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May not make tonight. Had a migraine this afternoon. Have fun.

I don't have ACC but to me it just doesn't offer enough variety to be anything more than a one season thing.  We have essentially the same cars and tracks in AC already (don't we?) .  It just seems ACC offers some better graphics and rain (would every race be wet?) albeit reportedly poor FFB atm.

The only thing that does interest me is the prospect of driver swaps and enduros.

Nice one Joe.  I'm envious of your setup. Good lap.

haven't had a lot of time with the track but a 2.09 in the Fez should be manageable.  Quicker if I have more time to practice.

Wally, I think I was having the same issue with AC Content Manager not launching into a session.

I went to settings and updated the shaders patch and it works fine now.

I've made a quick setup for the Fez.  If it's a bit oversteery, try:
* increase the diff-lock by one or two clicks
* decreasing the rear ride height by 5.

It would be great if AC had some sort of track learning function where you could select parts of a track to play over and over.


This is such a good track graphically.  It really captures the feeling of driving through a forest on public roads.  The slow hairpin section is a bit rubbish but the first two thirds of the track are a thrill.

What are the temperatures Wally?

Arrrgh. Learning these long tracks is such a chore! Should be interesting.

Was kind of fun, kind of not night for me.

Race 1 I was still learning the track a bit but managed to stay in front, but surprisingly so as I actually lost concentration and hit the outside barrier on entry into T1 on the last lap.

Race 2 I accidentally got reverse instead of 5th coming out of the first corner at the start and then I was worried I'd cut KCender off into T2 and hoping I hadn't caused an off then went off myself!  I then spent too long trying to figure out how to repair my car in the pits but went for a trundle around anyway.

Race 3 I was really looking forward to the most as I was starting mid pack.  Was a really fun race for the first lap or two until Seanus spun in front of me and I collected him giving me too much damage.  As it was late I decided to leave rather than get repairs and drive around on my own.

Thanks for the night Wally and everyone.

Assetto Corsa / Re: Racer Introductions
« on: May 28, 2019, 10:12:15 PM »
Hi Jarmel and welcome.  Good timing to join as Wally is running a GP 67 series now.

Assetto Corsa Competizione / Re: Is ACC worth getting or not
« on: May 28, 2019, 10:09:36 PM »
I'm hoping it's just a stop gap before they work on AC 2.  I do worry thought that they had a lot of legal action heaped on them through AC and big business not liking the modding aspect, that Kunos won't ever produce another AC.

Not sure I'll make this race.  Haven't had a chance to do any practice and not sure I'll be a safe entrant tomorrow night if I just rock up.

I really wish you guys would do these answer-inside-quote things more often, they make me feel as though I'm riding a unicorn on a rainbow of love.

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