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Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Teams
« on: March 14, 2017, 06:44:07 PM »
Might as well make Nith and AJ a team

In for this season as well

Race 1

I got an amazing start and pulled up between Wally and someone else. The person on my left moved and half the field was taken out. I was sliding and did touch someone coming onto the track. Apologies whom ever that was. I managed to go from the back of the field up to p3.

Race 2

Another good start and picked Mael off into turn 1. I was about .3 per lap slower than Phil however he made a mistake and i caught up about 2 seconds. After the pits we were .7 from each other. I just couldn't keep the pace with Phil. Came home with p2 so i am happy with that.

Not sure what happened in the first race. Lots of carnage in front of me. Spun twice in the race. Finished 7th

Race 2 i had a good start. Up to p5. PC froze 3 times. Ended up 12th

Race 1 was a bit of fun. Ended up p7 from a midfield start. Did Soft Soft and really enjoyed it. Tyres going off towards the last couple of laps

Race 2 my PC froze on the final red light and came back to life just after it went green. Straight to the back of the field. Tried an early pit stop and tried mediums for the first time. Didn't suit my setup and i really struggled.

I was knackered after race 1. Pain in my wrists so sat out the 2nd race

These cars are tough to drive. I think it will take a few races before the field gets a grasp for just how hard you can push. In the mid pack i found it hard to react to other cars spearing off without crashing myself.

I am in. Looking forward to Aero cars !

I had a shocker. A night to be forgotten.

Had 15 laps of practice on the server earlier in the week. I think the temps must have been different because i was driving on ice.

Coming into the race i felt i had no control over the car. Tried warming the tyres as much as possible but still made no difference. I had pitconfig setup to repair damage and ended up basically last.

Race 2 i lost control......

Had some fun races tonight.

Race 1
Managed to gain 1 position in the first corner and someone spun infront of me in the final turn. So moved up from 6th to 4th. Rather boring race after that maintaining the gap.

Race 2
I had a great run behind Grat and thought i could pass into turn 1. Not sure what actually happened (would love to watch a replay) but i kept as clean as possible. Managed to get into 1st position out of t1. I was trying not to make an mistakes for the first laps on cold tyres and Marty pitted on lap 3 (i think Marty has Nith phobia) which worked out really well for me once i pitted from the lead on lap 10. Phil managed to get me in the pit stops after a shocking out lap and i was right on his tail when my PC froze sending me into the sticks. When it came back to life i was in p6 with 4 flat spotted tyres and damage. No coming back from that point and settled for a 4th place. Shame as i felt i could of been on the podium for the first time.

Really looking forward to the replays if someone has time. I didn't save mine.

Thanks Marty. Managed to get in. Was installing to wrong folder

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Can't join the practice server for some reason.

It just crashes once the cars load. Every other server is fine.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks for the special mention Wally  :)

I've always liked Brands Hatch with its undulations and blinds corners, but never seemed to perform well here. With no practice prior to the Tuesday evening my thoughts were resigned to that of another poor performance. With the qualifying result in this was looking to be another one of those nights.

Race 1 was very much still a learning endeavour for me, lap by lap scouting out the tarmac and lines. Not much overtaking per se more so capitilising on other peoples errors saw me picking my way up the leaderboard. Then a few own goals towards the end (due to some distractions outside the immersion) dropped me back a couple of spots to finish 14th.

Race 2 on the other hand was great! I had seemed have got my eye in during R1 and I was following Bacchulum closely for a number of laps after the start. I few slip ups saw me fall away from the pack to I took the opportunity to pit. I came out circulating for a while then Nith and Mael jumped out of the pits which led to a great stoush till pretty much the end and some point along the way Seanus joined the pack. Kudos to Nith, I was a bit nervous going side by side through a few turns given the chatter around round 1, but very gentlemanly leaving racing room and if my memory serves me correctly not even a touch. Mael, great racing as well, a few elbows between us but redressed were necessary thank you. My apologies for almost turning you in turn one I did not realise we had the slightest of overlaps.

Can't wait to tidy up my race and be more consistent to see where it lands me in the placings.

See you next week.

Thanks Keith

I had another great night of racing. I like how no matter how fast you are in this league you can manage to find a good race between a few people.

Exactly my expectations of the series and of my real motorsport experiences in the past.

Hopefully we have some close action again in the future.


I am using factory Logitech settings and happy with them.

I am using g27 with a 3 x 27" screen setup.

Was a good night of racing from my seat. Looking forward to the videos.

Race 1 i made a mistake in the final few laps and lost 3 places.

Race 2 i pitted early after flat spotting the tyres. Lots of consistent laps with a bunch of cars behind me.

Marty. No hard feelings. I never actually hit you. You never passed my b pillar and there was some rubbing. I enjoyed that battle and hope more of the races this season are like that.

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