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Sign me up - BMW M3 GT2

Solid race for me, great battle with Bacchulum but then I suspect my team boss let me through :-[ , then a real laptime tussle with RussG until he ran off but later in the race he almost got me again. We did tangle with him on cold tyres so apologies if I didn't leave enough room there Russ. As is my normal MO i waited for each lapper to light up helicorsa once or twice then seeing as this track is a real one liner I let each past on the main straight. I didn't let Phil through though, I just ran wide there Phil. ;)
Sorry Seanus, the contact wasn't your fault.
I had a plan. I was right behind you when I saw you pit, and decided if I stayed out for 2 laps then pit I should come out in front of you because of your cold tyres, then hope I had enough space to keep you behind until my tyres warmed up. The plan worked a treat and I came out with a nice little gap to you.
The trouble was that Marty hadn't pitted and was between us so I moved to let him through and that let you get right on my bumper.  Then I just tried too hard to defend on cold tyres and gave you a tap in the rear.
Apart from that and a couple of usual brain fades I was pretty happy and got some laps in the 12's.

Real Life Motorsport / Re: Formula 1
« on: March 30, 2017, 10:20:26 PM »
Sect B, Row N, Seat 27
Likely to be in the same seat next year  ;D

Real Life Motorsport / Re: Formula 1
« on: March 30, 2017, 10:16:28 PM »
at the 1 min mark can see where i was sitting
I was in the Ricciardo stand on turn 4 :)
Unfortunately Dan's final stop was right opposite ....

Terrible night Russg,i feel it!!!

Thanks mate :)
It's just the way it happens sometimes. Check my signature  ;)

A night to forget for me  :(
Qually didn't go too well. I was running a different setup to practise which I thought would be OK. Also ran this setup in R1.
R1: I started cleanly just keeping out of trouble. after a couple of laps I managed to clip a tyre bundle on the left of the car which gave left side damage and cracked screen. Battled on albeit a bit slowly until I think it was just before half way Bird got up the inside at T1 and gave me a little love tap on the right front wheel (yes Bird I checked the replay  ;) ). All fair and nothing in it but the suspension broke and the steering wheel was about 45 degrees off centre and didn't steer too good, so I got to pit and repaired. Came out around the leaders and had to keep moving aside to let them through. Plugged away to the end hoping for more people to have big issues, but sadly .....
R2: Dumped the previous setup and went for defaults with a little less wing.
Got punted up the arse before T1 pushing me into someone else. After T1 I had nowhere to go but crash into someone already involved in the pileup. Front and rear aero was now gone. I guess I could have tried to continue like that but I pitted and repaired everything and my times were much better than R1. Unfortunately again I came out of the pits just in front of the leaders and had blue flags from there until the end of the race.
Next race will be different  ;D

I'd like to add a really big thanks Seanus. Really appreciate all the time you have spent on this. It will add to the immersion factor.

its telling me that because there is no http in the web line that the site is insecure

Sorry Mark, when I said the exact error message, I meant the EXACT error message.
A screenshot would be the best.

Also what version browser are you running?
 In the meantime, see if you can get it from here - http://www.mediafire.com/file/vou56vma44uy7vv/PitLanePenalty1.19-XGN.zip

What is the exact error message?

I'm in ...
I have signed on the dotted line below  ;D


Many thanks Wally.
I certainly appreciate the time and effort that goes into organising a season of racing, setting up servers, publishing results etc, so WELL DONE mate.
I would also like to thank all the participants, without whom the racing we had would not be possible.
Sorry to those I shunted and  :P to those who shunted me (you know who you are  ;) )

Can't wait for next season. I am saving my vote until I get a chance to try out the cars, but it seems to me a strange poll where you have 29 votes but 19 voters. I know you can vote for more than one option, but my personal opinion is that you shouldn't be able to.

Cheers  8)

Hi Slow_As. You can race with me :)

and I see Maki Engineering have climbed up onto the teams podium . . :) :)

Don't get comfortable there. Keith was away this week due to Valentines day commitments but I think he will be back with a vengeance, and KNR Racing will stand on the team podium for sure  :P :P

Racing general / Re: rFactor2
« on: February 07, 2017, 09:18:24 AM »

I'll reduce the ballast a bit to 15kg, 30kg and 45kg (practice server updated).

Hey Wally,
How about reducing the 60kg I have for the incident last week (which I still claim is undeserved).
Yeah, OK, I'll make that 45 as well.

Sorry to bother you Wally, but I still have 60kg on the practise server.

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