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Congrats to everyone who finished.  What a great track.  They certainly don't make them like that any more... with good reason judging by all the crashes.

Unfortunately I was getting stuttering which got progressively worse.  I didn't have this issue offline so I can only imagine my comp couldn't handle all the extra cars.  In the end my screen skipped from me entering a corner to the barrier which put me out of the first race, but I enjoyed watching Bird and co. battle it out in close proximity.

Second race I was considering not starting as I didn't want my computer to skip me into the back of someone, but instead I got tangled up in the first corner chaos.  I managed to get going again with broken stuff and was coming up on someone - Freezer maybe - who spun in front of me and I collected on my way through.  I don't think it was going to end well regardless anyway.

So still had some fun, and truth be told I was glad to finish up at a reasonable hour.

Looking forward to the next track.

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to AGK on his (I assume) first race win.  Great to see!

Thanks for the feedback Bird.
I'm not sure about the gearing.  If I was in the Lotus or Eagle I would go longer as those cars have a lot better mid range to get in good slip stream range.
I'll probably just leave as is.

I've put a setup for the Ferrari on ptracker.

Thanks mate, I'll give it a go tonight.
Is it much different from last week's?   I was using it and finding it pretty useful (different gearing is all)

No major changes, just to roll bar, height, dampers and gearing.

Hi Guys

Can i please be signed up to this series.

Having a little problem with the showroom.  It says my GUID / Password are incorrect

What password do i use?

Cheers and Best Wishes

Welcome aboard Greggy, look forward to seeing you on track.

I've put a setup for the Ferrari on ptracker.

Wally, were you aware that tyre blankets are on?  Not sure if this is the case on race night, but in these cars it actually makes them more dangerous during the first lap as the tyres are way over pressure, especially the rears which slide a lot.

When the pressures are low (cold) they tend toward understeer.

Just checking there is no extra download for more pit boxes?

You have to enable free camera in one of the settings ini's in the AC folder I believe.

Let's concentrate on the foul language instead of real issue as lord knows we shouldn't want some 5 year old to stumble across the word and have his whole life ruined.

FFS. Now I've seen the footage, my replay got overwritten, it's a lay down misere, bradc receives a penalty for that or my name isn't.

9/10 drivers agree bradc should cop first lap penalty for that. Tell me I'm not wrong

Dude, you disagree with how it was judged.  That's going to happen in life. Accept and move on. It happens to everyone at some point.  No need to bring yourself down with that sort of rubbish.  I'm sure you're a decent bloke, so get it together and put one incident, from one race in a game that has no real bearing on life behind you.  It's not worth the agro mate.

I happen to think, based on the video, that Brad should have pulled over to the left more once he had fallen behind you to allow some room, but I get what Wally is saying and you have to respect that Wally is running the league and making the best judgement call he can.  No need to make an already difficult job more difficult for him.

Aha, thanks. I have no excuse then!

Disappointed I'm away for work tonight. Would have liked to have tried the Skippy.  Enjoy!
Make sure to post what you thought of the mod :)

It might be good as a learning process for us all Wally, obviously not to target Seanus or Brad.

...Tricky one: Seanus just passed Brad, but then braked when very close to Brad who did move a little towards Seanus. Wheels touched and Seanus went off, but I’ll judge that to be a racing incident because Brad probably didn’t have time to react when Seanus braked so soon after passing....

I relied on you last night Wally to keep my cool, as that incident happened I was fit to burst, but told myself that someone was getting a penalty, and now I've been let down.
Came out of Spoon, Bradc was slowish and I gained fast, chose the right side which was almost a mistake as the gap closed, I think I may have taken some grass. Now I need to negotiate 130R possibly two abreast. Brake at some point only to see in 'car radar' that it seemed like Bradc was tucking in for the slipstream and that was never going to work.

The incident itself is trivial, similar stuff happens all the time, but I feel somewhat aggrieved by the following decision.

And it's all good bradc,  :) ;) :D We ended up in one or two battles through the rest of the night.

Sounds like if you were on the outside of someone going into 130R then you were on a hiding to nothing.

Got to accept the ruling and move on.  It sounds like almost everyone has been involved in an incident with these cars. Good to hear the racing was great for the rest of the time though.

Hardware & Reviews / Re: RTX 2080 review
« on: May 13, 2019, 09:54:18 PM »
For me, the CPU is the thing to shell out on most because it has less significant impact on fps and so it will lay longer without upgrading, and most importantly needs a while new mobo of upgrading again.

GPU get the cheapest you can that will give you what you want as thats the thing being upgraded most often.

Mod Cars / Re: Group 2 '1973'
« on: May 13, 2019, 06:11:23 PM »
Wait, is GzeroD = Seanus?


I'm wondering what kind of setup you guys are driving...if you don't mind to share, please upload it on the test server.   For example, I remember, Guybrush, you've made a few really good sets! ;)

I've posted a Fez setup on ptracker.  I think I did it right. Haven't ran any laps really but will try to get on later tonight.

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