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Hey Wally can i have the chance to play?

Battlefield V / Re: xTR playing Battlefield V?
« on: July 15, 2018, 08:00:50 PM »
ye i will brit!!

Hello!!   i am trying to enter the server for some fun but while i have no problem with the lotus  i got problems with the porsche.I cant get into the server without being sent back to the garage.I have tried to use the porsche in offline and i have no issues.......what i am doing wrong?  Thx

Hey guys,sorry for leaving the season but i simply could not do it.i could not keep that car on the track for an hour and the pain on my neck and elbow were unbearable  so...ye...sorry  but i know that i am still in love with XGN and thats important    ;D

Spam / Re: k`noth
« on: June 16, 2018, 09:02:21 AM »


Racing general / Re: Sim racing aches and pains
« on: June 10, 2018, 10:08:49 AM »
I don`t want to admit it or maybe i refuse to see it,but i cant hold a steering wheel anymore!!! After 30 min i am in pain,my elbows r a mess,and the stiffness of the neck just make impossible to enjoy a race.Even on my motorbike if i ride hard or longer that 60 m my elbows are in pain.....if i do a wheely ....its a mess   ahhahaahahahahahaha.
I have tried"voltaren" and its ok for a little bit.Maybe i should ask some help to a phisician or something.........bugger cause i am really enjoing my life lately more than ever,but unfortunately racing for 60 min its hard for me at the moment.

..........i am still occasionally pull my dick with little consequences to my elbow though........go figure!!!!!   8) 8) 8)

Hello my friends!
I can`t race tonight i had 0 practice due to work load but i am keen for next week......if my elbow and neck stand the raw power of these machines.
Sorry guys!!!

hey guys ,,,i get this checksum error and i get kicked out the server,,,,,any ideas?   thx

Hoooooo noooo  its hard!!!  My idea was only one stop,starting with soft tyres and 60 lt of fuel,it was all good until i pitted but after that i could not reason anymore.I spent 45 sec in the pits refuelling (75 lt)and changing tyres(hard).
Then i ended in the middle of blue flags guys and letting wally go through i lost it and ended up on the grass...try to fight.back back my bones...hands...wrists...arms..shoulder and.brain had enough.
TOUGH sport!!!   Thing is i had fun and i would like to try again maybe this time i will last more than half!!!
....off too work!!!!     See ya crazy ppl!!!
Yes...using the clutch was really good fun!!!  Hhaahhaaa

Can i give it a go with my shadow?

Hey guys but whats your prefered method of changing gears??  I am using the flaps around the wheel..lol....but its not that good. I got a gear stick but i think it would be a mess..i am not used to, yes i have been cheating all these years........cant believe i have to push the clutch every time i change gear...lololol
So..do i need to set up a gear stick?????? 😁😁😁😁😁

Hey Rooshooter!!  Thx for your support!!!  I have deleted that post because i think it was too over the limit, and when in anger i do things over the limit. I regret deleting now that you liked it(lol) but what happened with telstra is all true, still at jome got no telephone line..just dead.
Hey Roo...i have appreciated your personal message it made me feel that i am not alone!!

Regarding last night race, i like the mod, is fun, but i really got this tennis elbow that is forcing me to step back.Its a shame because i used to like long races...strategies..pits stop..etc etc.
I think also that the 1975 mod is not going to be very friendly....kind of tough but hey...we all r professional drivers!!!

ok i got this wifi dongle connected for my internet

Ok guys...my tel line is dead, yes this time is flat dead. I called "Manila" again and the sixth technician will be here next week. I am over it and i will lodge a claim cause is not possible to spend hundreds of dollars every year and receive this sort of service.

So guys we r out of action at home and i will let you know when we will be back....sorry guys!!!

Hey!!  where do i unzip the OSRW PIT MOD?    i forgot :-\
Actually i had already downloaded the mod few weeks ago,do i have to redownload from the link in the first post?
Yes Simone, it's updated by Seanus, so you'll have to redownload the cars. You should already have the OSRW pit mod for Imola; we've used it plenty of times before.

Yes wally all good !!!   thx all!!

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