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Hi Wally,
I was just downloading the Tsukuba circuit and notice it has an update to 2.1.
Just letting you know

1.   Able Acher 83   ks_ford_mustang_2015   01:28.356

That is an outrageous bending of the rules.....and no way legal.  :P

NO paddles :D

That was a fun outing. Started the night buy forgetting to purchase the Stang, and was left to deal with the Nissan. At least I had run all 3 for setup and had similar times. I just don't like the Nissans steering.

 Qualified 9th and managed to get up to 6th after Russ got shunted in the chicane on the first lap. Russ got back on track, he caught me up by the 6th lap I was able to hold him up for a lap or so. Till I missed a shift going on to Hanger Straight and he was gone. Killagorilla scared the hell out of me! didn't see him coming in the dark grey colour scheme .

R2 was busy with scraping with Mael for the first five laps or so. Sorry Mael for the tap in Stowe thought you would  have drifted a bit wider after passing on the inside as I was cutting back. Spend the next few laps fending off Ab1, but couldn't hold him of for long. The rest of the race I spent holding off Rob. I had a better run through the chicane and Club corner, but Rob would be hounding me again by the time we hit Hanger Straight.

R3 was like R2 fight with Mael for the first five laps till his tyres were up to speed. The next 10 laps was spent fighting with Ab1, it was a tight fought thing with Ab1 half a second by the finish line.

All in all had some good racing, heres hoping that the next round can be this entertaining.

Thanks Guys, fun night with some tight racing. Only a roll on the second race start was a bit annoying, but that's racing.

Assetto Corsa / USB Issue
« on: January 29, 2019, 11:26:14 AM »
Hi Guys,
Having a small issue with USB and Thrustmaster TH8A. I have a button on my g920 wheel mapped to mute Discord, works a treat. But have had a issue when selecting second gear on the TH8A will also act to mute Discon. Can't see anything obvious. Discord button in mapped via Discord, All others are mapped via AC/CM. Not a show stopper but annoying.

I'm pretty sure my video card shat itself last night and needs to be RMAd. The screen locked up and went multicoloured, and when I rebooted, Windows no longer recognised the card because it reported an error. I updated drivers with a clean install, downgraded drivers, reseated the card, but it would no longer be recognised by Windows. So I've chucked my 980 back in for now.

I'll get the results up tonight.

Well the only thing to do is replace it. I suggest...........https://www.pccasegear.com/products/45097/inno3d-geforce-rtx-2080-ti-ichill-black-11gb

I did wonder what was up there  ???

I'm happy to leave the cars as they are ... but looks like the Short Tail will need 3 stops at Sebring.
I'm using 9.68L per lap. I'm calculating I will need minimum 305L to finish. Full tank = 99L, so 3 stopper or fuel saving.
As ab said, the main thing in this series is really about your class. All I'm aiming for is to be at the pointy end of the Short Tails. It's just fun to drive  :D
Happy to leave it also!  Just did a few laps the the C9 is a huge handful to drive . . so you can have it!  :)

I went with the C9 because it was a hand full, I'm hoping to learn a few things!

The shortail  is on rails, puts down its power with no fuss, 100% @ apex sure no problem. Stops staight and true.
The longtail is almost on rails, puts down its power with no fuss unless your in second and mash the go pedal. Stops straight and true.
The Wankelx4 is on rails, puts down its power with out fuss unless your in the upper rev range. Stops straight and true. Has great bug eye mirrors.
The C9 goes like Drunken Monkey Sex! in a straight line. Is on ice throught the corners, putting down power is like disarming a nuke, and then needs an extra 50-100m to pull up. You also have to deal with s/l tails and wankels running up the back due to early brake marker.

It will make for a intersting season.

Also Put Kcender in Model T and he would still be running rings aroung me.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S25 Skins
« on: November 09, 2018, 07:16:31 AM »
Here's mine :P


Preparing to hide an inevitable engine blow up?  :P

Well no, more like when it reverses itself and back up into a wall! :o

Some C9 noise!

C9 Please

Hey Wally,
The sauber C9 please.

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