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An angry post, very cross indeed

Your hate for this game amuses me no end  ;D

Bit annoying that my pedals stopped working properly on the last lap otherwise I would of got second in the championship

Not for me, I got on the podium and didn't even notice until you said about it  ;D

Good round for me after a couple of rounds getting caught up in others misfortunes. Some great racing with Freezer and Bird and some good pressure in race 3 from AB.

Congrats GB and thanks for another season Wally the effort is much appreciated.

Pretty sure it'll take me a while to get up to speed.

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Congrats GB

Assetto Corsa / Re: Racing Cockpit
« on: June 25, 2019, 01:56:22 PM »
I thought this was GB's setup


Thanks for bringing this thread back to the top Bird...  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D :o

race 1 and 2 I just had bad luck and kept running into spinning cars

race 3 was great; had a really good battle with AGK including going around the T2 hairpin side by side a couple of times. Unlucky you spun off AGK as I was enjoying it. After that I closed in on Mael but it's so hard to make a pass anywhere so just sat right behind him trying not to run in to him in his slow ass car

I should learn how to push harder.
I've been using this track for about 6 months and didn't come across an issue, which is why I suggested it. :-[

I remember you and I having a good battle here on Thursday but dont remember in what

Wonder if there is something about this track making it happen more frequently. I haven't had the issue anywhere else but I've had it happen 4 or 5 times here and one was the slightest of spins onto grass where I didn't even hit anything.

...., then tried to pull back onto the track and it just went into a crazy spin until the right rear went.

This seemed to happen to some peeps at Imola too. I haven't had it happen to me and I can't think of what is causing it. You're in the Ferrari Joe? Has it only happened to members in this car?

The hay bales are sticky like the walls in Imola, maybe that has something to do with it?

I didnt even go near a hay bale that last one just a 360 spin onto the grass. And yup in the Ferrari.

But I did turn damage down to 10% for this one, as like Joe said, there are some weird impacts with hay bales that suddenly destroy your engine.

This just happened to me with the 10% damage after a slow 360 spin onto the grass through that left right section. I just let the car come to a stop, then tried to pull back onto the track and it just went into a crazy spin until the right rear went.

I can't really see how this is going to be good for Tuesday night. I remember this track from one time we did it on a Thursday and it was fun but it had its quirks.

We've had some pretty tough and 'easy to wreck' tracks this season, and while I've enjoyed that challenge this one is the most challenging yet I'd say.

In maybe the last 30 mins of practice I've done the suspension about 8 times just from clipping a curb. I've flipped the car on it's roof twice and back to the pits, again just from clipping a curb. Though the park bit there is a big pond with no surface, and twice I got loose hit a curb and fell through the pond, then back to the pits. Also twice had some really weird damage; I hit a hay bale pretty lightly and tried to reverse, had no power and next thing my engine was gone, then had the same thing happened again but my rear left was gone completely and I couldn't move.

I'm not even pushing it at the moment either, and with this much carnage just on my own I can't really imagine what will happen with other cars around  :o

Apologies for whoever I took out in race 3. Was a bit disorientated after connecting the pit wall entry barrier and did not realize I was still on the race track and not within the pit lane. Too many 360's  :-[

That was me unfortunately.

Race 1 was great fun. Race 2 hit a spinning bird and got 900 sec penalty in the pits so waited for the next race but hit a spinning Mael on lap 2 again wrecking completely. Just not my night.

Highest order of apologies to everyone - I've managed to touch the bloody barrier of course, and it has/had a really bad part...that got me spinning, and after that I was a passenger.
Something is not right with these cars in this department; they like to just spin up and keep spinning madly - and of course there's nothing you can do.

First race was great, though.

Not coming back for race 3?

Hey guys!!  i am sorry last week i left the race after 2 laps(usually i leave after one race) but 5 min to the start my daughter arrived home with his farking boyfriend for dinner,,,so...ye
...and tonight...tonight i cant be there harassing cause i have been very busy again in the last week but i will be there next race    sorry guys and have fun!!!!


We'll miss you for those few minutes before you rage quit  ;D

Certainly won't need as many practice laps as last week and hot lapping here is a bit boring, but think with slipstreams the race could be fun.

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