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Assetto Corsa / Re: AC News
« on: January 22, 2017, 04:49:09 PM »
yeah that is pretty messed up , lord Kunos is going power crazy or his money lust has made him delusional or something, sorta worried about AC and wish there was an alternative, that was more polished,  cause sorta losing interest in AC ,all we get is new cars, which i wouldn't have driven 80% of and the odd track.

I read somewhere assetto corsa is what you get when you surround yourself with yes men who agree to everything you say and I agree
Yes Phil...

Surprised myself by actually enjoying the racing using one foot! Must be getting better.  I had forgotten how much fun these "slidey cars with no brakes" are. Just tried to stay out of trouble but that proved difficult  8) For the record, I would have redressed Wally's position when I tapped him IF I COULD HAVE FOUND HIM!!!!!

Racing general / Re: Project Cars
« on: December 22, 2016, 02:06:59 PM »
Ivsaw you can pick up the game for about $11 now. I was almost tempted. Almost.

Do it!

More money for us, "shareholders" :D

Ok it has one thing that I like: those point-to-point road courses.
Helps fund your track tires for the GT86...

Legends Pack are all rips and are running Version 6 of the tyre model. They also feel pretty same same from car to car to me.
Didn't all cars feel the same back then?  ;)

A real pity I missed most of this season, sounds like it was pretty good fun. Have tried a couple of times to do a few laps but doesn't work too well - foot is still too sore - seems I have archilles tendinitis.  Hope I'm able to do more races next season. Trialling right foot braking but having trouble in close racing due to missing braking points or locking up too easily under pressure.

Well apology time again, firstly too Gratulin and secondly to shameless_1, I just can't sustain a good level of concentration once the sun goes down, and you 2 especially had to pay the price.

It happens, if you had stayed put until the rest of the field came through you may have been safe, you moved just as I came around to avoid you and you started moving.. nps though, I got back to racing after a few laps but I wasn't into the track much.

PS: you need to get gratulin a car as he stole Joe's in race 1 and Joe had a twin in race 2. :)
thank you Des, I have watched both races a few times and enjoyed them, except my stuff ups.  Yes in hindsight, I should have stayed there, I  was thinking, "get out of the way" but of course everyone has a greater control of their destiny with a stationary object!
I will fix Gratulins car number/name before Thursday... cheers.
I've got a bone to pick with Joe then - his car drove like crap  ;D ;D :(

I think handicapping whatever the method is dubious at best. In professional races it is for the spectators (ala salary caps).

In online racing it is because the fast guys get bored. But I don't care about fast guys getting bored :) They can always just drive slower!

I would just give the back end of the field a boost either via a better car or a ballast or engine limit. But not just add ballast to the fast guys. Add ballast to the whole field and then reduce ballast for anyone lapping slower than say 105% of the fastest times.

Reverse grids are horrible. Hate getting pushed and shoved off the track by faster guys. I've done it myself on Thursdays - even when trying to carefully overtake I cause inadvertent havoc for the car I'm overtaking. So reverse grid is great for fast guys but not so great for slower guys.

I like Phil's approach which really just relegated the top 5 drivers to the back for a race or two giving others a chance to compete for the podium. Good fun. Also, means the fast guys "throttle back" a bit to avoid always getting thrown to the back of he field!

Finally, to end my little spiel. Racing against drivers of similar pace is what is most fun (NOT handicapped!). On Thursdays I really enjoy racing against guys who are normally faster but who haven't had time to practise so I can match them for a few laps. That's a buzz.

Sounds like a majority decision to me!!??

But i would like to find all colder classics instead of to modern.

If I am on the wrong track with this ultimate plan for world domination close racing someone tell me :)

Not sure I want to drive a "cold" car  ;D 

A separate question. How much talking are allowed during the race? I know in the Tuesday league speaking during the race is a hanging offense but not sure if its frown upon in the Thursday runs.

Secondly can we have a change in the blue flag rule? Currently the car being lapped has to make way ideally without costing the leaders any time. I would prefer it to be that the car being lapped has to stay on the racing line and not try to get out of the way. Obviously they should not actively defend their position but it should be the leaders responsibility to pass safely. The reason for this (again more obvious in the Tuesday races) is that once the backmarker's is caught they lose so much time getting out of the way that their race is basically over!

Since we doing classic cars we could even do away with the blue flag completely since the tough old codgers did not need it way back then  ;D.
Totally agree. Also would bunch up field a bit.

PS. Not sure I agree with the old codgers comment. They were young once  :D

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Fun Run 11/10/2016
« on: November 04, 2016, 04:33:04 PM »
Have you run the Cobra under AC1.9?? LOUD!!!

After me "kissing" the hay bales I went back to the pits. Then I saw "THE FLATTOP" running in 5th so watched him for the last 5 or so laps. He had Seanus on his tail but held it together for a solid finish. Very stressful just watching - I wanted to egg him on but didn't dare disturb!!??

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Fun Run 11/10/2016
« on: November 04, 2016, 08:06:43 AM »
Geez. This is getting serious. I now have to ask - what the hell is a canam?

Hope you all had a good race guys. the d/l ended up taking 1hr 34mins. Good job you didn't wait for me. lol.
I'm a bit miffed actually. I got bumped into the pitstop crew.  ;D

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