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Hardware & Reviews / Re: Occulus VR Tuning Ideas
« on: Today at 12:16:49 AM »
I've tried overclocking and made little to no differenceexcept a few degrees within a couple of minutes. Seems to be only the VRAM that is the issue. I'll have to look at where the vram storage is and if I can move it to a faster location or just put up with it for now and service a few more cars at home to fund an upgrade.

I'll work through the videos tomorrow and see how it goes. A new card is not really on the cards, 2 small kids and another due in 4-6 weeks. Kind of hard to justify a new graphics card right now.

Thanks for the suggestions and I'll give it a go.

Hardware & Reviews / Re: Occulus VR Tuning Ideas
« on: August 05, 2020, 09:44:43 PM »
At 250k polygons per car, being rendered all the time, as there no LODS, and with most of those cars using uncompressed textures, it's little wonder you would be struggling.

So A card upgrade will be needed then? Do you know if AC supports Crossfire?

Hardware & Reviews / Re: Occulus VR Tuning Ideas
« on: August 05, 2020, 09:24:37 PM »
I have installed content manager but haven't really used it yet. There was supposed to be some VR specific settings in there but I haven't located them. I'll have to have another look around.

Love the race format and the track list. Cars are great fun and seem to suit my driving pretty well. Just have to get my framerate issues sorted otherwise it'll just be back of the grid to start and pretty lonely races.

Hardware & Reviews / Occulus VR Tuning Ideas
« on: August 05, 2020, 06:35:55 PM »
Just looking at some advice if anyone has some tips.

Current System: AMD FX8350, 12G DDR3, 256GB SSD, RX 580 4GB. Everything running standard clocks.

More and more I am getting issues with framerates and it is amplified with certain mods and mod tracks. If I run on my own with any content, I get an easy 90fps. When I add a grid full of cars, I get drops to 35-40 which is bearable, but with the GroupA and C cars, I'm getting drops to 25 and below. When I check the VRAM settings in the AMD console, Its maxxed out no matter how I set the detail and world level.

In the graphics test sequence, I can max out everything but leave the post processing off and I get a very usable 45fps. Not ideal but very usable. I have everything on medium and get 90fps everywhere except the main straight where it drops to 45 and the graphics VRAM is sitting about 53%.  Using the Group A and C cars, it goes straight to 100% and framerates drop to as low as 17.

I wont be qualifying in the coming series which is a shame as I seem to have some genuine mid pack pace in these cars and I do like driving them but I have no intention of crashing into someone because of framerates on lap 1.

I am trying to avoid getting a 8GB card and wanted to know if anyone has a few ideas to try. I've tries a lot of the stuff on google with no success. Does anyone use Crossfire and was there a perfermance gain. I get mixed reports when I look into it.

Thanks everyone

Sorry Wally, I have the WTCC not TCR. I'm not confide t on my end but we'll see what happens.

I can't complain as I often do similar, but incase anyone is unaware nigh on ALL these cars are the Kunos BMW E30 DTM.
The minimum amount a changes have been made to make sure nothing graphically sticks out and what appears to be random 50mm offsets in the front suspension parts.
Also at a quarter million polys each car with no LODs those with potatoes may struggle with a full field.

what about then a championship with the BMW E30 DTM????   It would be great!!!    Absolutely!!!    my 2 cents

If these don't  work out, how about the TCR 2018. Good to drive, forgiving but you can still get on them and hussle them around

Are the rover and mustang going to be added to the server?

Ye JamieP is strange,i have tried myself racing in single with 22 AL  and its all good here. What is not good is that is giving me a "checsum:you been kicked out the race" error only when i select on the server the TOYOTA supra celica,JAGUAR, and NISSAN DR30    anyone????   thx guys

Are you runnign the 1.4 version for the group A cars.All the cars you have mentioned are the group A so maybe the update didn't install properly

Seemed pretty wierd to me. I changed my wheel back to the G27 while I clean and service the fanatec stuff and it was all good today. I am however having framerate issues. Lapping on my own I'm getting 90fps but with a full grid of AI cars, I'm getting drops to 15fps at points around the track. Not really playable at that rate.

My hardware isn't the latest and greatest but an 8-core AMD and RX580 OC shold play better than that, even in VR. Without VR, still getting some issues but will most likely have to turn off the VR for this series. It feels really odd without the VR now.

Finally had a chace to try a few cars yesterday and they all felt like they had rear brake dragging all the time. Made it very hard to get out of the pitsd let alone trying to get it round corners. Anyone else have an issue like this?

I swapped to another mod and no issue at all. (except the realisation I was only getting 94% throttle half the time from my pedals)

Sorry to hear about your back but works well for me. Have to work tonight.

Hope it feels better soon Wally

Had a shocker of a night, even by my standards. Turned my first lap about half an hour before qualifying and was flat out stringing 2 laps together. Sat out Qual and started from the back. a few crashes and pit stops later and finished 2 laps down, I think.

Started race 2 46 seconds late after helping our 7 year old with her drawing and just turned laps to try and get to grips with the track. was getting better but still never got below a mid 40. Had a crash mid race requiring another stop and just tried to stay out of the way. Was something different which is always appreciated but wasn't a good combo for me. Would be a great track in a radical or something with a heap of aero though.

Thansk Wally as always, had a fun night.

Can't wait to get back into racing after dealing with a customers crypto virus the last 2 weeks. Might have to drive the car before round 1 which will be a nice change.

Thought I might try my hand again for the last couple of races. Need something to stop me working :D

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