaining about boring cars?

I don't know if you should take all those posts 100% seriously Marty.


Somehow I don't think you're helping the 98T cause Marty.   ;D

Ironically I've picked the 25
and the 98T

This would have to be one of the dirtiest campaigns I've seen in a long time here. Name calling, muck raking, it's had it all, and now I fear the Russians are influencing the result. It's a tainted election.   ;D

Maybe we dont need to worry about DRS, time to count the votes Wally.  ;D

Seems people dont want to go down as being pussies, maybe everyone that votes for the exos if it wins can get pink cars for the season and a nice fluffy pink steering wheel.

I'm with you Marty.  :P

I know it might not sound like it, but I don't mind either way. They're both great cars, I just think the 98T is more rewarding to drive.....on a good track. If there are chicanes we should race the Exos. I hate chicanes more than sedans.

Thanks for the recognition Wally. That's what 100% boost and 100 laps of practice in a fun car can do.
Maybe I should practice more.

I suspect that's true for most of us! I did a lot more laps in the 98t and it showed, You fasted lap edged mine by 0.088s  :)

Did my fasted lap on the last lap with 100% boost in a effort to close the gap to Grat but it appears he had the same idea as his fastest lap was also on lap 17. Was a very frustrating/entertaining race as I could see Grat in front of me the whole race but never quite managed to close the gap to him.
😀 That's what I expect I would have had for most of the race too, if I didn't have my weirdness, and I would have loved it. I get more enjoyment from that kind of racing in an awesome car than a race where I might have passed one or two, and been passed by ten other cars in a boring car.


Well done to Marty on the two race wins.
Well done to Doobs for the fastest 98T race lap!

Thanks for the recognition Wally. That's what 100% boost and 100 laps of practice in a fun car can do.
Maybe I should practice more.

98T great car but surely wont win the pole as people will pick the least challenging car of the lot like most polls. So many claim to like these great old cars but they all go into hiding when it comes to picking one to race a season.

It's a fantastic car. Not surprisingly I chose it and am really disappointed that the easy option looks like getting up.

Its a bit of a shame but at least with all the options they are quite different to the last few seasons. I was kind of shocked the 98t went to the top of the votes and was fairly sure it wouldnt stay there.

Yes, it's not a sedan. I didn't find it that difficult to drive, a;though having said that, I have no idea how I steered into the wall. I don't know if I got a gentle touch, but the front suddenly got a lot of grip. It wasn't a rear end lose. Still, I had a cracking time because the car is fun to drive. I can give or take close racing but I can barely stand driving boring cars. The Exo will still be fun, but the 98T is funner.  :)
You can hot lap a difficult car any time you like but hasn't great racing always been about 'Close Racing'. ?

The only hotlapping I did in that car was the fastest lap I did. I did over a hundred laps practice on and off the server and only because the car was good fun to drive. I certainly wasn't practicing to hot lap. 95% of the practice I did was on medium tyres trying to drive the circuit properly. Close racing only excites me when the car does, otherwise I don't care too much. That shows in my results. I generally only do half and hour to an hour practice normally because the cars are dull.

Please enter my sorry arse into this fine series Wally.

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