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There are no time differences (app with this red/green bar showing differences to fastest lap) shown on this track...neither offline, nor on the server. My section times don't show either. A few bad/unnatural bumps in the track as well...seems to be a pretty rough mod re surface. You can deal with it...just feels weird.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S36R2 - Nurburgring
« on: January 19, 2021, 11:08:24 PM »
Was a bit slow tonight...dunno why. In R1 Bueller was just slowly driving away from me.  In R2 I couldn't keep up with Bueller and Dietmar, but Wally was quite close...good racing  :)

Congrats mate  :)

Yeah, fun run is a good idea...I won't be doing any racing that day though.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S36R2 - Nurburgring
« on: January 17, 2021, 10:36:03 PM »
Took me many, many, many laps but its back over to you Killa  :P  Better get it before Joe starts cheating again.

1.    Mael            ks_alfa_romeo_155_v6    02:08.525
2.    killagorilla    ks_alfa_romeo_155_v6    02:08.530

Good on you. Yeah, looking at the number of laps you've done, it really was hard work. I should be able to squeeze a bit more out of it...was just happy to beat anusblaster3000's laptime...what a name, huh?! Seems like the fast boys are a bit lazy this week...or just practise in secret...

Wasn't able to match my PB in the qualies, but races went well. Caught up with Bueller towards the end of race 1. Didn't get a chance to try a pass though. R2 was a bit lonely, but it's a rare win...so I'm happy...good start into the new season. Great qualy times by Bueller and Dietmar.

3 cars within 0.03s...good calcs, Wally.

Which tyre won't matter to me, gearbox only lasts 11 laps.
Oh, that's bad. What if we did 3 ten lap sprints instead? That would be good for the tyres too  :)
Didn't you have some blown up engines in the V8's last season? Would be a pity if these kind of things affect the championship too much.

I hear ya Killa, I did some laps in the Mercedes last night and I was pretty happy to choose that until I tried the little Bimmer and WOW what a difference that car is :o
Guess you'd expect the Kunos boys to keep the Merc and the BMW on the same level re performance...as far as I know that's what it was in real in the end...from memory I'd even say the Merc was a bit more successful, but I can be wrong there. Bueller was very fast in the Merc in the fun run...yeah, and Alphonso's time on the server is great too.
With the restrictor on the BMW the Merc should be faster based on this logic of mine.
However, I know what you're saying. I just like driving the BMW so much more...it's the most fun to drive imo...couldn't get rid of the understeering in the Merc.
Definitely try the Alfa as well...more understeery, but fast too.
I just tried...can do 16 laps in the Alfa on softs, but they're overheating on the left-hand side pretty much right from the start and getting all red. Looks terrible in the tyre app, but the car still drives somewhat ok towards the end of the race.
Not sure whether mediums get you better lap times towards the end...I would think a bit. Guess you'd have to do the same with the mediums and compare lap times and I haven't done that. I think the difference between softs and mediums is less than half a second...0.3-0.4s.

Wow...BMW is pretty fast there. Done some laps myself. It's a great layout...some fun high speed turns and it seems the long straight is a good spot for passes. Softs are getting pretty hot on the Alfa...don't know if you can make it through a race on them. Is the beemer gonna make it on softs?

Qualy result (P1-P4): BMW, Alfa, Alfa, Alfa (of course there can be a Merc in there somewhere or you can replace BMW with Merc...just simplifying in order to make a certain point)
Ranking at turn 1: Alfa, Alfa, Alfa, BMW
It will be a challenge gaining your positions back during the race in a car which is the trickiest to drive anyway and not significantly faster.

Alfa chews its tyres, it is going to be  challenge staying in front without the BMW bumping it off  :P
You picked the Alfa...will you be on mediums then? ;)
Done some laps at Hockenheim. Yes, the tyres are suffering big time.

ACC can be frustrating, even more so with a car like this. It's worth watching some of aris' videos to understand how the handling of these cars work, particularly gt3 aero and the brake/coast/gas method he explains. Brake: as late as possible without over doing the apex and not leaning too heavily on the abs. Coast: release brake gently into coast through apex, coast over curbs (not always), some corners require a fair bit of coasting. Gas: Getting a good run off a corner is important but getting on too early when you should be coasting means you'll probably have to get off it a bit. From there it's just a matter of being patient, not pushing too hard and the lap times start to come. I think though once you start to get to a certain point, fine tuning set ups can get you a bit more time however I'm shit at it and just use safe/agg sets depending on track and sometimes conditions.
I still sometimes get a bit frustrated when racing at rooz because I can't get "up there" but pulling back a bit and focus on the these things gets me from outside top ten to sometimes inside top ten with them, happy with that because I'm mostly on the stock sets and I'm pretty sure a lot of them spend a fair amount of time tuning.
The safe sets are tuned for understeer since it's generally the easier end of the car to control so starting out with that, especially rear engine cars, getting up to speed with the car like that first really helps me. I did the hour race Mon night with safe set and came fourth, however a whole minute behind the leaders at the end.
Not trying preach, just offering some tips that helped me get to where I am, now just gotta learn how to get the most out of set ups.
I think you've got some good speed. I'm always on aggressive and I make it even more aggressive as I'm really bad with understeering cars. I'm usually ok with keeping the car under control, but I'm not fast...haha. I still enjoy it...so many cars on raceonoz...always someone around to race with.

I think it might make life interesting to mandate a car swap at the halfway point of the season.
Is this post of yours affecting us?  ;)
I think so, but I'm still umming and aahing a bit. Let me know what you think of the idea. It could spice up the chase for the championship a bit, if someone dominates the first half of the season in one particular car, but then doesn't do as well in another car.
We just need a Citroen 2CV booked in for Bueller and it will be fine  ;)
I picked the Alfa...and that's only based on my practice offline before our fun run at the Nurburgring and I wouldn't mind keeping it for the entire season.
There's ACC GT3 on Monday and that will keep me busy enough.
However, guess there is a chance that changing cars mid season could mix up things a little bit...all depends on what cars the fast guys pick.
So I agree with your point, but still voted against it. It is a proper season though, so I think setting the rules before the season starts would be better.

I think it might make life interesting to mandate a car swap at the halfway point of the season.
Is this post of yours affecting us?  ;)

So not the cleanest of laps in each car, with the Mercedes I had nice Bacchulum Works death wish set up saved from a previous tour here. The other cars were stock aside from ratios and tyre adjustments. So far fairly close times, each car with a favoured sector, although if Joe stopped looking at dildos he might come and put all green sectors in his favourite car...
Ok, your times make more sense to me  :)

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