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I'm pretty sure my video card shat itself last night and needs to be RMAd. The screen locked up and went multicoloured, and when I rebooted, Windows no longer recognised the card because it reported an error. I updated drivers with a clean install, downgraded drivers, reseated the card, but it would no longer be recognised by Windows. So I've chucked my 980 back in for now.

I'll get the results up tonight.

Well the only thing to do is replace it. I suggest...........https://www.pccasegear.com/products/45097/inno3d-geforce-rtx-2080-ti-ichill-black-11gb

I did wonder what was up there  ???

I'm happy to leave the cars as they are ... but looks like the Short Tail will need 3 stops at Sebring.
I'm using 9.68L per lap. I'm calculating I will need minimum 305L to finish. Full tank = 99L, so 3 stopper or fuel saving.
As ab said, the main thing in this series is really about your class. All I'm aiming for is to be at the pointy end of the Short Tails. It's just fun to drive  :D
Happy to leave it also!  Just did a few laps the the C9 is a huge handful to drive . . so you can have it!  :)

I went with the C9 because it was a hand full, I'm hoping to learn a few things!

The shortail  is on rails, puts down its power with no fuss, 100% @ apex sure no problem. Stops staight and true.
The longtail is almost on rails, puts down its power with no fuss unless your in second and mash the go pedal. Stops straight and true.
The Wankelx4 is on rails, puts down its power with out fuss unless your in the upper rev range. Stops straight and true. Has great bug eye mirrors.
The C9 goes like Drunken Monkey Sex! in a straight line. Is on ice throught the corners, putting down power is like disarming a nuke, and then needs an extra 50-100m to pull up. You also have to deal with s/l tails and wankels running up the back due to early brake marker.

It will make for a intersting season.

Also Put Kcender in Model T and he would still be running rings aroung me.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S25 Skins
« on: November 09, 2018, 07:16:31 AM »
Here's mine :P


Preparing to hide an inevitable engine blow up?  :P

Well no, more like when it reverses itself and back up into a wall! :o

Some C9 noise!

C9 Please

Hey Wally,
The sauber C9 please.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S25 Skins
« on: November 07, 2018, 07:30:50 AM »
Does anyone have a 3edo shell that I could use >> Mercedes and Mazda. I havent made up my mind yet.

I do like the old Spa!
Not a bad night out. Found a nice pace doing 58's, watch the carnage and tried to stay out of any of it. Found my self in fourth after bradc left the track at blauchimont, then proceeded to do a great Duke's of Hazard over the track. Will look at the reply and get a grab. Two laps later at the same spot Kcender left the track and ended up facing the wrong way, Up to Thrid  ;D. The next lap I had one of those "I did what I also do" but just driffed off the track at Burnenville straight into the outside house. Broke the car still driveable but only at 4:01/4:03, Mael and Bradc got passed and a couple of laps later Phil also passed. Nursed the car home for 6th happy with that.
On to the Group C's
Any body got a mudbox shell for doing a skin?

Thanks for season 24 Wally!

The tracks for season 25 any perticular versions?

I was going to say something about the late incusion, but then I thought if come race day and the heavens open and you haven't turn a wet lap up till now. "Tough"! get on with it. :)

I still reserve the right to rage quit! ::)

Hi Bacchulum,
No not race stats just practice stats. I noticed on Osterreichring and Feldbergring that graphs arent showing up and one of my practice sessions at Feldberg didnt show up, thats all.

It would seem ptracker is a little flaky at the moment. Graphs are a bit hit and miss, and sometimes it does not up load after a session.

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