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Yes, Wally, I messed up the last turn before the long straight last lap of race 3...coming out of it too slow and then making the mistake of downshifting on top of it. I knew that's it and I couldn't avoid you passing me. I then gained a bit in the last turn...not enough...damn!!!
It's the first time I raced this track. I find it very challenging, but great fun. Right to the very end of race 3 there were still some turns I struggled with.
Bacchulum, at the moment of our incident I thought you were hitting me and ending my race and not vice versa as you've said. Well, of course, I can be wrong. Strangely enough just that race wasn't recorded so I still don't really know what exactly happened. You're a good racer, so if it really was my fault then please accept my apologies.

Good to spend some time in my rig again...almost forgot how much fun it is  :)
The cars are great, like the track too and I really enjoyed the racing.

Wally, can you add me as well, please?
Welcome back, Killa!

You'll like these cars Killa

Hi Mael, yeah, looking forward to this season :)

Wally, can you add me as well, please?

Cheers. I've actually done 2 or 3 hours on them already. Again, I'm still a bit of a sim racing noob...and I don't have any real racing experience either.
I'm really impressed by the lap times many of you guys have done. Guess seat time and knowledge about how to set up a car pays off.
So I'm not blaming the cars  :)

Had a pretty short race last night...a slight contact with Simone's rear wheel ended my race.
Sorry Wally, think I jumped the gun a bit by signing up for this season without even having tested the 75's.
These cars and my driving skills aren't a good match...no fun for me...so I better make my spot available for someone else.
Have a great season :-)

Hope there will be more supporter for the F2004...don't enjoy driving the '75 F1's at all.

Same track, different era cars...

...Open pitstops again - refuel and change tyres as often as you like.
"Refuelling during races first took place in Formula One in 15th August 1982". So... no refuelling, and fuel rate at 1x.

Wally, can you clarify, please?

Strange, had plenty of excursions into the green, but no penalty

I was chuffed to finish 4th after qualifying 14th!
I did 2 long stints on hards, and then intended to finish off with a short stint on mediums, but I forgot that you have to manually select the next preset (I thought it automatically advanced to the next preset). So in my last stop, I put on hards again and took on way too much fuel.

I thought the racing was good, with less bad accidents than I had expected. Contacts were pretty low. I had a few chases, got lapped, passed some lapped cars... finished within 3 seconds of Bueller.

Some observations...

C'mon guys... we've done 21 seasons! If you don't like getting cuts, keep it on the black stuff. It doesn't take long to figure out where the danger spots are - just be careful in those spots. In a longer race (being 3 times longer than some of our sprints), you are going to get more cuts.

Tyre Wear
I thought the multiplier was about right (1.5x is based on real life races being 1.5x longer). It mixes up the tyre strategies. Of the finishers, most people did 3 stints on mediums (2 stops). A couple did 4 stints on mediums (3 stops). I did 2 hard stints and 1 medium stint (2 stops). In real life, drivers did 2 or 3 stops.

Race too long?
There was a comment that the race was too long and the field got spread out. I think it's OK... a longer race opens up more pitstop strategies, and is more of a concentration test. This is F1, after all :)

Blue flags
As always, watch for blue flags and don't race the car behind if you're a lap down. Be aware.

I think you're right. Good to have some variety after all.

I was a bit slow...but I compensated that with a bad pitstop strategy and making lots of mistakes ;-)  Apologies to Seanus.

Me too, please.

Btw what mod is this about here?
I found this one on the net: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-1975-he-v1-1.13612/

9:8 in favour of the 75's...looks like the Russians have their fingers in this already ;-)

Might post a full review later, Just wanted to jump on for two quick things.

1. Sorry to killagorilla if I messed up Race 1.  Keith was a bit slow onto the straight but I wasn't quite in a position to pass into T1 and tapped his rear and was trying to leave room for him to rejoin.  Suspect this left you nowhere to go.
Yeah, you slowing down there caught me completely by surprise...no time to react...went off track and came to a halt facing traffic...shit spot to get back on track anyway...and thought: Beer now...or coming in last...and then starting the second race with some ballast from behind.
I actually thought Keith has made a mistake there and he would let you pass. Didn't realise you were running into him. I think he's had a moment before as well and that was the reason why we were suddenly right behind him. Bad luck for me.

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