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I'm happy to leave the cars as they are ... but looks like the Short Tail will need 3 stops at Sebring.
I'm using 9.68L per lap. I'm calculating I will need minimum 305L to finish. Full tank = 99L, so 3 stopper or fuel saving.
As ab said, the main thing in this series is really about your class. All I'm aiming for is to be at the pointy end of the Short Tails. It's just fun to drive  :D
Happy to leave it also!  Just did a few laps the the C9 is a huge handful to drive . . so you can have it!  :)

I went with the C9 because it was a hand full, I'm hoping to learn a few things!

The shortail  is on rails, puts down its power with no fuss, 100% @ apex sure no problem. Stops staight and true.
The longtail is almost on rails, puts down its power with no fuss unless your in second and mash the go pedal. Stops straight and true.
The Wankelx4 is on rails, puts down its power with out fuss unless your in the upper rev range. Stops straight and true. Has great bug eye mirrors.
The C9 goes like Drunken Monkey Sex! in a straight line. Is on ice throught the corners, putting down power is like disarming a nuke, and then needs an extra 50-100m to pull up. You also have to deal with s/l tails and wankels running up the back due to early brake marker.

It will make for a intersting season.

Also Put Kcender in Model T and he would still be running rings aroung me.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S25 Skins
« on: November 09, 2018, 07:16:31 AM »
Here's mine :P


Preparing to hide an inevitable engine blow up?  :P

Well no, more like when it reverses itself and back up into a wall! :o

Some C9 noise!

C9 Please

Hey Wally,
The sauber C9 please.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S25 Skins
« on: November 07, 2018, 07:30:50 AM »
Does anyone have a 3edo shell that I could use >> Mercedes and Mazda. I havent made up my mind yet.

I do like the old Spa!
Not a bad night out. Found a nice pace doing 58's, watch the carnage and tried to stay out of any of it. Found my self in fourth after bradc left the track at blauchimont, then proceeded to do a great Duke's of Hazard over the track. Will look at the reply and get a grab. Two laps later at the same spot Kcender left the track and ended up facing the wrong way, Up to Thrid  ;D. The next lap I had one of those "I did what I also do" but just driffed off the track at Burnenville straight into the outside house. Broke the car still driveable but only at 4:01/4:03, Mael and Bradc got passed and a couple of laps later Phil also passed. Nursed the car home for 6th happy with that.
On to the Group C's
Any body got a mudbox shell for doing a skin?

Thanks for season 24 Wally!

The tracks for season 25 any perticular versions?

I was going to say something about the late incusion, but then I thought if come race day and the heavens open and you haven't turn a wet lap up till now. "Tough"! get on with it. :)

I still reserve the right to rage quit! ::)

Hi Bacchulum,
No not race stats just practice stats. I noticed on Osterreichring and Feldbergring that graphs arent showing up and one of my practice sessions at Feldberg didnt show up, thats all.

It would seem ptracker is a little flaky at the moment. Graphs are a bit hit and miss, and sometimes it does not up load after a session.

Well I had a all right sorta night.

Technical - number 2 son had his headphone/mic pluging to rig, so no discord in VR I didnt work this out till after the race. On that note I'm not liking VR at the moment, might go back to screens, not that would make me faster.  :o

R1 Highlight was a good battle with bradc lasted about 5 laps till we came together and both ran wide, I waited till bradc passed and I rejoined. Looked at the fuel gauge and had 0lt left, so coasted to the pits. Pulling up at the pit box I stabed the brake a bit hard and came to a stop a bee's dick out of the box and unable to move. Had to teleport back to the pits with the normal penelty. :-\

Second race started well but got caught up with mae's off at the top of the track on lap 2. Back to the rear of the field I go managed to get passed mac87 and was chasing Simone but could not get close enough to make it interesting. I was pushing hard through the kink on the main straight, really trying to make some ground on simone and I ran just a poofteenth off the track found the wall and really broke the steering of the car. Made the pits and had a long mechical interlude, got back out for a very lonley final few laps.

Could have had a better result in both races but lack of prep pre race let me down in the first and trying too hard in the second. Made some points and had a blast fighting bradc in the first race so better than a rage quit.

 Don't know about you guy, but every time I pass the Pub in the woods in the uphill section, I get a urge to stop for a cold one and kransky.   :)

Thanks Wally!
Another well orchestrated evening.

First off I'll start with my Mea Cuppa, to Simone and Russ for first lap indiscretions. My reply only starts at lap 2 for some reason so haven't look at the video.
Race 2
AbleArcher locked up under brakes and ran wide from the inside of the corner, pushing Simone off track, and shortly after squeezed Russ off track – 15 kg penalty for the next round

Q I found my self in 10 position only to be knocked out by Wally, but finally found a 1:39:793' to put him back out of the top ten. I wonder if that had anything to do with the 15kg? ;D

P1 I followed @buellersdayoff jump start and had the same question about pit drvie thru penaltys. But got back to it with me chasing bueller till he spun @arents. After that I got on after Keith and Simone who were having a good tussell. That let me close in till they out raced each other into Colaseante turn. For the second half of the race I was after @Rob I just couldn't quite catch him till the last lap and stuck it up the inside @ the hairpin. I pick up one last place as @seanus ran out of fuel and was coasting for home. Apart from the jump start I started tenth and finished tenth.

P2 was better apart from the earlier mentioned incidents.  Best part of the race was the three wide down the straight with @Rob and @Doobs and wondering who would blink, sainity prevailed and we all made it thru. The next few laps, well the rest of the race I was chasing @Killa and being chased by Bueller. I over cooked it to the Hair pin I think I was distracted by @AB little excusion off the track and then Bueller was thru. I then spent 5 laps watchin Bueller and Killa go @ it, I was waiting for a mistake but no came that would help me. All the while @RussG had caught up and was filling the mirrors till I lock up going into cola which RussG did the next lap and handed the place back.

Not a bad night racing over all. If any one has the first couple of laps on video I would like to see what I did.


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