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That's the same Mod in Automobilista. It's the source I am using to patch Bazza's version.

Track Fixes are done. See my Google Drive. Keep it in mind for the next time we run here.

Finish line moved and now includes Pitlane so timing works.
AI Pit line added.
24 grid spots.
Sticky wall on main straight fixed.

Delete and\or overwrite previous version, could be mismatch free?

Cool, that'll give me an average of one car per day, and as I just finished the Brabham this morning I should be able to make that.

.....What do these errors generally affect? Is it visual? Performance optimisations? I wouldn't want to have the physics in general significantly altered.

Physics wise nothing will change that affects the cars, but I couldn't live with the fact that the soft and hard compound had different radii.
All cars ran the same Goodyears and some of the models need their wheels/tyres scaled to match this.
LODs need doing. To be fair the models are so low poly that lack of LODs may be forgivable in this case.
Shift lights.
Add the MAKI.

And other bits and pieces as I come across them.

...This is a good quality mod....

This is a conversion of F1 7 Crew for F1C and that makes it nigh on 15 years old!

Anyway I still don't mind it myself but, if we run it please let me fix the many errors I have already found.

It was my (mis)understanding that Tuesdays were a 'mod' free zone also?

So its going to be Seanus or Bacchulum. Or someone can take them out during the race and ensure victory for me, any volunteers?   ;D
Do we have a drop round in our championship?

FYI Just checked the physics files on these and except for the RHD/LHD differences, everything is identical between each car.


Maybe the server side track folder has some unneeded files left in it?

Mod Cars / Re: DRM Revival preview
« on: April 08, 2018, 01:45:15 PM »
FFB has suffered the internet palsy for ages now. Everyone seems to complain about FFB being too light ( and rF1 ended up with multipliers of up to 9X ) and yet, until the advent of DD wheels, every wheel on the market suffered from clipping. FFB has become so subjective and mostly placebo. For any given Sim with any given car, as long as the FFB doesn't lie to you then just relax for a few laps and you get used to it.

That said I haven't driven this mod with FFB in mind yet, when my 'carset' is done I might do some comparisons. Tyres will be one of the things I change.

Mod Cars / Re: DRM Revival preview
« on: April 08, 2018, 01:32:20 PM »
My major problem with this mod is that it was sold as being 3 years in the making by a "group" of modders working as a "group" that had created the original Rf1 mod. I reasonably expected it to be Kunos standard and was only too happy to pay for it,...


Mod Cars / Re: DRM Revival preview
« on: April 08, 2018, 09:10:23 AM »
I'll port them over to my 'carset' where some of them won't be worth driving but can still act as a field filler for the few of us who also race offline.

The CARMA is OK and new, the M1 is OK and new, the Escort is OK but already had it, The Capri is passable but already had it, the Toyota is OK but already had it, the Kremer Porsches are bad, the 320s and 2002s are bad and I haven't looked at the Lancia yet but already had a Forza version.

Mod Cars / Re: DRM Revival preview
« on: April 08, 2018, 09:08:24 AM »
Not driven it enough to comment on the physics. It's the resolution of the textures and models that piss me off. The sound, I think most people don't turn up the volume enough or use headphones as I have no complaints.
Took me 31/2 minutes to change one of the tachos so it could be seen clearly. But I'm limited in what I can do.

n.b. @rooshooter et all, The modders have NO* control over the force feedback so credit nor blame should be given for it.
*the suspension geometry and tyres affect the FFB but they should dictated by the car you are modelling.

Assetto Corsa / Re: Humble Bundle sale - racing games
« on: April 07, 2018, 09:13:38 PM »
My Bookmark sends me to 'New Posts'.

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